Integrative Neuroscience by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Integrative Neuroscience
Author: Evian Gordon

Edition: 1
Table of Contents

1. Integrative Neuroscience: The Big Picture 2. Overview of Chapters 3. Evolution of the Human Brain 4.
The Mind-Brain Problem 5. A Cellular Perspective of Neural Networks 6. The Brain's Chemistry 7. The
Brain's Anatomy 8. Sensory-Motor Models of the Brain 9. Computer Models of the Brain 10. Brain
Dynamics: Modeling the Whole Brain in Action 11. Brain Dynamics: Brain Chaos and Intentionality 12.
Models of the Brain in Neurology 13. Models of the Brain in Psychology 14. Models of the

Most brain related activity has focussed on specialized interests within individual disciplines. Recent
multidisciplinary activity has provided the impetus to break down these boundaries and encourage a freer
exchange of information across disciplines. This text reflects these developments. It spans the landscape
of brain science to provide core information from 12 disciplines (including evolution, philosophy, anatomy,
chemistry, computer science, brain dynamics, psychology, neurology, psychiatry, psychotherapy and
brain imaging).
In outlining how and why it is now possible to realistically model aspects of the brain's dynamics from
such a wide range of intellectual endeavors, this book will prove itself useful to undergraduates,
postgraduates and all those seeking a contemporary perspective and evaluation of the current status and
future directions in the brain sciences.

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