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Storyboard Toys Builds onto the ArtHouse “Kid-Customizable” Toy Building

Décor Kits Transform ArtHouse into a Horse Barn, a Japanese Home or a Viking Longhouse!

Longmont, CO - (October 1, 2003) - When Storyboard Toys launched ArtHouse™ in February,

this new and innovative company proclaimed, “This is not a dollhouse.” Although ArtHouse is a

high quality toy building constructed in 1:12 (“dollhouse”) scale from birch wood, inventor Curtis

Jacobson explained: “ArtHouse is an art toy – simple and abstract – designed to display children’s

artwork on every inch of every wall. ArtHouse can represent any kind of building a child likes,

and can be easily and inexpensively redecorated on a whim.” ArtHouse’s unique transparent

plastic walls open up to accept letter-sized paper artwork. The walls are magnetically attached,

and can be moved from location to location within the structure. ArtHouse's sturdy wooden roof

lifts off easily to give better access for playing inside.

Now, Storyboard Toys announces three accessory “décor kits” to transform ArtHouse into horse

stables, a 19th century Japanese home or a Viking longhouse. Each kit includes play-ready full-

color artwork, but they also each contain art and social studies lessons, and project-oriented

activities designed to engage kids for hours on end. The “North American Horse Barn” décor kit

is perfect for anyone who loves both horses and art. Sized to provide a play environment for

popular model horses, the kit’s painted appearance recalls the golden age of American illustration.

By contrast, the “Traditional Japanese Home” décor kit is illustrated in the popular style of
contemporary Japanese anime and manga (although the backgrounds are historically authentic).

The colorful “Viking Longhouse” décor kit supports the conclusion ArtHouse isn’t just for girls; it

includes free-standing “fighting” paper dolls as well as an authentic Viking board game.

Gender neutral and aimed at creative children between the ages of six and twelve, ArtHouse

provides a platform for parent/child, multi-child, and classroom craft projects. Since it can be

transformed into many different kinds of building, ArtHouse makes a wonderful environment for

fantasy play and for learning. It's compatible with popular dolls, action figures, and all styles of

dollhouse furniture. ArtHouse can be safely stored and transported in its rugged carrying box,

making it a great choice for small homes, children who travel, and educators in diverse

educational settings.

Storyboard Toys! LLC is a family-owned Longmont, Colorado-based company that provides

exceptional-quality educational and art toys to specialty toy stores, dollhouse shops, museum gift

shops, and child care centers throughout the United States. Storyboard Toys is proud that

ArtHouse has been awarded Dr Toy’s Best Children’s Vacation Products 2003 Award and a

Parents’ Choice Foundation Award. Beautiful, durable and timeless, Storyboard Toys are proudly

made in U.S.A.


"Storyboard Toys" and "ArtHouse" are trademarks of Storyboard Toys! LLC, Longmont, CO.
ArtHouse is patent pending, including specifically its dual-paned, modular, magnetically-attached
wall panels. Additional information can be found on-line at

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