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					                             Love Letter
                             Living Lord Lutheran Church • 2725 58th Avenue   • Vero Beach, FL 32966

                               (772) 778-1500           Volume 25, Issue 1       January, 2010
Be A Living Lutheran

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Alive in Christ
      8:30 A.M.
 Holy Communion
    9:45 A.M.
  Sunday School
    11:00 A.M.
 Holy Communion

The Rev. David A. Charlton        Welcome Place  
                                   Where You         
       Pastor Emeritus
 The Rev. William D. Wolfe          Belong

                                    FROM THE PASTOR

Dear Members and Friends of Living Lord,

I hope you had a joyful holiday season and wish          Our music director, Shirley Goodell, has
you well in 2010. As we give thanks for the light           announced her intention to retire at the
of Christ this Epiphany season, there are several           end of January. We thank Shirley for
things I would like to share with you:                      sharing her many gifts with Living
                                                            Lord as organist and director of the
    First of all, Dona, Sam and I would like to             Living Lord Singers, Chancel Choir,
        thank the people of Living Lord for the             Bell Choir, Musical Major and Mi-
        Christmas gift you gave to us on Decem-             nors. We will miss having her and
        ber 20. We thank you for your generos-              Harlan with us on Sundays and wish
        ity and are thankful for your love and              them many blessings in the years to
        support. You helped to make our Christ-             come.
        mas a blessed one.
                                                     As you see, Living Lord has many new oppor-
                                                     tunities and faces many challenges in the com-
    Living Lord is inviting you to join one of our   ing year. In this we are not alone, as Vero
       new CHRISTIAN LIFE GROUPS.                    Beach, Indian River County, the ELCA and
       These groups will meet twice a month          our nation face similar challenges and opportu-
       during February, March and April, gath-       nities. We are thankful that as we face the fu-
       ering for fellowship, conversation, prayer    ture, we do so with hope, because our Lord,
       and mutual support. Each meeting will         Jesus Christ, lights our way. One of my favor-
       center around the discussion of the book      ite prayers expresses our hope beautifully:
       Signs of Belonging which explores Lu-
       ther’s teaching on the seven marks of the            Lord God, you have called your ser-
       church. You may sign up for a Christian              vants to ventures of which we cannot
       Life Group by signing up in the narthex              see the ending, by paths as yet un-
       or calling the church office. Group mem-             trodden, through perils unknown.
       bers are asked to buy a copy of Signs of             Give us faith to go out with good
       Belonging for $10.99 and to agree to at-             courage, not knowing were we go,
       tend the group faithfully.                           but only that your hand is leading us
                                                            and your love supporting us; through
                                                            Jesus Christ our Lord. (LBW, p 153)

                                                     May the peace of God, which passes all under-
                                                     standing, keep your hearts and minds in Christ
                                                     Jesus our Lord.

                                                     Pastor David
QUILTING       Thursday, January     SARAH CIRCLE Tuesday,               THANKOFFERING             Thank you
21st, 10 AM to 1 PM. The             January 29th at 2 PM. Please        for your contribution of $100.00.
quilting ladies cordially invites    note that we are meeting in the     Your Thankofferings support in-
all the ladies of Living Lord to     afternoon to accommodate more       spiring and exciting speakers,
join them. You may not be able       ladies. We would love to have       preachers and musicians at Women
to “SEW” a quilt but , can you       you join us. Maybe you don’t        of the ELCA events; offer scholar-
use scissors? Tie a knot? Use        like to go to meetings, but you     ships for continuing education for
straight pins? These are the         would like to help with our so-     women in ordained ministry, aca-
steps towards making a quilt. A      cial events. That’s great! Let      demics and leadership; provide
group of ladies gets together the    us know and we will be sure to      health care and education for
third Thursday of the month.         keep you “in the loop”. Call        women in third world countries;
These quilts are sent to the Lu-     Jean Swanson (early service)        offer services and sanctuary for
theran World Relief Organiza-        978-9364       or Marion Crane      refugees and first-generation immi-
tion. Bring your lunch if you        (late service) 770-0523.            grants; and many other services to
want to stay the full time, as the                                       women all over the globe. Your
ladies take a lunch break. Stay                                          2010 Thankoffering boxes are
as long or short a time as you                                           available in the Narthex.

