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Minutes of the Regular Monthly Meeting of the Board of Officers of the Integrated Bar
of the Philippines – Cavite Chapter, held on 11 April 2008 at the Residence of Atty. Sam
Villanueva in St. Charbel Subdivision, Dasmariñas, Cavite.

Present:      Atty. Billy Sumagui, President
              Atty. Rose Perey, Vice President
              Atty. Jojo Perez, Secretary
              Atty. Pheds Saquilayan, Tresurer
              Atty. Akit Crisologo-Lara, Auditor
              Atty. Sam Villanueva, Director
              Atty. Simon Victa, Director
              Atty. Mhee Clorina, Director
              Atty. Jojo Bihasa

1. Call to Order:

       The regular monthly meeting of the IBP Cavite Chapter was called to order at
       exactly 9:27PM after determining that there is already a quorum. The meeting
       was presided over by the President, Atty. Billy Sumagui, while the Secretary,
       Atty. Jojo Perez recorded the minutes of the meeting.

2. Approval of the Minutes of the Last Meeting

       The Secretary moved that the reading of the minutes of the meeting last March 6,
       2008 be dispensed with and that the same be approved. The motion was duly
       seconded by Atty. Victa. There being no opposition to the motion the same was
       duly approved.

3. Agenda for the Meeting

       There are several items on the agenda for discussion in the meeting. First, the
       Formal Assessment of the “Bench and Bar Dialogue” held on March 27, 2008.
       Second, is the preparation for the MCLE Seminar in the month of May 2008.

4. Matters Arising From the Previous Meetings

       The President reminded the Chairperson of the Ethics Committee as well as the
       Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee named Task Force Titulo to immediately
       convene and draft its own Rules in order to clearly define its powers,
       prerogatives, functions, duties and responsibilities, and submit the same for the
       approval of the Board. There are letter-complaints already received by the Office
       against the different Registers of Deeds in the Province and Cities of Cavite. The
       same is also true regarding the letter complaints against some members of the
       Chapter which must be looked upon by the Committee on Ethics.

       The Chairpersons of the said Standing and Ad Hoc Committee, who are in
       attendance, promised to the President that they will convene the organizational
       meeting of their respective committees. The committee will prepare immediately
       the necessary Rules for the approval of the Board in the next regular meeting.

5. Discussion of the Agenda

The Chapter President (Atty. Sumagui) raised the absence of the Provincial
Prosecutor – Hon. Emmanuel Y. Velasco – during the “Bench and Bar Dialogue”.
Although he was represented by 1 st Assistant Provincial Prosecutor Villarin, who
was very careful in answering the numerous queries of the private practitioners
as well as some Presiding Judges in Cavite, it would have been appropriate if the
chief of the office himself was the one who graced the occasion. Everyone was
disappointed at the snub given by Prosecutor Velasco to the event that is
considered important to the members and officers of IBP Cavite Chapter.

Atty. Sumagui volunteered to write Prosecutor Velasco and apprise him of what
happened in the “Bench and Bar Dialogue”; and that he was sorely missed
during the said event. The draft of the letter will be edited by Atty. Saquilayan to
make it more diplomatic, if need be.

Some members brought out the incident regarding the sudden change of
moderator in the midst of the heated discussion on preliminary investigation.
The unexpected departure of Atty. Saquilayan from the venue left Atty. Perey as
the new moderator of the “Bench and Bar Dialogue”. Hence, it was determined
that future moderators should strictly moderate the proceedings and refrain
from giving commentaries who might offend some participants, which consider
such commentaries as unruly or uncalled for.

Another recommendation of the Board to improve similar events in the future is
to assign a trained operator of the PowerPoint Program so that there will be a
smooth presentation of the PowerPoint slides prepared by the resource speakers.
Moreover, it was suggested by most of the members of the Board that for the
future conduct of similar event, we should adopt specific guidelines for the
moderators to follow. Atty. Bihasa termed such proposed guidelines as “Ground
Rules for the Moderators” to prevent any similar occurrence that happened
during the said “Bench & Bar Dialogue”. The Board agreed with such a

Atty. Sumagui directed Atty. Perez to prepare the Resolutions regarding the
issues that were raised during the open forum portion of the program for the
review and approval of the Board in the succeeding meetings.

Overall, the Board concluded that the “Bench and Bar Dialogue” held on March
27, 2008 was a successful activity of the Chapter. The next activity that needs to
be planned well is the MCLE Seminar scheduled on May 15, 16, 29 and 30, 2008.

