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					Flagstaff Youth Hockey Association and the Flagstaff Northstars hosted their annual King
of the Mountain Tournament over the Martin Luther King weekend.

Squirt B and Bantam B teams from Phoenix, AZ, Mapleton, UT, and Las Vegas, NV
climbed to 7,000 feet to Flagstaff to compete with local teams in round robin competition.

Players also competed in stick handling and skating skills competitions. Both teams and
individuals had opportunities to shine, win awards, and truly stand at the top of the
mountain in this tournament. Skills events included Fastest Skater, 4-Man Relay, and a
Shoot Out. This event generates a lot of excitement for players and parents alike.

Game Highlights
The teams were well matched and five games ended in ties. Nine games resulted in a goal
differential of only one or two goals. In a game between the Utah Predators and the
Flagstaff Northstars, Predator goalie Craig Peterson faced 41 shots but held the Northstars
to only two goals, resulting in a tie game.

Bantam Division                                   Squirt Division
The Bantam consolation game featured a            The consolation game for the Squirt division
meeting of the Flagstaff Northstars and the       was a very tight match up between Peoria
Phoenix Polar Bears. Flagstaff won the game       Roadrunners and VOSHA Mustangs. The
7-2 with four goals scored by Michael             Roadrunners Noble Edmund came out early
Isbell, two goals by Jake Smith and a goal        and put one in the net. The Mustangs
by Todd Gonzalez. Phoenix Polar Bears             answered with two goals by Nathan Levin
gave up a good fight but Flagstaff goalie         and Trevor Oliver respectively in the second
Shawn Mayse stopped 13 of 15 shots.               period. The Roadrunners did not sit tight.
Phoenix Polar Bears goals were scored by          Blake Sutton lit up the board followed by a
Caleb Coventry and Eddie Flynn.                   second goal from Noble Edmund with 5:20
                                                  left in the third period to put them up by one.
The Peoria Roadrunners squared off against        VOSHA’s Michael Gaynor answered with a
the Utah Predators in the Bantam B                goal 26 seconds later to tie it up again. A
championship game. The first period finished sudden death running clock over time ensued
with a tie 0-0. At the end of the second          in which the Nathan Haveman of the Peoria
period the score was still tied after goals by    Roadrunners scored the game winning goal
Predator Jared Earl and Roadrunner Vince          2:23 into the overtime. Final score 4-3 OT.
Jones. Utah came out strong in the third
period and raised the stakes with a goal from Despite the record low temperature outside,
Gunner Charlton. Unwilling to accept              Jay Lively Ice Arena really heated up when
defeat, Roadrunner J.J. Baudanza found the the Flagstaff Northstars Squirt B team met
net to tie it up. In a very tight contest goalies the Las Vegas Ice Cats in the championship
Craig Peterson and P.J. Allen worked hard game. Flagstaff came out strong with a goal
to keep the puck out of the net. With 3:01        in the first period by Gavin Fischenich.
remaining, Chase Jackson scored on the            Fischenich completed his natural hat trick
power play. Despite a strong rally, Utah was with two more goals in the second period,
unable to find the net again.                     one short handed. The Las Vegas Ice Cats
                                                  answered with a strong rally late in the third
Ask any Peoria Roadrunner and they will tell by scoring two goals complements of Ethan
you, “It’s good to be King.”                      Montoya.
                                               The Flagstaff Northstars won the
                                               championship and the claim to King of the
                                               Mountain with a final score of 3-2.

Most Valuable Player Awards
Immediately following each game, two Most Valuable Player game pucks were awarded, one
for each team. Coaches selected the opposing team’s winner of this award.

Bantam MVPs                                    Squirt MVPs
Peoria Roadrunners were Chace Jackson,         Flagstaff Northstars were Sean Hamblin,
Joey DeRosa, Taylor Parot, and goalie P.J.     Gavin Fischenich, Kincade Pavich and
Allen.                                         goalie Josh Corey.

