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									Illegal Immigration
Contemporary World Issues

Author: Michael LeMay

Edition: 1
Age Group: 7 - 17

Emotions run high around the problem of illegal immigration. It not only affects jobs, schools, social
services, prisons, and taxes, it also raises difficult issues of race, class, vigilantism, and human
rights.Illegal Immigration: A Reference Handbook confronts these heated controversies head on. It traces
the successes and the failures of our attempts to manage illegal immigration, from 1965 to the present.
Through examination of pertinent laws and court cases, it analyzes the many problems that result from
high levels of illegal immigration, our current efforts at control, and the proposed reforms now on the
national agendaófrom barricades to guest worker programs to amnesty. It offers readers a fair and 
thorough grounding on an issue of central importance to the future of North America.

It is recommended for public and academic libraries.

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