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									Under His Skin
Nighthawk Island

Author: Rita Herron

He'd been a top-notch cop until a fire forced Parker Kilpatrick out of uniform and into the healing hands of
nurse Grace Gardener. Grace's bedside manner and haunting blue eyes pulled at every protective string
in Parker's body--and threatened to soften his famously gruff facade. Then Grace was attacked, thrusting
them both into the line of fire. As Parker learned more about Grace's past, new clues inextricably linked a
cold case to the recent violence on Nighthawk Island. Now the enemy had left Parker no choice but to put
his beloved job on the line... and break every rule to keep an innocent--and irresistible--woman safe.
Author Bio
Rita Herron
Rita Herron wrote her first mystery novel when she was 12 years old, but she grew up in a small Southern
town (in a low-income family) and didn't think "real" people became writers. So it wasn't until her midlife
crisis years later that she actually pursued publication.Before she put pen to paper, she taught
kindergarten for 10 years. Finger painting, puppet shows, and storytelling with imaginative five-year-olds
made her yearn to do more with her creative edge, and she began by writing children's stories. Using a
variety of props, she performed stories for kids at bookstores, libraries, and schools.When summer
came, she was bombarded with three bored kids of her own (and a house full of pets). In a desperate
attempt to keep her own children occupied and maintain her sanity, she searched for a book on summer
activities for kids. The bookstores were lacking, so she wrote it herself! Her summer project turned into
her first book, entitled Surviving Summers with Kids: Fun Filled Activities for All.Once Rita read her first
romance novel, she was hooked. So she told her family she was leaving the finger painting, the puppets,
and the minivan behind, to write adult fiction. Since then she has sold 12 books, and recently won the
Maggie Award for her 1999 Harlequin Intrigue title, Her Eyewitness.Rita loves to hear from fans — you
can contact her at rbherron@bellsouth.com, or check updates on titles at www.suspense.net/rita-herron.

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