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The University of Adelaide
School of Social Sciences - Gender Studies & Labour Studies Major

Level I
GEND 1003 Gender, Work & Society
GEND 1013 Introduction to Gender Studies
SOCI 1001 Social Sciences in Australia
SOCI 1002 Image, Text and Representation

Level II
GEND 2007 Life Stories: Australia 1850-1980
GEND 2014 Risk and Moral Panic in Australian Society
GEND 2015 Screening Australian Social Issues
LBST 2016 Youth, Work and other Catastrophes
SOCI 2004 Social Research
SOCI 2005 Media and Social Change

Level III
GEND 3007 Life Stories: Australia 1850-1980
GEND 3014 Risk and Moral Panic in Australian Society
GEND 3015 Screening Australian Social Issues
LBST 3016 Youth, Work and other Catastrophes
SOCI 3004 Social Research
SOCI 3005 Media and Social Change

Professor Chilla Bulbeck, Foundation Chair in Women’s Studies
Teaching:‘Introduction to Gender Studies'. She has also introduced the subject 'The
Social Sciences in Australia', based on her text book (now in its second edition).
Research Interests:
    gender and women's movements in cross-cultural perspective
    young people, feminism and social issues
    meanings of animals in modern societies

Professor Kay Schaffer, Adjunct Professor
Her research areas include cultural studies, postcolonial and global formations, and
life writing. Presently, her main area of research interest involves the role of
storytelling in human rights campaigns.
Associate Professor Margaret Allen, Head of Discipline
Subjects Taught:

      Introduction to Gender Studies
      Gender, Work and Society
      Life Stories
      Women in Australian History
      Rewriting Empire (Honours)

Research Interests women writers, the making of a middle class colonial culture in
19th century S.A. and oral histories of older women of Non-English Speaking
Backgrounds. Currently, working on a biographical study of the writer, C.E.M. Martin
(1847-1937) and a study of links between India and Australia in the late nineteenth
and early twentieth centuries focussing on gender, 'race' and identity in Empire.
Australian Catholic University

Bachelor of Arts - Women’s Studies Minor

Introductory Level Units
WOMS100 Introduction to Women's Studies 1 - Concepts and Concerns
WOMS101 Introduction to Women's Studies 2 - Perspectives and Debates

Advanced Level Units

Arts (Literature/Drama)
EDFD200 Gender, Language and Literature
ENGL206 Women and Literature
ENGL228 Special Author, Period, or Theme Study
PERF302 Drama: Independent Study

EDFD208 Gender and Education

HIST201 Global Approaches to Women's History
HIST204 Australian Family History
HIST218 Women in Australian History

EDFD119 Women and Religion

Social Science
BEHV201 Contemporary Psychology
EDFD115 Women in Sport
EDFD117 Psychology of Women
EDFD120 Women and Work
EDFD202 Women and Sexuality
EDFD206 Media and Women
ETHN205 Gender in Asian Cultures
SOCI224 Sociology of the Family
WOMS200 Sociology of Gender
The Australian National University
Centre for Women's Studies

Bachelor of Arts: Undergraduate Major in Gender, Sexuality and Culture

First Year
GEND1001 - Sex, Gender and Identity: An Introduction to Gender Studies
GEND1002 - Reading Popular Culture: An Introduction to Cultural Studies

Core Courses
ANTH2025 - Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective
GEND2000 - Culture Matters: An Interdisciplinary Approach
GEND2019 - Race Gender and Nation
GEND2020 - Issues in Post Colonial Studies
GEND2021 - Trauma, Memory and Culture
GEND2023 - Gender, Sex and Sexuality: An Introduction to Feminist Theory
GEND2024 - Gender in Humanities: Reading Jane Eyre
GEND2025 - Gender, Health and Embodiment
GEND2026 - Technoculture and the Body
GEND2029 - Gender, Religion and Culture
GEND2030 - The Politics of Dance/Musicals
HIST2003 - Flesh and Fantasy: Body, Self and Society in the Western World
HIST2018 - History of Western Sexuality
HIST2122 - Popular Culture, Gender and Modernity
HIST2213 - Real Men: Manhood and Identity in the Western World
PHIL2105 - Psychoanalysis, Feminism and Philosophy
POLS2075 - Globalism and the Politics of Identity
POLS2085 - Gendered Politics of War
POLS2086 - Gender Globalisation and Development

Later Year - Cognate Courses
ANTH2056 - Belonging, Identity and Nationalism
ANTH2057 - Culture and Person
ANTH2129 - Crossing Borders: Diasporas and Transnationalism
ANTH2131 - Cultures in Motion: The Anthropology of Globalisation
ASIA2006 - Gender and Korean History
ASIA2035 - Gender in China
ENGL2018 - Post-Colonial Literature
ENGL2052 - Contact Discourse
ENGL2059 - Eighteenth Century Novel
ENGL2074 - Jane Austen History and Fiction
HIST2110 - History and Theory (H)
HIST2121 - Electric Citizens: The Rise of the Modern Media in the United States,
ITAL3014 - Women in Italian Society
PHIL2059 - Love Death and Freedom (20th Century French Phenomenology)
PHIL2070 - Philosophy and Gender
PHIL2089 - Power and Subjectivity
PHIL2091 - Identity and Desire
PHIL2101 - Democracy, Difference and Desire
POLS2064 - Global Social Movements
POLS2074 - Women and Australian Public Policy
POLS2076 - Frankfurt School and Habermas
SOCY2044 - Sex, Gender and Society

The Graduate Program in Women's Studies offers two research degrees:
    Master of Philosophy in Women's Studies
    Doctor of Philosophy in Women's Studies

Dr. Rosanne Kennedy
Senior Lecturer/ Graduate Program in Women's Studies Convenor
Research Interests: Rosanne's research interests are theories of representation and
discourse, feminist theory, nineteenth and twentieth century fiction, cultural and film
studies, and law and literature.