Having mentioned that, the discussion was focused on the preparations for the
MCLE Seminar. The first question to be resolved is: should the Chapter offer
rates for half day and whole day session? It was observed that other MCLE
providers offer such flexible rates to allow other participants, who have earned
several MCLE credits from other seminars, to attend seminar of the Chapter at
cost lower that already advertised. After a lively discussion, the Board approved
the following rates for the MCLE Seminar:

      Half day attendance – P1,000.00
      Whole day attendance – P2,000.00

The Board approved the rates while keeping in mind the fact the Cavite Chapter
is still the most cost-effective MCLE Provider in the country, in an era of rising
seminar fees from all other MCLE Providers. Atty. Villanueva mentioned that
each resource speaker of the MCLE would be given an honorarium of P3,000.00
per hour with a P500 gas allowance. This is still the same rate as last year.

      The discussion next revolved around providing each participant with a steno
      pad and a pencil or ballpen to write with. Atty. Bihasa is expecting 70 to 100
      participants who will take advantage of the low cost of the MCLE Seminar. In
      fact, it was reported by Atty. Sumagui that some members of the Chapter have
      paid the seminar fee and taking advantage of the early bird discount.

      Atty. Villanueva reminded everyone present that the current members of the
      Board as well as the Officers of the Chapter can attend the MCLE Seminar for
      free as an incentive to the tireless work everyone has done in the service of the
      members of the Cavite Chapter. This was affirmed by Atty. Sumagui.

      Atty. Sumagui then suggested that instead of providing photocopies of the
      lectures of the resource speakers, each participant will be entitled to a CD copy of
      the lectures. However, the participants have the option of requesting for a
      printed version from the Office of the IBP Cavite Chapter. The reason for this is
      to train the lawyers to be computer literate. Furthermore, Atty. Sumagui
      recommended that all the materials of the resources speaker will be uploaded to
      the website of the Chapter so that the members and other lawyers will be made
      aware of the existence of the Chapter website –

      As a final note to the discussion regarding the materials of the resource
      speaker/lecturers, Atty. Perey said that it would be more cost-efficient for the
      Chapter if we would not be providing all participants with photocopies of the
      materials because by experience, such materials become scratch papers and are
      not reviewed by most of the participants. Hence, it is much better if the
      suggestion of Atty. Sumagui will be adopted. Having heard that statement, the
      Board approved the suggestion of Atty. Sumagui to provide only CD copies of
      the materials of the lecturers and not photocopies.

      The line of the speakers is being arranged by Atty. Villanueva and Atty. Bihasa. It
      was mentioned that Executive Judge Ed Tanguangco will be one of the lecturers
      of the MCLE Seminar. He will be expanding his lecture on the judicial
      determination of probable cause that he presented during the “Bench and Bar

      Finally, Atty. Sumagui will be creating a flyer to be used as the advertisement for
      the MCLE Seminar. Everyone is encouraged to download and print the flyer for
      circulation to the members and other lawyers attending hearings in the Province
      of Cavite.

      No final budget has been discussed for the MCLE Seminar. Costing of the food
      will still be determined during the next meeting of the Board.

6. Other Matters

      Atty. Sumagui announced that there will be a Forum on Extrajudicial Killings on
      April 17-18, 2008 at the Traders Hotel along Roxas Boulevard in Manila. All the
      Chapters are encouraged to send representatives. Those who volunteered to
      attend the April 17 session are Attys. Clorina, Perey and Saquilayan. While,
      Attys. Bihasa, Victa and Villanueva will attend the April 18 session.

      The final matter that was brought up by Atty. Sumagui is the project of the IBP
      National Office called “IBP on Wheels”. Atty. Sumagui explained to the Board
      that the said activity will be providing free legal consultation and notarial
      services to the poorest community to be identified by the Chapter. The National
      Office will be providing t-shirts for the lawyer-participants during the event.

       After consultation with the members of the Board, it was determined that the
       “IBP on Wheels” Activity will be held on Saturday, May 24, 2008 from 9:00AM –
       3:00PM at a depressed Barangay in Dasmariñas, Cavite. Atty. Clorina was tasked
       by Atty. Sumagui to identify which barangay will host the “IBP on Wheels”
       Caravan of the National Office. Atty. Clorina is also tasked to coordinate with the
       barangay officials and municipal officials regarding this activity of the IBP.

7. Adjournment

        There being no other matters to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at exactly
11:45 in the evening.

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Atty. Ernesto C. Perez II                       Atty. Avelino M. Sumagui
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