Utah Predators MVPs where Goalie Craig         Las Vegas Ice Cats MVPs were Jessica
Peterson (twice), Jordan Burt, Gunner          Cook, Dominic Garcia, Zachary Daly, and
Charlton.                                      Goalie Ethan Montoya.

Flagstaff Northstars MVPs were Michael         Peoria Roadrunners MVPs were Noble
Isbell, Matt Berman, Nick Ashland, and         Edmund, Alexis Ruth, Granyte Ferch and
Max Fischenich.                                Blake Sutton.

Phoenix Polar Bears MVPs were Nicholas         VOSHA Mustangs MVPs were Brian
Oleson, Garrett Niederkorn, Jordan             Cunningham, Christian Gilan, Michael
Cavanaugh, and Adam Johnson.                   Cheesman, and Will Radovan.

Skills Competition

Shoot Out/Goaltending – Four (4) players and two (2) goaltenders from each team
compete in the shoot out/goaltending competition. Following standard shoot-out rules, each
skater has two rounds of three shots, for a total of six opportunities to score. One point is
awarded to the player for each goal and one point is awarded to the goalie for each save.

Fastest Skater – Two (2) players from each team individually skate two full circuits around
the ice, first forward, then backward. The fastest skater is declared the winner.

Skate Relay – Four (4) skaters from each team take turns racing around cones using a
stick as a baton. The fastest time determines the winner.

The Bantam Division skills competition         The Squirt Division started off the skills
demonstrated remarkable skill by all           competition with incredible energy as all four
participants. The Bantam shoot                 teams took the ice to cheer on their
out/goaltending competition also resulted in   teammates and opponents alike. The shoot
a three-way tie for both shooter and           out/goaltending competition resulted in a
goaltender. Shoot out finalists included       three-way tie for both shooter and
Michael Isbell, Flagstaff Northstars; Jordan   goaltender. Shoot out finalists included
Cavanaugh, Phoenix Polar Bears; and            Kincade Pavich, Flagstaff Northstars; Noah
Dakota Ferch, Peoria Roadrunners.                 Anastassatos, VOSHA Mustangs; and
Goaltending finalists included P.J. Allen,        Kendall Huckins, VOSHA Mustangs.
Peoria Roadrunners, Craig Peterson, Utah          Goaltending finalists included Matt
Predators; and Tyler Anderson, Utah               Baniszewski, VOSHA Mustangs, Mason
Predators. Following two rounds of energetic      Roik, Las Vegas Ice Cats; and Isaac
tie-breaker, Michael Isbell was crowned           Maraspini, Peoria Roadrunners. After a
Shoot Out King, making three of the six shots     spirited tie-breaker, Kincade Pavich came
in the first round and one of three shots in      out on top to win the category, making three
the second round. Craig Peterson earned           of the six shots. Isaac Maraspini won the
the title King of the Goaltenders by stopping     goaltending contest stopping all six shots.
five of six shots in the first round.
                                                  In the Fastest Skater competition, Dominic
In the Fastest Skater competition, Daniel         Garcia, Las Vegas Ice Cats edged out
Pavich, Flagstaff Northstars blew away his        teammate Jessica Cook by less than ½ of a
competitors, winning by more than four            second.
                                                  The Peoria Roadrunners Dakota Gottlieb,
Utah Predators 4-Man Relay competitors            Nick Anderson, Nathan Frick, and
Chaz Megeath, Brandon Savage, Tosh                Granyte Ferch finished on top in the 4-Man
Dowling, and Gunner Charlton barely               Relay competition finishing 12 seconds ahead
squeaked out the win by 1.6 seconds over          of the VOSHA Mustangs.
the Flagstaff Northstars.
                                                  Congratulations to the Las Vegas Ice Cats
The Utah Predators won the team skills            who won the team skills trophy in a tie-
trophy beating out the Flagstaff Northstars.      breaker with the VOSHA Mustangs.
Congratulations to all our skills participants.

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