ICT by P-TaylorFrancis


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Author: Chris Abbott
Table of Contents

1. ICT: Changing Literacy 2. ICT: Changing Communities 3. ICT: Changing the Purpose of School 4. ICT:
Changing the Social Interaction of Learners 5. Educational Responses 6. Dissenting Voices 7. False
Dawns and Dubious Claims 8. Towards a New Understanding of ICT and Educational Practices

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is changing the face of education. In this timely and
accessible book, Chris Abbott examines the process by which ICT, and in particular its role in relation to
literacy, has become central to national educational policies.
The author traces the history of computer use in schools and examines the concept of virtual learning
communities using case studies involving learners, parents and educationalists. The role of the Internet is
considered along with the differing national policies on its adoption and on developing online context. ICT:
Changing Education reveals the development of open and flexible learning as the next stage of ICT's
involvement with education.

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