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					                      Alumni Annual Report                                                                                                                                             Thursday may 29, 2008

                           Making a world of difference
                          And the survey sAys...
                             Alumni are proud of their
                                SFU degree and proud
                                    to recommend SFU to
                                      prospective students.
                                        These are just two
                                          key findings in the
                                          latest alumni survey
                                      conducted by SFU and
        the Alumni Association in 2007 to learn more about
the wants, needs, and opinions of alumni. A proportionally
representative random sample of 1,500 alumni responded
by completing a web-based online survey. Alumni from all
graduating years, programs, and regions were represented.
  Ninety per cent are satisfied or very satisfied with their SFU
educational experience. When asked (open-ended) to list
their favorite things about SFU, alumni said programs/courses
(54%), campus/atmosphere (49%), and the faculty (38%).
The most valued aspects of their SFU experience were the
courses they took, expanding one’s worldview, the professors,
being able to get a better job, and the friendships they made.
  The survey revealed two alumni service areas with high
demand and room for improved delivery: ‘career and
networking services’ and ‘helping maintain an intellectual
connection to SFU’. Events offering personal, professional,
and intellectual development hold the most appeal.
  Results are being shared with the campus community
and will guide the activities of the Alumni Association and
the Alumni Relations Office. “We’re listening to our members
and look forward to using the results to improve the alumni
experience,” says president Allan Maynard.
  More results: Alumni who did
not have a chance to take the survey can share comments,
questions or suggestions at

Wireless Access coming soon
Yes, it’s true. Wireless access is coming to a campus near you.
As part of SFU’s participation in an international collaborative
wireless network called eduroam (, alumni
can enjoy wireless access at SFU and soon at other eduroam
participating campuses. Eventually this benefit is expected

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 GREG EHLERS
to extend internationally as the eduroam network expands.
Watch for more details coming in 2008 at

cAlling All golfers                                                SFU alumni are working with passion and perseverance to solve        Global warming
The 2nd annual SFU Alumni & Friends Golf Tournament                some of the world’s most compelling problems. When asked how         dua’a Riyal (BSc ’07), Plant Molecular Biologist, SFU
happens September 24, Northview Golf Course, Surrey.               their student experience influenced their career, alumni leaders     Dua’a (above) is a researcher in a race with the harmful effects of
Format is Texas Scramble with four players per team. Tee           credit SFU with sowing the seeds of their success through the        global warming. Working with other scientists, she could become
off at 1 pm. Tickets are also available for the banquet only.      quality faculty, programs, and learning environment. Many also       the first in the world to combine horticultural methods and genomic
Register yourself or a foursome by July 16 and receive the         admit to becoming more socially conscious and informed about         technologies like DNA trait selection to breed a forest tree. If
early bird rate. Package includes golf, lunch, banquet and         world issues during their time at SFU. Today, they are not only      successful, her pioneering work will help replenish the world’s
prizes. Proceeds support the Alumni Scholarship & Bursary          thinking of the world, they are changing it for the better.          rapidly depleting forests and restore balance to delicate and
Endowment Fund. Sponsorships and prize donations welcome,                                                                               complex ecosystems.
including hole sponsors. Details at             Here are eight SFU alumni who are making a world of difference:
                                                                                                                                        Renewable energy
stAy connected                                                     Food Security                                                        JaSon Bak (BSc ’98), Founder & CEO, Finavera Renewables
In our recent survey, ‘keeping alumni informed’ was the            RichaRd BRuSkiewich (BA ’87)                                         Committed to the fight against climate change, Jason created
highest rated service in terms of importance to alumni and         Senior Scientist, International Rice Research Institute              Finavera Renewables in 2003. The company develops wind and
how well SFU delivers it (64% good or excellent). About three      A senior bioinformatics scientist and genomics expert, Richard       wave energy projects around the world. According to the World
quarters (73%) felt the amount of contact they receive from        analyzes the DNA structure of rice, the world’s largest crop and     Energy Council, oceans hold two terawatts of renewable, clean
SFU is just right, and the vast majority (86%) prefer to be        food staple of most of Asia. With many prestigious opportunities,    energy equivalent to twice the world’s current electricity generation.
contacted by email. The monthly Alumni Update e-newsletter         he took the road less traveled and chose to work in a developing     Finavera’s mission is to capture this sustainable energy in an
continues to be a valuable tool for staying connected.             country where he could make the greatest impact. His research        economic way.
Circulation rose by 20% over the past year to 43,275.              is helping improve crop yield and resistance to disease and
                                                                   environmental threats.                                  See diFFeRence on page 2.

