Rear Admiral Caldwell to be Featured Speaker at the by xzn32344


									   Volume 62, Issue 10                                                                                           October 2009

    2009 COUNCIL OFFICERS                  Rear Admiral Caldwell to be Featured
President                  Dave Thomas
                                           Speaker at the Navy Day Dinner on
Vice President           Gary Gunderson
                                           October 23rd
Treasurer                    Tim Katona       RADM James Caldwell
                            360.674.2628   assumed      Command           of
Secretary                   Susan Larsen
                            360.265.1441   Submarine      Group        Nine
Judge Advocate               George Rose   in August, 2009.           Barely
                                           giving the Caldwell’s time
     CORPORATE SPONSORS                    to get settled into their new
Concurrent Technologies Corporation        quarters,    Rear     Admiral
Todd Pacific Shipyard                      Caldwell     has      accepted
                                           our invitation to be the
                                           keynote     speaker    at    our
AMI International
                                           Navy Day dinner event at
Applied Technical Systems
Art Anderson Associates                    the Bremerton Convention
Bank of America Home Loans                 Center on October 23rd.
EHT Enterprises, Inc
EJB Facilities Services                       NBK-Bangor         is      the
Evergreen Transfer & Storage               very heart of our US Navy
First American Title Insurance Company
First Command Financial Planning, Inc.     Trident Submarine force in
FMA Chapter 14                             the Pacific. It’s important
Kitsap Bank
Kitsap Hospitality Executive Apartments    to keep fresh in our minds
Land Title Company                         the complex nature of the
Military Air Cargo
National Center for                        tasking of the Commanding
   Manufacturing Sciences                  Officer responsible for this critical and      view of our standing as a global maritime
Northrop Grumman Marine Systems                                                           country.
Patriots Landing                           powerful element of the Navy.          Rear
Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems        Admiral Caldwell’s friendly demeanor              This is a “don’t miss” Navy Day Event
Reid Real Estate                                                                          welcoming RADM Caldwell and his wife
                                           reflects a confidence that the officers,
Skookum Contract Services
                                           ships and crews under his command are          Kim to our community and to enjoy
TriWest Healthcare Alliance
Tryck, Nyman, Hayes, Inc                   standing-the-watch and are ready.              a special evening with your friends.
United Rentals                                                                            Please get your reservations in to Carol
                                              Honoring Teddy Roosevelt’s birthday,
            NEW MEMBERS                    we have a couple from Port Angeles             Dankers.

            Welcome Aboard                 who are Teddy and Edith Roosevelt “re-
                                                                                                Submitted by Gary S Gunderson,
      Karen Donnick                        enactors” as an added treat to refresh us                    VP, Bremerton-Olympic
      Robert Donnick                       with our turn-of-the-century president’s                      Peninsula Navy League

                                                                       NOW HEAR THIS online:         1
                      President’s          to come out to both and support our
                                                                                              Tour of the CG
                        Message            Naval Services.