Professor Jan Jindy Pettman, Reader
Research Interests: Jindy's main research interests are feminist international politics,
women and development, feminism and difference, and women's experiences of race,
culture, nationalism and citizenship.
University of Ballarat
School of Behavioural & Social Sciences & Humanities

Bachelor of Arts (Humanities & Social Sciences) Globalisation Studies major
includes the following units:
HS 623 Family Policy & Multiculturalism
HW 614 Social Policy & Social Change

HS5 Bachelor of Arts (Humanities & Social Sciences) Literary and Cultural
Enquiry Major includes the following units:
HF 607 Gender & Representation

HS5 Bachelor of Arts Humanities & Social sciences) Psychology Major includes
the following units:
HS 623 Family Policy & Multiculturalism

Ms. Marcia Pope, Lecturer
Research Interests: Women’s Studies

Dr Jane Mummery , Lecturer
Research Interests: Feminist Philospohy
Central Queensland University
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Bachelor of Arts

Film Studies includes the following units:
CULT19014 Melodrama Film and Gender

Literary & Cultural Studies includes the following units:
CULT19013 Sexualities and Representation
CULT19014 Melodrama Film and Gender

Sociology includes the following units:
SOCL19071 State, Ethnicity and Gender
SOCL19072 Criminality, Deviance and Social Control
SOCL19081 The Body Sexuality and Society

Text & Cultural Studies includes the following units:
CULT19013 Sexualities and Representation
CULT19014 Melodrama Film and Gender

Dr Lynda Hawryluk, Lecturer Literary and Cultural Studies
Research interests: fiction writing, performance poetry, postmodernist fiction,
feminist studies, popular culture, film theory and criticism, cultural studies.

Dr Wendy O'Brien, Lecturer Literary & Cultural Studies
Research interests: Queer Theory and Postmodern Fiction.
Charles Darwin University
School of Creative Arts And Humanities

Bachelor of Arts includes the following units:

CDM515        Gender And Development
L-GEN11       Gender, History And Culture 10 Credit Points
L-GEN14       Defining Women: Social Institutions And Cultural Diversity
L-GEN21A      Modern Feminist Thought: Diversity And Difference
L-GEN22A      Modern Feminist Thought: Contemporary Australian Feminism
L-GEN23       Feminism - Campaigns And Issues
L-HST210      Women in Australian History
L-SGY230      Sociology Of Identity
SWK454        Family Violence

Dr Christine Doran, Senior Lecturer, History and Political Science
Charles Sturt University
School of Social Science and Liberal Studies Bachelor of Arts
Gender focused units can be chosen in several majors and minors:

Level 2
HST211 Gender, Sexuality and Identity in Europe from 1890

Level 1
SOC102 Social Inequality
Level 2
SOC201 Gender and Social Change

Level 2
POL210 Politics of Identity

Level 3
THL313 Feminist Issues in Theology

Art History
Level 3
ART318 The Body in Art

Dr Leonora Ritter, Head of School
School of Social Sciences and Liberal Studies

Elaine West, Associate Lecturer in Psychology
Research interests:
    Domestic violence
    Parents' perceptions of adolescent risk
    Lesbian and gender issues
    Loneliness
    Research methodology including qualitative research methods
    feminist research and critical psychology

Kate Seymour, Lecturer in Justice Studies & Criminology
Research interests:
    Crime as Gendered – masculinities & crime
    Masculinity, power, sexuality & violence
    Gendered organisations
    Gender and Work – the gendered workplace
    Gendered nature of punishment/imprisonment
    Politics of Identity
    Punishment & the State
    Prison: Institution and Experience
    Communication Processes
Curtin University of Technology

Bachelor of Arts

Gender Studies Double Degree Major
Year 1:
Cultures, Identities, Texts 111
Cultural Narratives 111
Cultures, Identities, Texts 112
Cultural Narratives 112

Year 2:
Cultures, Identities, Texts 211
Gender Studies 211
Cultures, Identities, Texts 212
Gender Studies 212

Year 3:
Cultures, Identities, Texts 311
Cultures, Identities, Texts 312
Options from a variety of Gender Studies courses, dependent upon staff availability

Gender Studies Honours Major
Year 1 Semester 1
Media, Society and Culture 411 - Concepts and Theories
Media, Society and Culture 412 - Research Methods
Media, Society and Culture 413 - Creative Research Methods
Media, Society and Culture 414 - Honours Preparation

Year 1 Semester 2
Media, Society and Culture 491 - Honours Dissertation
Media, Society and Culture 492 - Honours Dissertation
Media, Society and Culture 493 - Honours Dissertation

Gender Studies Major

Optional units (No year level specified)
2653 Sociology 215 - Sociology of Deviance, Normality and Social Control
2724 Anthropology 391 - Special Topic Unit
2874 Asian Society 291
5077 Asian Society 391
5219 Sociology 214 - Sociology of the Family - Challenges, Changes and the
7949 Sociology 224 - Sociology of Human Futures, Society and Technological
7987 Anthropology 212 - Gender, Ethnicity and Class - A Comparative Analysis
9843 Sociology 324 - Sociology of Human Futures, Society and Technological
9910 Anthropology 312 - Gender, Ethnicity and Class - A Comparative Analysis
10794 Sociology 216 - Demography - Population and Social Development
11297 Sociology 218 - Sociology of Youth - Culture, Identity and Conflict
11306 Anthropology 331 - Cultures and Societies of South Asia
11342 Sociology 314 - Sociology of the Family - Challenges, Changes and the
11343 Sociology 315 - Sociology of Deviance, Normality and Social Control
11344 Sociology 316 - Demography - Population and Social Development
11345 Sociology 318 - Sociology of Youth - Culture, Identity and Conflict
11346 Anthropology 231 - Cultures and Societies of South Asia
11615 Art Visual Culture - Gender Issues in Art 309
12690 History 230 - Witches, Sangomas and Heretics - Demonisation in Theory and
12691 History 330 - Witches, Sangomas and Heretics - Demonisation in Theory and
12697 Sociology 235 - Sociology of Gender - Society, Institutions and Gender
12698 Sociology 335 - Sociology of Gender - Society, Institutions and Gender
13443 Anthropology 229 - World of Women - Their Position in Contemporary
13444 Anthropology 329 - World of Women - Their Position in Contemporary
301073 Gender Studies 212
301074 Gender Studies 211
301075 Gender Studies 393-1
301076 Gender Studies 393-2
301077 Gender Studies 393-3

Gender Studies Minors, Grad Dip and Postgrad Dip also available

Ann McGuire
Senior Lecturer and Director of Academic Programs, Communication and Cultural
Current research: Literature and culture, specifically Canadian nationalism, and the
work of Margaret Attwood; utopian narrative theory and practice; postmodern science
fiction; and detection fiction in relation to issues of culture and gender; professional
communication. Literary Studies; Cultural Studies; Gender Studies; Professional
Writing and Presentation.
Current teaching: Narrative (print and film); contemporary theory; utopian fiction;
postmodern Gothic; professional writing.