                                                                   President’s message
                                                                                                                                        personal and professional development, value-added benefits and
                                                                                                                                        services, volunteer opportunities, intellectual engagement, lifetime
                                                                                                                                        learning, and social interaction.
                                                                                                                                           The university benefits when alumni promote SFU to prospective
                                                                   Last year the SFU Alumni Association launched a new logo and         students, volunteer their time and expertise, serve as global
                                                                   tagline: Stay connected.                                             ambassadors and advocates, hire students and graduates, give
                                                                      In the spirit of staying connected, we partnered with the         their philanthropic support, and enhance SFU’s reputation through
                                                                   university to conduct an alumni survey in summer 2007. Over          their outstanding achievements.
                                                                   1,500 alumni responded by sharing their opinions and feelings           Simply put, staying connected expands the horizons for both
                                                                   about SFU and the Alumni Association. The results have already       alumni and the SFU community, allowing us to experience and
                                                                   begun to guide our priorities as we work toward our vision of        impact the world in new and exciting ways. As SFU and the Alumni
                                                                   creating an engaging and mutually beneficial lifetime link between   Association prepare to welcome our 100,000th graduate this year,
                                                                   alumni and SFU.                                                      what better time could there be to stay connected?
                                                                      Staying connected is in some ways easier today than ever before
                                                                   and in other ways more difficult. Technology like the internet and
                                                                   email allow us to stay connected with over 43,000 SFU alumni
                                                                   worldwide, which represents almost 60% of our contactable
                                                                   alumni. At the same time, our fast-paced lives often limit the
                                                                   time we have available to keep in touch and get involved. Despite
                                                                   the challenges, the benefits of staying connected are well worth
                                                                   pursuing for both alumni and the university.                         allan MaynaRd, BSc ’70, MSc ‘72
                                                                      Benefits for alumni include networking, staying informed,         PRESIDENT, SFU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION
2                                                                                                             simon fraser universiTy news y alumni annual report 07/08 y Thursday may 29, 2008     supplement

Alumni thinking of the World

Making a world
of difference
disaster Relief
PeteR andeRSon (BGS ’73, MA ’77)
Communication Professor, SFU
Peter is an emergency communications expert whose work can
mean the difference between life and death in disasters like the
cyclone in Myanmar and the earthquake in China. He works with
the UN preparing disaster response strategies for countries most
at risk. He empowers people with technology and training that
improves their capacity to cope in emergencies.

human Security
JenniFeR SiMonS (MA ’83, PhD ’89)
President, The Simons Foundation
Jennifer is one of the world’s leading advocates for peace,
disarmament, international law and human rights. She has donated
$15 million to support her vision of a world without war. An award-
winning educator with a strong belief in the power of education
to affect positive change, she has funded programs to raise

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  GREG EHLERS
awareness and public debate.