                       Greetings, Navy
                                               You are requested to participate in            Icebreaker Healy
                                           Council events, including planning
                                           and setting them up. Mark Lowe, chair
                       This past month,
                                           of the Armed Forces Gala Committee,
                    September,      your
                                           is getting things rolling for next year’s
                    council hosted the
                                           event, and is looking for members to
USS Bremerton to its namesake city.
                                           assist. Our Membership (Chair Mark
The crew was very excited and happy to
                                           Lowe) and our Communications/
be here, and thanks to the outstanding                                                        We will tour the Healy in Seattle on
                                           Education (Chair Carolyn Dankers)
support of council members led by                                                             Oct 9. We meet at the pier 36 at about
                                           Committees are looking for members
Sandra and Earle Smith, they went                                                             10:30 -10:45 for the tour at 11:00 AM.
                                           to assist. Please contact the committee            I will provide directions to those who
home to Pearl Harbor very happy
                                           chairs if you can provide some                     sign up. We will have lunch aboard
and satisfied. Council members set
                                           assistance.                                        the ship, at a cost of about $4 each.
up a rousing welcome, multiple social
                                               Your council is strong, vibrant, and           Please let me know ASAP if you wish
events, provided an opportunity for                                                           to attend. For more information about
                                           doing good work for the Sea Services.
crew members to interact with the                                                             the Healy here is their web site. http://
                                           Keep up the great work!
locals via an “adopt a sailor” program,                                             
and even set them up with great seats
at a Mariners Ball game. A very nice
job by everyone involved.
    Looking forward, your nominations      Comings and Goings
committee is selecting officer nominees
                                                C om ma nder, Subma r i ne Group              cha nged du r i ng a c eremony, Ju ly
for the 2010 year for our council. Thank   9, Re a r Ad m. Ti mot hy Gia rd i na              24, at Nava l St at ion Evere t t a s
you to the nominating committee for        wa s rel ie ved by Re a r Ad m. Fr a n k           Cmd r. S c ot t Mu rdoc k rel ie ved
all of their hard work. We should see      C a ldwel l Jr. du r i ng a cha nge of             Cmd r. C h r i stopher Ph i l l ips a s
the results of their work by the time      c om ma nd c eremony at Nava l Ba s e              c om ma nd i ng     of f ic er.        C apt .
this makes it into the newsletter. We      K it s ap -Ba ngor, Aug. 7.                        Yol a nd a Re a ga n s , C om ma nder,
will hold the elections and our annual          A f ter bei ng awa rded t he L eg ion         Nav y Rec r u it i ng Reg ion We st,
                                           of Mer it for e xempl a r y c om ma nd             s er ved      as   pre sid i ng      of f ic er
meeting of members either at the
                                           of Subma r i ne Group 9, Gia rd i na               a nd pre s ented Ph i l l ips w it h a
October 23 Annual Navy Day Dinner
                                           fol lowed i n t he cha nge of c om ma nd           Mer itor iou s S er v ic e Med a l du r i ng
or at our November luncheon.
                                           t r ad it ion by re ad i ng h i s orders to        t he c eremony. D u r i ng h i s speech
    Remember, the October luncheon         Sa i lors a nd g ue st s . C a ldwel l t hen       Ph i l l ips spoke h ig h ly of h i s fel low
will be held on October 6, a week          fol lowed by re ad i ng h i s orders ,             N R D S e at t le Sa i lors . S ee a r t icle
earlier than normal, to accommodate        a nd Re a r Ad m. Doug l a s Mc A neny,            i n t he Dec ember 20 0 8 i s sue, pa ge
the schedule of our guest speaker. It      C om ma nder Subma r i ne Forc e, U. S .           6, of “Now He a r T h i s” fou nd on
should be a great presentation by the      Pac i f ic F lee t rec eived t he re por t of      ou r web site, ht t p : // brem- oly mpic .
Commanding Officer of the USCGC            rel ief f rom C a ldwel l ma rk i ng t he          n lu s .u s .
                                           of f ic ia l cha nge of c om ma nd .
Healy, just back from the Arctic
                                                Gia rd i na w i l l re por t to U. S .
Ocean.                                                                                             Re a r Ad m . ( lower ha l f ) S c ot t
                                           F le e t Forc e s C om ma nd i n Nor fol k,
    Our annual Navy Day Dinner will                                                           H . Sw i f t , who ha s been s elec ted for
                                           Va . a s d i rec tor, Re ad i ne s s a nd
be on October 23. I look forward to                                                           promot ion to Re a r Ad m i r a l, w i l l be
                                           Tr a i n i ng.
                                                                                              a s sig ned a s d i rec tor for oper at ion s ,
seeing many of you there. It should be
                                                                                              J3, U. S . Pac i f ic C om ma nd, Pe a rl
a great event. Our November luncheon,
                                              Cmd r. Ch r i stopher Ph i l l ips ,            Ha rbor, Hawa i i. Sw i f t i s c u r rent ly
celebrating the Marine Corps Birthday,     BROL PN ’s Lu nche on Spe a ker on                 a s sig ned a s c om ma nder, C a r r ier
on November 10, will fall the day before   Ju ne 10, 20 08, A s sig ned to t he               St r i ke Group Ni ne, Evere t t, Wa sh.
the Veteran’s Day celebration at the       Hor n of A f r ic a . C om ma nd of Nav y          We remember h i m a s ou r lu nche on
Kitsap pavilion. You are encouraged        Rec r u it i ng Di st r ic t (N R D) S e at t le   spe a ker, “Not so Sw i f t .”

