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									becoming             2009
                     $ 4.99

  AT T O Y S R”U S
    Let’s get down to the
    bottom of things

    Especially for Baby Nappies have all the
    quality features needed to keep babies
    snug, dry and content. What more could
    you look for? How about the fact that
    they are leak resistant, super absorbent
    and comfortable. Best of all, this range
    offers more nappies for your dollar,
    which is sure to keep mum happy too!
    Now that is really getting down
    to the bottom of things!

    Especially for Baby Nappies are manufactured in the USA exclusively for Babies"R"Us and Toys"R"Us   ADVERTISING FEATURE
customer             around                  out                                 bath and               safety
service              the home                and about        feeding            clothing               and toys

Baby Registry   6   Nursery Settings    8   Car Seats   29   Comfort       48   Bath              71   Home Safety     83
                    Monitors           27   Strollers   35   Feeding       50   Baby Care         73   Gates           86
                                            Carriers    43   High Chairs   61   Toilet Training   77   Entertainment   90
                                            Portacots   44                      Clothing          79   Toys            94

Life is full of changes when
you’re becoming an Us.

The arrival of your baby will bring
new adventures and discoveries every
single day, and with this will come lots
of advice. Allow Us to start you off
with advice you can really use.
Our resource guide has been created
to help you make those big decisions.
We’ve combined our detailed product
knowledge along with important
information about one of the most
extensive product ranges available
all in one place – to give you a sneak
peak at how great your new life
with baby will be.

10 ways to make
life easier…

1   Expert and Friendly Service
    You can have complete confidence that
    any questions you may have will be answered
    by our Baby Department staff.

2   Unbeatable Selection
    We provide the most extensive range,
    so you will be able to find everything you want
    for you and your baby in one location.

3   Exclusive Products
    We draw on our worldwide expertise to provide
    you with a unique and different product range
    not available in other stores. Look for the
    ‘R Exclusive’ symbols throughout this catalogue.
                                                           7   Home Delivery
                                                               For your convenience, home delivery is available
                                                               for a small fee. See in store for full details.

4   Shop with Confidence
    All of our products are tested and comply to
    all relevant Australian and International Safety
                                                           8   Hassle-Free Returns
                                                               Returns and exchanges are gladly given
    Standards… no exceptions.                                  with original packaging and receipt of purchase.
    That’s important to Us.                                    Full details are available in store.

5   Brand Names You Love and Trust
    You’ll find brands like Philips Avent, Safety 1st,
    Fisher-Price, Maclaren, Huggies, Chicco,
                                                           9   Gift Cards
                                                               Our Gift Cards allow you to select any amount
                                                               from $10 to $500. All cards come in a handy
    Johnson & Johnson, Bruin and many more                     folding wallet for easy gift giving. Available
    in our stores.                                             in store or online at

6   Special Orders
    We also offer selected exclusive items
    through our ‘Special Order’ programme.
                                                          10   E-newsletter and Offers
                                                               Visit our website to sign
                                                               up for regular e-newsletters and exclusive offers
    Please talk to our friendly staff for more details.        for your baby.

            “just point
                 and scan”

        For easier selection, we provide hand-held
            scanners that automatically record
            your choices without the need for
                 complicated paperwork.

Welcome to the Us part of Babies"R"Us.
Choosing all the right items you’ll need for your new baby
should not be an overwhelming task for mums or dads
to be. Our dedicated Baby Registry Advisors will take away
the complexity of selecting the best items for your new
arrival. We’ll make the process as easy and enjoyable
for you as possible. Yes, you.

                                           “select a gift?”

                                         You can update your Registry at any
                                        time at Babies"R"Us. Your loved ones
                                               will then have the most
                                               up-to-date information.

                                                                “need help
       “are your                                                                 (kylie)

         friends                                                Our friendly and expert staff will
                                                                remove the stress, allowing you
        still lost?”                                             to compile the most informed
                                                                  and comprehensive gift list.

   Your loved ones will also have
  the option of purchasing one of
   our Gift Cards, which will allow
     mum and dad to make the
           perfect choice.

                                      Let Us help you plan
                                      for the arrival of your baby
                               1      Creating your ideal Baby Wish List
                                      Our staff will assist in the selection of the perfect items for your family,
                                      from travelling home safely with baby, creating your new nursery,
                                      and right through to the smaller necessities you will need
                                      to make baby comfortable and happy.

                               2      Announcing your Baby Registry
                                      We provide special Baby Registry Announcement Cards
                                      for you to send to your loved ones. This will let them know
                                      that your Baby Registry is now available. Lists can be obtained
                                      at any of our stores across Australia.

“we know

 Our stores are completely                   “exchanging gifts
dedicated to you and baby.
You can have confidence in
  our range and support.
                                               is hassle-free”

                                          Feel free to return or exchange any gifts that
                                           do not meet your needs. Just ensure they
                                           are still in the original packaging and that
                                          you have the receipt of purchase. Full details
                                                        are available in store.
    Decking out
    the nursery…
    When putting your nursery together, you will quickly find that
    a cute nursery, although a great start, just isn’t good enough.
    The more functional the room, the better off you’ll both be…
    especially in the middle of the night when Mr Sleepy Pants
    is still a bit groggy (and, no, we don’t mean the baby!)

       To welcome baby home in style,
       make sure you think about a cot,
       change table, monitor, bedding
       set, lamp, mobile, nappy hamper
       and storage bin…and that’s just
       to get you started!

 Cot to Sofa                                                                        Cot to Toddler Bed

Many cots have the ability to convert into a sofa or bed to grow with your family. You need to consider
how long you intend to use this piece of furniture and if longevity is useful for your situation.

                                                                                                                                            Bruin Venice 3-In-1 Cot Bed
                                                                                                                                            This timber cot is a pure
                                                                                                                                            masterpiece for your child’s
                                                                                                                                            nursery. Includes a 2-position
                                                                                                                                            base to accommodate your
                                                                                                                                            growing child and converts
                                                                                                                                            to a toddler bed or to a sofa.
                                                                                                                                            Available in Espresso or Sienna.
                                                                                                                                            1499.99 #261890, #261874

     Bruin 3-Drawer Changer
     Timber drawers provide ample space
     with the wood inside the drawers being
     left naturally unstained to avoid any type
     of transfer to baby’s clothes or bedding.                                                                                                                      Cot
     Surface top changer may be removed                                                                                                                            Colour
     to become a 3-tier chest of drawers                                                 Kids Line Bunny Meadow Furnishings                                        Range
     (pictured as a chest of drawers).                                                   Hip and elegant, these 100% organic cotton accessories
     Available in Espresso or Sienna. 799.99                                             come in a soothing colour palette of brown and sage                        Espresso
     #262005, #261971, #261963, #262048                                                  perfect for any boy’s or girl’s rooms.

     Bunny Meadow 6-Piece Bedding Set                    Bunny Meadow                        Bunny Meadow Musical Mobile              Bunny Meadow Hamper
     Includes an embroidered blanket, flat               Lamp Base and Shade                 59.99   #239852                          49.99   #239623
     cot sheet, fitted cot sheet, pillow case,           Includes bulb and power
     quilt and headboard. 199.99 #239550                 adaptor. 89.99 #239585

10                     Items on this page are only available at Babies"R"Us specialty stores. Furniture available through special order at any Toys"R"Us store.

 Bruin Manhattan                                                                                                                                              Autumn
 3-In-1 Cot Bed
 Cosmopolitan style             Bruin 5-Drawer Tallboy
 timber cot with                This sturdily constructed tallboy             Bruin 3-Drawer Changer                                             Kids Line
 2-position base.               has been designed to match most               Timber drawers provide ample space with the wood                   Gossamer Wings
 Converts to a toddler          Babies"R"Us furniture settings.               inside the drawers being left naturally unstained to avoid         Furnishings
 bed or to a sofa.              Inside the drawers, the wood has been         any transfer to baby’s clothes or bedding. Surface top             Butterflies, snails
 Available in Arctic,           left naturally unstained to avoid any         changer may be removed to become a 3-tier chest                    and flowers in pretty
 Autumn or Sienna.              type of transfer to baby’s clothes or         of drawers (pictured as chest of drawers).                         pastels create a sweet
 999.99                         bedding. Available in Arctic, Autumn          Available in Arctic, Autumn or Sienna.                             feminine haven for
 #261920, #261939, #261912      or Sienna. 499.99 #057649, #057487, #057606   799.99 #261971, #262005, #261963, #262048                          your little girl.

Gossamer Wings                                     Gossamer Wings                    Gossamer Wings Musical Mobile             Gossamer Wings Hamper
6-Piece Bedding Set                                Lamp Base and Shade               59.99   #830461                           39.99   #830542
Includes an embroidered blanket, flat              Includes bulb and power
cot sheet, fitted cot sheet, pillow case,          adaptor. 89.99 #830895
quilt and headboard. 159.99 #562912

Furniture on this page only available at Babies"R"Us specialty stores but is available through special order at any Toys"R"Us store.                                      11
     Bruin Victoria
     3-In-1 Cot Bed
     Elegant timber cot                                                                                                                                             Cot
     with 2-position base.             Bruin 3-Drawer Changer                                                                                                      Colour
     Converts to a toddler             Timber drawers provide ample space with the wood inside the drawers                Kids Line T is for Train Furnishings     Range
     bed or to a sofa.                 being left naturally unstained to avoid any type of transfer to baby’s             All aboard this old fashioned steam
     Available in Autumn               clothes or bedding. Surface top changer may be removed to become                   train updated in a modern nursery        Autumn
     or Espresso. 899.99               a 3-tier chest of drawers (pictured as chest of drawers). Available in             setting with vibrant primary
     #261947, #261955                  Autumn or Espresso. 799.99 #262005, #261971, #261963, #262048                      colours. Perfect for your baby boy.

     T is for Train 6-Piece Bedding Set                   T is for Train                      T is for Train Musical Mobile            T is for Train Hamper
     Includes an embroidered blanket,                     Lamp Base and Shade                 59.99   #153168                          39.99   #153141
     flat cot sheet, fitted cot sheet,                    Includes bulb and power
     pillow case, quilt and headboard.                    adaptor. 89.99 #153109
     159.99 #153095

12                      Items on this page are only available at Babies"R"Us specialty stores. Furniture available through special order at any Toys"R"Us store.
Bruin San Marino
Cot Bed                   Bruin 3-Drawer Changer                                                                       Kids Line Zanzibar Furnishings
Contemporary and          Timber drawers provide ample space with the wood inside the drawers being left               Bring home the wonders of the wild with this
sturdy cot features       naturally unstained to avoid any type of transfer to baby’s clothes or bedding.              adorable collection. Set against subtle earth tones,
a 2-position base.        Surface top changer may be removed to become a 3-tier chest of drawers.                      the soft textured appliqués of wildlife are sure
699.99 #261904            Available in Arctic, Autumn, Espresso or Sienna. 799.99 #262005, #261971, #261963, #262048   to delight you and your baby.

