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PFT 2009 NS - Student Testing _CA Dept of Education_


									      Physical Fitness Test 2009 Transcript for the North/South Information Meeting

Navigation: >>Mott: The following presentation of the Physical Fitness Test Update for
2009-10 was presented at the Assessment and Accountability Information Meetings held
in Sacramento California on September 24, 2009 and in Ontario California on September
30, 2009. In order to get the most out of this archived presentation, I would like to share a
few features with you, working from left to right on the screen. If you would like to skip this
introduction, please continue to the next slide by using the navigation buttons at the
bottom of your screen. In the upper left hand corner, the name of the presentation is listed
along with the length of the presentation. Directly below that you will notice information
about the presenter, including an e-mail button which will allow you to send an e-mail
directly to the presenter. On the left hand sidebar, an outline of the presentation is
available. Although the presentation will advance automatically, you may select one of the
other topics at any time during the presentation. You may also use the thumbnail tab to
navigate through the slides. At the bottom of the screen, you will see several buttons as
well as a progress bar. The first button with a speaker icon allows you to adjust the sound
of the presentation. To adjust the volume, select this button and use the scroll bar to
select the level you prefer. If you have the volume set to 100% and the sound is still too
low, you should also try adjusting the sound settings on your computer. The progress bar
has three distinct areas. The first area indicates what slide you are currently on, as well as
how many slides are in the entire presentation. The middle section of the progress bar
tells you the status of the presentation, such as “paused” or “playing.” The third section
tells you how many seconds or minutes have elapsed, as well as the entire play time for
that slide. The buttons in the bottom middle of your screen are used for navigation. You
can use these buttons to play or pause the presentation and to navigate to the next slide,
or back to a previous slide. The button at the bottom right of your screen will change the
view of your presentation. Trying clicking this a few times to determine which view you
prefer. Another important feature is the “attachments” tab at the top right of your screen.
Under the attachments tab, you will find this presentation in note taking format. You may
want to pause now and print off the note taking handout. In addition, you will find a list of
many of the Web addresses that are noted in this presentation. This will allow you to
quickly navigate to other resources related to the PFT.

>>HOOPER: Good morning. Welcome to the program update for the California Physical
Fitness Test. My name is Linda Hooper and I am the state coordinator for the Physical
Fitness Test or PFT.

This presentation is designed to accomplish the following: Review annual PFT release
process, Present overview of the online Webinar series called PFT Live!, provide some
PFT resources that are available at various locations on the Web, update you with
information about changes to the PFT that are relevant to the 2009-10 school year,
including the collection of student level data, provide a legislative update, and finally,
contact information for the physical education consultants at CDE (California Department

Page 1 of 4                            September 2009        California Department of Education
      Physical Fitness Test 2009 Transcript for the North/South Information Meeting

of Education) as well as my own contact information for the Physical Fitness Test will be

After the release, you will have an opportunity to make data corrections, and that will
begin probably a day or two after the release. The data correction window will tentatively
run for a couple of weeks. More information will be provided after the annual release
timeline is finalized.

The data correction process will require you to contact Educational Data Systems and let
them know you need to correct your data. Educational Data Systems will reset the data
upload system to allow the input of your corrected data files. Please keep in mind that if
you correct data, you will have to resubmit the entire data file. You cannot just correct one
student record, unless you used the online Web application for entering individual student
scores. Typically, smaller districts use this Web-based application to submit their data. If
you submitted your files as either an ASCII-text file or using the Excel or Access templates
available from Educational Data Systems, you will need to re-submit the entire data file.
Did you know you can access your individual student score reports online through
Educational Data Systems? Yes, these reports are now available to you.

I would like to announce that we are conducting Web-based trainings this year called PFT
Live! Last year was the first year we conducted trainings for the PFT coordinators, and I
think they were very successful. This year, because of budget constraints, we are moving
to online trainings. We held our first training on October 1st, followed by one on October
15th. Our last training will be held on January 14th. It will begin at 3:30 p.m. and run to 4
o'clock. We do have some other exciting news. We are going to be creating a training
video series that shows the administration of each of the test components in the Physical
Fitness Test. There are training videos and training programs out there, but none of them
actually comply with California Code of Regulations, which stipulates that district
employee must administer the PFT. We will post these training videos on the PFT
Training Web site at once they are completed.