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Where are the Carriers?                                                                  Bulletin Board
By Rear Adm. James A. Symonds, Commander, Navy Region Northwest                                           from the Board of Directors
    It’s become common                                      missions of the Maritime       Carolyn Dankers resigned from the
knowledge that whenever                                     Strategy. While deployed     Nominating Committee. Norma Parker
                                                                                         was appointed to replace her.
a world crisis happens,                                     in support of Operation
                                                                                           It was announced that the USS
the first question our                                      Enduring         Freedom,    Bremerton would like to be adopted by
national leadership asks is                                 aircraft from Carrier        our Council. A Motion was made and
“Where are the carriers?”                                   Air Wing 8, the striking     passed to create a committee to look
                                                                                         into the adoption of the USS Bremerton.
Since tipping the balance                                   arm of USS THEODORE
                                                                                         Dave assigned Carolyn Dankers as
of power in World                                           ROOSEVELT expended           chairperson for the committee.
War II, the U.S. Navy’s                                     more than 61,000 pounds        Annual Report Training: Carol
aircraft carriers have                                      of     precision    guided   Meteney – reminder that the training will
                                                                                         be held at Patriot’s Landing on September
proven themselves, in                                       ordnance to support
                                                                                         25th at 11:00-1:30. Dave Thomas, Alice
war and peace, to be our                                    “Troops in Contact.” In      Thomas, Carolyn Dankers, and Carol
nation’s pre-eminent power projection        the wake of Typhoon Fengshen, which         Meteney will be attending. We anticipate
platforms.                                   hit the Philippines in June 2008, the       that new annual report forms will be
                                                                                         discussed as well as electronic/digital
    We mostly think of carriers in their     Navy quickly provided a carrier strike
combat roles… turning the tide of war        group to assist the Armed Forces of           Nominations for 2010: Roger Wood
at Midway, holding back the onslaught        the Philippines in humanitarian relief      Chair. It was decided that we would have
in Korea, firing the first shots against     efforts on Panay Island. USS RONALD         the annual meeting and elections at the
                                                                                         November Luncheon
Taliban targets in the Global War on         REAGAN was on station off Iloilo,
                                                                                           CSG-9 Hail and Farewell Reception
Terror. When force is needed, nothing        Philippines, within 36 hours of tasking.    - Motion was made and approved to assist
takes the place of a carrier.                During eight days of continuous flying,     PSNBA with the cost of the reception.
    These ships, however, have also          RONALD REAGAN’s aircraft delivered          $500 will be sent to PSNBA.
                                                                                           US Coast Guard Sea Fox
proved their worth in “showing the Flag”     519,000 lbs of supplies, such as rice and
                                                                                         Commissioning – Will be September
like no other. In the Taiwan Straights,      water.                                      18th at 2pm. PSNBA is matching our
the Mediterranean, the North Pacific,            Our Region is fortunate to have         contribution of $500 to support the
the presence of a U.S. carrier sends a       USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN and USS                 reception following the Commissioning.
message to friend and foe alike that         JOHN C. STENNIS homeported at
our country is interested, engaged and       Naval Station Everett and Naval Base
ready.                                       Kitsap, respectively. JOHN C. STENNIS       Salute to US Navy
    The carrier force provides the           returned to Bremerton in July after
                                                                                             The Navy is celebrating their 234th
unique ability to overcome political and     completing a six-month deployment           birthday on October 9, 2009 at the Bangor
geographic barriers to project power         to the western Pacific. It marked the       Plaza Ballroom. Navy League members
ashore without infringing on a nation’s      first time the Navy’s next-generation,      were specifically invited to attend.
sovereignty. Carriers and their embarked     multi-mission helicopters, the MH-60S           Cocktails are at 6 pm and the
air wings respond to threats including       and MH-60R, were integrated into the        Ceremonial Events at 6:40 pm. Dinner is at
                                                                                         7 pm. Civilian Dress is Semi-formal attire.
piracy, terrorism, weapons proliferation,    carrier strike group, providing a new
                                                                                             Tickets for retired military and
drug trafficking, and other illicit          strategic maritime security capability to   civilians are $35 and may be purchased at
activities. They’ve also had tremendous      warfare commanders.                         Bangor or Bremerton bases by October 6 at
success in humanitarian assistance and           “Where are the carriers?” Right         Samuel Adams, Bremerton ITT/Resource
disaster response. Countering threats        now, these multi-purpose platforms          Center Building 1200, or Bangor Security
and helping allies far from our nation’s     are everywhere…in the Indian Ocean,         (best place to purchase if you do not have
                                                                                         base access). For more information on
shores protects the American homeland,       the North Pacific, the Persian Gulf, and
                                                                                         tickets, call (360) 476-6719.
enhances global stability and secures        right here in Navy Region Northwest,
                                                                                             Let’s show our support of the men
freedom of navigation for all nations.       able to project power and provide           and women of the Navy by attending this
     Today our carriers are busy around      sustained presence for whatever mission     wonderful event.
over the world, routinely carrying out all   our country requires.                                     Submitted by Carolyn Dankers