Zanzibar 6-Piece Bedding Set                       Zanzibar                               Zanzibar Musical Mobile                  Zanzibar Hamper
Includes an embroidered blanket, flat              Lamp Base and Shade                    59.99   #039322                          39.99   #039306
cot sheet, fitted cot sheet, pillow case,          Includes bulb and power
quilt and headboard. 179.99 #039284                adaptor. 89.99 #039292

Furniture on this page only available at Babies"R"Us specialty stores but is available through special order at any Toys"R"Us store.                                          13
                                                                     Bruin Deauville 2-In-1 Cot Bed
                                                                     Timber cot classically finished with custom detailing
                                                                     to make a magnificent centrepiece for your nursery.
                                                                     2-position base accommodates your growing child.
                                                                     Converts to a toddler bed with protective side rail.
                                                                     Available in Arctic, Autumn or Sienna. 999.99 #053740,
                                                                     #054089, #054216

                                                                                                                                                               Change pad
                                                                                                                                                               sold separately.

     Bruin 5-Drawer Tallboy
     This sturdy tallboy has been
     designed to match most                                                                                                                                    Sienna
     Babies"R"Us furniture settings.                                                                                                      Kids Line
     Inside the drawers, the                                                                                                              Countryside Furnishings
     wood has been left naturally                                                                                                         Let’s go to the country.
     unstained to avoid any type                 Bruin Deauville 3-Drawer Changer
                                                                                                                                          With adorable farm animal
     of transfer to baby’s clothes or            Timber drawers provide ample space with the wood inside the drawers                      appliqués in bright fun
     bedding. Available in Arctic,               being left naturally unstained to avoid any type of transfer to baby’s clothes           colours, baby will love
     Autumn or Sienna. 499.99                    or bedding. Surface top changer may be removed to become a 3-tier chest                  to see their favourite
     #057847, #057606, #057649                   of drawers. Available in Arctic, Autumn or Sienna. 699.99 #055344, #055956, #055999      countryside friends.

     Countryside 6-Piece Bedding Set                  Countryside                        Countryside Musical Mobile               Countryside Hamper
     Includes an embroidered blanket,                 Lamp Base and Shade                59.99   #153311                          39.99   #153257
     flat cot sheet, fitted cot sheet,                Includes bulb and power
     pillow case, quilt and headboard.                adaptor. 89.99 #153214
     159.99 #153206

14                  Furniture on this page only available at Babies"R"Us specialty stores but is available through special order at any Toys"R"Us store.
   Bruin Cheshire 3-In-1 Cot Bed
   Timber cot classically finished
   with custom detailing to make
   a beautiful centrepiece to
   the nursery. 2-position base
   accommodates your growing child.
   Converts to a toddler bed with
   protective side rail or to a sofa.
   Available in Arctic, Autumn
   or Sienna. 999.99
   #013447, #013404, #013315
                                                                                                                                      Kids Line Mulberry Furnishings
                                                                                                                                      This garden themed collection
                                                                                                                                      will blossom in your baby’s
                                                                                                                                      nursery. Flowers pop-up
                                                                                                                                      everywhere in alluring shades
                                                                                                                                      of plum, lilac and sage.

   Bruin Cheshire 3-Drawer Changer
   Timber drawers provide ample space with                                                                                                                Colour
   the wood inside the drawers being left                                                                                                                 Range
   naturally unstained to avoid any transfer
   to baby’s clothes or bedding. Surface top                                                                                                               Arctic
   changer may be removed to become a
   3-tier chest of drawers. Available in Arctic,                                                                                                          Autumn
   Autumn or Sienna. 699.99
   #054437, #054984, #054224 Change pad sold separately.

   Mulberry 6-Piece Bedding Set                            Mulberry                    Mulberry Musical Mobile                   Mulberry Hamper
   Includes an embroidered blanket, flat cot               Lamp Base and Shade         59.99   #153605                           39.99     #153540
   sheet, fitted cot sheet, pillow case, quilt             Includes bulb and power
   and headboard. 179.99 #153443                           adaptor. 89.99 #153451

Items on this page are only available at Babies"R"Us specialty stores. Furniture available through special order at any Toys"R"Us store.                              15
                                                                                                                                                      Bruin Madrid
                                                                                                                                                      3-In-1 Cot Bed
                                                                                                                                                      Elegant cot features
                                                                                                                                                      a 2-position base and
                                                                                                                                                      converts to a toddler
                                                                                                                                                      bed or to a sofa.
                                                                                                                                                      Available in Arctic
                                                                                                                                                      or Autumn. 899.99
                                                                                                                                                      #014338, #014494

     3-Tier Change Table
                                                    Bruin 4-Drawer Chest                                                                                                  Cot
     Quality change table features 4 castor                                                                                                                              Colour
     wheels with brakes, lots of storage            Sturdy tallboy has been designed to match most Babies"R"Us           Kids Line Olivia Furnishings                    Range
     space and easy portability.                    furniture settings. Inside the drawers, the wood has been            A collection that balances vintage
     Available in Arctic or Autumn.                 left naturally unstained to avoid any type of transfer to baby’s     florals with a clean contemporary               Arctic
     299.99 #187429, #187372                        clothes or bedding. Available in Arctic, Autumn or Sienna.           stripe. A beautiful collection for
                                                    499.99 #057711, #057932, #057738                                                                                     Autumn
     Change pad sold separately.                                                                                         your little girl without being fussy.

     Olivia 6-Piece Bedding Set                        Olivia Lamp Base and Shade           Olivia Musical Mobile                   Olivia Hamper
     Includes an embroidered blanket,                  Includes bulb and power              59.99   #153087                         39.99   #153052
     flat cot sheet, fitted cot sheet,                 adaptor. 89.99 #153028
     pillow case, quilt and headboard.
     179.99 #153001

16              4-drawer chest and bedding only available at Babies"R"Us specialty stores. 4-drawer chest available through special order at any Toys"R"Us store.
Bruin Oakleigh 3-In-1 Cot Bed                                                                                       Kids Line Sea Quest Furnishings
Sturdy cot with 2-position base and dropside rail.         Bruin Oakleigh Change Table                              Have an underwater adventure.
Converts to a toddler bed or to a sofa.                    Features 3 tiers. Available in Arctic, Cocoa             This colourful gender-neutral       Cocoa
Available in Arctic, Cocoa or Espresso.                    or Espresso. 299.99 #019704, #019747, #019623            collection features exotic fish
799.99 #019305, #019577, #019186                           Change pad sold separately.                              and animals from the Coral Reef.

Sea Quest 6-Piece Bedding Set                    Sea Quest                               Sea Quest Musical Mobile             Sea Quest Hamper
Includes an embroidered blanket,                 Lamp Base and Shade                     59.99   #152846                      39.99   #152838
flat cot sheet, fitted cot sheet,                Includes bulb and power
pillow case, quilt and headboard.                adaptor. 89.99 #152781
159.99 #152773

                                                      Bedding only available at Babies"R"Us specialty stores.                                                     17
      Bruin Roma Sleigh
      3-In-1 Cot Bed
      Timber cot features a 2-position
      base and easy dropside rail.
      Converts to a toddler bed or
      to a sofa. Available in Autumn
      or Sienna. 799.99 #013463, #013773

     Bruin Roma Sleigh Table Dresser
     Timber dresser with 2 shelves
     can be used as freestanding or in
     conjunction with the cot. Available
     in Autumn or Sienna. Styles vary.
     399.99 #186236, #270318
     Change pad sold separately.

     Kids Line
     Pooh Hunting for Hunny
     Furnishings                                                                                                            Cot
     Pooh and his friends are off                                                                                          Range
     on another adventure. Your
     child will love to see them                                                                                           Autumn
     hunt for ‘hunny’ in this
     gender neutral collection.                                                                                             Sienna

     Pooh Hunting for Hunny                      Pooh Hunting for Hunny    Pooh Hunting for Hunny   Pooh Hunting for Hunny Hamper
     6-Piece Bedding Set                         Lamp Base and Shade       Musical Mobile           39.99   #059641
     Includes an embroidered blanket, flat       Includes bulb and power   59.99   #059579
     cot sheet, fitted cot sheet, pillow case,   adaptor. 89.99 #059560
     quilt and headboard. 159.99 #059552

Bruin Sleigh 3-In-1 Cot Bed                           Bruin Sleigh Changer                            Kids Line Arcadia Furnishings                   Range
A classic cot featuring a dropside rail, 2-position   Sturdy design changer features                  Shiny, soft and soothing to suit either your
base and a drawer for all your extras. Converts       3 shelves. Available in Arctic                  baby boy or girl. This collection is sure       Arctic
to a toddler bed or to a sofa. Available in Arctic    or Cocoa. 399.99 #175188, #175129               to please with cuddly animal friends
or Cocoa. 899.99 #175110, #175064                     Change pad sold separately.                     in a contemporary patchwork setting.

Arcadia 6-Piece Bedding Set                   Arcadia Lamp Base                     Arcadia Musical Mobile                    Arcadia Nappy Stacker
Includes an embroidered blanket,              and Shade                             59.99   #152900                           29.99   #152978
flat cot sheet, fitted cot sheet,             Includes bulb and power
pillow case, quilt and headboard.             adaptor. 89.99 #152994
159.99 #152889

     Bruin Atlantic 3-In-1 Cot Bed                                                                                                                      Range
                                                 Bruin Deluxe Change Table                                     Kids Line
     Features an easy to use dropside rail
                                                                                                               Countryside Furnishings
     and 2-position base. Converts to            Quality change table with 2 castor wheels with brakes,                                                  Arctic
     a toddler bed or sofa. Available            storage space and easy portability. Available in Arctic,      Let’s go to the country. With adorable
                                                                                                               farm animal appliqués in bright fun      Autumn
     in Arctic, Autumn or Espresso.              Autumn or Espresso. 299.99 #271101, #271128, #270989
     599.99 #271047, #271071, #271020            Change pad sold separately.
                                                                                                               colours, baby will love to see their
                                                                                                               favourite countryside friends.

     Countryside 6-Piece Bedding Set               Countryside                         Countryside Musical Mobile           Countryside Hamper
     Includes an embroidered blanket, flat         Lamp Base and Shade                 59.99   #153311                      39.99   #153257
     cot sheet, fitted cot sheet, pillow case,     Includes bulb and power
     quilt and headboard. 159.99 #153206           adaptor. 89.99 #153214

                                                 Bruin Deluxe Change Table                              Kids Line Patchwork Pooh                        Colour
Bruin Apollo 3-In-1 Cot Bed                                                                             Furnishings                                     Range
                                                 Quality 2-tier change table with 2 castor wheels
Features a dropside rail and 2-position base.    with brakes, sturdy frame, storage space and           The characters of Pooh come together
Converts to a toddler bed or to a sofa.          easy portability. Available in Arctic, Autumn          in this sweet gingham collection.               Autumn
Available in Autumn or Espresso.                 or Espresso. 299.99 #271101, #271128, #270989          Patchwork patterns are the classic
699.99 #270954, #270970                          Change pad sold separately.                            look for either your little boy or girl.

