Super Hydrophilic Impression Material

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					Super Hydrophilic Impression Material

                               EXTREME WETTABILITY                  AVAILABLE IN
                               Increased hydrophilicity             • Wild Berry
                               (28.6º contact angle) means
                               more accurate castings.

      Self-activating foil bags
      designed for automix machines.

                                                             2 SET TIMES
                                                             Regular 4:30 Total Set Time
                                                             Half-Time 2:15 Total Set Time
            Dependably accurate
            reproduction of detail…every
            time you take an impression.

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Splash VPS - Super Hydrophilic Impression Material
Increased hydrophilicity means easier, more         impressions. Its low contact angle (28.6º)        ORDERING INFORMATION
accurate impressions and fewer retakes.             produces impressions that are easy to pour
Splash has an advanced hydrophilic                  and bubble free.*                                              AUTOMIX CARTRIDGE
formulation that ensures precise accurate                                                                          Extra                    Monophase
                                                    With a regular set time of 4:30, it’s perfect                  Lite           Lite      Medium    Heavy
                                                                                                                   Body           Body      Body      Body
                                                    for multiple units. And, if you've got the
                                                                                                      Splash Regular Set
                                                    need for speed, try Splash Half-Time.             Wild Berry* SPE1208         SPE1209    SPE1210       SPE1211
                                                    Available in all of the same great viscosities
                                                                                                      Splash Half-Time
                                                    as Splash regular set, Splash Half-Time sets      Wild Berry* SPE1230         SPE1231    SPE1232       SPE1233
                                                    in a record-breaking 2:15 minutes. Patients       *2 Cartridges (48 ml ea) per package, Mixing Tips
                                                    love it because it's faster, tastes great and
                                                    reduces gagging. You'll love it for its
                                                    performance, reliability and price.
                                                                                                                           SPLASH! FATPAK™
                                                    Splash is available in 4 cartridge viscosities,
                                                                                                                           Medium        Heavy
                                                    putty jars, unique Putty Paks® and the new                             Body          Body
                                                    FatPak™.                                          Intro Kit Berry*     SPE1532       SPE1531
                                                                                                      Refill Kit Berry**   SPE1530       SPE1529
                                                                                                      *1 Base Paste (300 ml), 1 Catalyst Paste (62 ml), Cartridge
                                                                                                        Body, 10 Dynamic Mixers
FEATURES AND BENEFITS                                                                                 **2 Base Paste (300 ml), 2 Catalyst Paste (62 ml),
                                                                                                       10 Dynamic Mixers
• Flavor                                            • Reduced gag reflex
• Low contact angle                                 • Better hydrophilicity gives more accurate
                                                      detailed castings
• High tear strength                                • Will not tear upon removal from the                            PUTTY JARS
                                                      gingival sulcus                                                Regular         Half-Time
                                                                                                                     Putty Jars      Putty Jars
• High dimensional stability                        • Multiple pours and exceptional detail
                                                                                                      Wild Berry* SPE1212            SPE1235
                                                      reproduction indefinitely
                                                                                                      *2 Jars (250 ml ea) per package with scoops

    • Extreme Wettability
                                 • Extreme Accuracy
                                                                                                                     PUTTY PAKS®
                                                               • Extreme Detail                                      Regular         Half-Time
                                                                                                                     Putty Paks      Putty Paks

                                                                                                      Wild Berry* SPE1219            SPE1237
                                                                                                      *1 Box (12) 18 ml paks

*Data on file. For sale by or on the order of a dental professional only.                                                                          20-1171UK 1005