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Membership is a Funny Thing
    Membership is                                             Nav y League for        have to work to put on these events.
a funny thing for                                             many of those           To me, the reward is seeing people
an organization.                                              years, it seemed        enjoy an event that I helped plan with
You have people                                               like   a    natural     my fellow Nav y Leaguers.
that participate in                                           fit to join an             At the next Council Luncheon
all activities and                                            organization that       and soon in the mail will be a
others that never                                             supported       my      questionnaire. We will be asking why
attend a single                                               views about the         you joined Nav y League. What type
event. Belonging                                              sea services.           of activities do you like? Would you
to an organization                                               We          need     be willing to work on a committee?
like Nav y League                                             members           to    What type of activities do you want in
means      different                                          be active.      An      the future? What you do or don’t like,
things to people.                                             organization            and many others. We want you to be
    Why did you                                               that is active and      honest and give us good feedback.
join Nav y League?                                            shows     that    to    Again, this is your organization and
Why      do     you                                           the     community       you have a hand in molding it.
continue to be a                                              also    grows    its
member?                                                       membership.        If                  Submitted by Mark Lowe,
    I believe even                                            more      members                        Membership Chairman
those members that                                            join   committees
don’t participate in the luncheons,       that support many of the above
social events, tours, trips, ship         mentioned events, it brings in fresh
commissioning or decommissioning,
retirements, galas, parades, change of
                                          ideas and distributes the amount of
                                          work to complete them. I really like
                                                                                      Hero’s Welcome
commands, dinners and such; remain        people bringing fresh ideas to the               T h i s ye a rs Heroe s' Welc ome
members because they believe they         table ! !                                   ha s been moved to T hu rs d ay,
are supporting an organization that           In order to build our membership,       November 5, 20 09, f rom 5 : 30 to
is committed to our Sea Services. By      we need to be an active organization.       8 : 0 0 p.m. at Jac k son Pa rk . T he
the way, did you know we have a very      An active organization brings in new        cha nge to m idweek a nd at n ig ht
full calendar of events?                  members because they want to be part        c a me a s a re spon s e to t he feedbac k
    Why did I join? After 24 years        of something that they believe in and       we rec eived f rom l a st ye a r’s e vent .
in the Nav y and having worked with       is fun. Okay, not always fun.....we do
                                                                                      Members of Nav y L e a g ue a re
                                                                                      i nv ited to pa r t ic ipate.
                                                                                           Ad m i r a l Sy mond s w i l l be t he
                                                                                      Gue st Spe a ker a nd we a re pl a n n i ng
                                                                                      to i nclude honor i ng t he C a n i ne
                                                                                      u n it s t hat have s er ved . We have 3
                                                                                      C a n i ne s a nd t hei r ha nd lers who
                                                                                      have re t u r ned t h i s ye a r f rom I r aq
                                                                                      a nd A fg ha n i st a n. We w i l l a l so have
                                                                                      a due t w it h LCDR S ch nei rl a (Re t)
                                                                                      a nd A n n i Dele on t he d aug hter of
                                                                                      one of ou r I A's . L a st ye a r her Dad
                                                                                      wa s st i l l overs e a s . T h i s ye a r she
                                                                                      w i l l be able to si ng to h i m d i rec t ly
                                                                                      si nc e he i s bac k s a fe a nd s ou nd .
                                                                                           For more i n for mat ion, c ont ac t
                                                                                      Robi n Moel ler robi n.moel ler.c t r @
                                                                                      nav y.m i l
                                                                                           Nav y L e a g ue, t ha n k you for a l l
                                                                                      you do for u s !
Many gifts were exchanged at the reception for the officers of the USS Bremerton                   Submit te d b y Rob in Moe ll e r,
on Friday, August 29. CDR Howard Warner the CO of the USS Bremerton accepts a                Work & Family Life Con sult ant ,
12-inch high "Lone Sailor Statue" from our Navy League President, Dave Thomas on          F l e e t & Family Suppor t Prog ram ,
behalf of the boat.                                                                                 N BK B angor, 360 -39 6 -5939

