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									      CENTRAL RAILWAY

                        TENDER FORM.
 Open tenders for ambulance service round the clock 24x 365
days at Central Railway Divisional Hospital Kalyan [Hiring of
one Pvt. Ambulance.]

 Date of availability of Tender form : 13/04/2010 at 10.00 hrs
Date of Submission of Tender from: Up to14/05/2010 at 15.30hrs.
 Date of Opening                     : 14/05/2010 at 16.00 hrs.

                                       CMS KYN.

Open tenders for ambulance service round the
clock 24x 365 days at Central Railway Divisional Hospital Kalyan
[hiring of one Pvt. Ambulance.]

Period of Contract :- One year from 1.6. 2010 or from the Date of
execution of contract.

                    TENDER NOTICE FOR AMBULANCE.
Tenders are invited from the interested parties for provision of Ambulance service
24 hours X 365 Days. [Round the clock] at Central Railway Divisional Hospital
Kalyan. For the period of one year from 01.06.2010 or from the date of execution
of contract which ever is earlier. This Ambulance will be used for transportation of
Rly employees and their Beneficiaries during their illness to Railway Hospital from
their residence ,and for transportation of the referred cases to Rly Hospital
Byculla and Wockhardt Hospital Mulund, Railway accident and any other
assigned medical care work .

The details are as under.
Particulars           Estimated      Earnest       Tender       Date of opening of
                      cost           money         cost         Tender
Open tenders for      Rs             Rs            Rs 1,000/-    14.05.10 at 16.00 hrs.
ambulance             3,00,000/-     25,,000/-
service round the
clock at C.Rly
Divisional Hospital
Kalyan for the
period of one year
from 01/06/10 or
from the date of
execution of
contract which
ever is earlier.

Terms and condition.

    1. The Ambulance should be Omni [Maruti] or Equivalent Spacious.
    2. The ambulance with the following equipments.

            i    Driver round the clock
          ii     Stretcher bearer round the clock
          iii    F.A. Box .
          iv    Emergency kit
          V     Stand for oxygen cylinder
         Vi     Arrangement for holding IV fluid bottle.
         Vii    Fire Extinguisher.
         Viii   Call bell between Driver cabin and patient cabin.

          Ix    . Pilot lamp and distress siren.
                  Wall mounted oscillating fans in patient cabin 2 Nos.
            x        Climbing stair to the patient cabin.
           Xi      Tool box in Drivers cabin.
           Xii     Illumination light inside the patient cabin.
           xiii    Protection against glass light /sunshine in the
                  patients cabin.

     3.        The Ambulance will be parked at the Central .Rly Division
               Hospital Kalyan round the clock and the drivers will have
              to be available on the Ambulance.

 4.         The Ambulance should have at least one trained
             Stretcher bearer.

     5        The Ambulance will be under the control of CMS/KYN In
              charge of the hospital .

     6        Payment will be made on monthly basis by Sr DFM
              through cheque

     7.      The Tenderer should have experienced of executing such
              work in past three years.

 8.          The Tenderer should submit I.T. clearance certificate.

 9.          The Railway Administration will not responsible of any
             damage to the vehicle /accident/injury to Driver/Stretcher
              bearer of vehicle.

 10          The Tenderer should submit solvency certificate from Bank.

 11         Rate includes kilometer run approximately 2600 km /
            per month the total amount of bill per month should
            not exceed limit 25000/- per month .

12.        Successful Tenderer will have to deposit 5% amount
           of contract value towards security deposit , 5 %
           performance guarantee before executing the contract.

                                   - 3-
13        I f the ambulance is required to be repairs/maintenance
          other vehicle will be provided in place of old one.
  14     The Driver of Ambulance in a white uniform and demonstrate
       good behavior.

  15 The Driver of the Ambulance has to be bring the own lunch and
accommodates his meals with in duty hours without affecting duty.

  16. CMS Kalyan is reserve the right to terminate/short close the
contract any time /stage without assigning any reason.

  17. Ambulance must having sitting arrangement for the staff/relative
      escorting with the patient.
  18. The contractor has to submit the telephone number /Mobile
      number of the contractor/Drivers time to time of the hospital.

  19 The ambulance vehicle should be in good maintained running
   20 The drivers of the ambulance have to maintain a car diary . All the
drivers will be report to Causality medical Officer and sign the
muster/attendance register .All drivers has to obtain the signature on the
car dairy from Causality doctor In charge.

  21 The vehicles have registration as Ambulance and comprehensive
     insurance policy of passenger of Rs 1 lakh [Rs one lakh] each.
  22 Periodical maintenance of the vehicle without jeopardizing the
duties assigned will be the sole responsibility of the contractor.
  23 In case of transporting of patient, minor breakdown will be rectified
     by the driver. If there is Major break, driver will intimate the
     contractor to provide second ambulance immediately to transport
     the patient quickly.

                                         Chief Medical Superintendent,

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