Patchwork Pooh                                   Patchwork Pooh                      Patchwork Pooh                             Patchwork Pooh Hamper
6-Piece Bedding Set                              Lamp Base and Shade                 Musical Mobile                             39.99   #153796
Includes an embroidered blanket, flat            Includes bulb and power             59.99   #153818
cot sheet, fitted cot sheet, pillow case,        adaptor. 89.99 #153745
quilt and headboard. 219.99 #153737

                              Bedding and accessories only available at Babies"R"Us specialty stores.                                                              21
     sweet dreams

                                                          A                                                                                     B

                                                          C                                                                                    D

Sleep Safely                                                  A. B. Blankets and Wraps
                                                              Our large collection includes waffle, fluffy and character blankets. To wrap baby up
When choosing bedding for your nursery, it is important       snugly for sleep, choose from the warmth of flannelette or the comfort of cotton
to remember that it is not recommended to put pillows         for when it gets warmer.
or too many blankets and toys in the cot with baby.
                                                              C. D. Koala Baby Blankets
                                                              Our huge range of soft blankets bring baby the sweetest of dreams.
                                                              With detailed designs and trimming they always make a wonderful baby shower gift.

                                             A                                                 B



                                                                                                H                                                                I

A. Koala Baby Thermal Blankets                                                 G. H. I. Bubba Blue Blankets
Wrap your baby in the warmth and comfort of soft and breathable cotton.        Luxuriously soft and warm, these blankets are perfect for those chilly winter nights.

B. C. E. F. Koala Baby Blankets                                                Essential Blankets and Sheets
Blankets full of softness for baby. Choose from a wide selection of designs,   Babies"R"Us have a wide range of soft sheets
colours and sizes.
                                                                               and blankets designed to help baby sleep
D. Sheets                                                                      soundly and comfortably.
Our range of sheets will keep baby snug from bassinet to toddler bed.                                                                                             23





A. B. C. Koala Baby Canvas Organisers
A. For easy over the door storage. Ideal for storing nappies, toys and more. 24.99 each
#858420, #078328, #858412
B. Perfect for organising baby’s clothes, blankets and more. 39.99 each #858447, #078336, #858439
C. Features 3 compartments to keep your nursery needs organised and handy. For use on change table
or dresser. 19.99 each #858382, #858404, #078298 All available in pink, sage or blue.

D. Safe Lift Crib Wedge
Elevates baby’s head to help breathing and enhance digestion. 24.99   #151440

E. Chicco Sleep Well Support Pillow
Provides support for keeping baby lying on its back while sleeping. Features an enclosed device
that simulates a heart beat to help baby sleep. 44.99 #010006

F. The First Years Safe ‘N’ Secure Sleeper
Helps keep baby positioned when sleeping in an adult bed. Includes a soft light. Suitable from birth.
79.99 #670340

G. The First Years Little Lamb Adjustable Sleep Positioner
Patented airflow technology allows air to circulate to keep baby comfortable. Machine washable. 24.99

 24                                                                                                         Accessories and bedding shown on this page not included.

                                                                                                      B. Love N Care Breathe Easy Foam Mattress
                                                                                                      130cm x 69cm. Comfortable and soft. Specially
                                                                                                      designed no-spring core promotes air flow. Prevents
                                                                                                      mould which is perfect for high humidity climates.
                                                                                                      Made in Australia. 99.99 #152064


                                                                                                      C. Love N Care Innerspring Cot Mattress
                                                                                                      130cm x 69cm. Comfortable orthopaedic foam
                                                                                                      system features one laminated waterproof side,
                                                                                                      fabric edging and side air vents. Made in Australia.
                                                                                                      99.99 #693448

 A                                                                                                      D

A. Jolly Breathe Easy Gold Mattress with Removable Cover                                              D. Childcare Premium Innerspring Mattress
130cm x 69cm. Quality mattress includes a 100% cotton removable/washable cover, fabric bound edges,   130cm x 69cm. Features high quality tempered steel
airflow vents and high spring count. Styles vary. 169.99 #025534                                      springs and side air vents for fresh air circulation.
                                                                                                      Made in Australia. 119.99 #256331

Bedding shown on this page not included.                                                                                                                 25

                                                                                                                          A                                                            A

A. Badger Basket Elite Bassinet Complete with Bedding
This charming and unique bassinet is ideal for the first 3 to 4 months, or until baby can push up, roll over or sit unassisted. Deluxe bedding set includes a 3-tier skirt,
soft bumper, fitted sheet and canopy. Available in Cherry, Natural and Arctic White. 249.99 each #704342, #704350, #704326
Badger Basket Bassinet only available at Babies"R"Us specialty stores but available by special order at any Toys"R"Us store.

                                                       B                                                              C                                                                D

B. The First Years 3-In-1 Carry Me Near Bassinet              C. Amore Baby Portable Bassinet and Carrier                      D. Childcare Chloe Rocking Bassinet
Includes portable bassinet, play seat and full sized          Includes mattress, quilted cot, premium fabric,                  Features a rotating mobile arm with soothing music,
bassinet. Folds for travel, ventilated sleep area,            adjustable canopy, removable toy bar and lockable                twinkling lights and calming vibrations. Retractable,
ergonomic handle, lullabies, sounds and soft glow light.      castor wheels. Also available in cream. Suitable from            lockable wheels turn the bassinet into a rocker.
Suitable from birth to approximately 8kgs. 239.99 #725722     birth to approximately 6kgs. 199.99 each #720356, #724556        Suitable from birth up to 8kgs. 229.99 #711888
                                                                             quiet moments



                          #270350                                 #040207                        #411035                               #277150

Description                Price     Portable     Sound         Night       Range   Digital or    Number        Movement     Camera   Product
                                     Parent       Level         Light               Analog        of Analog     Sensor Pad            Code
                                     Unit         Indicator                                       Channels

Lights and Sounds         69.99       x 1                                244m     Analog            2            –          –      168548

Private Connections       149.99      x 2                       –         244m     Analog           10            –          –      168556
Dual Monitor

Philips Avent
Dect Monitor 510          199.99      x 1                                330m     Digital           –            –          –      270350

Tommee Tippee
Ultimate Reassurance      249.99      x 1                                100m     Analog            3                      –      040207

Sounds & Breathing        249.99      x 1                                250m     Digital           –                      –      411035

Roger Armstrong
Digital Colour            349.99      x 1                                150m     Digital           –            –                277150
Video Monitor

All monitors are designed to help monitor your child and should not be used as a substitute to adult supervision.
Infant Capsules                                                                      Convertible
Suitable from                                                                        Car Seats
birth to 9kgs,                                                                       Suitable from birth
infant capsules are                                                                  to 18kgs or approx
designed to cradle                                                                   4 years. Designed for
baby and support                                                                     baby to lie in a rearward
weak neck muscles.                                                                   facing position from
Purchased as part                                                                    birth to approx 9kgs.
of a travel system                                                                   Once the baby weighs
(see Page 35), infant                                                                9kgs the restraint can
capsules allow for                                                                   be turned around to
easy transport from                                                                  face forward in the car
your car or stroller                                                                 seat position.

without waking

                                    buckle up
                                                                        Our car seats and booster seats are safe and comply
                                                                        to Australian Standards. Phew…now that’s out of the
                                                                        way! When selecting bub’s first carriage, ask yourself
                                                                        a few important questions. Will it fit your small car?
                                                                        How long will it be suitable? Can you keep it clean?
                                                                        Does it complement your car’s interior? And most
                                                                        importantly, will baby feel comfortable and cosy?
Booster Seats
Suitable as a car seat from 8kgs to 18kgs.
Converts to a highback booster seat suitable from
14kgs to 26kgs. A very versatile seat that will grow
with your baby through to preschool years.
                                                                  Booster Seats
                                                                  Suitable for toddlers 14kgs
                                                                  to 26kgs. Booster seats
                                                                  elevate the child so that a
                                                                  child harness or lap/sash seat
                                                                  belt can restrain them. Always
                                                                  ensure the vertical part of the
                                                                  sash seat belt is on the child’s
Cushion                                                           shoulder (not on the child’s
Booster Seats                                                     neck) and the horizontal
                                                                  section of the sash belt is
Generally suitable for toddlers 14kgs to 26kgs.
                                                                  on the child’s hips (not on
Cushion Boosters have a padded blow-moulded
                                                                  the child’s tummy).
cushion for comfort and side hooks to hold the
seat belt firmly in place.

         Car Seat Safety
         It is recommended that you have your infant restraint fitted before the birth of your child. Always have an authorised fitting station
         fit or check the restraint for you. To find the location of your nearest authorised fitting station, contact your local motor authority.

A. Mother’s Choice Mayfair Convertible Car Seat
Rear or front facing premium car seat with ultra soft padding, maximum recline,
4 harness positions, protective stabilising arm, high profile wings and hood.                                                                                      A
Suitable from birth to 18kgs. 399.99 #705721



B. Safe-n-Sound Safekeeper Deluxe Covertible Car Seat                                  C. Safe-n-Sound Safekeeper Convertible Car Seat
Includes cushioned baby insert, head pillow and harness pads for additional comfort.   Features a built-in rebound bar, multi-position harness and soft padding.
Suitable from birth to 18kgs. 299.99 #708461                                           Suitable from birth to 18kgs. Styles vary. 249.99
                                                                                        A                                                                                           B

A. Go Safe Travel Style Convertible Car Seat                                                B. Go Safe Shadow Convertible Car Seat
Features include a protective stabilising bar, high profile wings for comfort and           Space saving design car seat reclines or sits upright. Includes quality fabric trims,
safety and easy to change positions. Suitable from birth to 18kgs. 179.99 #700541           headrest and matching insert, 4 harness positions and stabilising bar.
                                                                                            Suitable from birth to 18kgs. 269.99 #705683

                                                                                        C                                                                                           D

C. Go Safe Sahara Convertible Car Seat                                                      D. Go Safe Orion Convertible Car Seat
Features include multiple harness positions, stabilising bar, seat insert and quality       Includes high profile wings, head pillow, harness pads, stabilising bar
fabric. Suitable from birth to 18kgs. 299.99 #711349                                        and deluxe fabric. Suitable from birth to 18kgs. 299.99 #711845


                                                                                        B. The First Years Compass Ultra Highback Adjustable Booster Seat
                                                                                        Features an energy absorbing headrest and colour coded belt paths.
                                                                                        Adjustable in height, flip-up arm rests and foldable for easy storage.
                                                                                        Suitable from 14kgs to 25kgs. 229.99 #203998

                                                                                    A                                                                                      C

A. Racing Kid Convertible Booster Seat                                                  C. Graco Air Highback Booster Seat
Converts from car seat to booster. Features arm rests for child comfort, enhanced       Features energy absorbing foam liner, one hand height adjustment,
side impact protection and shoulder pads. Suitable: Car Seat 8kgs to 18kgs.             hide-away cup holders and more. Suitable from 14kgs to 26kgs. 229.99          #248649
Booster 14kgs to 26kgs. 249.99 #712590