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Happy Birthday to the United States Navy
by Rear Admiral Gary T. Blore
    This month the Coast Guard would         the War of 1812. The United States’       the world, that’s not something we
like to wish Happy Birthday to our           fledgling maritime forces proved to       need now fear. History’s greatest Navy
sister sea service, the United States        the world that they could and would       is here, and will be here as long as we
Navy, on the occasion of their 215th         maintain sea control and project          remember a good Navy is like oxygen…
year and for their tireless defense of       power wherever needed in their young      you really notice it when it’s not there.
our nation at home and abroad. The           Nation’s interest.                            On a personal note, while I am a
U.S. Navy is unparalleled in almost             In every major, and many minor         Coast Guard Aviator, I am first and
every way, whether the measure is            conflicts around the world, the U.S.      foremost a Naval Aviator, having
organizational      size,    capabilities,   Navy has played an integral role in       trained, served, and fought as part of
versatility, technological sophistication,   protecting America and her allies. The    the Navy Team; and I am very proud
or mobility. The U.S. Navy’s ability         Navy Flag proudly flies thirty-two        to share this common maritime
to project sea power anywhere, at any        battle streamers and this short essay     heritage, as are my fellow Coast Guard
time, not only provides deterrence and       cannot hope to properly acknowledge       Guardians. On this 215th birthday of
protection against those who would do        the many sacrifices our sailors have      the United States Navy, and on behalf
America harm, but allows the United          made during conflicts spanning over       of the Coast Guard in the Pacific
States to be the international leader for    more than 200 years of service. And, as   Northwest, I wish every sailor a Happy
the navies of the world’s democracies.       America has changed, so has our Navy.     Birthday and a very heartfelt Bravo
But to truly appreciate the Navy we          Today’s Navy is as likely to practice     Zulu (Well Done) for all that you do
must understand its origins.                 international relief efforts, such as     every day at home and abroad.
    The Continental Navy, which was          during the Indonesian Tsunami of 2004,        To all the Sailors of the United
formed during the Revolutionary War          or conduct international diplomacy in     States Navy, “Happy Birthday.”
in 1775, is the precursor to our modern      concert with our Department of State,                   Rear Admiral Gary T. Blore
Navy. However, due to an erroneous           as well as being vigilant warriors.             13th Coast Guard District Commander
belief that the new nation lacked               The 21st Century Navy is an                                  Seattle, Washington
a need for a standing Navy during            organization with a reach like none
peace-time, the Navy was disbanded           other in history. They operate from
just after the end of the war in 1784.
It was during the development of
                                             space to the deepest ocean, from the
                                             mountains of Afghanistan to the
                                                                                       Thank you,
the American Constitution that the           shores of Puget Sound. In fact, here      Melanie Reeder,
permanent establishment of a navy
was re-examined and first specified,
                                             in Western Washington we’re fortunate
                                             to have the Navy’s third largest Fleet
                                                                                       for your Service
that Congress would “provide and             concentration.      Since the Wilkes         Melanie is moving over to be the
maintain a navy.”                            Expedition in 1842, the Navy has been     Command and Staff Director and
    Re-commissioning of the Navy in          an integral part of the local seascape.   Chris Haley, who just returned to the
1794 proved to be critical to the health     They charted our waters, named our        Public Affairs position after two years in
of the growing American republic.            towns and islands, and secured the        Guam, will assist with future “Admiral’s
Threats to maritime commerce                 Pacific Northwest for the United          Message” columns from Admiral
increased and the need for a “blue           States.                                   Symonds. Mr. J Overton, the Public
water” navy proved critical to the              I believe Admiral C.A.H. Trost         Affairs Speech Writer, also plays a key
economic stability of the still fledgling    captured the essence of why we need       role in the research and writing of these
United States. The Naval Act was             both a wartime and peacetime Navy
                                                                                       articles for the column.
passed to establish a permanent Navy         when he said: “When a crisis confronts
                                                                                          Melanie states, “It has been my distinct
capable of projecting force wherever         the nation, the first question often
                                                                                       pleasure to work with Navy League and
American interests were threatened.          asked by policy makers is: What naval
                                                                                       I look forward to seeing you around the
    Since then, our country’s Navy has       forces are available and how fast can
                                             they be on station?”                      bases. Thank you very much for what you
helped shape both our nation and our
world. In their earliest years, they            Our country once made the mistake      do in support of our Navy.”
fought the Quasi War with France,            of believing we didn’t need a Navy.          Good luck on your new assignment,
the pirates of the Barbary Coast, and        Fortunately for the United States, and    Melanie. “Now Hear This” will miss you.