Global health
SaRah enGland (MBA ‘97)                                                Global Poverty                                                        Social development
Health Activist, World Health Organization                             Shawn SMith (BBA ’05), President, Global Agents of Change             aliSon lawton (MA ’06), Executive Director, Mindset Media
Sarah has devoted herself to solving some of the world’s most          While studying finance at SFU, Shawn (above) discovered the           Alison serves the world community by creating media to tell
pressing public health problems from environmental degradation         transformational effects of microcredit. Inspired by how a small      stories that need to be told. Her award-winning documentary film
to vaccines for childhood diseases. With her MBA and an Oxford         loan could make an enormous difference to a poor person, Shawn        Uganda Rising brought global attention to the atrocities suffered
PhD in medical science, she successfully secured a $750 million        and his classmates founded Global Agents for Change (GAFC), a         by Ugandan children. She is passionate about helping others and
donation to help create a billion dollar global vaccine fund. Today    non-profit organization fighting global poverty. Cycling from BC to   supporting social development initiatives. In 2007, she announced
she is helping to lead a global team of partners who are striving to   Mexico, GAFC raises awareness and funds to provide microcredit        a goal to raise $25 million to combat HIV/AIDS in children of the
eradicate TB.                                           loans to the world’s poor.                          developing world.

    in their
    oWn Words
    WhAt it
    to be sfu
    “Other than my
    Canadian passport,                 my
    SFU degree is my
    most prized possession.”
    — Jeff Halldorson, BSc ‘96

    SFU helped me find what
    I wanted to do with their
    wonderful Co-op program.
    Thank you.
    — Diana Wong, BSc ’04.

    SFU taught me that there are no limits other than self-
    imposed ones. My best memory is being piped into
    convocation hall for my graduation.
    — Susanne Savery, MBA ‘95

    My fondest memory was playing for the Women’s Soccer
    Team. Practices, road trips, and team events. I was proud to
    wear SFU colours.
    — Leanne Kennedy Raad, BA ‘93

    Beautiful natural surroundings, cutting edge technologies
    and thoughtful creative teaching approaches. My experience         2007 Outstanding Alumni Award recipients, seated L to R: David Granville, Alison Lawton, Elaine Gallagher and Mark Jaccard.
    as a student was inspiring and rewarding. I would

                                                                       2007 Outstanding Alumni Awards
    recommend SFU to any student as a positive place to learn.
    — Andrea Weiser, MA ‘07

    2008 cAll for nominAtions
    Do you know an SFU graduate who deserves to be                     Each year, SFU and the Alumni Association honour our most accomplished graduates with Outstanding Alumni Awards. Since the awards
    recognized for their achievements? The Alumni Association          were established by the Alumni Association in 1983, over 100 inspiring alumni have been recognized. Visit the Outstanding Alumni Hall of
    is accepting nominations for the 2008 Outstanding Alumni           Fame on the 5th floor of the SFU Burnaby Library to view their photos and profiles.
    Awards from alumni, faculty, staff, students and SFU’s many
    friends in the community.                                          Professional achievement                                              academic achievement
       Categories include academic achievement, arts and               dR. elaine GallaGheR, PhD ‘88                                         dR. MaRk JaccaRd, BA ‘78, MRM ‘84
    culture, athletics, professional achievement, public               Director of the Centre on Aging, University of Victoria               Professor, SFU School of Resource and Environmental Management
    service, service to the community as well as service to the
    university. You can get a nomination package and the list          academic achievement                                                  Service to the community
    of past recipients at The deadline for          dR. david GRanville, BSc ‘95                                          MS. aliSon lawton, MA ‘06
    nominations is June 30, 2008.                                      Associate Professor/Canada Research Chair/MSFHR Scholar,              Executive Director, Mindset Media
                                                                       St. Paul’s Hospital and UBC
 supplement    simon fraser universiTy news y alumni annual report 07/08 y Thursday may 29, 2008

 in brief

benefits And
Alumni Affinity programs provide value-
added products and services for alumni
and generate essential revenue to support
the work of the Alumni Association.
bmo mosAik mAstercArd
SFU Alumni Association Mosaik MasterCard

cleArsight investment progrAm
Investment and retirement planning —

mAnulife finAnciAl
Term life, health, dental, disability insurance

td meloche monnex
Home and auto insurance —
                                                                    Alumni who tie the knot at the Diamond Alumni Centre receive discounted rates.
leAder frAmes
Degree and certificate frames —