Anne Marie Hilsdon, PhD
Senior lecturer in Anthropology and Sociology, School of Social Sciences.
Research interests: Anthropology; gender studies; sociology; war and conflict;
migration; identity; Southeast Asia especially the Philippines.
Deakin University
School of Women’s Studies

Bachelor of Arts Gender Studies Major

Year 1 Semester 1
ASW103       Gender Relations: Local, Virtual, Global

Semester 2
ASW102        Gender and Social Transformation

Years 2 and 3
Semester 1
ASC204/304 Culture and Control: Boundaries and Identities
ASW207        Women and Work
ASW233/333 Critique and Construct: Making Sense of Feminist Theory

Semester 2
AIH205/305     Women in History
ASC204/304     Culture and Control: Boundaries and Identities
ASC287/387     Individuals, Families and Households
ASL320         Sex, Crime and Justice in the Electronic Age

Postgraduate Gender Study units also available

Dr Renate Klein, Associate Professor of Women’s Studies
Research Interests:

      Women's Studies as an alternative educational concept and an academic
       discipline in its own right;
      feminist methodology and theory;
      a feminist perspective on science;
      the politics and science of reproductive medicine; population control;
      the experiences of women on test-tube baby programmes;
      menopause and hormonal replacement therapy,
      chemical abortion (the French abortion pill, RU 486/prostaglandin),
      a critique of postmodern (dis)embodiment;
      global feminism;
      international Women's Studies;
      contemporary and past radical feminist theory;
      lesbian feminism and health issues,
      international feminist publishing

Teaching: Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Behavioural Science
Women's Studies Major

First Year
WMST1001 Sex, Gender and Identities in Australia*, and
WMST1002 Equal but Different? Introducing Feminist Debates**
       or one of the above topics plus one First Year topic from any Arts major or
minor sequence in the BA
       Second and Third Years
WMST3001 Thinking Through the Body
       plus 12 units from the following:
POLI2023       Feminist Political Theory [not offered in 2006]
WMST2003 Gender and Development
WMST2004 Researching Women's Life Stories
WMST2005 Sex, Gender and Identities in Australia*
WMST2006 Gender in Australian Culture
WMST2007 Equal but Different? Introducing Feminist Debates**
WMST2008 Media and Cultural Identities: Gender, Race and Sexuality
WMST2009 Sex, Gender and the Law [not offered in 2006]
WMST3003 Gendering Politics and Policy: Justice, Rights and Representation
WMST3004 Indigenous Women's Voices
WMST3005 Women and Creativity [not offered in 2006]
       plus either:
       6 units of upper level Women's Studies topics
       OR 6 units from the following:
ARCH3007 Power, Ethnicity and Gender in Archaeology [not offered in 2006]
HIST2053       Maps and Dreams: Aboriginal/Colonial Encounters in Australian
PHIL2325       Gender and Power
SCRN2003 Sex and Gender [not offered in 2006]
SOCI3016       Family, State and Society

Professor Sue Sheridan
Professor of Women’s Studies & Head of department
Areas of Expertise: Literature of the late c.19th and c.20th century, especially
Australian; cultural studies, especially popular print media; feminist history and
Current Teaching: Thinking Through the Body, Feminist Questions, Critique and
Construct in Women's Studies

Dr Yvonne Corcoran-Nantes, Senior Lecturer in Women's Studies/Political &
International Studies
Areas of expertise: Gender studies, Gender and politics, Gender and international
Third World development and underdevelopment, Women in the ex-Soviet republics,
Gender and class struggle in the Third World (especially Latin America)
Current Teaching: Gender and Development, Gendering, Politics and Policy:
Justice, Rights and Representation, Feminist Political Theory, Gender and Politics in
Latin America, Gender and International Politics

Dr Heather Brook, Lecturer in Women's Studies
Areas of expertise: The politics and government of ‘private life’; marriage and
marriage-like relationships; intersections of race and sex in Australia; feminist theory;
drug-use and policies relating to illicit drugs; feminism and the law.
Current teaching: Sex, Gender and Identities in Australia, Equal But Different?
Introducing Feminist Debates and Sex, Gender and the Law
Griffith University

Bachelor of Arts Gender Studies Major (Nathan Campus)

Recommended 1st year courses:
1007AMC Social Sciences in Australia
1102AMC Youth & Society
1907AMC Gender, History & Culture
1908AMC Defining Women: Social Institutions & Cultural Diversity

2043AMC Sociology of Identity
2056AMC Contact Zones
3150LAL Language and Gender
2103AMC Hollywood Cinema
2024AMC Gender, Culture & Representations
3009AMC Australian Literature & History
3035AMC Research in Sociology

Professor Kay Ferres, Dean Faculty of Arts
Teaching Areas: Gender studies, Applied Ethics, Australian studies, Literature
Research Interests: Gender studies, Applied ethics, Biography, Cultural history
Postgraduate Supervision Areas: Literature, Cultural history, Biography, Feminist
theory, Citizenship, Women's history
Macquarie University
Institute for Women’s Studies

Study Patterns

Bachelor of Arts Gender, Culture and Media Studies Major
Bachelor of SOCSCI Gender Studies Major
Bachelor of Arts Women and History Major

Four units focused on gender and women's studies at the undergraduate level:
WST 110 Gender Issues in the Contemporary Context
WST 210 Reading Gender in Everyday Life
WST300 Topics in Women's Studies
WST 310 The Popular Culture of Resistance

Coherent Study in Women’s Studies
BA or BSocSc     Women’s Studies Major
AHST370 Women and Gender in the Ancient World
ENGL325 Feminism and Literature
HIST338 Writing Women’s History
LAW402 Family Law
LAW411 Discrimination and the Law
MAS302 Media Identities
WST310 The Popular Culture of Resistance

Coherent Study in Gender and Sexuality:
Bachelor of Arts Gender & Sexuality Major
AHST370 Women and Gender in the Ancient World
ANTH374 Gender, Colonialism and Development (resting in 2005)
ANTH382 Sexuality and Culture
EDUC356 Gender and Education
HIST338 Writing Women’s History
GEOS324 Economy, Place and Culture
LAW402 Family Law
LAW411 Discrimination and the Law
PHIL352 Philosophical Problems of Gender
PSY361 Philosophy of Psychoanalysis
SOC381 Sociology of Gender & Sexuality
WST310 The Popular Culture of Resistance

Dr Judy Lattas Director: Institute for Women's Studies
Research Interests: The extreme Right; Rethinking the political; deconstruction;
women and popular culture; Anarcho-feminism

Dr Wendy Waring (Honorary Associate)
Research Interests: Popular culture (sf, particularly fantasy); gender and postcolonial
writing; authoring the internet; gender and IT; ‘New World’ experimental women’s
writing (English and French); Feminist translation theory
The University of Melbourne
Gender (formerly Women's) Studies Program
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts and Sciences
Gender Studies Major