                                                                  NOW HEAR THIS online:             5
Coast Guard                                           USS Bremerton Welcomes Gary
Captain to Speak
at Navy League
Luncheon –
Check the New
Date and Time
    T he mont h ly lu nche on for t he
Bremer ton- Oly mpic                 Pen i n su l a
Nav y     L e a g ue    will    be    held     on
Tue sd ay, Oc tober 6t h, at 11 : 0 0
a .m . i n t he Ba ngor Pl a z a, Nava l
Ba s e K it s ap - Ba ngor.            C apt a i n
Fre d r ic k J. S om mer, C om ma nd i ng
O f f ic er of t he C oa st Gu a rd ic e
bre a ker, USCG He a ly, w i l l s er ve a s
t he g ue st spe a ker.
    C ou nc i l        Members              mu st
ma ke      re s er vat ion s     a nd      enter
on ly t h roug h t he Ma i n Gate of f
Luoto      Road .        Call    C onc u r rent       Gary Gunderson is all smiles as he        (SSN-698) and he was able to board her.
                                                      is coming off the USS Bremerton           He was able to ride on the bridge, on top
Tech nolog ie s C or porat ion (C TC)                 submarine after docking in Bremerton.     of the submarine when she came in to
(36 0 -782-550 0) no l ater t ha n noon               Gary was able to ride the submarine       Bremerton to a welcoming crowd and
                                                      in. He caught a Navy Tug early in the     the Navy Band playing to start the USS
on T hu rs d ay, Oc tober 1st . T he c ost
                                                      morning on Wed, Aug 26th. The tug         Bremerton’s return visit to it’s namesake
of t he lu nche on i s $15 /person.                   brought him out to the USS Bremerton      city. What a thrill!