                                                                                    D                                                                                      E

D. Mother’s Choice Shadow Silhouette Highback Booster Seat                              E. Infa Secure Senital Highback Booster Seat
Narrow comfortable design allows for up to 3 seats in most modern cars.                 Suitable for use with a child harness. Features a top tether strap for enhanced
Features adjustable recline, adjustable headrest and large side wings for maximum       stability of the seat. Features easy to use sash guide and arm rests.
side protection. Suitable from 14kgs to 26kgs. 199.99 #273120                           Suitable from 14kgs to 26kgs. 129.99 #060356
Accessories shown on this page not included.                                                                                                                               31
                                                                                 A                                                                                         B

A. Safe-n-Sound Adjustable Child Harness                                                 B. Safe-n-Sound Protecta Safety Harness
Improves upper torso support for children from 14kgs to 32kgs. Suitable for use in       Includes frontal harness adjuster for quick and easy adjustment.
conjunction with highback booster seats and lap sash seat belt. 44.99 #591440            Suitable from 14kgs to 32kgs. 59.99 #239143

                                                                                                                                                  C. Infa Secure Travelle
                                                                                                                                                  Booster Seat with Bonus
                                                                                                                                                  Cushion Booster
                                                                                                                                                  Deluxe booster seat comes
                                                                                                                                                  with top tether strap for
                                                                                                                                                  enhanced safety, adjustable
                                                                                                                                                  headrest and armrest, easy
                                                                                                                                                  clean fabric and more. Both
                                                                                                                                                  booster seat and cushion
                                                                                                                                                  booster are suitable from
                                                                                                                                                  14kgs to 26kgs. 119.99

                                                                                                                                                  D. Go Safe Carvare
                                                                                                                                                  Cushion Booster Seat
                                                                                                                                                  Hooks hold seat belt firmly
                                                                                                                                                  in place. Suitable from
                                                                                                                                                  14kgs to 26kgs.
                                                                                                                                                  59.99 #221848
                                                                                     C                                                      D

                                                       E                                                       F                                                           G

E. Go Safe Highback Booster Seat                           F. Safe-n-Sound Evolution Highback Booster Seat            G. Go Safe Revo Deluxe Highback Booster Seat
Elevates toddler from the car seat for a safer fit         Comfortable seat with contoured side wings and             with Bonus Harness
and proper use of the seat belt. Suitable from 14kgs       seat belt locater. Suitable from 14kgs to 26kgs.           Includes soft head pillow, luxurious trim and high
to 26kgs. Styles vary. 89.99 #901202                       109.99 #719323                                             side wings for better side impact protection.
 32                                                                                                                   Suitable from 14kgs to 26kgs. 109.99 #067024
                                                                                      A                                                                                      B
A. Kiddopotamus Snuzzler Complete Head and Body Support                                       B. Infa Secure Car Seat Securap
Adds head and body support for baby in car seats and strollers. Includes detachable           Hinders children from removing the car seat harness.
head support which can be moved up as baby grows. Styles vary. 49.99 #865443                  Comfortable and easy to use. 14.99 #159530

                                                           C                                                                                                                 D

                                                                                              C. Fisher-Price Precious Planet Deluxe Car Mirror
                                                                                              Safely view your rear-facing child while you are driving. Features include
                                                                                              remote control activation, soft characters and fun songs to keep baby
                                                                                              happy. 49.99 #275654

                                                                                              D. Fisher-Price Precious Planet Roller Shade 2-Pack
                                                                                              Screen out the sun but not your child’s view. Includes 2 colourful shades
                                                                                              and retractable open and close buttons for easy use. 29.99 #275603

                                                                                              E. Goldbug Back Seat Organiser
                                                                                              Easily attaches to car seats. Suitable for feeding, changing, playtime
                                                                                              and more. 24.99 #831360

                                                                                              F. Prince Lionheart 2-Stage Seat Saver
                                                                                              Extra strong design prevents car seat damage and slippage. 39.99     #845310

                                       E                                                  F

Car seats and accessories on this page not included.

3-Wheel Strollers                                                 Travel Systems
Suitable from birth to                                            Suitable from birth to 20kgs, travel systems
approximately 18kgs,                                              include a removable car seat capsule and
3-wheel strollers are                                             a premium stroller. Travel systems enable
ideal for active parents.                                         you to take an infant capsule from your
The front wheel swivels                                           home to the car and back to your stroller
for manoeuvrability on                                            without disturbing baby.
smooth surfaces while
oversized wheels are
designed for effortless
travel over rough terrain.

Flat Fold Strollers
                                                     &            roll
                                                 When deciding on your set of wheels, think…can you lift it?
                                                 Will it fit in the boot? Can you fold it easily? Is the handle height
                                                 just right? Do you love the colour scheme? Whatever you’re after,
                                                 when you’re becoming an Us we’ve got you covered.

Suitable from birth to approximately 18kgs,
flat fold strollers are portable and manoeuvrable.
They typically include multi-recline backrests,
lockable swivel wheels and lots of comfort
and convenience.

         Convenience                                                                   Twin Strollers
         Umbrella Strollers                                                            Appropriate for newborns when equipped
         Mainly suitable from birth, but also ideal for growing                        with a fully reclining seat and up to 18kgs each
         toddlers up to 17kgs. Known for their portability and                         seat. Twin strollers are available in tandem
         convenience, they feature lightweight and compact                             or side-by-side formats, they fit through
         frames for easy portability and car boot storage.                             standard doorways and have lockable
                                                                                       swivel wheels for manoeuvrability.
                                                                                           Chicco travel systems come loaded

 easy weekends
                                                                                           with features both mum and baby will
                                                                                           love and enjoy. The system combines
                                                                                           a stroller with the Chicco key fit car
                                                                                           safety seat which can be transferred
                                                                                           from the stroller to the car in one
                                                                                           easy action.




                                                                                           A. Chicco Cortina Romantic Travel System
                                                                                           Stroller features a lightweight aluminum frame, adjustable
                                                                                           handle and leg rest, 4-wheel suspension and fully padded
                                                                                           180 degree reclining padded backrest. Easy one hand fold
                                                                                           and can stand upright when folded. Recommended for
                                                                                           use from birth to 20kgs. Designed in Italy.
                                                                                           Stroller with Car Seat 999.99 #711578

                                                                                           B. Chicco Trevi Feugo Travel System
                                                                                           Stroller features a lightweight aluminium frame with
                                                                                           compact umbrella fold, multi-position back rest and leg
A & B. Chicco Key Fit Car Seat                                                             rest, all wheel suspension and more. Recommended for use
Packaged with either stroller system. Transfers from stroller to car in one easy action,   from birth to 20kgs. Designed in Italy. Stroller with Car Seat
may be used as a carrier and/or rocker. Free-standing car seat base includes push button   899.99 #711551
leveling and easy one pull adjustment of harness which guarantees correct installation.
Suitable from birth to 9kgs.
  A. Childcare Discovery Melanzane Reverse Handle Stroller
  This compact and easy to fold stroller features multi-position layback, quick release
  reversible handle and lockable swivel wheels. Suitable from birth to 17kgs. 299.99 #707155
                                                                                                            A                                                              A



                                                                                          C                                                                                E

B. Love N Care Reverse Handle                C. Childcare Reversible Hola Stroller        D. Childcare Transit                       E. Childcare Reverse Handle
Zooper Nero Stroller                         Bassinet and stroller all in one. Features   Reverse Handle Stroller                    Snoopy Velocity Stroller
Includes 4 front swivel wheels, reversible   lightweight aluminium frame, reversible      Includes heavy duty frame, 4 full swivel   Multi-position layback, twin lockable
handle, 4-position recline, adjustable       seat, adjustable handle height, locking      wheels, reversible handle, adjustable      front swivel wheels, adjustable footrest,
footrest and boot cover. Lightweight         front swivel wheels, pneumatic tyres and     footrest, 4-position recline, boot         shopping basket, large adjustable hood
for transport, mobility and easy             much more. Suitable from birth to 17kgs.     cover and shade. Lightweight for easy      and embroidery. Suitable from birth to
folding. Suitable from birth to 25kgs.       399.99 #707147                               transportation and mobility. Suitable      approximately 17kgs. 349.99 #707465
299.99 #710776                                                                            from birth to 17kgs. 279.99 #711926
   A. Maclaren Day Tripper
   Premium Stroller
   Features include 2-position
   recline, compact fold hood,
   carry strap and rain cover.
   Suitable from 6 months
   to 17kgs. 199.99 #706582

                                                                               A                                                                                       A




B. Quicksmart Easy Fold Stroller           C. Childcare Rover Layback Stroller      D. Esprit Speed Sun Stroller                E. Go Safe Frontier Layback Stroller
Features lightweight frame, compact        Features a light frame, multi-position   Compact and easy to fold stroller           Features include rear swivel wheels,
fold, storage pockets and sleek, trendy    layback, lockable swivel wheels,         with fully reclining seat, 5-point safety   multi-position layback and easy compact
design. Suitable from 6 months to 15kgs.   shopping basket and more. Suitable       harness and lockable front swivel           fold. Suitable from birth to 17kgs.
239.99 #705276                             from birth to 17kgs. 149.99 #716561      wheels. Suitable from birth to 17kgs.       149.99 #704458
                                                                                    159.99 #705489

  A. Valco Atom Plus Stroller
  Features include a lightweight frame, front swivel wheels, virtually unlimited
  reclining seat, 2 peekaboo windows, footrest, bumper bar and storage basket.
  Suitable from birth to 18kgs. 199.99 #708402
                                                                                            A                                                                           A


B. Maclaren Quest                         C. Adventures with Pooh                    D. Chicco London Strollers                   E. Maclaren Vogue Stroller
Marsh Green Stroller                      Layback Stroller                           Compact stroller ideal for town or           Features include foam insulated handles,
Lightweight stroller features a 5-point   Includes front and rear lockable wheels,   holidays. Includes swivel wheels,            4-position recline, adjustable leg rest,
safety harness, UV protected window,      multi layback positions, viewing window    5-position reclinable backrest, adjustable   head hugger, shoulder pads, boot and
storage basket and more. Suitable from    in the canopy, adjustable footrest,        leg rest, removable hood and large           rain covers. Suitable from birth to 17kgs.
3 months up to 17kgs. 339.99 #712078      shopping basket, removable bumper bar      shopping basket. Available in Topazio or     449.99 #711616
                                          and rear storage pocket. Suitable from     Feugo. Suitable from 6 months to 17kgs.
                                          birth to 17kgs. 249.99 #701718             199.99 each #710474, #710482
 A. Love N Care Europa Stroller                                                                    B. Love N Care Europa Toddler Seat
 Suitable up to 15kgs. Multi configuration designer stroller with rear or front toddler            Toddler seat may be fitted to either the rear or the front
 seat. Includes quick-release mag wheels with air pump, height adjustable handle,                  of the stroller. Suitable up to 15kgs on lower position
 headrest, sunshade and bumper bar. 599.99 #706817                                      A          or up to 25kgs when on upper position. 99.99 #706868              B




