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									Policy, Testing, and School Calendar
Testing and Accountability is a totally different animal than what most of us are accustom to. After some of our folks came back from the Leadership Conference, I learned more about changes in testing or what’s getting ready to happen in testing then I’ve heard all year in our testing meetings and online conferences. Soooo, thanks to the folks in ISSUES our office who allowed me to bring you the latest information on Testing and Accountability. 1. At least one form of each really accounttest will be reable!! leased on an an6. Revamp the nual basis. current Computer 2. They will try Skills Test, which to enact a mora- by the way is only torium on the 3 years old???? content stanRevamping may dards /test demean getting rid velopment cycle. of! 3. A move to a 5 7. Shortening the year graduation time for reporting rate for AYP. results after new 4. Retest scores will count in the performance composite and AYP. 5. Replacing the current English 1 EOC with a 10th grade English assessment. My fear is this will be one of those tests for which none of our teachers are tests are administered. Your attention is needed and your help and leadership is requested so we can change some attitudes of our staff members as their attitudes relate to testing. Testing is a very serious matter regardless of the test being adminTransylvania County Schools

Volume 1, Issue 3 July 24, 2008

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istered and the time of the year the test is administered! Testing throughout this year went extremely well with only 1 misadministration that was beyond our control when a kid got sick during the test. Then came the final end of the year testing cycle. During this testing cycle we had 3 situations which should have never occurred. All 3 situations would have been a misadministration with a capital ”M” but we were able to dodge a bullet in all these situations and just had testing irregularities. The first testing issue involved a situation with a missing test book. This problem was caused by the fact that the correct procedures outlined in our testing meeting for returning test books were not followed. For more than a couple of weeks we were fearful that one of our EOG TB’s was lost. Mr. Ron Bradshaw, our RAC 1 Director, was notified that we had a problem but I told him I felt like we would resolve the

issue with a little more time to check and recheck our numbers. Luckily this issue was finally resolved. The second situation happened as a retesting session was taking place at the end of the year. These retests involved 6th and 7th graders retaking the EOG math retests. These retests were supposed to be administered over a two day period but weren’t. After my 2nd conversation with Mr. Bradshaw, we got a very favorable ruling and these kids did not have to retest. If this would have occurred during a regular test session, all these students would have to have taken the entire EOG math test again because the correct administration procedures were not followed based on the fact these tests had to be administered over a two day period.

the periodic table was posted on the classroom wall and was clearly visible to all kids taking this retest. After my third phone call to Mr. Bradshaw in less than a week, we dodged another bullet because these kids didn’t have to take the retest again. If either the second or third scenario had occurred during regular testing, all students involved would had to have been retested. If we had not solved the problem with the missing test book, the state would have sent a team to our county to investigate the missing test book. I’m absolutely convinced that our superintendent

would not have been a happy camper with me or any of the schools involved The third situation was a in the screw ups mention high school Physical Sci- above. Bottom line, all testence class being adminis- ing laws, rules, and procetered an EOC in a science dures must be followed to a “T” unless directed otherclassroom that had not wise by our RAC that there been checked or not has been a change in procechecked adequately for informational items that dures and/or practices.

were displayed on the wall of the classroom. This was also a retesting situation. The issue was

Regardless of the testing cycle or the test being administered all procedures are to be followed!!!!!!!

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Needless to say this year’s school calendar brought a few surprises. Would you believe we are starting the school year with only two teacher workdays. The other stunning change is that Labor Day will be an optional workday for teachers. There were several interesting and unique problems with this Calendar that made its development very hard. Both Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on a day in the middle of the week. Because Christmas is on a Thursday that means by law we now have 9 workdays and 11 holidays. This also means we have fewer workdays and have fewer make up days for bad weather days. I’ve always requested a minimum of 6 make up days at the end of the calendar but could only work in 5 for this year’s calendar. A quick reminder for all building level administrator’s, on TW days, teacher meetings cannot take place. Teachers must be doing instructional classroom activities and/or instructional administrative duties in the classroom on TW days. The issue is you will be starting this school year with only 2 workdays one is a TW day and the other is a DW day. Please keep in mind that 1st semester is 88 days long and second semester is 92 days long. break, we have Good Friday off as well as all of the next week. PROBLEM TIME! Please remind your staff, faculty, kids, and parents that there is a good chance we will have to use some of our spring break days as make up days for days missed. DON’T SCHEDULE vacations until early to mid March to be safe.

Now for the last part of the Calendar. Please remember and remind all The month of November teachers that their conlooks normal this year. tracts end June 30th and December and the first 2 not at the end of our days in January are a school calendar. Yes combination of 9 holiteachers could be made to days/leave days and one work up to and on June optional workday. When 30th. you include the holidays Reminder: Personal days and workday in January, must be granted to teachXmas break is two weeks ers who make the request for most teachers. The at least 5 days in advance Calendar Committee had but not on TW/DW days, to make January 2nd an not on a day before and optional teacher workday. after a holiday/leave day, President’s Day falls on or on days that state testFeb. 16th and the ing is taking place. chances of us getting to All days owed to you by use this day as a holiday teachers must be made rather than a make up up by the last payroll day are slim and none. date in May. Questions Looking at spring call Lisa!

impacted us within the last year or so:
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JI Wireless Communication and Electronic Devices– This policy is still in front of the Board to be acted on at the next meeting. Policies: JECA-R and JECA-E1, JH, IIBH, AND GCJ are also to be approved by the Board at the August 18th meeting. Policies that have been approved by the Board since the end of the last school year are: JFE/JFF PREGNANT, PARENTING, and/or MARRIED STUDENTS, JGD-E STUDENT SHORTTERM SUSPENSION, JHB STUDENT DRUG TESTING, JHB-E the exhibit for STUDENT DRUG TESTING, IDSCHOOL DAY, and IKSTUDENT ACCOUNTABILITY FOR ACADEMIC ACHEIVEMENT. From a building administrators point of view the policies that you need to really watch are policies JI and IK. This is the second year in a row that we’ve been dealing with these 2 policies and still won’t know the final outcome until August 18th. I really don’t know how the SBE is going to handle the level 3 rule versus 1 SEM. If you identify polices, regulations, and or exhibits in policies that need revisions, please remember the revision process for all policies must begin prior to April 1st. Please let me remind you that as the building administrators for your schools, it is your responsibility to know the Policies of the Transylvania County Board of Education. When in doubt about what to do in any unusual situaIn accordance with Federal and State Law, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights,

tion consult the Board’s Policy Manual which can be found online or pick up the phone and call a veteran administrator before you make a decision that might come back to bite you in the butt!. All of us have been in numerous situations that required us to ask for help and or advice in order to stay out of trouble. There is never a dumb or stupid question when you are trying to do your job to the best of your ability. All of us have asked for and received input from other administrators. My Phone #’s are: W 885-7371 H 883-3532 C 506-7356
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