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									Constructing the Future
Author: Ghassan Aouad
Author: Angela Lee
Author: Song Wu
Table of Contents

Foreword Table of Contents Preface Acknowledgements Abbreviations Part 1: nD Modelling: the Concept
1. nD Modelling: The Background Angela Lee, Song Wu, Ghassan Aouad 2. Engineering Design Walid
Tizani 3. Lessons Learned from 10 Years of Conceptualising, Developing, Introducing and Using nD BIMs
Jarmo Laitinen Part 2: nD Modelling: the Scope 4. Planning and Scheduling Practices in the UK
Nashwan Dawood 5. Construction Scheduling: a Latin American Perspective Leonardo Rischmoller 6. nD
in Risk Management Rick Coble 7. Construction safety Khalid Naji 8. Automated Code Checking and
Accessibility Robin Drogemuller, Lan Ding 9. Acoustics in the Built Environment Yiu Wai Lam 10. nD
Modelling to Facilitate Crime Reduction 'Thinking' within the Project Briefing Process David Hands,
Rachel Cooper Part 3: nD Modelling: the Application 11. Data Classification Jeff Wix 12. Management of
requirements information in the nD model Matthew Bacon 13. Information Management in nD Thomas
Froese 14. Data Visualisation Jan Karlshøj 15. Legal Issues of nD modelling Tarek Hassan, Zhaomin Ren 
16. Interactive experimenting of nD models for decision making Kalle Kähkönen, Jukka Rönkkö 17. 
Technology transfer Martin Sexton 18. The Role of Higher Education in nD Modelling Margaret Horne 19.
Designing fit-for-purpose schools: the nD Game Ghassan Aouad, Angela Lee, Song Wu, Jun Lee, Wafaa
Nadim, Joseph Tah, Rachel Cooper Part 4: nD modelling: the future 20. nD Modelling: Where next?
Angela Lee, Song Wu, Ghassan Aouad 21. An Ontology to Integrate Building and Urban n-Dimensional
Data Andy Hamilton, Hongxia Wang, Joe Tah, Ali Tanyer, Steve Curwell, Amanda Marshall-Ponting 22.
Modelling Cities Andreas Kohlhaas, John Mitchell 23. nD in 2D Dennis Fukai Concluding remarks

This essential book introduces the concept of nD modelling, which takes the theory of computer
modelling of the built environment to n dimensions. nD modelling utilizes a decision support tool for
systematic assessment and comparison between various design parameters such as cost, accessibility,
maintainability, sustainability, crime, energy, whole life costing, acoustics and scheduling among others.
Constructing the Future is a comprehensive book which provides a global perspective on the concept of
nD modelling and examines its impact on construction, from development to application. The text offers a
critique of competing views that seek to justify (or ignore) the role of nD modelling in the future of
construction as well as describing developments in this area which are already happening
worldwide.Presenting a thorough critique of competing views as well as providing guidance on best
practice, Constructing the Future is a bold, well-grounded and illustrated title introducing construction
management professionals and researchers to this exciting new development in the quest for a single
building and product model.

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