                                                                    Grads stay connected around the world
                                                                    aluMni GRouPS                                                         eventS neaR and FaR
                                                                    SFU graduates around the world stay connected through alumni          Alumni events throughout the year give SFU grads the opportunity
                                                                    groups and representatives. Groups organize activities based on       to engage face-to-face.
                                                                    interests or location. Reps are a local resource for SFU and alumni      In the past year, we traveled across Canada holding alumni
                                                                    in their region. Find a list of local, national, and international    events in Victoria, Nanaimo, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal and
                                                                    groups and reps at and get connected.               Toronto. We crossed the border to meet with alumni in Los Angeles,
                                                                                                                                          San Francisco and Seattle. We also met with alumni in Asia during
                                                                    younG aluMni GRouP — new                                              President Michael Stevenson’s trip to Hong Kong, Singapore,
                                                                    Connect with recent grads and compare notes on life after             Malaysia and Indonesia.
                                                                    graduation with the Young Alumni Group. Activities include personal      Local events included the International Grad Reception, the
                                                                    and professional development, networking, career events, social       inaugural Alumni & Friends Golf Tournament — raising over $20,000
                                                                    gatherings and more. If you’re a new or recent graduate, we invite    to support students — several MBA gatherings, and the premiere
                                                                    you to share your ideas or lend a hand with planning events and       event of our year, the Outstanding Alumni Awards. Stay connected
                                                                    engaging others.                   to upcoming and past events at

                                                                    deMOGrAPhic shifts
                                                                    1 / age distribution                2 / year of graduation            3 / geographic distribution            4 / number of graduates
sfu Alumni linkedin group
Created in 2007, the SFU Alumni Group on offers        (in per cent)                       (in per cent)                     (in per cent)                          (cumul ative, in thousands)
                                                                    ...........................         ...........................       ...........................            ...........................
a new way for grads to stay connected. LinkedIn is a free
global online network of 20 million members in 150 different
industries. Alumni around the world can create a profile of their
professional qualifications, join the SFU alumni group, and let
the networking begin.

diAmond Alumni centre discounts                                                                                                                           4
                                                                                                                                                               asia pacific

Famous for the natural beauty of its mountain top location,                                                                                               9    rest of canada
                                                                                    28   over 50                        32   2001–2007
the Diamond Alumni Centre at SFU is becoming known as the
spot where alumni couples tie the knot. Alumni weddings at the                                                                                                 Bc

DAC give new meaning to the phrase ‘stay connected’. Aside
from the distinctive venue and superb catering, alumni receive                      23   40– 49
                                                                                                                        23   1996–2000

special discounts when booking rooms at the DAC for their
special events, business functions, or celebrations including
                                                                                    32   30–39                          25   1986–1995                    69   metro vancouver

Alumni lifetime emAil
One of the most popular ways alumni stay connected is Alumni
                                                                                                                        20   1965–1985
Lifetime E-mail (ALE). ALE provides a free email                     17   under 30

