Statement on the Termination of Deportation Proceedings by fgz18850


									                                                                                    Administration of William J. Clinton, 2000 / Dec. 11

                           Statement on the Termination of Deportation Proceedings in Support of
                           the Northern Ireland Peace Process
                           December 11, 2000

                              I strongly support the Attorney General’s de-               will contribute to the peace process in Northern
                           cision, at the request of the Secretary of State,              Ireland. The Attorney General’s decision is con-
                           to take action to terminate deportation pro-                   sistent with steps taken by the British Govern-
                           ceedings against six individuals and to refrain                ment under the Good Friday accord to release
                           from initiating proceedings against three others.              prisoners in Northern Ireland and reintegrate
                           All nine individuals had served sentences in the               them into normal society as part of a process
                           United Kingdom for activity connected with the                 of reconciliation. Her decision will also reinforce
                           IRA but are physically present in the United                   efforts by the Governments and the parties in
                           States. While in no way approving or condoning                 Northern Ireland to implement in full all aspects
                           their past criminal acts, I believe that removing              of the Good Friday accord.
                           the threat of deportation for these individuals

                           Statement on Signing the Water Resources Development Act of 2000
                           December 11, 2000

                              Today I have signed into law S. 2796, the                   tation of this Plan a priority if we are to save
                           ‘‘Water Resources Development Act of 2000,’’                   this threatened resource and leave an Ever-
                           a multibillion dollar omnibus bill to authorize                glades legacy that will make future generations
                           water projects and programs of the United                      proud of their Government. By acting now, we
                           States Army Corps of Engineers.                                can reverse the damage of the past and rescue
                              I am very pleased that this bill authorizes                 this unique and remarkable landscape.
                           the Administration’s plan to restore an unprece-                  I am pleased that S. 2796 also authorizes a
                           dented natural resource—America’s Everglades.                  major project to deepen channels into New
                           Thanks to an historic partnership among Fed-                   York/New Jersey harbor, our Nation’s third larg-
                           eral, State, tribal, and local leaders, we can                 est container port, that will benefit consumers
                           begin in earnest an over 30-year journey to com-               and producers, create jobs, and make the United
                           plete the largest and most ambitious ecosystem                 States more competitive in world markets. The
                           restoration project in the world.                              Act also authorizes my proposal for projects to
                              Since the beginning of our first term, the                  improve the Puget Sound ecosystem and author-
                           Vice President and I have made Everglades res-                 izes efforts to restore the estuary of the lower
                           toration a priority. We have provided the nec-                 Columbia River, boosting the recovery of threat-
                           essary resources to Federal agencies and made                  ened and endangered salmon species in the Pa-
                           timely completion of the Comprehensive Ever-                   cific Northwest.
                           glades Restoration Plan an essential part of our                  In addition, I am pleased that the Congress
                           environmental agenda. Through the leadership                   has adopted my proposals to strengthen the au-
                           of the Army Corps of Engineers and the support                 thority of the Army Corps of Engineers to evalu-
                           of the Environmental Protection Agency, the                    ate comprehensively the water resources needs
                           Department of the Interior, and other Federal                  of watersheds throughout the Nation and to en-
                           agencies, the State of Florida, and a diverse                  hance its ability to work with Native American
                           group of stakeholders, the authorized plan pro-                tribes and Alaska native communities to study
                           vides a scientifically sound blueprint to guide                proposed water resources projects. I also en-
                           Everglades restoration. The legislation provides               dorse the authorization for a National Academy
                           assurances that water developed under the Plan                 of Sciences study on suggestions for an inde-
                           will be available for the restoration of the nat-              pendent review of Army Corps of Engineers
                           ural systems. We must all now make implemen-                   projects.


