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					VIRGO Data Acquisition
Operation Manual
LAPP-Annecy group
Last update : February 15, 2001 - F.C

User Support
Users Support is assumed by the LAPP group. In order to help the progressive integration of the
DAQ with the various sub-systems, we are going to be continuously present at the site. The
planning of presence can be found in the DAQ room and at the following address:

      Introduction
      General DAQ scheme
      DaqDet : The Detection Bench DAQ line
      DaqSusp : The Suspensions, Alignement & Controls DAQ line
      DaqMoni : The Monitoring & Environment DAQ line
      DaqMain : The Interface with the Timing System and the Online Processing
      DAQ components
      How to operate DAQ ?
      DAQ Client
      How to use the Diagnostic Tools ?
      Data Formats
      Software configuration and Release Notes
      Related documentation
      List of Acronyms

This documentation is intended to DAQ operators. It describes the Data Acquisition scheme, the
various DAQ components and gives the necessary information to operate VIRGO DAQ system.
List of acronyms can be found at the end of this document.

General DAQ scheme
The Data Acquisition is part of the VIRGO Online System which is shown below.

The Data Acquisition system uses the synchronization signals and time stamps delivered by the
Timing system.
The environment control delivers status information sampled at a low rate by Slow Monitoring
Station. Slow Monitoring information is passed to the DAQ system through the Slow Frame
Builder interface.
The locking, alignment and suspensions control systems include various servo loops and deliver
both detector and auxiliary information sampled at much higher rate. The concerned data are
collected by the fast users readouts units and contribute to local controls before being passed
through Digital Optical links (DOL) to DAQ.
In each building, all the available data sampled at high rates (up to 20 kHz) are collected and
structured into frames by fast Frame builders.
The Main Frame Builder is used to combine data frames from lower stages. It is also in charge of
frame distribution to raw data archiving and online processing tasks.
The Data Collection is assumed by 3 DAQ lines running independently with their own Frame
Builder sending frames to the Main Frame Builder (FbmMain) :
      DaqDet for the Detection Bench system,

      DaqSusp for all the control systems (Suspensions, Global Control and Alignment),

      DaqMoni for the Monitoring (input bench, vacuum and environment monitoring).

The Detection Bench DAQ line is in charge of collecting all the data coming out from the
detection bench (Camera Readout, Photodiode Readout or Slow Monitoring Stations dedicated to
detection bench).
 DaqDet               Servers      CPU          Crate Comments
 Photodiodes          Pr27         rio27a       27     D1, D1’ - 31 channels 1.67
 Readout                                               Mbytes/s
                      Pr28                             D1, D1’ - 31 channels 1.67
                                                       Mbytes/s still at LAPP
                      Pr29         rio29a       29     D1’’, D2, D2’, D5 - 24 channels
                                                       1.83 Mbytes/s
                      Pr70         rio70a       70     D7 - 7 channels 0.53 Mbytes/s
                      Pr80         rio80a       80     D8 - 7 channels 0.53 Mbytes/s
 Fast Frame Builders Fbf16a          rio16a      16
                     Fbf16b          rio16b      16
 Slow Frame Builder FbsDet
 Frame Builder       DetCsm1
The Suspensions, Alignment and Global Control DAQ Line is in charge of collecting all the data
coming out the various control systems. Outside of Virgo normal running conditions, it is always
possible to have two local Main Frame Builders (or FbM nodes): one dedicated to Suspensions
data, one dedicated to Alignment and Global Control.
 DaqSusp               Servers       CPU         Crate Comments
 Gx Servers            Gx40IB        rio40b      40      Input Bench suspensions
                       Gx42PR        rio42b      42      Power Recycling suspensions
                       Gx44BS        rio44b      44      Beam splitter suspensions
                       Gx46WI        rio46b      46      West Input suspensions
                       Gx48NI        rio48b      48      North Input suspensions
                       Gx50Det       rio50b      50      Det. Bench suspensions
 Fast Frame Builders Fbf17Susp       rio17a      17      DOLs from all Suspensions
                     Fbf14GC         rio14a      14      DOLs from Global Control
 Slow Frame Builder FbsSusp
 Frame Builder       SuspCsm1
The Monitoring DAQ line is in charge of taking all environment data from various monitoring
tasks, camera Readouts or Fast Frame Builders.
 DaqMoni              Servers        CPU         Crate Comments
 Fast Frame           Fbf39          rio39a      39
 Builders             Fbf61          rio61a      61
 Slow Frame           FbmsMoni
 Frame Builder
DaqMain is the upper level of the Data Acquisition System. It controls the Main Frame Builder
FbmMain and the Main Timing Server which is necessary to run the overall system. DaqMain
part assumes the interface of the Data Acquisition System with the Timing System and

