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									                                          PHOTOSHOP 2
You should take time to become familiar with the palettes-they are essential to using Photoshop

For example, if you wanted to draw several different lines with the pen tool, you would probably want
quick access to different pen sizes.

The Brushes palette would allow you to do this (actually, it’s impossible to select pen sizes without the
Brushes palette!). If you were working with a file and didn’t see the palette on your work area, you
could make it visible by simply clicking on Window and then Show Brushes.

The Brushes palette would appear on the screen; once the screen it can be repositioned as needed.

Now is a good time to familiarize yourself with the Photoshop work area. Open a document, and check
its file size; then display all the palettes and get comfortable with them before moving on.

Working with files

Opening, saving, and creating new files

Opening files in Photoshop is easy: the command File>Open can be used to open just about any type of
graphics file.

Once you’ve opened a file and edited it, you can save your file in a number of different formats. To save
the file in its current format, use File>Save. If you want to save it as a different type, you can use either
File>Save As or File>Save a Copy. We’ll discuss saving later in the tutorial. For now it’s OK to save your
images in their original format.

Creating new files in Photoshop is just as easy: go to File>New and set the height, width, and resolution
of the new file in the dialogue box.

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