COOKIE WALK Many thanks                                                  QUILTING          Thursday, January
to all the bakers (we even had       MEN’S/WOMEN’S BIBLE                 21st, 10 AM to 1 PM. The quilt-
one man baking) for making the       STUDY BREAKFAST                     ing ladies cordially invites all the
delicious treats.    Thanks to       Saturday, January 16th. The         ladies of Living Lord to join
Marion Hawk for making the           ladies study this year is Paul’s    them. It would be nice for a few
gingerbread Christmas Tree.          letter to the Romans. We will       more ladies to join this group.
Aunt Millie was the happy win-       be combining December and           You may not be able to “SEW” a
ner and she, in turn, gave it to     January’s lessons.         Many     quilt but , can you use scissors?
Daniel Anderson. Thanks to           thanks to Lois Akers for teach-     Tie a knot? Use straight pins?
those who helped with the set-       ing this class. The ladies meet     These are the steps towards mak-
ting up and breaking down the        at Bob Evan’s at 8 AM for           ing a quilt. A group of ladies gets
tables. We were able to raise        breakfast. Bible study starts       together the third Thursday of the
$750 (plus $220 contributed by       about 9:15 AM in Fellowship         month. These quilts are sent to the
Thrivent) which went to the          Hall. Reservations are needed       Lutheran World Relief Organiza-
General Fund. A number of tins       for the breakfast, so either use    tion. Bring your lunch if you
of cookies were given to shut-ins    the sign up sheet or call Phyllis   want to stay the full time, as the
plus a large tray went to another    McCoy. Her number is 778-           ladies take a lunch break. Stay as
local church that was hosting a      2663. Feel free to come to ei-      long or short a time as you like.
Christmas dinner for the home-       ther or both.
less.                                The men meet at the church for
                                     devotions at 8 AM and then go

  UNDECORATE          Sunday, January 10th following the late service. We had such a good time decorat-
  ing the church that we thought we would undecorated the same way. So come join us, have a light
  snack, and have some fun. We especially need help with the Christmas Tree.
Page 4

         Baltimore, December 7, 2009 — The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provided Lutheran World
         Relief with a $400,000 grant to support ongoing relief work in the Philippines after a series of
         devastating typhoons caused flooding, displacement, and massive destruction.

         “There are still many families who have not yet been reached with aid,” says Joanne Fairley,
         LWR’s Regional Director for Asia and the Middle East. “Our goal is to quickly deliver food and
         other essential items into the hands of the people who need it.”

         On September 26, typhoon Ketsana slammed the island of Luzon, followed just days later by ty-
         phoon Parma on October 3, and then typhoon Mirinae on October 31. The three storms caused
         major flooding on the small northern island, destroying homes, claiming over 1,000 lives, and
         displacing thousands of families.

         In the wake of the typhoons, many families continue to live in evacuation shelters or outside near
         river banks—an extremely dangerous place to reside in the event of future storms. Meanwhile,
         there have been 178 deaths and thousands of reports of leptospirosis, a bacterial infection result-
         ing from exposure to unclean water.

         Lutheran World Relief has been working with local partners, including the Lutheran Church of
         the Philippines, to deliver water, food and other items to families in the wake of the storm. With
         the Gates grant, LWR will work with local partner, Center for Empowerment in Resource and
         Development (CERD) to deliver food, drinking water, sleeping mats, blankets, kitchen utensils,
         mosquito nets, health kits and shelter items to an additional 17,000 families (75,000 people) still
         coping with post-storm conditions.

         “There are so many families who have lost everything in these storms. While they need help now
         with food, clean water, and other supplies, they will also need help well into the future to rebuild
         their lives,” adds Fairley.

         More funds are needed to support a long-term comprehensive response to this disaster. Lutheran
         World Relief is accepting donations for its “Asia Disasters” fund online at, by
         phone at 800-LWR-LWR-2 or by mail at Lutheran World Relief, PO Box 17061, Baltimore, MD
         21298-9832 USA.

