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									                               Southwell Running Club
                        Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
                19th October 2009, 7.30 at The Full Moon, Morton

Penny Durance, Barbara Garrett, George Pass, John Cummins, Liz Andrew, Ian Haigh, Peter Cowley,
Bruce Danby, Dick Durance, Julie Gleeson, Lisa Preece, Loraine Fozzard, John Calthrop, Anna Hogan,
Paul Cregg, Chris Cregg, Kay Cummins, Chrissie Reynolds, Steven Rice, Peter Lamberth, Peter Cowley,
Richard Peacock, Roy Crashley, David Moore, Katy Simpson, Lyndon Stocks, Helen Jones, Bev Owen,
Vance Owen, Peter Hunt, Mary Cochran, Brendan Parkinson, Mark Sutherland, Martin Cooper,
Frances McKinnon, Barry Clark, Jen Sutton, Fiona Haynes, Tracy Polak, Mark Robinson.

Apologies for Absence

Janet Evans, Claire Gribbin, Claire Tavenor, Dennis Gleeson, Anthony Gorman, Jaki Lowe, Paul Wade,
Jean Robinson, Jo Harcombe, Megan Owen, Wayne Wilmot, Ann Turley, Mick Turley, Brian Dresher.

Minutes of Last Meeting

Other than missing Richard Peacock and Martin Cooper noted as present, the minutes from the last AGM
dated 20.10.08 were accepted.

Matters Arising

      The committee were to investigate the merits of joining the ARC or remaining with UK Athletics. A
       working party made up of Dick Durance, Paul Orton and Lyndon Stocks thoroughly investigated
       the pros and cons of each athletics body and reported back to the Committee. The Committee
       decided to remain with UK Athletics for the next few years but would consider a change in the
       future if it became favourable to the club and its members.
      SRC have agreed to host a League Road Races for 2010 season but have expressed to the Notts
       AAA via Chris Cregg a desire to offer another of the county running clubs an opportunity in the
      The general consensus within the club was that the club running kit was unacceptable and this has
       now been replaced with a more acceptable style and fabric.

Chairperson’s Report

As my first year as Chairperson rapidly draws to a close it provides an opportunity for reflection.
During the year the club has continued to maintain its membership at around 120 runners. It is
encouraging to see new members but at the same time the club does rely on a core of able and
committed runners to keep the show on the road in terms of racing and running the club.
The three distinct weekly sessions are well supported and continue to be successful providing variety and
differentiation for all abilities. To this effect the new format of the Saturday runs has provided something
for everyone using some of the most spectacular scenic locations and local footpaths. The recent
formation of the three groups on a Saturday ie fast, moderate and the very aptly named social group now
all meet at the same venue and seems to fulfil everyone‟s running requirements. They also provide a
springboard for half and full marathon training by members adding extra mileage before or after. Thanks
for club members who suggested the changes to Saturday runs. It is always the desire of any committee
that members come up with ideas and not just rely on the committee to suggest things. So please feel free
to make suggestions and inform any committee member or be vocal during the discussion of this meeting.
External events
It is always encouraging to see members motivated to run external races and represent the club
especially as we now have the new smart club kit. Thanks must go to Dave Moore and Barbara Garrett for
organising and selling the kit.
As usual the club managed to put out teams in all of the Summer league races and overall the results
continue to improve year on year.
For several years the club has hosted the first of these races at Epperstone. It is always the most popular
of the league races due to the fine organisation and commitment by many members to ensure that it is an
enjoyable experience. Again thank you to all who are involved but especially John who oversees the
The clubs subscription to the X country series North and East Mids provides opportunities for any member
to take part.
Thanks go to Chris and Paul Cregg and Martin Harrigan for their continuous work in organising teams and
representing the club at the Midlands meetings.
Members have entered many external races over the year far too many to mention, however marathons,
trail races, halves, 10K‟s , fell races etc continue to be popular.
Internal events
The Grand Prix continues to be well supported and competitive. Many thanks to Ian and Richard who
organise the three events and collate the results. The river Relays and the Bramley Challenge continue to
grow in popularity and are always good social events in addition. I think it is the lure of chips that helps!
The club cross country race at Epperstone in December is always a good way of completing the racing
calendar for the year.
Annual 10 K
Following on from the continued success of this popular event this year the club will support the Stroke
Association with Total Reclaim Ltd as the main sponsor. For the record I am pleased to state that John is
again prepared to be director of the event.
Social events
Whilst running is the main reason we are in the club, it‟s the social side that adds that extra something to
SRC. So thanks to Peter Cowley for the Xmas run with cake, Bruce for the Boxing Day run with mince
pies, John for the Roundstone trip, Brendan and Mary for their bacon cobs after the three villages run and
in September after a Saturday run, Barbara for her birthday run and breakfast, the Summer and Xmas
party. Apologies if I have missed anyone out.
It is pleasing to see the club thriving, this is due to the hard work of the committee and I would like to use
this opportunity to give my thanks to all of the time and effort they provide behind the scenes. It a sad that
Bev, Liz and Dick have decided to stand down and I particularly would like to thank them sure in the
knowledge that they will continue to support us when they are able.
Finally I wish the club every success for the forthcoming year and I will strive to do the best I can as
Treasurer’s Update

George presented the audited accounts which had been examined by Brenda Peacock and found to be in
order. George also presented a copy of the bank statement which confirmed the current balance of
George thanked Brenda for her time and wished to thank Loraine Fozzard for her help with the accounts
over the year.
A copy of the auditor‟s summary is enclosed below.