C. Bruin Front Rear Tandem Stroller        D. Valco Chilli Navigator Stroller        E. Valco Double Delight Stroller          F. Bruin Monaco 3-Wheel Stroller
Comfort and height for both children.      Includes 5-position layback system,       Layback adjusts to any position between   Multi-position layback, removable front
Folds to same size and single pram.        large sports hood, interchangeable play   upright to full layback. Includes         bar, lockable swivel wheel, peekaboo
Thick padding, aluminium frame,            tray, safety bumper bar and reflective    multi-position adjustable footrest        window, reflective binding, and parent
3-position layback, extra large storage    binding. Suitable from birth              and fits through standard doorways.       tray. Suitable from birth to approximately
basket, detachable hood canopies and       to 18kgs. 249.99 #700266                  Suitable from birth to 18kgs each seat.   17kgs. 229.99 #701165
more. Each seat suitable up to 15kgs.                                                249.99 #700274
Rear suitable from birth, front suitable
from 6 months. 299.99 #711330
                                                           A                                                                                                                      B

A. Valco Rad Stroller                                                                                       B. Valco Rad Bassinet
Lightweight aluminium frame with quick compact fold system, side windows, lockable swivel                   The ultimate in comfort and transport for newborn babies. 249.99
wheels, press-button reclinable/reversible seat and adjustable handle. Suitable from birth to 20kgs.        #709018
699.99 #708984

                                          C                                                                       E

C. Maclaren Quest                             D. Quinny Buzz 3-Wheel Stroller             E. Maclaren Techno XT Stroller                F. Maclaren Twin Techno Stroller
Butcher's Stripe Stroller                     and Carry Cot                               Features include hood air vents, larger       Independent 5-position recline, front
Features a large easy-on/easy off             3-wheel stroller with swivel front          viewing window, insulated handles,            wheel suspension, 2 head huggers and
hood. Includes foam insulated                 lockable wheel, automatic folding,          foot operated linked parking brakes,          shoulder pads and height adjustable
handles, foot-operated linked parking         rearward and forward facing seat unit       front and rear wheel suspension and           shoulder harnesses. Suitable from birth
brakes, 4 seat position recline, height       which grows with the child, height          4 seat-position recline. Suitable from        to 15kgs each seat. 669.99 #712655
adjustable shoulder harness and rain          adjustable push bar and canopy and          birth to 17kgs. 599.99 #711624
cover. Suitable from 3 months                 much more. Easy to fold. Suitable from
to 17kgs. 339.99 #711608                      birth to 17kgs. 999.99 #707538

                                              Strollers on this page are only available for purchase at specialty Babies"R"Us stores.
                                                                                      A                                                                                   B

A. The Mummy Bag Hook                                                                     B. Bruin Hygenic Shopper
Lightweight and versatile and fits all pram and stroller handles. Includes a unique       Provides a germ free seating area. Protects baby from hot or cold surfaces
rubber grip to prevent sliding. 14.99 #139149                                             of shopping carts/high chairs. Machine washable. 49.99 #048186




                                                                                            D. Kiddopotamus                                  F. Childcare Lascal
                                                                                            Premium Stroll Soft Seat Liner                   Basic Buggy Board
                                                                                            Universal fit. Reverses from cosy                Attaches to most strollers
                                                                                            fleece to smooth woven fabric for all            to accommodate a second
                                                                                            season comfort. 49.99 #865451                    older child.
                                                                                            Stroller not included.                           99.99 #135291
C. Stroller Sunshades or Rain Covers
Protect your little one from the sun or rain with the help of our stroller
                                                                                            E. Jolly Jumper Stroller Caddy
sunshades and raincovers. Prices from 14.99                                                 Attaches easily to a stroller.
                                                                                            Quickly organises, stores and
                                                                                            insulates accessories. 16.99 #669423
Accessories on this page not included.
                                                          Packing a perfect nappy bag is something of an art form. Not only do you have to
It's in the bag…                                          think ahead to where you’re going and what you’ll need, you also have to predict
                                                          everything that could possibly go wrong. If nothing else, you’ll want to have
                                                          a camera to capture the chaos so you can laugh about it later!

                                                                                                                                             A. JJ Cole Nappy Bags
                                                                                                                                             JJ Cole designs are
                                                                                                                                             exceptionally convenient
                                                                                                                                             and fashionable nappy bags.
                                                                                                                                             All bags are made to the
                                                                                                                                             highest quality with all
                                                                                                                                             the features you require.
                                                                                                                                             Prices from 79.99
                                                                                                                                             #070890, #070963, #071005,
                                                                                                                                             #071528, #071587


                                                                   B                                                                                            C

     B. Columbia Outfitter Nappy Bags                                                      C. Baby Innovations Nappy Bags
     Expandable bags with multiple organiser pockets. Features an insulated bottle         Provide unequalled convenience and organization. All bags contain
     pocket, deluxe change mat, adjustable shoulder straps and stroller attachments.       micro-ban protection to inhibit bacterial odours and stains.
     59.99 each #112682, #112674                                                           59.99 each #112720, #168807, #112763

                                                                                           D. Gold Bug 2-In-1 Harness Buddies
                                                                                           Extra detailed soft characters function as both a harness and backpack
42                                                                                     D   and grow with the child. Include adjustable straps and easy on/off buckle.
                                                                                           More characters available in store. 34.99 each

        A. Baby Bjorn Air Baby Carrier
        Extremely lightweight carrier specifically
        designed to keep baby cool and
        comfortable. Suitable from birth
        up to 10kgs. 169.99 #138223

        B. Baby Bjorn Active Baby Carrier
        Designed to carry heavier children
        for longer. Provides even weight
        distribution and keeps baby supported.
        Styles vary. Suitable from birth to 12kgs.
        199.99 #175218

        C. Goldbug Sling and Hip Carriers
        Ergonomically designed to allow
        parents to bond with their baby or
        toddler in comfort. Also keeps the
        child in a position for discreet feeding.
B   C   Suitable from birth to 13kgs.
        69.99 each #272639

        D. Baby Bjorn Infant Carrier
        Safe and strong 100% machine
        washable cotton. Suitable from birth
        (53cm, 3.5kgs) to 10kgs. 139.99 #565202

        E. Jolly Jumper Baby Sling
        Machine washable super soft fabric,
        thick shoulder pad and padded rails
        for baby’s comfort. Suitable from birth
        to approximately 8 months.
        49.99 each #669393

D   E                                         43
     nap times

                                                                     A. Chicco 4-In-1 Lullaby LX Portacot
                                                                     Features an infant bassinet, changing station and removable
                                                                     playmat with toy gym. Remote control activated music,
                                                                     vibration and nightlight can be used to soothe baby.
                                                                     Also includes carry bag for transport and storage.
                                                                     399.99 #711357                                              A


            B. Love N Care 2-In-1 Sleepmate Portacot
            Features include an infant bassinet, foldable mattress
            and convenient carry bag. 149.99 #710814

            C. Love N Care 3-In-1 Sleep N Go Portacot
            Includes an infant bassinet, changing station,
            foldable mattress and convenient carry bag. 199.99
                                                                                        A. Snoopy Luxor 3-In-1 Portacot
                                                                                        Includes bassinet and changer. Features lockable
                                                                                        wheels, large storage pockets and includes carry bag.
                                                                                        Suitable from birth to 11kgs. 199.99 #700142                        A


                                                  B                                                                                                         D

B. Go Safe Frontier 3-In-1 Portacot             C. Childcare Luxor Elite 3-In-1 Portacot                 D. Adventures with Pooh 3-In-1 Portacot
Includes bassinet to raise base for newborns.   Features 3 mesh sides with drop-down curtains to         Includes change table, storage pocket, lockable wheels
Easy to carry and store. Suitable from birth    give a clear view of the child and allowing better air   and carry bag. Easy to use and store. Suitable from
to 14kgs. 199.99 #704423                        ventilation. Includes large toy pocket, mosquito net,    birth to 14kgs. 269.99
                                                mattress and carry bag. Suitable from birth to 11kgs.    #701726
                                                249.99 #711896                                                                                              45
     wake-up calls
               Feeding time, whilst often enjoyable,
               can sometimes be stressful for both baby
               and parent. The more stress-free it is,
               the more you will look forward to it.
               Our friendly and helpful staff are here
               to ensure you have everything you need
               for this special opportunity for mum
               and dad to bond with baby.

healthy meals
        Naturally, you want to give
        your baby the best, and
        there’s no better food for
        newborns than mother’s
        milk. While it takes time to
        perfect and get the hang
        of it (for both of you), the
        benefits are worth the

        Benefits of breast feeding

        FOR BABY
        The perfect food:
        Breast milk is natural and full
        of nutrients and antibodies that
        protect your baby from most
        infections and allergies.

        Easy to digest:
        Breast milk rarely causes
        constipation and includes over
        100 nutrients.

        Promotes normal weight gain:
        Breast milk is naturally formulated
        for a baby’s diet and even protects
        against future obesity.

        FOR MUM
        Heals your body:
        Breast feeding causes your uterus
        to contract and return to its
        normal, pre-pregnancy size
        more quickly.

        Burns more calories a day:
        Once your milk supply is built up,
        you are burning between
        200-500 calories a day.

        Reducing stress levels:
        Breast feeding can reduce stress
        levels and help you feel happier.