We are currently working on completing the 2009-10 resource documents. There are
three main documents: The Guidance for New PFT Coordinators, which was posted the
first week in October, includes essential background information, a checklist of key
activities, a list of contacts and Web addresses, a one-page graphic organizer of the
equipment needs for each of the test options, and a copy of the Superintendent’s
Designation form. The Preparation Manual for Testing and Reporting is designed to assist
district PFT coordinators with the essential information they need regarding student
participation, ordering materials, cost reimbursement, and collecting and reporting data.
This document included file layout specifications and sample data collection forms. The
preparation manual will be posted in December. Unlike past years, you will not be
receiving a hard copy of this manual from Educational Data Systems. The Overview

Page 2 of 4                           September 2009        California Department of Education
      Physical Fitness Test 2009 Transcript for the North/South Information Meeting

Packet for School Districts and Schools is scheduled for a January 2010 posting. The
Overview Packet is a comprehensive document, which includes answers to frequently
asked questions about the PFT, a handy reference guide which describes each of the
FITNESSGRAM® test options, and resources which can be printed and distributed to
parents and guardians. It also includes a sample PowerPoint presentation for
administrators to use in delivering information about the PFT and the results. These are
just some of the resources available to you. There are many more on the CDE PFT Web
page and the PFT Training site located at

The 2009-10 PFT Training Web site is now open. The 2009-10 information has not been
posted there yet, but you can still access the 2008-09 resources through a link on the
bottom left hand side of the menu bar. There is a 2008-09 Resources link, which provides
you with access to all the handouts that were prepared for the 2008-09 school year. We
will start posting updated resources as soon as they are ready. We are also going to
archive all the PFT Live! Webinar presentations, including the PowerPoints, to the PFT
Training site. If you're not able to attend or watch the PFT LIVE! trainings, you can still
access the archived presentations. The second bullet displays the link to The Cooper
Institute, the developer of the FITNESSGRAM®. On their site, you can access a reference
document to read about the research that went into how the FITNESSGRAM® was
developed. It's provides background information about each of the fitness areas such
aerobic capacity and all the research that’s behind the different test options. The third
bullet displays the link to Human Kinetics. Human Kinetics is the publisher of the test
administration manual for the FITNESSGRAM®. They also have an online training
program that you register for to participate. This online training is free; however, one
caveat is that the training shows students administering the FITNESSGRAM®, which is not
consistent with the PFT requirement that employees of the district administer the test.

There are a few, very important reporting changes to the PFT for 2009-10. In the
race/ethnicity codes, Hmong has been added to the list of race/ethnicity codes with a code
of 208. Declined to state, code 999, has been removed. These changes apply to the
student-level file. Further, it is important to note that the two-part question being used for
the Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program, California English Language
Development Test (CELDT), and California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) in
2009-10 will not be implemented for the PFT in 2009-10. I repeat, in 2009-10 the PFT will
continue to use the one primary race/ethnicity code. The two-part question will be
implemented for the PFT in the 2010-11 school year. We also want to let you know that
there is a new Version 8.5 upgrade of FITNESSGRAM® software. This upgrade is free if
you already have Version 8.0 to 8.4 and will include a California specific-downloadable
student-level file. In previous years you had to apply quite a few manipulations to the
FITNESSGRAM® file before it could be submitted to Educational Data Systems. With the
new Version 8.5 upgrade, these manipulations are no longer necessary. You will still need

Page 3 of 4                            September 2009       California Department of Education
      Physical Fitness Test 2009 Transcript for the North/South Information Meeting

to create the school-level file as the FITNESSGRAM® software, even with the upgrade,
will not produce the this file.

It is the time of year again when I need to remind you about the Superintendent’s
Designation form. This year, we are trying to get 100% of our districts to have a
designated PFT coordinator with contact information provided to us. Why is it important?
It's important because Educational Data Systems provides the CDE with a list of PFT
coordinators. Both, Educational Data Systems and the CDE send program information to
the PFT coordinators. The CDE send out reminder e-mails to the coordinators, the PFT
notes, notification of any postings to the PFT Web page, and all of the other important
information you need to stay up to date with the changes to the Physical Fitness Testing
program. For 2009-10 school year, the passwords have been re-set; therefore, you must
submit your Superintendent’s Designation form. After the 2009 annual release the data
correction window will open. Unless you have completed the Superintendent’s
Designation form you will not be able to login into the system and submit your 2009 PFT
corrected data files.

With respect to legislation and regulations updates, currently, there are no bills that
directly impact the Physical Fitness Testing program. However, there is one bill that does
impact the Physical Education program and that is Assembly Bill (AB) 351, which has not
been signed into law yet. Basically, this bill would allow students that are in Junior
Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC), marching band, the cheer team, or dance
team to be exempted from taking physical education. There are more components to that
bill and it would still require students to pass the Physical Fitness Test at some point in
time, at least as it reads in the current language of the bill. If you are interested in tracking
this particular bill, go to, select the bill information button and then
type the bill number 351. A list of bills will appear and select the Salas bill. We are looking
at possibility of revising the PFT regulations in 2010-11.

If you have any questions about physical education graduation requirements, courses,
curriculum, exemptions, or AB 351 please contact Robert Calvo or Jim Greco at CDE.

If you have questions about the PFT administration or the submission of the PFT results,
please do not hesitate to contact me, Linda Hooper, California PFT coordinator. You can
reach me at 916-319-0345 or by e-mail at If you have any questions
about preparing your PFT data files exported from your FITNESSGRAM® software, I
would be more than happy to assist you.

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