address that alumni can use as a permanent or forwarding
                                                                          100            ToTal                100            ToTal              100            ToTal                  1966    1986   1996      2006
address to stay in touch with classmates, colleagues, friends
and family. Alumni with ALE accounts grew to 15,900 in
2007/08, up 16% from the last year. Grads can also choose to
keep their SFU computer account and email address           In 2008, the total number of alumni will surpass 100,000, reaching    now more likely to be female, under 35 years of age, and living in
at a discounted rate. Alumni who want to use the new eduroam        an important milestone for the Alumni Association. It took twenty     Metro Vancouver. The absolute number of alumni over the age of
wireless access privilege will need to hold an ALE account.         years to reach 25,000 alumni in 1986, then only ten more years        50 is increasing, but not as quickly as the number of young alumni.                                                   to reach 50,000 in 1996. In the decade since, the population has         The changing composition of the alumni population has
                                                                    doubled. Over 50 per cent of alumni graduated in the last 10 years.   important implications for program planning and outreach. Trends
Alumni e-neWs                                                          Along with the accelerating rate of growth in numbers, other       suggest a need for more local programming, and services aimed
Subscribe to the Alumni Update E-Newsletter and receive             shifts worth noting include increasing numbers of female alumni       at those in the early stages of their careers. SFU and the Alumni
monthly highlights of the latest alumni news or read it online at   and more alumni who reside in the Metro Vancouver area. Taken         Association will be exploring these opportunities in the coming                                              collectively, these trends mean that the average SFU graduate is      year, so stay tuned!
4                                                                                                                  simon fraser universiTy news y alumni annual report 07/08 y Thursday may 29, 2008       supplement

As a non-profit society, the SFU Alumni Association relies on
sponsorship of cash, services, and gifts-in-kind to support our
programs and events. We are grateful for the generosity of our
sponsors and welcome the support of new sponsors who would
like to contribute to our success.

2007/08 SPonSoRS
BMO Mosaik MasterCard              Leader Frames
Business in Vancouver              Manulife Financial
Clearsight Investment Program      Merck Frosst
Flower Factory                     Meeting, Event & Conference
Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver       Services at SFU Vancouver
Georgia Straight                   SFU Bookstore
Integral Financial Services        TD Meloche Monnex

                                                                             Helping current and future alumni stay connected and succeed is an important goal
                                                                             of the SFU Alumni Association. In 2007/08, the Association awarded seven financial
                                                                             grants totaling $4,500 to support networking activities and personal and professional
                                                                             development programs for alumni and students.
                                                                             2007/08 GRantS                                                       Computing Science Alumni Gathering ($500)
                                                                             Backpack to Briefcase Career Conference ($1000)                      Math Graduate Student Conference ($500)
                                                                             Business Administration Student Society Banquet ($500)               MBA Alumni Dinner/Tune-Up/Wine & Cheese ($1000)
                                                                             Communications Co-op Alumni Event ($500)                             World Campus Keynote Speaker Event ($500)

Milton Wong, LLD ‘98 speaking at the Business Administration
Student Society event at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver.                                                                                     volunteer leadership
for the yeAr ended mArch 31, 2008                                                                                                                 Locally, nationally and internationally,
                                                                                                                                                  alumni prove their passion for SFU by
facts & figures                                                                                                                                   sharing their time and talent in volunteer
                                                                                                                                                  roles. Serving as alumni representatives
SFU Alumni Association members . . . . .      .   .   .   .   .   . 98,500                                                                        around the globe or attending student
International alumni members . . . . . .      .   .   .   .   .   . 5,500
Countries where alumni reside. . . . . . .    .   .   .   .   .   . . .122                                                                        recruitment events to promote SFU,
Worldwide alumni groups and reps . . . .
Outstanding Alumni Award recipients . . .
                                                                  . . . 35
                                                                  . . .109
                                                                                                                                                  alumni volunteers serve with pride.
Alumni Update E-newsletter circulation . .    .   .   .   .   .   . 43,275
aq Magazine circulation . . . . . . . . . .   .   .   .   .   .   . 70,000                                                                        univeRSity GoveRnance             Members at large
Alumni Lifetime Email accounts . . . . . .    .   .   .   .   .   . 15,900                                                                        chancellor                        Aman Bhangu, BSc ‘01,
Average daily visits to .   .   .   .   .   .   . . .577                                                                        Brandt Louie, LLD ‘05             GDBA ’03, MBA ‘06
Items borrowed by alumni from SFU library     .   .   .   .   .   . 11,969                                                                                                          Anita Bloy, BA ’88, MA ‘95
                                                                                                                                                  Board of Governors                Robin Chakrabarti, MBA ‘95