First year
131-116 Sex, Gender and Power: An Introduction
Students must take two core subjects at second/third year toward their gender studies
Core subjects

Gender studies/history
131-024 The Body: History, Sex & Gender
131-033 A History of Sexualities
 131-034 Gender, Culture and Identity Politics
131-038 Gender and Development

Students must take five optional subjects at second or third year level toward their
gender studies major.
Optional subjects

121-066 Sexing the Self
Art history
 107-235 Masculinity: From Classics to Modern Art

Asian studies
110-417 Gender and Agency in East Asia (3rd/4th year subject)

Australian studies
102-213 Face, Place, Race: Images of Australia

Cinema studies
107-037 Film and the Body
107-079 Feminist Film and Television Theory
107-083 Film Noir: Style and History
107-088 Love Stories: Film and Narrative Theory
107-239 Rebel Screen: 1960s Projections

Classical studies
107-273 Sex and Gender in the Ancient World

Creative arts
760-214 Performing Gender
760-250 Nymphs, Sluts and Madonnas
760-424 Sexuality and Gender in Media Arts (3rd/4th year subject)

191-422 Women, Gender and Crime (3rd/4th year subject)
191-428 Crime and Culture (3rd/4th year subject)

106-043 The Victorian 'Supernatural'
106-047 Art/Pornography/Blasphemy/Propaganda
106-058 Scandal, Sex and Sentiment
106-020 Reading Sexuality
106-052 Gothic Fictions

116-024 Women & Representation in French Society

131-085 Witches and Witch Hunting in Europe
131-232 Elizabeth I: Power and Patriarchy

History and Philosophy of Science
136-209 Intimacy and Technology
136-210 Minds and Madness

Islamic studies
 110-222 Islam and Human Rights
 110-231 Muslim Women and Islamic Feminism

161-022 Philosophy of Feminism

Political science
166-024 International Gender Politics
166-217 Gender and Politics in Southeast Asia

Social theory
136-075 Identities in Conflict
136-077 Psychoanalysis and Social Theory

166-090 Love, Family and Sexuality

Assoc. Professor Maila Stivens - Director, Gender Studies
Her research interests and supervision capacities include:
    Nationalism, growth of new middle classes, identity politics and feminisms.
    'Re-inventing the Asian Family: Asian Values, Globalisation and Cultural
       Contest in Southeast Asia' (current ARC--funded research).
    Human rights, with special reference to gender.
    Globalisation, modernity and postmodernity in social theory, especially
       relationships with gender.
    Family, kinship and the household worldwide, `matriliny' , the position of
       children, especially in the Third World.
    Urbanism, industrialisation, urbanisation and national and international
       migration, again with special reference to Southeast Asia.
      Critical feminist theory, relationship of feminism and anthropology in
       postcolonial contexts, third world critiques of feminisms, global/transnational
      Islam and gender politics.
      The peasantry, colonialism and capitalist development, especially with
       reference to Southeast Asia.

Other Staff who contribute to the Gender Studies program include:
Joy Damousi, a historian who has written about Gender in the Communist movement
in Australia.
Patricia Grimshaw, whose current interests focus on Gender and Colonialism in the
Kalissa Alexeyeff, whose research interests include expressive culture in the Asia-
Pacific region.
Monash University
The Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research,
School of Political & Social Inquiry, Faculty of Arts

Bachelor of Arts, Feminist Cultural Studies (Core)
WMN1010: Sex, Gender and Knowledge: Introduction to Women's Studies
WMN2/3030: Women, Media and Consumption: Feminist Cultural Studies
WMN2/3080: Feminism and Popular Culture: Reading Mainstream Cinema
WMN2150: Rethinking Global Culture: Gender and Consumption
WMN2240: Introduction to contemporary feminist theory
WMN3/4020: Feminist Research
WSM4010: Theorising Gender
WSM4041: Gender issues
Postgraduate coursework subjects
WSM4005 Research Component
WSM4010 Feminist Theory
WSM4020 Feminist Research
WSM4041 Gender Issues
WSM4180 Sex, Power, Self: Feminist Interventions In Contemporary Discourse
HYM4960 Gender and history
ASM4370 Women, gender and society ASM4380 Women, psychiatry and madness
ASM4330 Sociology of the family

Dr Maryanne Dever, Director and Senior Lecturer
Research interests: feminist literary and cultural studies, with a particular focus on
Australian women's writing and critical engagements with literary archives. Feminist
pedagogy; the history and development of Women's Studies; gender equity matters;
fertility decision-making.

Teaching: Maryanne is the Graduate and Honours Co-ordinator for Women's Studies
and currently coordinates:
WMN1010 Sex, Gender and Knowledge
WM3020 WMN4020 Feminist Research
WMN2240 WMN3240 Intro. to Contemporary Feminist Theory .
WMN4010 WSM4010 WSM5010 Theorising Gender
Murdoch University
School of Media Communication and Culture

Bachelor of Arts Gender and Cultural Studies
Part I Core Units
MCC102 Introduction to Gender and Cultural Studies
MCC103 Institutions, Culture and Power
Part II Core Units
MCC2XX Popular Culture and Everyday Life
COM235 Culture and Everyday
MCC2XX Gender, Globalisation and Cultural Politics
WOM270 Gender and Globalisation
MCC3XX Reading Image and Text

Specified Electives - Select from the following:
MED321 Children and the Media
EGL298 Representation and Gender
MCC356 Sexuality, Bodies and Culture
COM211 Television and Popular Culture
COM347 Technocultures
AIS228 Moodeitj Yorgas: Indigenous Women
AST258 Women in Asian Societies

Honours Core Units
MCC444 Honours Seminar in Media Communication and Culture
MCC4201 Honours Topic in Media Communication and Culture
MCC4202 Honours Topic in Media Communication and Culture
MCC4209 Honours Thesis in Media Communication and Culture
Associate Professor Bev Thiele, Program Chair in Women's Studies
Research interests: Women's studies; feminist theories of the body; epistemology.
Teaching: Feminist theory, Women's Study skills, Feminist Criticism, Honours and
postgraduate supervision.
The University of New England

Bachelor of Arts Women’s and Gender Studies,

School of English, Communication and Theatre
ECTW 124 Culture Industries
ECWG 327 Reading Popular Culture
ENGL 375 Feminism and Literature
THEA 318 Minorities and Majorities in Australian Theatre
WGCO 388 Visual Pleasures: Feminism Goes to the Movies
WGCO 389 Celluloid Heroes: Men, Movies and Social Change