        Fewer sick days:
        Nursing mums take less days
        off because their babies receive
        valuable immunities.

      stolen moments
                                                     A. Bruin Deluxe Gliders
                                                     Features an ultra soft extra padded seat and additional reinforced frame.
                                                     Available in Cocoa or Autumn wood with beige fabric or Arctic wood
                                                     with blue fabric. 499.99 each #018392, #017876, #018201

                                                     B. Bruin Deluxe Ottomans
                                                     Smooth gliding motion and extra padded cushion. Available in 3 colours
                                                     to complement the gliders. 199.99 each #018295, #017906, #018449





C. Bruin Black Swivel Glider               D. Bruin Sofa Style Glider
with Ottoman                               with Ottoman
Features soft easy clean                   Beautifully designed glider
padding and smooth gliding                 features soft padding and
motion. Glider rotates                     smooth gliding action
360 degrees and reclines                   which is perfect for
easily with the pull                       pregnant or nursing mums.
of a lever. 349.99                         699.99 #261866

                                           Only available
                                           at Babies"R"Us
                                           specialty stores
                                           but available
                                           through Special
                                           Order at any
                                           Toys"R"Us store.
                                       C                                                                                D

                                                                                 A                                                                                        B

A. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow                                                    B. Leachco Back ’N Belly Contoured Pillow
This pillow is contoured to provide head, tummy, back and between the legs              The pillow’s inner contours are designed to follow the natural curved shape of your
support. After birth, the pillow assists in nursing baby. Includes removable/washable   body no matter how you like to sleep. It elevates and aligns hips to help ensure
cover. 89.99 #663018 Also available: Organic Smart Organic Snoogle. 99.99 #156698       a neutral position to relieve strain on joints. Includes removable/washable cover.
                                                                                        129.99 #120510


                                                                                 C                                                                                        C

C. Leachco Back ‘N Shape Pillow
Can be used as a back and tummy support during sleep while pregnant or for nursing after baby is born. Features a removable cover and folds easily for transportation.
89.99 #145289

                                                                                                                                 D. Leachco The Natural
                                                                                                                                 Contoured Nursing Pillow
                                                                                                                                 Specifically designed to complement the
                                                                                                                                 natural shape of your body and to maintain
                                                                                                                                 a healthy feeding angle. The extended side
                                                                                                                                 arms relieve strain on shoulders and back
                                                                                                                                 while lifting baby to the desired height.
                                                                                                                                 49.99 #868361

                                                                                                                                 E. Leachco Cuddle-U Nursing Pillow
                                                                                                                                 and More
                                                                                                                                 Unique support system has the benefits
                                                                                                                                 of a bouncer with the comfort of mum’s
                                                                                                                                 caress. Assists mum in breast feeding or
                                                                                                                                 can be used to assist baby in laying down,
                                                                                                                                 tummy time or sitting up.
                                                                                                                                 69.99 #868388

                                              D                                                     E                                                                     49
 full tummies



                        A. Philips Avent Electric Steam Steriliser
                        Will sterilise 6 Philips Avent bottles in
                        approximately 8 minutes. Kills household
                        germs. 129.99 #462101

                        B. Philips Avent Food and Bottle Warmer
                        Warms frozen or chilled food and liquid.
                        Features an easy to use 2-button operation
                        and interactive digital display. 139.99 #211214

                        C. Philips Avent Natural Beginnings Set
                        A perfect starter set for the new parent.
                        Includes Manual Breast Pump with 2 x 125ml
                        Bottles, Express Microwave Steriliser with
                        2 x 260ml Bottles and 40-Pack of disposable
                        Breast Pads. 149.99 #064963
                    C   D. Philips Avent Newborn Starter Set
                        Set contains 4 Philips Avent feeding bottles
                        (2 x 260ml and 2 x 125ml) all fitted with
                        silicone newborn teats and soothers.
                        Also includes a bottle brush. 49.99 #462608

                        E. Philips Avent Microwave Steam Steriliser
                        All the benefits of steam sterlisation using the
                        power of your microwave. Sterilises 4 Philips
                        Avent bottles and accessories (sold separately)
                        in under 8 minutes. Ideal for travel. 69.99

50              D   E
                A. Philips Avent ISIS IQ Duo Breast Pump
                Includes the additional feature of easy
                portability and electrical power for the
                option of single or double pumping.
                399.99 #178721

                B. Philips Avent ISIS Manual Breast Pump
                with 125ml Bottle
                Fast, gentle and effortless. Clinically
                proven as effective as hospital electric
                and battery pumps. 109.99 #462012

                C. Philips Avent
                ISIS IQ Uno Electric Breast Pump
                The only brand with an IQ – an electronic
                memory that learns from you. Includes
                2 Avent feeding bottles with sealing discs,
                battery pack and more. 249.99 #058769

                D. Philips Avent ISIS Out and About
                Breast Pump
                Everything you need to express and store
                your breast milk when away from your
                baby. Includes insulated travel bag
                and accessories. 169.99 #220884

                E. Philips Avent ISIS IQ Uno
                Out and About Breast Pump
                Everything that is the IQ Uno. Electric
                breast pump with the added convenience
                of an insulated travel bag and accessories.
            A   299.99 #016292

B       C   D                                              E

                F. Philips Avent Thermabags
                Stylish thermabag holds 2 Philips Avent
                bottles, 2 magic cups or 4 VIA cups.
                29.99 each #057827, #057843

                G. Philips Avent Feeding Bottles
                Philips Avent bottles feature a nipple
                with unique anti-vacuum skirt and
                one-way air valve to reduce colic.
                From 9.99 to 19.99 each
                #462276, #016225, #462535, #462578

                H. Philips Avent Soothers
                Available in sizes ranging from
                0 to 18 months and a wide variety
                of styles. 10.99 each

                I. Philips Avent Via System
    F       G
                A versatile space saving storage system
                designed to grow with your baby.
                From 16.99 to 26.99 each
                #236268, #893951, #893935

    H       I                                            51


A. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electronic Steriliser Kit          B. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Breast Pump Kit          C. Tommee Tippee
Slimline shape with 5 minute sterilising cycle and clear digital     Superior comfort and efficiency and only 3 parts for       Closer to Nature Breast Pads
display, accessories tray for sterile preparation of foods and       ease of use. Kit includes pump, 150ml bottle and           Ultra absorbent, thin and discreet.
3 parts for easy cleaning. Includes 3 x 260ml bottles, bottle/teat   slow-flow teat, milk storage lid, standard wide-neck       Contoured to fit with a sticky pad on the
brush and easi-flow bottle-to-cup. 154.99 #848034                    bottle adaptor and 6 breast pads. 94.99 #847992            back to hold them in place. 10.99 #116459

                                                                                   D                                                                                   E

D. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Microwave Steriliser Kit                             E. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles
2-In-1 steriliser – cold water and microwave – making it ideal for travel.             Designed by experts to mimic the natural flex, feel and movement of
Has a quick 4 minute cycle and unique sterile work surface for food preparation.       mother’s breast making it easier to combine breast feeding and bottle
Includes 3 x 260ml bottles, bottle/teat brush and teat tongs. 69.99 #848026            feeding. From 18.99 to 21.99 #848018, #899488

  Feeding Tips:
  Do not let baby fall asleep with a bottle as bedtime bottles may lead to tooth decay from formula, breast milk or juice pooling in the mouth.
  Also, do not prop the bottle when feeding baby as it may cause choking. Always hold baby in a semi-upright position and angle the bottle accordingly.



A. Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump                                                   B. Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump
Designed for faster let-down and maximum milk flow. Swivel handle                      A pump that adapts to the daily routine of a busy mother. Ideal for occasional
allows you to adjust pumping positions for maximum comfort. 109.99                     frequent pumping. Features Medela’s 2-phase expression system – mimics baby’s
#684597                                                                                nursing rhythm in 2 modes. 299.99 #026735


   C. Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Baby Bottles
   A complete feeding system that reduces colic, spit-up, burping and gas. Babies feed more comfortably due to the patented ‘Natural Flow’ vent.
   This allows baby to feed without the negative effects of vacuum or the discomfort of ingesting air bubbles.

   Feeding Tip: Warming up to Feeding
   Whether you choose to breast or bottle feed, warming baby’s bottle is an art. Always test the temperature of the milk by dripping some on to your wrist.
   It should be the same temperature as your skin. Once milk is warmed, do not refrigerate the remaining milk or formula for later use.

       We stock all the best baby and toddler formula brands including S-26, Karicare and Nestle.
       See in store for our huge range.

 Formula Information:
 The first 6 months of your baby’s life is a time of rapid growth. Breast milk or infant formula is the sole source of nutrition at this time. Choosing formula food
 can be confusing. Whether you’re just supplementing your baby’s feed or choosing to exclusively formula feed, there is a huge range available.
 Considering your baby’s age and feeding needs is the perfect place to start. Health professionals recommend breast feeding whenever possible.
                      Naturally Good
                      Food for Baby
            When you haven’t got time to prepare your own meal for baby, finding a product
            that is reliable, healthy, convenient and nutritious can naturally be a problem.
            Rafferty’s Garden range of food is all 100% natural ingredients and nothing else!
            Whether it’s for baby’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, Rafferty’s Garden range of meals
            is just naturally perfect!


A. Nuby Feeding Range
Parents, babies and toddlers around the world love the unique style and features of Nuby. We know you’ll love them too. Choose from a wide selection of sipper cups,
bowls, cutlery, teethers and more.


B. Mam UltiVent Anti Colic Wide-Mouth Bottle System
Designed to be as close to breast feeding as possible. The UltiVent valve is sensitive to ensure a constant air – free flow of liquid to reduce colic.

Feeding Tip: Bottle Safety
After they have been washed and sterilised, bottles and teats must be stored with their teats locked inside and the cap screwed on tight. There are 3 sterilisation methods:

  1. Steaming                                                   2. Microwaving                                              3. Boiling
  There are specifically designed electronic units              Units are also available to allow you to sterilise          This is the old-fashioned way. Just boil a pan of
  available that will sterilise your items with the             baby’s feeding utensils in the microwave.                   water for 10 minutes. Be careful though as this
  flick of a switch.                                            Be sure to always follow the instructions.                  can be rigorous and cause damage to the teat.

A. Our Exciting and Exclusive Munchkin Range
Feeding will never be boring again. Our range includes bottle drying racks, deluxe dishwasher baskets, fresh food feeders, travel ware, sipper cups and more.

   Accessories                                                                                                                                                            B

B. Everything you Need for Easy Meal Time Fun
Our exclusive collection includes feeding cups, no-spill cups, bottles and many more accessories.

                                                                                                                                                    D. Prince Lionheart
                                                                                                                                                    Bottle Warmer
                                                                  C. Sensible Lines Milk Tray
                                                                                                                                                    Heats up anywhere,
                                                                  Designed by mum. Freeze                                                           any time with the
                                                                  breast milk in 30ml sticks                                                        click of a button. Will
                                                                  that fit in any bottle opening.                                                   keep bottle warm for
                                                                  29.99 #168831                                                                     hours. 34.99 #845450

                                                             C                                                                             D

A. Tommee Tippee Fun Feeding Range
This range of feeding items has been designed
to integrate fun with the necessity of food time.
Choose from a wonderful assortment of spill-proof
cups, straw cups, disposable feeding items, spoons
and more.


                                                                                                                                          B. Philips Avent
                                                                                                                                          Magic Cups and Trainers
                                                                                                                                          Magic cup has a patented
                                                                                                                                          non-spill valve. It is designed
                                                                                                                                          to offer a variety of feeding
                                                                                                                                          choices by integrating with
                                                                                                                                          other Philips Avent handles,
                                                                                                                                          soft or hard spouts and other
                                                                                                                                          parts of the range.


  Toddler Feeding Tips:
  Training Cups: Allow your child the transition from bottle to cup. Sippy Cups: A spill proof cup that goes anywhere. Feeding Bowls: Look for a suction base to keep
  toddler's food in place. Soft-Bite Spoons: Cushioned spoons to go easy on baby’s gums. Bibs: Have 8 to 12 different bibs on hand so your always prepared for dribble.

spaghetti attacks   At Babies"R"Us, you’ll discover the most extensive range
                    of bibs designed to suit every child and every occasion.

                                                   When you break out the spoon, break out
                                                   the high chair and prepare to have some
                                                   good, although not so clean fun. Eating is an
                                                   adventure for little ones. Enjoy introducing
                                                   different foods to your little one, and opening
                                                   them up to a whole new world of texture
                                                   and taste.