                                                                             supporting students
                                                                                                                                                  Jeanette McPhee, BBA ‘84          Aaron Cruikshank, BA ’01,
    sfu Alumni AssociAtion                                                                                                                        Pauline Rafferty, BA ‘74          MPP ‘06
                                                                                                                                                                                    Bill Cunningham, MBA ‘94
The SFU Alumni Association was founded in 1969. We are a                                                                                          Senate                            Dale Flood, MBA ‘07
registered non-profit society with a membership of over 98,000                                                                                    Jim McArthur, PDP ’75,            Rachael Froese Zamperini,
alumni in more than 120 countries worldwide. We are governed                 The Alumni Association recognizes that                               MALS ‘97                          BA ‘00
by an elected Board of Directors and receive administrative                                                                                       Colin Percival, BSc ‘01           Meena Mann, BA ‘06
assistance from the SFU Alumni Relations Office.
                                                                             today’s students are tomorrow’s alumni.                              Don Smith, BA ’74, MBA ‘96        Nicole Utterback, BA ‘04
   The Alumni Association represents the interests of SFU                    We are proud to invest in their success.                             D’Arcy Warner, MBA ‘72            Marcia Wakarchuk-Jones,
graduates worldwide. We are committed to keeping our alumni                                                                                                                         MSc ‘92
informed, involved and invested in the alumni community and                  Student leadeRShiP awaRd                                             univeRSity coMMitteeS             Graham Wood, BA ‘02
the future of SFU. Working closely with the university, we offer             Each year the Alumni Association donates a $2000 award to            univercity community
communications, events, benefits and services for our current                an SFU student who demonstrates outstanding leadership,              advisory committee                executive director
and future alumni.                                                           academic achievement, and community service. The recipient           Vivienne Taylor, BA ‘80           Janis Horne, BGS ’88, MALS ’96
   We are proud to support SFU and its graduates in making                   of the Alumni Association’s Outstanding Student Leadership
their finest contributions to society.                                       Award in 2007 was Ms. Dorothy Easton, BA ’08.                        excellence in teaching            aluMni RelationS StaFF
                                                                                                                                                  Karl Dopf, BA ‘91                 director, alumni Relations
Alumni relAtions / Alumni AssociAtion                                        call centRe donation                                                                                   Janis Horne, BGS ’88, MALS ’96
Simon Fraser University, Diamond Alumni Centre                               The Alumni Association donated $15,000 to SFU in 2007 to             Friends of the library
8888 University Drive, Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6                                   provide new furniture and chairs for the recently automated call     Hugh Lindsay, Cert ’84, PBD ‘92   associate director,
T 778.782.4723 y 1.800.998.GRAD                                              centre where students make telephone calls to alumni to stay                                           alumni Relations
F 778.782.6776 y y                           connected and raise funds for scholarships and bursaries.            aluMni aSSociation                Julie Saito, BBA ‘98
                                                                                                                                                  BoaRd oF diRectoRS
                                                                             Student SPace MatchinG FundS                                         President                         associate director,
                                                                             At the Alumni Association’s recommendation, accrued income           Allan Maynard, BSc ‘70,           international alumni
                                                                             from the Alumni Special Initiatives endowment fund is being          MSc ‘72                           Catherine Price
                                                                             used in 2008 to match donations from faculty and staff to
                                                                             enhance student study and gathering space on campus.                 vice President                    Business alumni officer
                                                                                                                                                  Angela Koulyras, BA ‘00,          Anne Campbell
                                                                             100% BoaRd SuPPoRt                                                   Cert ‘00
                                                                             The Association’s Board of Directors continued its proud                                               Program assistant
                                                                             tradition of 100% support with every member making a                 treasurer                         Barbara Diggins, BA ’95
                                                                             donation in 2007/08 to support students at SFU.                      Patrick Horner, MBA ‘93           (retired April ‘08)