Native American Health Information Services

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					Native American Health Information Services

Patricia Bradley, MLS, Native Services Librarian

Why Native American Health Information Services?
• Unique demographic characteristics • Distinctive health care needs for the population and the health care providers who serve them • The highest prevalence of diabetes in the world • High incidence of unintentional injuries as a cause of death

New Mexico’s Need for Native American Health Information Services
• Home to the 19 Pueblos, the Jicarilla Apache, the Mescalero Apache and the eastern portion of the Navajo Nation • Fourth largest American Indian population in the US (190,000) • The largest percentage (10.3%) of population in the lower 48 states

HSLIC’s Unique Position
• • • • • • • Only academic health sciences library The NN/LM Resource library 25 years of outreach services Integrated library and IT services Development of Native Health Databases in 1994 Native Services Librarian History of partnership development

 The Native Health Research Database and Native Health History Database

 The Tribal Connections Four Corners Go Local on MedlinePlus

Strategic Plan Goal
• To consolidate and expand Native American Health Information Services by creating a strong integrated effective program which will contribute to the reduction of health disparities in the Native populations of New Mexico.

• Identified Native American Health Information Services as a major strategic goal • Created a four year plan
– Identified current services, resources, partnerships and funding.

• •

Designed a brochure and web site Completed a logic model for evaluation

First Year’s Activities
• Audience is the Native American faculty, staff and students at the University of New Mexico. • Training in finding, evaluating and using health information • Promote services

Future Years
• Other audiences—health care providers, schools, tribal/community libraries, tribal college and university libraries, councils and Chapter Houses in New Mexico have been selected for services in subsequent years. • Onsite (community) visits, consultations and training will take place.

Partnerships and Collaborations
• Center for Native American Health, Health Sciences Center, University of New Mexico • Albuquerque Area Indian Health Board • Southern Colorado/New Mexico Native American Research Centers for Health (NARCH) • Tribal Connections Four Corners

Native American Health Information Services Planning Group UNM HSLIC
• • • • Patricia Bradley, Native Services Librarian Janis Teal, Deputy Director Erinn Aspinall, Distance Services Librarian Lisa Romero, Library Information Specialist

• Choose a need that can be met by your organization. • Start small and build. • Be willing to shift resources to fund critical positions. • Develop partnerships with organizations that have similar missions. • Take advantage of this conference and learn from others’ success.