VerDate 11-MAY-2000   12:36 Dec 05, 2002   Jkt 188968   PO 00000   Frm 00519   Fmt 1240   Sfmt 1240   E:\HR\OC\188968.009   pfrm12   PsN: 188968
                           Dec. 11 / Administration of William J. Clinton, 2000

                              I am very concerned and disappointed, how-                  the Congress decided to drop proposed author-
                           ever, with many of the provisions in S. 2796.                  izations totaling more than $550 million for local
                           Earlier this year, I submitted water resource                  infrastructure projects that should not become
                           legislation to the Congress directed at certain                a responsibility of the Army Corps of Engineers.
                           fundamental issues. First, the bill included sev-                 Furthermore, my Administration proposed im-
                           eral high-priority Corps initiatives addressing im-            provements to the procedures used for
                           portant needs currently facing the Nation. Sec-                deauthorizing dormant projects, changes to close
                           ond, the bill proposed a number of much need-                  a loophole in the existing ability-to-pay law, an
                           ed water project reforms. Finally, my Adminis-                 increase in the local cost-share for structural
                           tration developed this bill with a Federal cost                flood damage reduction projects, and a program
                           of about $1 billion within a framework of overall              to clean up brownfields. I am disappointed that
                           fiscal discipline that helps ensure that only the              the Congress did not authorize any of these
                           most worthwhile projects are funded.                           important reforms.
                              The version of this legislation as passed au-                  Finally, section 601(b)(2)(D)(iii) provides that
                           thorizes roughly $5 billion in new Federal                     appropriations for certain water resources
                           spending according to Corps of Engineers esti-                 projects within the Everglades shall not be made
                           mates, an amount that far exceeds a reasonable                 unless technical reports on those projects have
                           assessment of the available future Federal budg-               been approved by the House Committee on
                           etary resources for this program. The vast major-              Transportation and Infrastructure and the Sen-
                           ity of the new projects and modifications to ex-               ate Committee on Environment and Public
                           isting projects in this bill have not completed                Works. This provision is a direction to the Con-
                           the study phase or are under review and simply                 gress regarding how the Congress will exercise
                           are not ready for authorization at this time. Until            its authority to appropriate funds. The provision
                           these proposals have completed the appropriate                 does not limit the authority of agencies to spend
                           prior planning and review, including the review                funds that the Congress has appropriated.
                           required for water resources project proposals                    Notwithstanding our concerns, the Water Re-
                           under Executive Order 12322, neither the exec-                 sources Development Act of 2000 authorizes the
                           utive branch nor the Congress knows which of                   Army to undertake much needed and important
                           them will raise significant concerns regarding                 projects for improvements to the Nation’s ports
                           scope, feasibility, environmental acceptability,               and harbors, and the restoration of our aquatic
                           cost-sharing, or other issues. I strongly rec-                 resources, including America’s Everglades, and
                           ommend that the Congress await completion of                   deserves enactment into law.
                           this process before reaching a decision on au-
                                                                                                                       WILLIAM J. CLINTON
                           thorizing future projects and project modifica-
                           tions. Particularly in view of the Congress’ direc-            The White House,
                           tive to study benefits of an independent review                December 11, 2000.
                           of Corps of Engineers water projects, we need
                           to find ways to strengthen the project planning                NOTE: S. 2796, approved December 11, was as-
                           and review process. I am pleased, however, that                signed Public Law No. 106–541.

                           Exchange With Reporters Prior to Discussions With Prime Minister Bertie
                           Ahern of Ireland in Dublin
                           December 12, 2000

                           President’s Visit to Ireland                                   here, in the peace process. And the Taoiseach
                             Q. Mr. President, why do you keep coming                     and Prime Minister Blair have worked hard, as
                           back to Ireland?                                               the parties in Northern Ireland have, and there’s
                             The President. Well, I got invited. And you                  still a little work to be done. So I thought maybe
                           know, I’ve had a special interest, in my tenure                if I came back, I could help a little, and I
                                                                                          hope I can.


VerDate 11-MAY-2000   12:36 Dec 05, 2002   Jkt 188968   PO 00000   Frm 00520   Fmt 1240   Sfmt 1240   E:\HR\OC\188968.009   pfrm12   PsN: 188968

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