The New England Business School
WGST 325 Women and Work
WGST 320 Equity in the Workplace: Principles and Practice

School of Classics, History and Religion
ANCH 312 The Caesars and the Roman Empire 49 BC-AD 337
HIST 305 Byzantine History
HIST 319 Custom and Community: Popular Culture in Britain c1650-c1850
HIST 378 Sexuality in Australian History
RELS 303 Women and Religion

School of Social Science
PHIL 322 Foucault
PHPO 365 Ethical and Political Aspects of Environmentalism
PHPW 310 Gender and Justice
PHRW 313 Divine Bodies: Mystical Discourses in Philosophy
SOAS 360 Women in Asian Societies
SOCW 382 Sociology of Sex and Sexuality
SOCY 331 Sociology of Power and Resistance
SOCY 332 Consumer Society
SOCY 336 Sociology of the Family
SOCY 372 Sex, Gender, Bodies

School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics
LING 390 Reading Unit

School of Education
EDCX 331 Education and Values
EDCX 346 Sociology of Education
EDCX 349 Gender and Education

School of Professional Development and Leadership
PDPS 429 Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution

School of Health
HS 332 Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS, Education and Community Mobilisation
Master of Arts Coursework Units
School of English Communication and Theatre.
ECTW 402 Dissertation Unit (12 credit point over 2 semesters on individual research
ECWG 427 Reading Popular Culture
WGCO 488 Visual Pleasures: Feminism Goes to the Movies
WGCO 489 Celluloid Heroes: Men, Movies and Social Change
WGST 401 Gender Representation and Feminist Literary Theory.
The following units are offered by other Schools. Please follow links to Schools for
more detailed information.

The New England Business School
WGST 425 Women and Work
WGST 420 Equity in the Workplace: Principles and Practice

School of Classics, History and Religion
RELS 403 Women and Religion

School of Social Science
PHPW 410 Gender and Justice
SOAS 460 Women in Asian Societies
SOCW 482 Sociology of Sex and Sexuality
SOCY 431 Sociology of Power and Resistance
SOCY 472 Sex, Gender, Bodies

School of Professional Development and Leadership
PDPS 429 Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution

Dr. Jane O'Sullivan, Women's and Gender Studies Program Coordinator
Research interests: the nature of gendered power relations and their representation in
film, theatre, and prose, with particular attention to female embodiment; gender equity
in contemporary workplaces, and masculinities in Australian film. In addition she is
interested in the application of a Problem-Based approach to teaching and learning,
particulary in respect to its applications in Women's and Gender Studies.
Teaching: Jane is the coordinator of the Women's and Gender Studies program, and
lectures in that area, and in various units in English and Communication Studies.
The University of New South Wales

Bachelor of Arts, Women’s Studies Combined Major

Level 1 Core Courses
WOMS1001 Introduction to Feminism
WOMS1003 Women, Gender & World History

Upper Level Core Courses
WOMS2001 20th-Century Women Writers
WOMS2002 Gender, Race, Nature & Reason
WOMS2003 A History of Sexualities
WOMS2004 Sex, Human Rights and Justice
WOMS2005 Society and Desire
WOMS2006 Sexuality and Power
WOMS2106 Embodiment
WOMS3005 Australian Masculinities
WOMS3006 Crime, Gender and Sexuality

Upper Level Electives
ARTS3010 Feminist Thought and Action
CHIN2303 Gender in Contemporary China
ENGL2101 Women - Shakespearean Stage
ENGL2621 Cont. Aust. Women Writers
GREK3501 Pandora's Box
GREK3502 Greek Women Writers
HIST2015 Women in the Modern World
HIST2050 Women in S.E. Asian Societies
HIST2080 Rights and Riots
HIST2104 Women & Men: Gender in Aust
HIST3907 Writing Feminist Histories
JAPN3602 Gender and Sexuality in Japan
KORE2601 Gender/Politics in Korean Lit
PHIL2419 Existential Phenomenology
POLS2043 Free Speech
POLS2047 Human Rights & Wrongs in Aust.
SAHT2642 Art, Gender, Sexuality & Body
SOCA3209 Indigenous Australia
SOCA3410 Deviance
SOCA3704 Social Movements and Society
SOCA3812 Post-Human Subjects
SPAN3343 Latin(o) American Cinema
SPAN3350 Performing Passion & Pain

Honours Level Courses
WOMS4500 Comb Wom/Gen Studies Hons
WOMS4550 Comb Wom/Gen Studies Hons
Dr Elizabeth McMahon, Senior Lecturer, Women’s and Gender Studies Course
Research Interests: Australian literature and the rhetoric of Australian cultural
representation; representations of gender and sexuality; women's writing;
contemporary and cultural theory.

Dr Brigitta Olubas, Senior Lecturer, Women’s and Gender Studies Course Convenor
Research Interests: Australian literary and cultural studies; Australian visual culture;
cultural theory; feminist theory.
The University of Newcastle

Bachelor of Arts, Gender Studies major

Callaghan Campus (courses not available every year)
GEND1020 Introduction to Gender Studies
CULT2300 Narrative and Culture
CULT2410 Gender, Sexuality and Leisure
GEND2010 Feminisms: Social and Cross-Cultural Perspectives
GEND2020 Gender and Religion
SOCA2080 Media and Society
SOCA2090 Modernities & Masculinities
SOCA2150 Islam in Modern Society
SOCA2160 Youth Culture
SOCA2360 Sociology of Sex
AHIS3350 Greek and Roman Erotica
AHIS3510 Greek Society
AHIS3520 Roman Society
DRAM3310 Performance and Contemporary Culture 1
ENGL3710 Australian Women's Writing
FILM3050 Women and Film
GEND3030 Western Women 1789-1975
GEND3040 Gender Studies: Analysis and Action
HIST3600 Womens's History, 500-1750
PHIL3130 Gender and Philosophy
SOCA3030 Women, Ecology and Development
SOCA3100 Post-Modernity & New Social Movement
SOCA3120 A Sociology of Healing
SOCA3330 Social Constructions of Gender
SOCA3620 The Sociology of the Body
SOCA3890 Heterosexual and Queer Studies

Ourimbah Campus (courses not available every year)
HUMA1600 An Introduction to Gender Studies
ARTC2000 Art History & Theory: Image & Interpretation
ARTC2010 Current Views of Art History
HUMA2162 Kinship and Social Organisation
ARTC3480 Body Performance and Culture
HUMA3050 Australian Popular Culture
HUMA3053 History and Film
HUMA3056 Histories of Young Australians
HUMA3057 Race & Gender in Colonial Australia
HUMA3080 Neo-paganism and the Modern Occult
HUMA3101 Language and Gender
HUMA3165 Australian Families: A Sociological Analysis