           Southwell Running Club year ending 31 August 2009
           Income                                            10K         SRC        Overall
             10K Entries 2008                             7484.90        0.00       7484.90
             Kit Income                                      0.00      505.39        505.39
             Membership                                      0.00     1579.50       1579.50
             Millennium Income 2008                        620.81        0.00        620.81
             Social Income                                   0.00     2225.50       2225.50
             Summer League Exp 2009                          0.00        0.00          0.00
           TOTAL                                          8105.71     4310.39      12416.10

            Administration                                   0.00      358.66        358.66
            Charity                                       5100.00        0.00       5100.00
            EA Affiliation 2008                              0.00      580.00        580.00
            Kit Expenses                                     0.00      830.42        830.42
            Millennium Expenses 2008                      2631.75        0.00       2631.75
            Postage                                          0.00        8.64          8.64
            Social Expenses                                  0.00      294.34        235.84
            Summer Function 2009                             0.00      651.00        651.00
            Xmas Dinner 2008                                 0.00     1850.64       1850.64
                                                          7731.75     4573.70      12305.45

           Overall Total                                    373.96    -263.31         110.65

           Income to 31 August 2009                                                12416.10
           Expenditure to 31 August 2009                                           12305.45
           Net Incoming Resources                                                    110.65
           Funds bfwd from 07/08                                                    1951.69
           Uncleared items from 2007/8 deleted as now cancelled                      187.50
           Adjustment from 07/08 for service charge entry 27/11/07                    -4.00
           Funds cfwd to 09/10                                                      2245.84

           Represented by:
           Bank account as at 31 August 2009                                         2267.82
           Uncleared items for 2008/9                                                 -53.00
           Petty Cash                                                                  31.02

           I have examined the accounts of Southwell Running Club as set out in the Quicken
           register for the year ending 31 August 2009. Everything was found to be in order.

           Brenda Peacock 11 October 2009
Election of Offices

The following members offered to serve on the committee and were proposed and seconded prior to the
meeting in accordance with the club constitution :-

Chairperson - Penny Durance proposer Helen Jones, seconder Katy Simpson

Secretary – Bruce Danby proposer Barbara Garrett, seconder Frances McKinnon

Treasurer - George Pass proposer Dick Durance, seconder Vance Owen

Membership Secretary - Barbara Garrett proposer Dave Moore, seconder Helen Richardson

Newsletter - Ian Haigh proposer Liz Andrew, seconder Bruce Danby

Officer - John Cummins proposer Anna-Marie Hogan, seconder Lisa Preece

Officer - Peter Cowley proposer Loraine Fozzard, seconder Katy Simpson

With 3 places still available on the committee the following members offered during the meeting to serve :-
Vice Chairman - Dick Durance proposer Bev Owen, seconded Martin Cooper
Officer - Lisa Preece proposer John Cummins, seconded Anna Hogan
Officer – Julie Gleeson proposed Roy Crashley, seconded Liz Andrew

Subscriptions for 2009-2010

The committee proposed the club subscription should remain as last year which are :-
£15 Senior
£12 Senior second claim
£12 Over 60
All present voted unanimously in favour.

Motions for discussion to be voted on, suggested by Dick Durance :-
       a) Tuesday & Thursday runs both start at the same time, ideally 18.45

             This was discussed in length and voted on by those present and unanimously approved.

       b) That the continuous run should be switched to a Tuesday, with "efforts" on a Thursday.
          The theory would then be that the two club continuous runs would be better
          spaced/balanced across the week.

             Again this motion was discussed in length and when put to a vote by those members present
             was unanimously rejected.
Open Discussion

The following items were discussed and will be raised on the agenda of the forthcoming committee
meetings and reported back to the members in the newsletter:-

Brendan suggested we offer a „buddy type system‟ to new members wishing to join the club. This would
ensure that all newcomers are welcomed and are properly informed on the format of the sessions and

It would appear from feedback from members present that we still need to be more organised on the
Thursday runs. We must ensure we run in similar ability pairs or groups and don‟t leave runners on their

Peter Cowley suggested we might try to organise some „Cultural Evenings‟ which we could bring our non
running partners to. (Note from the Secretary “Peter, that‟s why we go running to get away from our

We should be more proactive in promoting Southwell Running Club. Suggestions made were :- Getting
other local clubs to add links on their websites, producing posters and distributing in neighbouring villages
(Perhaps get local school art departments involved in designing something)

Helen Jones asked if it would be possible to obtain any more London Marathon places. Dick Durance
would monitor this with this year‟s 10k sponsor and report.

Mark Sutherland suggested we might spend some of the club money raised by the club on running
equipment like a race clock but it was pointed out these cost in the region of £1,500 which would not be

Meeting finished at 20.35

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