Mac OS X Panther Unleashed by P-PearsonEducation


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									Mac OS X Panther Unleashed
Author: John Ray
Author: William C. Ray

Edition: 3

Underneath the colorful interface of Mac OS X is a powerful, complicated operating system based on
BSD Unix. And Mac users of all kinds continue to need help both in figuring out how to run OS X and in
understandin how OS X works underneath the covers and how to get the most out it.In late summer 2003
Apple is expected to release a new version of OS X -- code-named "Panther" -- that will add some
performance and interface enhancements, and that will further extend the capabilities of the underlying
Unix-based subsystem.The third edition of Mac OS X Unleashed takes the same approach as the best
selling first and second editions, helping the reader deal with the most trouble-prone aspects of the user
interface -- including the new features in the latest version -- but focusing to a much greater extent on the
BSD environment and how the user or administrator can get the most out of both the current operating
system as well as the new components expected in the latest version.

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