Cross-platform virtual machine generator by uab76526


									Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
VGTU Faculty of Fundamental Sciences

Engineering Informatics

                                 Cross-platform virtual machine generator

                                                                              Author: Gabrielius Čaplinskas
                                                                  Academic supervisor: Rolandas Griškevičius
                                                                                Thesis language - Lithuanian


The purpose of thesis is to create cross-platform virtual machine generator. The analytic part includes
examples of already existing software applications using virtual machine technology and possible virtual
machine categories by different aspects. The popularity of such systems implies the need of partially
automated new virtual machine programming technique. Accordingly tasks are formulated including
cross-platform capability. In the second part main approaches of programming virtual machines are
explained. Program code implementing interpretators is introduced. Implementation of virtual machine
generator is explained. Also example of incompatibility between different software platforms is shown and
solution is offered. In the end, tests of programs running via different virtual machines are performed. Results
are presented in tables and graphs, conclusions are made. Structure: introduction, analysis of existing virtual
machine software, task formulation, realization (several topics), conclusions and suggestions, references.
Thesis consists of: 44 p. text without appendixes, 5 pictures, 15 tables, 13 bibliographical entries.

Keywords: virtuali mašina, emuliatorius, opkodas, generatorius, interpretatorius, daugiaterpiškumas


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