HUMA3402 Child and Family Welfare
HUMA3404 Juvenile Justice
HUMA3411 Gendered Violence and the State
HUMA3600 Women in Ancient Literature
HUMA3604 Inventing Gender, Sexuality and the Text in Antiquity
HUMA3651 Re-Writing Women
HUMA3652 Victorian to Modern
HUMA3656 Gender, Narrative & the Fantastic

Dr Pam Nilan, Senior Lecturer, School of Social Sciences
Research interests: Ethnography of gender, Popular culture and gender, Sociology of
education, Phenomenological perspectives, Intercultural studies, Socioinguistics,

Dr Marguerite Johnson, Lecturer, School of Humanities
    Research interests:
     Latin literature, especially Catullus, Ovid and Martial
    Women in ancient literature
    Magic in antiquity
    Literary portraits of witches, especially in ancient literature
    Greek and Roman mythology
    Early Modern European literature and its Classical antecedents, particularly
     witchcraft texts
    Rosaleen Norton (1917-1978)

Ms Ann Taylor (previously Saul), Associate Lecturer, School of Social Sciences
Research interests: The sociology of reproduction especially childbirth, The sociology
of professionalisation, especially with respect to gender, The sociology of scientific
knowledge, especially feminist approaches to technoscience, Development of
qualitative research methods.
The University of Queensland
Research Centre for Women, Gender, Culture and Social Change,
School of English, Media Studies and Art History

Bachelor of Arts Women's Studies Single Major

 GEND1000 Women, Culture, Race
 ANTH1020 Gender, Sexuality & Culture
 POLS1601 Gender, Power & Politics in Australia
 SOCY1000 Society & Gender: An Introduction to Sociology

Women's Studies Double Major
 GEND1000 Women, Culture, Race
 ANTH1020 Gender, Sexuality & Culture
 POLS1601 Gender, Power & Politics in Australia
 SOCY1000 Society & Gender: An Introduction to Sociology
 ABTS2010 Aboriginal Women
 ENGL2045 Nineteenth-Century Women Writers
 ENGL2500 Twentieth-Century Women Writers
 ENGL3020 Conferences & Journal Internship
 HIST2202 Power Relations in Australian Society
 HIST2604 Medicine & Culture: Bioethics in Historical Perspective (1850 to the

 LTCS2001 Women in Asian Literatures
 MUSC2520 Women and Music
 PHIL2009 Sex and Political Philosophy

 PHIL2190 Women, Reason, Desire: Feminisim & Western Philosophy
 POLS2311 The Politics of Pleasure
 POLS2603 World Women: International Perspectives on Politics & Culture
 RELN2004 Women in World Religions
 SOCY2040 Families & Households
 SOCY2150 Sociology of Women

Associate Professor Carole Ferrier, Reader in English School of English, Media
Studies and Art History, Director: Centre for Research on Women, Gender, Culture
and Social Change

Research interests women's studies, especially Black women writers; Australian
women writers; feminist and Marxist theory; and theorising of race and ethnicity.

Dr Bronwen Levy, Senior Lecturer
Research interests: twentieth century women writers, contemporary fiction and the
postmodern, feminist literary subjectivity and the 'public' voice, writing and sexuality.
Queensland University of Technology

Bachelor of Social Science

Sociology Major includes the following units:
HHB233 Sex, Gender And Society
HHB236 Virgins, Saints And Sinners: Sociology Of Religion
HHB335 Bodies, Cyborgs and Cyberspace

Politics and History Major includes the following units:
HHB249 Social Movements In Australia
HHB262 Political Ideologies
HHB315 Sex And Drugs In South-East Asia

Geography and Environment Major includes the following units:
HHB241 Gender and Globalisation

Bachelor of Social Science Gender and Sexuality Minor
HHB233 Sex, Gender And Society
HHB241 Gender and Globalisation
HHB267 Feminism And Ethics
HHB270 Gene Technology And Ethics
HHB315 Sex And Drugs In South-East Asia
HHB335 Bodies, Cyborgs and Cyberspace
JSN015 Women and the Australian Legal System
KPB321 Body Matters
KPB343 Australian Film
PUB336 Women's Health
PYB054 Psychology & Gender
PYB067 Human Sexuality

Dr Barbara Adkins, Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities and Social Services
Research interests Social science research related to gender, education, community,
housing and urban research and information and communication technologies;
qualitative methods and approaches including linguistic analysis, and case study
research design.

Dr Jane Williamson, Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities and Social Services
Research interests History; Asia-Pacific studies; gender studies; the impact of
modernisation and development on women; women's activism; Asian studies
RMIT University

Gender related electives available in the following areas:

HUSO1176      Sex, gender, family
HUSO2070      Gender Practice in Development
HUSO2092      Gender Development & Globalisation
HUSO2135      Gender Issues in Development
HUSO1184      Women, Politics And History
HUSO2075      Contemporary Social and Political Theory
COMM2253      Sex and Gender in Asia
BUSM3064      Intervention & Change - Working with Gender
POLI1009      Gender, Policy And The State
CTXT1039      Men and Women, Love and Work: Great Debates About Gender and
CTXT1189      Popular Culture & the Gendered Image
CTXT1319      Personal Identity & Community
CTXT1089      Living and Learning in Cross-cultural Contexts
VART1885      Media Arts Culture Elective
BESC1081      Cross Cultural Psychology
SOCU2096      Family, Society And The Law

Assoc Professor Judith Smart

Research Interests: Women’s political organisations and history, the history of
temperance, venereal disease and moral reform. The history of women’s political
protest. Religion and spirituality in mass women’s organisations. The Australian
Homefront in World Wars I and II.