                                                                                                The crew of the USS Bremerton enjoying
Nav y L e a g ue wa s on t he P ier to welc ome t he US S Bremer ton S SN- 698 to
                                                                                                the hearty lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs,
Bremer ton.       T he " Welc om i ng C om m it tee" hold i ng t he f l a g s , (l to r) a re
E a rle Sm it h, Don Ba s sler, L a Moy ne Je v ne a nd Delber t Sut ton. (l to r),             chili and salads with all the trimmin’s.
hold i ng t he ba n ner a re a you ng son of one of t he men c om i ng i n of f t he            A good time for all was enjoyed at the
subma r i ne, S a nd r a Sm it h, a nd De e Ba s sler.                                          Horse and Cow.

6     NOW HEAR THIS online:
Theodore                                  Thank You for All That You Do
Roosevelt                                      There are so many people                               *D o w n l o a d a f a v o r i t e b o o k

Bibliography                              who ma ke our Counci l strong.
                                          Here a re a few we wou ld li ke to
                                                                                                   to you r MP3 player or Ipod
                                                                                                      *Check out aud io book s on
  The Rough Riders by Theodore            hig h lig ht t his mont h.                               CD or cassette
Roosevelt, Theodore Rex by Edmund              Our thanks to Tim Katona,                              *Or check out t he latest i n
Morris, Rise of Theodore Roosevelt        E v e r g r e e n Tr a n s f e r a n d S t o r a g e ,   mov ies a nd music.
                                          a n d o u r C o u n c i l Tr e a s u r e r, w h o           *Or you c a n stop by a ny of
by Edmund Morris, The Wilderness
                                          s p o n s o r e d M r. Va n A n t w e r p a t            our NINE libra ries a nd check
Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the
                                          our September lu ncheon.                                 out ma ny of t he f ree prog ra ms…
Crusade for America by Douglas Brinkley        Special          thanks            to      the      Opera           Prev iews,     Lectures,
and Mornings on Horseback by Avid         generosit y of members of t he                           Mov ies, Demonst rat ions, etc.
McCullough                                I n d i a n I s l a n d To u r.             W hile          For more information, go to
  These wonderful books are available     hav i ng lu nch, t hey spot ted                          w w w. k r l . o r g .
at your local library and we thank the    some Ba ngor Sai lors a lso hav ing                         Thanks Ruth for all that
                                          lu nch at t he Chi macu m Ca fé a nd                     you do.
research staff at the Kitsap Regional
                                          picked up t hei r tab.
Library for providing us with this             Rut h Bond is one of our
  Our Roosevelt re-enactor for the Navy
                                          active Counci l members a nd
                                          is t he Branch Manager of t he                           Monthly Lunch
Day Dinner on October 23 celebrating      K i t s a p R e g i o n a l L i b r a r y a t 1 3 01
                                          S y l v a n Wa y i n B r e m e r t o n . D i d
Navy League’s birthday and Theodore                                                                    You r c om ment s about t he
                                          y o u k n o w… ? W i t h a l i b r a r y c a r d
Roosevelt’s birthday suggested that                                                                mont h ly lu nche s a re i mpor t a nt,
                                          f rom t he K itsap Reg iona l Libra r y
we might also like to read a book by                                                               so we a re ma k i ng a fe w cha nge s .
                                          you ca n do t he fol low i ng :
Kathleen Dalton, Theodore Roosevelt, a         *R e s e r v e b o o k g r o u p k i t s u p        T he soc ia l hou r w i l l st a r t at 11: 0 0
Strenuous Life.                           to a year in advance – see tit les                       o’cloc k so you have more t i me
                                          on our website                                           to soc ia l i z e a nd ne t work .       T he
                                                                                                   prog r a m w i l l beg i n at 11: 45.
                                                                                                       We have been t r y i ng t h i s
                                                                                                   s chedu le for t he l a st t h ree mont h s
                                                                                                   a nd it s eem s to be work i ng.
                                                                                                       Remember ne x t mont h, ou r
                                                                                                   lu nche on w i l l be on Oc tober 6 s o
                                                                                                   ma ke you r re s er vat ion by Oc tober
                                                                                                       November i s Ma r i ne Bi r t hd ay
                                                                                                   Mont h, so pl a n on joi n i ng t he
                                                                                                   c elebr at ion     w it h     t he    spec ia l
                                                                                                   bi r t hd ay c a ke c eremony a nd
                                                                                                   pa r t ic ipate i n t he Toy s for Tot s
                                                                                                   prog r a m.
Here is one happy sailor picked up at     Larry Salter, Concurrent Technologies
                                                                                                       I nt roduc e a f r iend to Nav y
the Horse and Cow who got to ride in      Corporation, and BROLPN Past President,
                                                                                                   L e a g ue by br i ng i ng t hem to lu nch.
Byron Faber's 1988 bright red Ferrari.    presents this year’s CTC donation for                    T he y w i l l c er t a i n ly s ay “ T ha n k
This young sailor was the man in charge   Operation Holiday Spirit to Leah Wattree,                you .”
of the ship's store of USS Bremerton      Co-Chair. Thank You, Larry and CTC                              Submit te d b y C aroly n Dank e rs ,
hats, t-shirts, mugs, etc.                for all that you do for Navy League.                                                 Lunche on C h air