DAQ Components
Photodiodes Readout : Pr & Qr
       Hardware configuration : 1 CPU, 1 Timing board, 2 DOLs ( DAQ & Gc ), Up to 32
       ADC's channels
       Running conditions : Sampling frequency: 20KHz, Locking frequency: 10KHz (Pr),
       Alignment frequency: 500Hz(Qr)
       Software description :
               -Front end server User’s timing
               -Core is a interrupt routine ( @ Locking or Alignment frequency )
               -Use Fbf format to send data to the DAQ
               -Use Gc format to send data to the Global control
       List of servers :
               -DAQDet : Pr27 - Pr28 - Pr29 - Pr70- Pr80

Fast Frame Builder : Fbf

Galaxie Server : GxS
Main Frame Builder : Fbm
The Fbm component is used to collect and merge frames provided by frames sources. (merge
based on frame number)
It uses a shared memory mechanism and
- Producer: merge frames
put them in shared memory.
- Consumer: read frames in shared memory
send them on network
or write them on disk.
Slow Frame Builder : FbS

Data Flow Managment
Use of Fd and FdShm

Data Formats
FbF Format
DOL Format
Gc Format

Software Configuration and Release Notes
The Data Acquisition System requires the following software packages:

DAQ operation      Package Current
                                         Short Description              Deliveries   Requirements
01/2001            Name    Version
                   Fr         v4r04      Frame library

                   Cfg        v1r1       Configuration file parser

                                                                        LibVx*.a     Cfg v1r1
Basic Packages                           Vme interface for Lynx real
                   Vx         v2r8
and Libraries                            time application               VxVmeProbe Vx v2r8
                                                                        VxIpbTest  Ti v7r1
                   Ti         v7r1       Timing VME/VSB library         libTi.a    Vx v2r8
                   Do         v3r6       DOL Library                               Vx v2r8
                   Adc298     v0r4       ETEP ADC 298 library                      Vx v2r8
                                                                        libTiM.a     Ti v7r1
                   TiM        v4r1       Master Timing Package          TiMServer    Ti v7r1
                                                                        TiTest       Fd v3r1
Front-End Servers                                                                    Fr v4r04
and Libraries                                                                        TiM v4r1
                  GxS         v2r4                                      GxServer
                                                                                     Fd v3r1
                                                                                     TiM v4r1
                   Pr         v3r4       PhotoDiodes Readout            PrServer     Fbf v4r1
                                                                                     Fd v3r1
                                                                      libFbfFm.a        Do v3r6
                                                                      FbfServer         TiM v4r1
                    Fbf       v4r1       Fast Frame Builder Package                     Adc298 v0r4
                                                                                        Do v3r6
                                                                                        Fd v3r1
                                                                                        Fr v4r04
                                                                      Fbm               Fd v2r3
                    Fbm       v4r2       Main Frame Builder
Back-End                                                                                Fr v4r03
                    FbS                  Slow Frame Builder

How to operate the DAQ system ?
       How to run / restart DAQ ?

   Diagnostic and survey tools
   DAQ Configuration
   Use of the logbook

Related Documentation
       DAQ_UserMan.html - this documentation file

       VIR-MAN-LAP-5400-110 : Data Acquisition : Schemes, Signals and Frames

List of Acronyms
       ADC: Analogic to Digital Converter
       DAQ: Data acquisition
       DaqDet : DAQ line dedicated to the Detection Bench
       DaqMoni : DAQ line dedicated to the Monitoring information
       DaqSusp : DAQ line dedicated to the Suspensions, Alignment and Global control
       DOL: Digital Optical Link
       SMS : Slow Monitoring Station
       FbM : Main Frame Builder
       FbS : Slow Frame Builder
       FbF : Fast Frame Builder
       FbMl : local Main Frame Builder (same code as FbM)
       GxS : Camera Readout Server (to get data from the cameras)
   GC : Global Control
   Lr : Local Readout
   Qr : QuadrantPhotodiodes Readout
   Pr : Photodiodes Readout
   DbMc : detection Bench Mode Cleaner
   DST : Data Summary Tapes
   GPS : Global Positioning System

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