Teaching: Making the Modern Western World, History of Sex, Chinese Politics in
Society, Empires, Colonies and Nations, Women Politics and History, Research
Progress Workshop (Hons), Persuasion and Propaganda, Religion Culture and Society
Southern Cross University

Bachelor of Arts program, Cultural Studies/Humanities major

Courses with Gender related units include:

Citizenship Studies:
HUM00271 Unruly Subjects: Citizenship
SOY00203 Women's Studies

Cultural Studies:
HUM00270 Locating Cultural Studies
HUM00271 Unruly Subjects: Citizenship
HUM00272 Space, Place and Travel
HUM00273 Borderlands
COM00333 Communication and Culture
PHI00201 Ways of Knowing
HIS10021 Home

Dr. Ros Mills, Core Unit Co-ordinator - Lecturer in Cultural Studies
Research interests: political philosophy, ethics, corporeal feminisms, 'difference',
post-anarchism, postmodernism, and poststructuralism.
University of South Australia
Research Centre for Gender Studies

Bachelor of Arts, Major, Sub-Major, Minor

Compulsory core
HUMS 1044 Gender, Sex and Culture
HUMS 2030 Sexual Politics in Everyday Life

LANG 2007      Australian Society, Aboriginal Voices
HUMS 2032      Gender, Sexualities, Race and Representation
HUMS 2029      Gender, Work and Power
HUMS 2027      Gender and Post-Modernity
HUMS 2026      Mothers, Daughters, and Memory
HUMS 3034      Sociology of the Family
HUMS 2024      Mapping Everyday Cultures
HUMS 2021      Social Policy and Gender
PHIL 3003      Technologies of Identity
HUMS 3039      Women's Lives
HUMS 3038      Hot Bodies, Cool Flesh: Sex, Race and the Visual Body
BEHL 4045      Interpersonal Violence: Research, Policy and Practice
EDUC 1029      Deconstructing Sexualities: Challenging Homophobia

Professor Alison Mackinnon, Professor of History and Gender Studies and
Foundation Director of the Hawke Research Institute, University of South Australia

Research interests: Women's social history; history of women's higher education;
higher education and family formation; feminist perspectives on demography;
feminist theory; computerisation and women's work; changing relations between the
sexes; academic women and restructuring. Corporate citizenship: the changing
cultures of work and responsibility in globalising societies The politics of population
Teaching interests: Women's lives in contemporary and historical perspectives
Changing gender relations in historical and contemporary perspectives
Globalization and its gendered impacts of work and family formation - and on
patterns of academic work and identity, Gender and higher education in Australia and
throughout the world, Women in the professions, their challenges and identities.
University of Sydney

Bachelor of Arts, Gender Studies Major

Semester One
Senior Units of Study
WMST2001 Gender, Media and Popular Culture
WMST2004 Sex, Violence and Transgression
WMST2009 Cultures of Masculinities
WMST2010 Love, Intimacy and Friendship

Advanced Senior Units of Study
WMST3001 Gender, Race and Australian Identities
WMST4000 Information on Gender Studies Honours
Seminar 1    Arguing The Point

Semester Two
Senior Units of Study
WMST2002 Thinking Gender
WMST2007 Bodies, Sexualities and Identities
WMST2008 Gender, Communities and Difference
WMST2011 Everyday Cultures

Honours Units of Study
WMST4000 Information on Gender Studies Honours

Postgraduate Research Programs in the Department of Gender Studies

Master of Arts (MA)
Doctor of Arts/Doctor of Social Sciences (DArts/DSocSc)
Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Professor Elspeth Probyn, Chair of Gender Studies Department
Research and Teaching Interests: Elspeth's work focuses on questions of identity,
sexuality and bodies. She has been constantly interested in what people think and do
with their bodies – from eating, sex, to emotions and writing.

Dr Ruth Barcan
Research and Teaching Interests: nudity and nudism; feminist cultural studies
approaches to the body; alternative therapies and New Age practices; and pedagogy.

Dr Catherine Driscoll
Research and Teaching Interests: modernism, cultural theory, philosophy, youth
studies and girl culture.

Dr Fiona Probyn, Honours Co-ordinator
Research and Teaching Interests: multidisciplinary approaches to postcolonial
feminism, transnationalism, whiteness studies, globalization and Australian studies.
Dr Linnell Secomb, Postgraduate Co-ordinator
Research and Teaching Interests: feminist and poststructural philosophy, political
theory and ethics, theories of embodiment and sexual difference, queer theory and
cultural difference and community.
University of Tasmania
Faculty of Arts, Department of Philosophy

Bachelor of Arts, Gender Studies Major
HAF101 Gender and Society
HAF102 The Representation of Gender
HAF202/302 Sexualities: Histories, Representations, Politics
HPA270/370 Philosophy of Feminism
HEA257/357 British Literature 1800-1850
HAB323 Aboriginal Women
HGA272/372 Gender and Power
ESG778 Language, Gender and Communication in Education
ESG780 Education of Women and Girls
HAF215/315 Contemporary Feminist Thought: Themes, Issues, Conflicts
FST207/307 Fashioning the Body
HPA271/371 Philosophy and the Body
HPA242/342 Law, Society and Morality
HTA205/305 Gender in European Thought
HTC222/322 Love and Politics in Augustan Literature
LAW616 Sociology of Law
ESG781 Education and Women's Careers
ESG779 Literature, Gender and Education

Some of the following may be offered in alternate years - students should check with
the relevant school.
FST214/314 Imaging the Body
HGA212/312 Love, Family and Sexuality: East-West Comparison
HTC221/321 Women in Greek and Roman Antiquity
HEA 229/329 Film Noir and Hollywood
HEA258/358 American Women Writing
HEA289/389 Gender and Nation
HEA213/313 Medieval Writing
HEA254/354 Power, Pleasure & Perversion
HEA227/327 Reading the Classics; Ovid & Chaucer
HEF322 French-Canadian Women Writers
HTA223/323 Islam, Law and Women - Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
HSD240/340 Women and Public Policy

Honours and postgraduate study also available

Dr Barbara Baird, Women’s Studies Program Coordinator
Research interests: histories of abortion, The relationship between the SA Police and
lesbians and gay men, feminist debates about lesbian sexuality. Barbara is currently
investigating the place of sexuality in discourses of citizenship, and across diverse
public spheres in contemporary Australia.
Teaching: Gender and Society, The Representation of Gender, Contemporary
Feminist Thought, Sexualities: Histories, Representation, Politics
University of Technology, Sydney
School of Social Inquiry

Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Social Inquiry) includes the following Gender
related electives:
50485 Gender, Culture and Power
50139 Political Theory
50187 Comparative Belief Systems
50484 The New World Politics
50163 Intercultural Interventions

Dr Rosslyn Reed, Honorary Research Associate, Humanities and Social Sciences
Research interests: Gender, work and organisations; EEO and gender pay equity;
Technological and organisational change; Science and technology studies; Media
studies, particularly journalism.
Victoria University
School of Communication Culture and Languages

Bachelor of Arts Gender Studies Major
ACW1020 Sex and Gender
ACW1021 Fashioning Gender
ACP2067 Gender and Genre in Short Fiction
ACW2021 Gender on the Agenda
ACW2022 Researching Gendered Lives
ACW3020 Imag(in)ing Genders
ACW3022 Rethinking the Family
ACW3023 Gender Cross Culturally
ACW3024 Varieties of Feminist Thought
ACW3025 Knowing Bodies
ACW3026 Gender and Education

Dr Katie Hughes Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) and a Senior Lecturer in
the School of Communication, Culture and Languages. Discipline leader of Gender
Research interests: post-divorce families, gender and education. She is currently
working with Andrew Funston and Megan Chudleigh on a research project which
looks at the ways in which adolescents use ICT to mediate family relationships.
Teaching: ACW 1020 Sex and Gender, ACW 1021 Fashioning Gender, ACW 3022
Rethinking the Family, ACW 3024 Varieties Of Feminist Thought and ACW 3026
Gender and Education.