 High Chair Highlights:
 • High chairs can feature one-hand adjustment.

 • Reclining seat positions are best for baby
   during bottle feeding.
 • Adjustable seat height allows you flexibility
   for where to sit during feeding.
 • Lockable castors are great for manoeuvrability.
 • Some high chairs have washable/removable
   padding providing room for baby to grow
   for longevity of use.



                                                           Seventy design high chair
                                                           only available at Babies"R"Us
       Ruby           Seventy                              specialty stores.

                                                           A. Chicco Polly High Chairs
                                                           Follows baby’s growth from teething
                                                           until learning to eat independently.
                                                           When baby is 6 months old, the high
                                                           chair is comfortable, practical and
                                                           safe. When baby grows, the chair
                                                           becomes ideal to seat your child at
                                                           the table. Includes 5-point safety
                                                           harness, adjustable back and foot rest,
                                                           removable toy bag, 4 lockable swivel
                                                           wheels, 3-position adjustable feeding
                                                           tray and wipe-clean PVC seat.
                                                           Available in Ruby or Seventy designs.
                                                           329.99 each #711373, #711365

                                                           B. Go Safe Frontier Hi Lo High Chair
                                                           Features 4 locking wheels, padded seat
                                                           and 5-position safety harness.
                                                           199.99 #704431

                                                           C. Love N Care Techno High Chair
                                                           Features 6 height positions and
                                                           3 backrest positions. Includes
                                                           convenient basket for storage
                                                           and cross safety bar. Styles vary.
                                                           199.99 #711675

                                               B       C

Accessories shown on this page not included.

                                                                            A. Fisher-Price 3-In-1 High Chair to Booster
                                                                            Features a 5-point safety harness to keep baby secure,
                                                                            4 height adjustment as baby grows, deluxe pad for extra
                                                                   A        comfort, one handed tray removal and a wipeable/washable                                   A
                                                                            seat. Suitable up to 22kgs. 229.99 #709182

                                                    B                                                       C                                             D

B. Fisher-Price Precious Planet High Chair                C. Adventures with Pooh High Chair                      D. Love N Care Futura High Chair
Innovative new design high chair features 7 seat height   Features adjustable and removable tray, 5-point         Features fun prints and colours, easy-wipe fabrics
adjustment, 3-position recline, removable tray and        safety harness and compact fold. Suitable from          and compact fold for storage. Suitable from
lockable castors. 249.99 #700932                          6 months to 15kgs. 129.99 #701750                       6 months to 15kgs. Styles vary. 99.99 #711667


A. Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat
Portable folding booster seat that keeps baby’s feeding surface clean and
sanitised. Features removable feeding tray, compact storage and shoulder strap                                                                                      A
for carrying. 79.99 #161330


                                                     B                                                                                                          D

B. The First Years Swing Tray Portable Booster Seat       C. Infa Hi Diner Booster Seat                        D. Fisher-Price Rainforest Booster Seat
Serving tray fits on top and swings open for easy         Durable booster seat with contoured surface and      Features a removable toy tray that inserts into an easy
access. Includes an extra serving tray and 3 height       non-slip grip pads. Simple turnover 2-level height   clean tray. 3 height adjustments, 3-point harness,
adjustments. Folds for travel or storage. 54.99 #670332   adjustment grows with the child. 39.99 #700339       adjustable front and rear seat straps to fit most chairs
                                                                                                               and easy fold. 79.99 #150991

   Booster Seats
   The perfect solution when your child has outgrown the high chair.
   They attach to your kitchen or dining room chair allowing your child to dine with the family.
duty calls
                                                                 If you have never changed a nappy don’t worry…
                                                                 you’ll quickly become an expert. Newborns need changing
                                                                 up to 10 or more times a day, so you’ll soon know what
                                                                 to do when the nappy fills up.

Make sure you have these essentials when baby bares all.
CLEAN NAPPIES                                                              COTTON BALLS              TOY OR PLAY MIRROR
Keep a stack in sight for all emergencies. Choose from disposable or       In case you need to get   Keep baby occupied while
reusable cloth options. Remember, Especially for Baby nappies feature      into any creases.         you get down to business.
a super absorbent core and soft moisture-proof covers with wetness
indicators.                                                                CHANGING PAD              NAPPY PAIL/BIN
                                                                           Protect your changing     Happiness is a nappy pail
WIPES                                                                      surface with a change     or bin with an airtight seal.
Choose from hypoallergenic/sensitive formulas, moisturising, scented       pad and cover.
or unscented. Especially for Baby wipes are made with real cloth,
include a clever resealable plastic lid and are convenient and portable.



                                                                             D                                                             E

A. Especially for Baby Supreme Jumbo Nappies                        D. Especially for Kids Mega Training Pants
Fun design nappies with a super absorbent core                      Easy pull-on and tear-away sides for easy dress and
to pull moisture away from baby’s skin. Ideal                       quick removal. Available in boys or girls packs of 33
for day and night time use. Made in the USA.                        (17kgs +), 40 (15 to 18kgs) or 44 (up to 15kgs).
Available in 7 sizes.                                               #133876, #133833, #133841, #133914, #133906, #133892
#133663, #133655, #133647, #133701, #133639, #133728, #133620
                                                                    E. Huggies Disney Pull-Ups
B. Huggies Jumbo Nappies                                            Available in 3 sizes for boys and girls.           #242381, #242454,
Available in boys or girls sizes 64, 72, 90 and 108                 #242535, #242551, #242578, #242608
newborn sizes. #237434, #237418, #357286, #396850, #237426,
#237442, #357227

C. Baby Love Jumbo Nappies
Available in newborn, crawler, toddler and walker.                                                                                             65
#168874, #168882, #168866, #168858


                                                                                 E           F




A. Huggies 384-Pack Unscented Wipes     D. Especially for Baby 480-Pack   G. Curash 3 x 80 Pack (240)      J. Prince Lionheart
#154962                                 Scented or Unscented Wipes        Soap Free Wipes                  Ultimate Wipes Warmer
                                        #226866, #226874                  #171255                          Takes the sting out of cold baby
B. Huggies Scented or Unscented                                                                            wipes. The ‘Ever Fresh’ system’s
240-Pack Refill Wipes                   E. Especially for Baby 80-Pack    H. Johnson’s 6 x 80 Pack         micropore fits between the heat
#040436, #596825                        Scented or Unscented Wipes        (480) Skincare Lotion Wipes      source and wipes, keeping them
                                        #226882, #226890                  #680583                          moist and fresh. #912980
C. Huggies Scented or Unscented                                                                            Wipes not included.
144-Pack or 160-Pack Refill Wipes       F. Nice 'N' Clean Antibacterial   I. Johnson’s 3 x 80 Pack (240)   Also available: Replacement Wipes
#596825, #242713                        Wipes 20-Pack                     Scented or Unscented Wipes       #064041
                                        #278777                           #135267, #842117






                                               New version available
                                           B   in September 2009                                                G                                            I

A. Tommee Tippee Nappy Wrapper                                  D. Tommee Tippee Refill 4-Packs                     H. Baby U Scented Nappy Sacks
Locks away smells, germs and mess. Individually wraps           Stage 1   #082244                                   Quick and easy disposal when you’re on the go.
each nappy and holds up to 80 nappies. #693995                  Stage 2   #082325                                   Neutralises nappy odours. Suits all nappies and training
                                                                                                                    pants. 50-Pack #042633 200-Pack #111635
B. Tommee Tippee                                                E. Especially for Baby Cotton Balls
Nappy Wrapper Starter Set                                       200 pack    #240354   500 pack        #240400
                                                                                                                    I. Roger Armstrong Nappy Pail with Lid
Includes tub, 5 x newborn refills and 1 x toddler refill.                                                           #204757

#117021                                                         F. Organic Cotton Rounds or Balls 80 Packs
                                                                Rounds    #240419   Balls   #240435
C. Tommee Tippee Nappy Refills
Stage 1   #694002                                               G. Johnson’s Cotton Balls
Stage 2   #694010
                                                                Balls 180-pack      #171182
                                                                                                                     B. See Me Grow Growth Chart Change Pads
                                                                                                                     Chart your baby’s growth spurts with 90cm of
                                                                                                                     priceless space on this unique changing pad.
                                                                                                                     Available in pink, blue, lavender, white and yellow.
                                                                                                                     14.99 each #179337, #179450, #179396, #179469, #179418

A. Mother’s Choice Change Pad with Removable Toy Bar
54cm x 74.5cm. Fun Giraffe design and toy bar help
to keep baby amused during change time. 49.99
#197807                                                                                                                                                   C

                                                                                                                              C. Love N Care Soft Royal Change Pad
                                                                                                                              49cm x 74cm. Made from high quality
                                                                                                                              towelling that is removable and machine
                                                                                                                              washable. Includes side wedges for extra
                                                                                                                              comfort and safety. 49.99 #025224

                                                                                                                D                                                      E

                                                     D. JJ Cole Designer Nappy and Wipes Caddy                      E. Prince Lionheart Dresser Top
                                                                                                                    or Hanging Nappy Depots
                                                     Keep all your necessary changing supplies in one easy to
                                                     access place. Simply grab and change. 79.99 each               For table top or hanging organisation.
                                                     #101540, #101559                                               Holds nappies, lotion, powder and everything you
                                                                                                                    are going to need at change time. 29.99 each
      Accessories shown on this page not included.                                                                  #845361, #845434
    A. Infa Duo Genius Bath and Change Centre
    Innovative new design features a slide-away table to reveal
    a bath for easy use and safety. Includes lockable castors,
    accessory pocket, 2 deep storage shelves and towel rail.
    Includes convenient slide-away bath tube for draining.
    229.99 #704725


    B. Love N Care Omega Bath and Change Table
    Designed to cater for the needs of both the parent and
    child. Features removable bath tub, wipe clean change pad,
    detachable storage and trays and shelves. Suitable from
    birth to 14kgs. 169.99 #711063

    Accessories shown on this page not included.

B                                                             69
     rub a dub dub
     Let’s face it, bath time can
     be tricky...but incredibly
     fun too!
     It’s a real talent to be able
     to hold a slippery baby,
     lather-up a washcloth and
     get baby clean. Your best
     bet is to get the right
     equipment for the job.

     What will you need?                                                      Features that will get dad
                                                                              in on the action
     • Infant bath tub                    • Cotton balls
     • Two hooded towels. One to dry      • A drain tub. Allows for a quick   • Temperature sensing toys. You’ll never
      and one to wrap baby in               clean-up. Remember, baby            forget to test the water.
      afterwards to avoid a chill.          is waiting.
                                                                              • A bath support. Allows you to keep
     • Two washcloths. One for soap       • Baby shampoo, mild soap             one hand free for sudsing and rinsing.
      and the other for an extra rinse.     or cleansing lotion, a fresh
                                            nappy and clean clothes.