                October Luncheon Date Change – October 6
                    1st Tuesday instead of 2nd Tuesday

                                                                       NOW HEAR THIS online:                        7
                            Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council
                               Navy League of the United States
                                     Post Office Box 626
                                 Bremerton, WA 98337-0131

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Planning Ahead
                                                                                                            This Date in History
Thursday          Oct 1          Deadline for Making Reservations
                                 For October 6 Luncheon – 12:00 noon                                     October 13, 1775 – The Continental
Tuesday           Oct 6          Monthly Luncheon Meeting – Bangor Plaza                                 Congress establishes Continental
                                 Social 11:00, Lunch 11:45                                               Navy, later the U.S. Navy.
                                 Speaker –Captain Frederick J. Sommer
                                 US Coast Guard Healy
Wednesday         Oct 7          Board of Director’s Meeting – 6:00 pm                                                                  is the official
                                 Reid Real Estate – Silverdale                                           newsletter of the Bremerton-Olympic
Friday            Oct 9          234th Navy Birthday Ball                                                Peninsula Council of the Navy League of
                                 Bangor Plaza Ballroom – 6:00 pm                                         the United States. It is published monthly
                                                                                                         and provided to all members.
Friday            Oct 9          Tour USS Healy – 10:30 am
                                 Seattle Pier 36
                                                                                                         Editor                        Norma Parker
Sunday            Oct 18         Navy Band Northwest Free Concert
                                                                                                         Asst Editor                   Leah Wattree
                                 “Cascade” Big Band - Keyport Naval Museum
                                                                                                         Graphic Design                  Kirk Piering
Friday            Oct 23         Navy Day Celebration
                                                                                                         Published by                       Raytheon
                                 Kitsap Conference Center – 6:00 pm
Wednesday         Nov 4          Board of Director’s Meeting – 6:00 pm
                                 Reid Real Estate – Silverdale                                           We welcome your comments and story
                                                                                                         ideas. Items for publication, changes of
Thursday          Nov 5          Deadline for Making Reservations
                                                                                                         address, and inquires should be sent to:
                                 For November Luncheon – 12:00 noon
Thursday          Nov 5          Hero’s Welcome – 5:30 to 8:00 pm                                                    Editor
                                 Jackson Park                                                                        Now Hear This
Tuesday           Nov 10         Monthly Luncheon Meeting                                                            PO Box 626
                                 Social 11:00, Lunch 11:45                                                           Bremerton, WA 98337-0131
                                 Bangor Plaza – Marine Corp Birthday
                                                                                                         or email:
Wednesday          Nov 11        Veterans Day Celebration
                                 Kitsap Fairgrounds President’s Hall

8        NOW HEAR THIS online:

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