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									                                           Royal Air Force
                                    Mountaineering Association
                                             Meet Report

                                Dunmail Raise – ARCC Hut, Lakes
                                              11-12 Jul 09

To Hell (velyn) and back

Well, this was a memorable weekend in more ways than one. Being sworn to secrecy for the
past few months, Percy and I were giving a specific task and time to be on the Summit of
Helvelyn while dressed in our DJ’s! Let me explain, Messier Quinn asked the adorable Princess
Flynn to ‘tie the knot’. Prior to this I don’t think I’ve ever seen Quinny so nervous or quiet (yes,
he can be), especially as it appeared everyone was trying to mess up his plans. Firstly Emily
had offered Tim and Sam join them on the hill, I later dissuaded them, and then Dave Tait tried
to insist I filled in the activity log correctly with Emily sitting next to him – sorry Dave for being so
uncooperative, but I’m sure you now understand. Anyway, Percy and I hauled chairs, table,
food, stove, DJs etc to the top of Helvelyn and set ourselves up as the highest restaurant in
England, serving Soup, Fillet Steak and Strawberries & Cream; Joe public was most bemused!
After popping the question on Striding Edge, Quinny headed to the stone cross on the summit
where we popped out with Champers and the works – we guested she had said yes by the
beaming smile and the holding of hands, how sweat! After 2 bottles of wine, we all staggered
off the hill to the pub. Now being career minded, a double barrelled surname should be the
order of the day for Emily, but which one, Quinn-Flynn or Flynn-Quinn? Any congratulations to
you both, the Stag night/weekend should be interesting, I’m feeling the hangover coming on

Meanwhile, back at the ranch……….

Realising we wouldn’t get much climbing done on Saturday, Percy and I headed to Castle Rock
on Friday evening and climbed North West Eliminate (E1) in perfect sunshine. This is an
interesting route which required balancing precariously off the top branches of a tree to
overcome the overhang, great except as one leans forward for the holds the tree bends in the
opposite direction! It was then back to the bothy, where Chris Berryman had clearly consumed
a sherbet or 3 as he tried to encourage participation in various challenges, like picking a
matchstick off the floor using only your lips or, hanging from the roof beam by you toes – for
some reason Dave T couldn’t manage this one :0). On Saturday the weather was fantastic and
was at compete odds with the forecast, so most headed off to climb in Borrowdale, starting on
Sheppard’s Crag, while Tim and Sam scrambled on Helvelyn avoiding the Flynn/Quinns.
Quinny certainly owes Percy and me a beer or 3 after missing the best ever weather for

Sunday saw heavy rain, but the stalwarts of Dave T, Chris B, Percy and Al Dixon headed to
Langdale for some wet thrutching and grunting up Middlefell Buttress, while the rest of us bomb
burst to our respective homes.

Thanks to everyone a great weekend, especially in helping to clean the Bothy.

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