Dr Susan Hawthorne
Research interests: contemporary feminist writing, myth and cultural traditions,
writing for the electronic media and writing that explores lesbian cultural traditions.
The University of Western Australia
English, Communication and Cultural Studies - Centre for Women’s Studies

Bachelor of Arts – Women’s Studies Major

In first year:
180.102 Days of Our Lives: Gender in Australia

In upper level years:
180.201 Sex Bodies Spaces: Gender & Popculture
180.205 Self.net: Identity in the Digital Age
180.200 Text and Gender

Units crosslisted with other disciplines are also available as part of a women’s
studies major:
090.291 Gender and Sexualities in History (History)
080.208 Gender Relations in Asia (Asian Studies)
290.208 Managing Diversity (Organisation and Labour Studies)
040.292 The Story of My Life: Textual Selves (English)

Honours in Women’s Studies
Witchcraft: European and postcolonial perspectives
Fictocriticism: writing the body

Postgraduate Study in Women’s Studies
Graduate Certificate in Arts
Graduate Diploma in Arts
Master of Arts by thesis
Doctor of Philosophy

Dr Alison Bartlett, Director, Centre for Women's Studies
Research Interests: theories of corporeality, gendered subjectivity, media and cultural
discourses of women’s sexuality, particularly as they are manifested through current
meanings of breastfeeding.

Associate Professor Delys Bird Senior Honorary Fellow English, Communication
and Cultural Studies and Director, Centre for Women's Studies
Research Interests: Australian literature, Contemporary gender and cultural studies,
Feminist theory, Women’s studies.

Associate Professor Jane Long
Research interests the politics, history and futures of the gendered body; gender and
poverty in nineteenth-century culture; contemporary feminist theory; cybercultures;
and higher education policy and practice.

Dr Jacqueline Van Gent
Research interests: Gender, Empire and Race: cross-cultural relations in colonial
Australia and Women, Religion and the Body in early modern Europe
The University of Western Sydney
School of Humanities
Bachelor of Arts Cultural and Social Analysis Major

Level One
100897.1       Everyday Life
100846.1       Analytical Reading and Writing

Level 2 and Level 3 units
G2004.1       Aboriginal Cultural Texts
100988.1      Chaos and Communication
100992.1      Communication: Power and Practice
100994.1      Consumer Culture
100854.1      Contemporary Popular Cultures
100858.1      Culture and Globalisation
100996.1      Death and Culture
100998.1      Evolutionary Thinking
100866.1      Film and Drama
100999.1      Gender At Work
SS238A.1      Genres
100961.1      Humanities Internship
100871.1      International Texts and Contexts
100877.1      Multicultural Studies
100273.1      New Ethnicities, Old Racisms
100882.1      Politics of Sex and Gender
G2006.1       Race, Community and National Identity in Australia
101005.1      Representing Crime
101003.1      Religion and Culture
100884.1      Social Inequalities
101006.1      Social Semiotics
100886.1      Special Topics in Cultural and Social Analysis
101007.1      Story Links and Indigenous Knowledge
101008.1      Technologies of Racism
101009.1      The Body in Culture
100970.1      Understanding Power
100291.1      Urban Life/Urban Culture
101010.1      What is the Human?
100298.1      Youth Cultures and Moral Panics

Dr Zoe Sofoulis, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Cultural Research
Research interests: feminist studies of technoculture and a long-standing interest in
the irrational, mythic and corporeal dimensions of our relations to high technology

Dr Kath Mcphillips
Research interests: Feminist theory; feminist theology; postcoloniality; social theory
and social action; poststructuralism and religion, new religious movements, the New
Age movement, postmodern spirituality.
University of Wollongong
Faculty of Arts

Bachelor of Arts, Gender Studies major

Specialist Electives

ENGL121       Text and Gender

ECON208       Gender Work and the Family
EDUC292       Gender and Social Justice (also available as EDUE324)
ENGL260       Nineteenth Century Australian Literary Culture
PHIL260       Philosophy of Feminism A (also available as PHIL363)
POL290        Women in Society - Productive & Reproductive Labour
SOC205        Sociology of the Family

EDUE324       Gender and Social Justice (also available as EDUC292)
ENGL337       Sex Power and Chivalry: Medieval to Modern Literature
ENGL345       Twentieth Century Women Writers
ENGL365       Nineteenth Century Women Writers
ENGL375       Australia Fair: Nation, 'Race' and Culture
HIST318       The Making of the Modern Australian Woman
PHIL363       Philosophy of Feminism B
SOC330        Gender and Society
LAW335        Anti-Discrimination Law

General Electives

EESC142       The Human Environment: Problems and Change
ENGL113       Contemporary Writing in Australia
POP102        Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll: Public Health Perspectives
SOC103        Aspects of Australian Society

EDUF212       Education II
ENGL259       Introduction to Canadian Literature

CCS330        The Practices of Everyday Life
LAW303        Children, Families and the Law
PHIL380       Bioethics

Postgraduate - Coursework Degrees
Master of English Literatures
Electives include:
ENGL933        Early Women Writers
ENGL944 The Dominant Sound: Australian Women Novelists Between the Wars
Dr Anne Collett, lecturer, English Studies Program, Faculty of Arts
Research interests: 19th and 20th centuries, inclusive of romanticism, imperialism,
modernism, and postcolonialism. The courses she teaches include ENGL121 Text and
Gender, ENGL229 Romantics to Victorians, ENGL264 Modernism, ENGL366 Africa
in the New World, ENGL345 20th Century Women Writers, ENGL400/906
Modernism’s Others.

Dr Cath Ellis, lecturer English Studies and Australian Studies
Research interests: Australian Literature and Culture, Aboriginal Literature, Culture
and Politics, Australian Women Novelists 1900; 1950, Marxist Literary Theory and
Post-colonial Theory and Literature.

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