 DIRECTORY UPDATES                                                          SPECIAL GIFTS RECEIVED
 Please make these changes to your directory to keep it current.
                                                                          A contribution has been given to
 Dot Esdale                                                               Living Lord to the Glory of God in
 c/o Locust Grove Retirement Home,69 Cottage Road                         honor of Pastor David by Helen and
 Mifflin, PA 17058                                                        Harold Hayden.

 Doug & Jennifer Klock, 837 Greenleaf Circle,
 Vero Beach, FL 32960 (new address)
                                                                                  Page 5

 Phyllis McCoy                                1/1
 Ellie Gross                                  1/2
 Karen Ruggierio                              1/5
 Peter Christoph                              1/6
 Phyllis King                                 1/6
 Ron Sample                                   1/23
 Louise Martin                                1/29
 Isabella Patrick                             1/29
 Marian Graul                                 1/31

 Alton & Joan MacDonald                       1/7

If you have not let us know your birthday or anniver-
sary, please stop by or call the office and give us the
date so we can extend our best wishes and list you in
our Love Letter.


   Jeremiah 31:7–14
   Psalm 147:12–20
   Ephesians 1:3–14
   John 1:[1–9] 10–18
                                                      Nehemiah 8:1–3, 5–6, 8–10
   Isaiah 43:1–7
                                                      Psalm 19
   Psalm 29
                                                      1 Corinthians 12:12–31a
   Acts 8:14–17
                                                      Luke 4:14–21
   Luke 3:15–17, 21–22
   Isaiah 62:1–5
                                                      Jeremiah 1:4–10
   Psalm 36:5–10
                                                      Psalm 71:1–6
   1 Corinthians 12:1–11
                                                      1 Corinthians 13:1–13
   John 2:1–11
                                                      Luke 4:21–30

8:30 AM
1/3 Reader Susan Reaves, Ushers Joan Basso & Frank Pepe, Communion Assistant Ellie Gill Worship
Assistant Maureen McNeill, Altar Guild Phyllis McCoy , Acolyte Emily Hudson

1/10 Reader Frank Lombard, Ushers Terri Kaeppel & Phyllis King, Communion Assistant Beverly
Lombard, Worship Assistant Maureen McNeill, Altar Guild Phyllis McCoy , Acolyte Doug Klock

1/17 Reader Joan MacDonald, Ushers Shirlee Lohuis & Frank Pepe, Communion Assistant Sue Siket,
Worship Assistant Maureen McNeill, Altar Guild Phyllis McCoy , Acolyte Taylor Nuttall

1/24 ReaderTommie Rudiger , Ushers Nancy Anto & Ellie Gill, Communion Assistant Clara Wolfe ,
Worship Assistant Maureen McNeill, Altar Guild Phyllis McCoy , Acolyte Isabella Hudson

1/31 Reader Clara Wolfe, Ushers Al & Joan MacDonald, Communion Assistant Ellie Gill, Worship As-
sistant Maureen McNeill, Altar Guild , Acolyte Hanna Nuttall

Call Ellie Gill (770-4786) if you would like to be a worship assistant at the 8:30 service.

11:00 AM
1/3 Reader Fred Winther, Ushers Jack Kusch & Howie Spears, Communion Assistant Marion Crane,
Worship Assistant Lisa DeFrances, Altar Guild Phyllis McCoy , Acolyte Dominic Patrick

1/10 Reader Gini Knoblauch, Ushers Alan & Lisa DeFrances, Communion Assistant Ellie Spears,
Worship Assistant Lisa DeFrances, Altar Guild Phyllis McCoy , Acolyte Malinda Robinson

1/17 Reader Ruth Winther, Ushers Ginnie & Jack Lewis, Communion Assistant Marion Crane, Wor-
ship Assistant Lisa DeFrances, Altar Guild Phyllis McCoy , Acolyte Alicia Knappman

