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					                                   Agreement settling dispute as to boundary line.

   Agreement made            , [date], between A and B, both of         .

   The parties to this agreement own land adjoining each other.

   A owns           half of lot       , block        range         of        ; and B owns land adjoining A's lot on the

    It is alleged that B has encroached on the lands of A and the parties have agreed on a plan to settle the dispute as to
the boundary line between themselves as follows:

       1. Parties will build a fence commencing at the northwest corner of       barn, running northerly on a line that
   at the sidewalk on the street is       inches more or less westerly from the west line of lot       as surveyed by

      2. This fence shall be built by the parties, each sharing         of the expense, and shall run northerly about half
   way to the street line and at the height        shall desire.

       3. Beginning at the northerly point where the fence is built, the parties shall construct a cement curbing, to be
           inches high, which shall run on line with the fence and the curbing shall end at a point        feet south of
          line of the sidewalk as now laid.

      4. Each party shall have the right to use as much land lying north of the end of curbing as shall be necessary for
   each of them to enter their own premises, and each shall have a perpetual right to enter their respective premises but
   shall not encroach on the land of the other that lies south of the end of curbing to be built.

      5. If either party shall rebuild their barn, the barn shall be built in such manner as to separate the barn at least
          feet from the barn of the other party. Each party agrees to take any measures as shall be necessary to prevent
   water from the roof of his or her barn running on or into the barn or land of the other party.

      6. Either party may at their option build the fence and cement curbing, and on proper proof of cost, the other will
   pay his or her share of expense.

   This agreement is made for purpose of settling the dispute as to boundary line between the parties.

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