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Frank Lopez


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									Intro: Welcome to the TransQUAL Online monthly podcast, In Their Own Words. Each
month, Cornell University’s Employment and Disability Institute profiles people dedicated to a
process of collaboration and innovation, advancing student post-school outcomes in living,
learning and earning. To learn more about TransQUAL Online, go to www.transqual.org. And
now, this month’s profile.

Female Student #1:

This high school [Chelsea] inspired me because I’ve been through three…four different high

schools and this is like the first high school I’ve ever stayed in and like for more than a year. The

grades is ok, the reason I like this school – the teachers is because I failed the class which was

economics and like everybody was telling me she was like a very, very hard teachers. And I just

though that I could just go there and as long as I go she would sign the attendance and I would

pass which I didn’t. But she really inspired me to work harder because I realized that maybe this

is just high school and college maybe more worse – it may be more difficult. So it made me

know that the next marking period I could get a higher grade. I think a lot of students should

have a relationship with the teacher…and the principle. Cause like all the Principals that know

me and my friend, my best friend in the school which is Victoria like everybody knows that if

you don’t know us you just don’t belong in the world.

Male Student #1:

Coop Tech is a program that basically is for the learning of trade. Before Co-op tech I was in a

wood shop class in Chelsea. I used to have Mr. Granit as a wood shop teacher. He taught me a

lot of stuff about wood and about making houses. But now I’m getting more in to it and Co-op

tech is a big difference because now they put you in this environment where it’s like a

construction zone so you in this big room and when you look around you just see wood for

building. They teach how to…they teach you the math basics. Right now I’m learning the math
basics. I’m learning how to make houses. So now I went from making a little amateur house, a

little, small house, like a box to doing the real thing. I mean, it is a pretty good program. Imagine

you coming out of the high school doing what you like and you getting paid starting at eighteen

dollars an hour. And within those three years you’re gaining an extra fifteen. So in all you’re

getting about thirty-five dollars an hour so that’s in three years so you are making more than

most people, some teacher’s salaries.

Male Student #2:

I like to act. It is like really, really interesting to me because it turns me into a different character.

It changes my personality into a different person that I am not. I’m a shy person, around girls

especially, they like creep me out. So for some reason I can’t get near them so when I’m in my

acting mode I could be like Tom Cruise and go up to a girls and be like “Wass up? How you

doing?” But if I was my actual self it would take me two years just to say hi to one girl. So it

sounded interesting to me because…so I went into a room for the meeting. I met a couple of

seniors who actually became good friends of mine. I was like really nervous when I went in so

all of a sudden it felt like I was at home with my family. Everybody was really, really into it.

Everybody was like…it was like a homing feeling so everybody was nice. Everybody came up to

me ask me for my name. It was like the best experience ever. That was the first time I never felt

nervous in front of a crowd because I have that problem too. One of our English teachers…he’s

the greatest guy in the world. He helps me out. I asked him about where he went to college, what

other programs. I ask many people where they went to see what is their experience of college,

their feelings, from there I ask them where should I go. From your experiences, what should I

Male Student #3:

Oh yeah, I did that at the…starting this year for my math class they had this like how does math

assist you in the jobs you want to do in the future. And I had to give a little report in. And I got

an 85 on it. I always listen to Ms, ________ because my mom said listen to my elders. She told

me about the Co-op tech and I was like, so what do you do there? And she said that you get a

license and they give you a one course of such-and-such. I was like, oh, so I want to try that out.

But he said that you got to be seventeen. So I said alright next year, when I’m seventeen, I’ll

come for the Co-op tech. So then like she said, alright, I’ll get the information for you. Then

when I showed my mom my mom said oh that’s good. And my grandmother she was like you

should do it. So I said alright. Then like…like I came here with my mom and my mom…they

both talked it out so and they said it was a good idea for me to go there. So hopefully I live that

long to go there.

Male Student #4:

It was at night – nighttime and I was riding on my bike back home. So all of a sudden I see a lot

of girls around where I live. So I’m riding fast, trying to show off yeah, yeah. All of a sudden a

crack, a little, tiny crack, I hit it. And the bike wheel…it came out a little bit and I flipped over

and skidded all the way down to like right in front of them. And they started laughing. So I

learned my lesson cause of that.

Male #2:

If you befriend a student like because I had many problems with students so and life with my

parents and stuff. So I usually go to a teacher to talk about the problems like a best friend. You

should befriend your students. You should eliminate that teacher boundary or student boundary
like I don’t like you – you don’t like me but I do respect you. You have to get rid of that. You

have to get to know your students as a friend not as a teacher. If they’re doing bad in class you

just pull them aside get your teacher hat off and talk to them as like you were like a best friend

like come on you can’t cut class you got to work hard. If you need anything I’ll help you with

your homework. If you need help writing an essay I’ll give you some topics.

Shout outs!

I want to give a shout out to nah…I’d give a shout out to my family…you know…for helping

me. For Ms. Judy over there – she over there acting crazy. For all my teachers.

I want to give a shout out to my moms you know for helping me – giving birth to me. My

grandmother for always giving me positive information. And my father.

Girl Singing….

Exit: This has been a podcast of the Employment and Disability Institute, located in the ILR
School of Cornell University. You can find us on the web at www.edi.cornell.edu.

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