1/24 Reader Gini Knoblauch, Ushers TBA, Communion Assistant Ellie Spears, Worship Assistant Lisa
DeFrances, Altar Guild Phyllis McCoy , Acolyte Sam Charlton

1/31 Reader Joan Kenney, Ushers Alan & Lisa DeFrances, Communion Assistant Marion Crane, Wor-
ship Assistant , Altar Guild Phyllis McCoy , Acolyte Brooks Robinson

Call Ellie Spears (388-5719) if you would like to be a worship assistant at the 11:00 service


     BULLETINS are given to the Glory of God (cost is $7 - sign up in Fellowship Hall)
     1/3 In honor of the Regan~Harris family from Hugh & Liz Harris
     1/10 In honor of the Regan~Harris family from Hugh & Liz Harris
     1/17 In honor of the Regan~Harris family from Hugh & Liz Harris
     1/24 In honor of the Regan~Harris family from Hugh & Liz Harris
     1/31 In honor of the Regan~Harris family from Hugh & Liz Harris
                                     1/3 by Al an and Joan MacDonald in honor of their 54th wedding anniversary

                                     1/10 available—2

                                     1/17 available—2

                                     1/24 available—2

                                     1/25 in honor of the birthday of Harold Hayden by his wife, Helen

The cost for the altar flowers is $20 per bouquet. Please indicate if you are signing for one or two bouquets.
Many times, we have altar flowers available after worship. If you know of someone who would enjoy receiving a bouquet, please let Ellie
Gill (770-4786) or Jack Stueber (778-3858) know. The Eternal Candle is $35 per month. Sign up in Fellowship Hall and payment may
be made by mail or put in the offering plate.

    THE ETERNAL CALENDAR FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY is             given to the glory of God

                                                                                            What it is: A group of people
                                                                                            who have offered to pray daily for
   Jimmy Ball                  Casey Horland                                                members of our congregation,
   +Agnes Bestmann             David Jacques                                                their family, or friends who are in
                               Kathy Kenney                                                 need of special help during a cri-
   Gordon Briggs
                                                                                            ses in their lives whether it is ill-
   Sandy Bruce                 Dawn Martin
                                                                                            ness, operation, depression, griev-
   Sal Caccammo                Spencer Nuttall                                              ing, etc. These prayers are a con-
   Isaac Charlton              +Joanne Reese           Prayer requests can be made to       tinuation of those offered by Pas-
   +Jean Paul Cote             Bryan Schiffres            Living Lord Prayer Chain          tor during weekly worship ser-
                               Mary Schwarting              by calling Ellie Gill           vices.
   +Betty Disher
                               Megan Simcox                                                    The “Chain” currently consists
   Diane Doerr                                                 at 770-4786.
                                                                                            of 12 ladies with one coordinator
   Barbara Faville             Michael Staggs
                                                                                            and three sub-coordinators. Each
   Dyral Fessler               +Carol Valentine                                             sub-coordinator has a group of 4-
   Marlene Fraehmke                                                                         5 “callers”. The sub-coordinators
   Pastor Mark Frickey                                                                      calls the first person in her group
                                                                                            with the name of the person to be
                                                                                            placed on the Prayer List. A re-
                                    + Denotes member                                        lay system follows and, in a short
                                                                                            period of time, all 12 callers are
                                                                                            praying for the individual in need
                                                                                            on a daily basis until healing has
                                                                                            occurred.        We are currently
                                                                                            praying for 35 persons.
                                                                                              With several of our members
                                                                                            moving away, we are in need of
                                                                                            more        “callers”          and
                                                                                            “coordinators”. If you would like
     Rev. John Bergstresser (United States Marine Corps)
                                                                                            to participate in this most mean-
     Travis England (United States Air Force)
                                                                                            ingful activity, please notify any
     Jim Gerlaugh (volunteered for 2nd tour in Afghanistan)                                 of the following coordinators:
     Martin Steele (United States Air Force)                                                Ellie Gill (770-4786); Rosalie
                                                                                            Fanlo (563-0818); Shirlee Lohuis
                                                                                            (567-5063) or Marion Crane

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