          A. Fisher-Price Rainforest
          Bath Tub Centre Rainforest
          Sling adjusts to support newborns
          and infants and then removes easily
          for toddlers. Includes easy-drain plug.
          64.99 #149675


Bath Safety Tips:
1. There is one basic
   rule …never leave
   baby in the water

2. Always test the
   temperature of the
   water before placing
   baby in the tub

3. Always use shampoos
   and soaps formulated
   for baby
                                                                                                   B                                                                    C
4. Wash the cleanest
   parts of baby first to              B. Fisher-Price Aquarium Bath Tub Centre                          C. Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Time Tub
   reduce the transfer                 Features a unique hammock decorated in a sweet ‘Ocean             Tub grows with the child from infant to toddler with the
   of germs                            Wonders’ print. Includes infant head support and accessories.     insertion of the baby ‘stopper’ which prevents infants
                                       64.99 #683868                                                     sliding into the water. 59.99 #212199

                                                                                                            E                                                       F

                                                    D    E. Baby Dam Bathwater Barrier                            F. Love N Care Deluxe Tub and Bath Aid Sling
                                                         Turns your family bath into your baby’s bath.            Multi-purpose tub with sling to allow baby to be fully
D. Prince Lionheart Wash Pod                             Fits in seconds to all standard baths.                   supported allowing parents two hand washing.
Provides a safe and secure environment similar           Save water, energy, money and time.                      Tub 49.99 #136743 Sling 29.99 #196487
to that inside a mother’s womb. 49.99 #016012            69.99 #279323

                                                                                                                                           C. Love N Care
                                                                                                                                           Deluxe Bath Seat
                                                                                                                                           Features a contoured
                                                                                                                                           and anti-slip seat, 360
                                                                                                                                           degree rotating design
                                                                                                                                           and adjustable back
                                                                                                                                           support. 49.99 #145629


                                                                                    D. Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat
                                                                                    Features a unique turn and lock
                                                                                    design to enable you to wash baby’s
                                                                                    difficult to reach spots with the turn
                                                                                    of your hand. 39.99 #384313

     A. Safety 1st
     Swivel Tubside Bath Seat
     Slip-resistant seat swivels for
     easier washing. The elbow
     cushion makes bath time
     more comfortable for you.
     89.99 #107549

                                                                            A                                                                                         D

                                                                                                                                           E. Mother’s Own
                                                                                                                                           Easy Access Bath Seat
                                                                                                                                           Suction caps secure the
                                                                                                                                           seat in place for baby’s
                                                                                                                                           safety. 29.99 #123617

     B. Big Softies Bath Cradle
     Provides additional support for baby’s
     head, neck and back. Styles vary.
     12.99 #918849
                                                                            B                                                                                         E

 Bath Safety Tip:
 A bath aid is intended to provide support for the baby while leaving the carer’s hands free to wash the child. Please note that a bath aid is not a safety device
 and you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding use. Remember, never leave baby unattended.

                                                                                                           F. Chicco Paediatric Thermometer
                                                                                                           Can be set to read oral, rectal or underarm temperature.
                                                                                                           Receive an accurate reading in just 5 seconds.
                                                                                                           22.99 #840793

                                                                                                           G. Chicco Dual Sensor Thermometer
                                                                                                           Allows you to measure the temperature of baby’s head
72                                                                                                 G       at a distance rapidly and comfortably. 99.99 #200417
          Accessories shown on this page not included.
A. Johnson’s Baby Care Products
Keep baby happy and comfortable by using
Johnson’s baby care products. We have the
complete range in store including shampoo,
conditioner, wash, lotion, oil, cotton buds,
powder and more.

B. Palmers Mum and Baby Products
A range designed specifically for both
mum and baby. Complete range
available in store.


                                                       C. Sudocrem 250g             E. Bonjela Pain Relief 15g Teething Gel
                                                       Healing Cream                #039381
                                                       Clinically proven for
                                               D       the management of
                                                                                    F. Curash Anti-Rash 100g Baby Powder
                                                       nappy rash. #694045
                                                                                    Formulated to soothe, heal and prevent
                                                       D. Bepanthan Nappy Rash      nappy rash. #171220
                                                       100g Ointment                Accessories shown on this page not included.
                                                       Dual action protection to
                     C                         E       prevent nappy rash and aid
                                                   F   skin repair. #142638

                                                                                                        A                                                                        C

                                                             D                                          E                                                                        F

A. Especially for Baby Bath Toys                                 C. Fisher-Price Precious Planet Bath Corner Cubby           E. Kids Character Bath Mats
A bright, fun and interactive range of bath toys                 Suction cups ensure a secure fit while the mesh side        Rubber mats with suction to stop sliding in the bath.
designed to entertain both baby and parents alike.               and bottom allow water to drain. 19.99 #275689              More designs available in store.
Prices start from 4.99 #082228, #082155, #082198, #081906,                                                                   24.99 each #112089, #112097
#082104, #081892, #081671, #082171, #081930, #082112             D. Sesame Street Bath Safety Bumper
                                                                 Inflatable bumper for extra safety in the bath. Fits most   F. Fisher-Price Precious Planet Bath Toys
B. Kids Character Shampoo Rinse Cups                             standard bath tubs. 19.99 #135666                           Fun and colourful toys to coordinate with other
Unique flexible edge helps to keep shampoo out                                                                               Precious Planet items. Prices start from 7.99
of the child’s eyes. 16.99 each #231606, #231592, #231614                                                                    #103748, #104418, #103489, #104302, #103551

              Accessories shown on this page not included.
 From embroidered bath robes and booties to towels and washcloths, all Koala Baby bath time accessories
 are made from soft and luxurious absorbent terry just for baby. Available in an exciting range of colours
 and designs all exclusive to Babies"R"Us.

Koala Baby Bathrobe and Bootie Sets
Adorable embroidered robes made from soft and absorbent cotton. Available in Frog or Octopus designs. 34.99 set                 #190632, #190624

Koala Baby Hooded Towel and Washcloth Sets
Feature contrast piping and appliqué. Available in Fish, Duck, Frog or Octopus designs. 24.99 set      #190586, #190594, #190608, #190616

Koala Baby Super Towels
Great for the tub or pool. Available in Fish, Duck, Frog or Octopus designs. 19.99 each   #190578, #190543, #190527, #190551

Koala Baby Washcloths
24cm x 24cm in 100% cotton. Available in Fish, Duck, Frog or Octopus designs. 4-Pack 9.99 pack
#190187, #190373, #190640, #190365 8-Pack 16.99 pack #190462, #190500, #190497, #190489

The journey from nappies to underwear
is both rough and rewarding for your toddler
and you. Not to worry as Babies"R"Us
has it covered. You should start shopping
for a potty when your little one is around
15 to 18 months old. A reward system also
helps here. Let your toddler wear pants
around the house and ask regularly if they
need to go.

Remember, every child is different. There will
be accidents but don’t worry or get angry.
They are still learning and it’s very easy
for a toddler to forget, especially when
they are having fun.





                                                   C                                                                                                        F

A. Fisher-Price My Potty Buddy                                                        D. Bambino Step Toilet Trainers
Provides realistic toilet elements mixed with fun rewards and encouragement.          Make baby’s transition to the toilet comfortable and easy. Features include easy-grip
Doubles as a training seat to help the transition from potty to toilet even easier.   step and support handles, non-slip adjustable feet, sturdy construction and attractive
69.99 #263303                                                                         colours. 39.99 each #199729, #199745

B. Fisher-Price Royal Potty Step Stool                                                E. Kids Character Soft Potty Seats
Toddlers are rewarded for contributions with 3 regal sounds. Potty converts           Choose from Dora, Thomas or Sesame Street. 19.99 each       #112038, #112011
to a handy step stool. 59.99 each #150983, #263311
                                                                                      F. Character Step Stools
C. Weeman – The Little Boys Toilet Trainer                                            Help your little one find that extra little bit of height confidence anywhere around
Clips onto the front of a normal sized toilet allowing small boys to wee              the house. Choose from Dora, Wiggles, Sesame Street or Thomas.
unaided while standing up. Easy to clean. 22.99 #164488                               14.99 each #112135, #112151, #151084, #112186

     and to think
     they came
     into this world
     with nothing
     but a birthday

                       Make sure you’ve covered your Q’s and C’s with baby’s clothing.
                       Question that you have the Correct size and fit, that the clothing
                       is Comfortable, that there is Quality manufacturing and that
                       you’ve got Quantity – your baby will grow fast. Remember,
                       for Cool, Cute and practical designs we’ve got you Covered.

gotta be
a Bonds

Bonds Range of Clothing
The Bonds range is a great place to start baby’s wardrobe. With the comfort of cotton and the stretch of Lycra, everyone will love
the easy care and easy wear nature of these clothes. Choose from coveralls, wondersuits, pyjamas, t-shirts, hoodies and much more.

oh my

               Range of Clothing
               This adorable range
               of clothing gives your
               child a cute fashion
               edge. With a vibrant
               colour palette and
               practical, user-friendly
               designs, your child will
               be the best dressed on
               the block. Choose from
               sleeveless coveralls,
               pyjamas, t-shirts, shorts,
               tracksuits and more.


good in

Gagou Tagou Range of Clothing
Discover a world of soft textures, vibrant colours and fun characters in this exclusive range. Gagou Tagou offers a range of
coordinated collections from wardrobe basics to fashion styles, plus a host of accessories. It’s an exciting, new and cuddly world for
newborns and infants and all at very cuddly prices. Choose from bodysuits, 2-piece pyjamas, reversible cardigans, hooded outfits
and much more.
                                                                   Entire House
                                                             Windows, outlet covers, smoke detection,
                                                              corner protectors and edge cushions,
                                                                 cord shorteners, TV/DVD guards
                                                                        and safety gates.

                                                                  Tip: Remember, safety products

                   Nursery                                         are designed to aid but never
                                                                     replace adult supervision.
              Door stoppers, finger pinch
               guards, crib rail teethers

                    and monitors.

            Tip: Make sure you keep things
              out of reach of little hands.

                                              It’s never too soon to baby proof your home for
                                              when your little one begins to explore. Thankfully,
                                              there is a wide range of safety products available
                                              to put mum and dad at ease.
       Bath tub soft spout covers,
       non-slip mats, cabinet locks
        and childproof containers.

      Tip: Keep all medicines securely
       out of baby’s reach and never
     leave your little one unattended.
                                                Cabinet locks, drawer latches, appliance knob
                                                     covers and stove and burn guards.

                                                 Tip: Keep cleaning products and shopping
                                                 items out of reach. Keep a list of important
                                                    emergency phone numbers on hand.

                                             A                                                      B                                                      C

                                             D                                                      E                                                      F

                                             G                                                      H                                                      I

A. Safety 1st Outlet Plugs Pack                       B. Safety 1st Cabinet Slide Lock 2-Pack                C. Safety 1st Cabinet and Drawer Latches
Specifically designed to go unnoticed by children     Helps to keep cabinets secure. Designed for cabinets   Designed to minimise the risk of injury by keeping
to protect them from unused outlets. #106402          with handles. #105899                                  cabinets and drawers securely closed. #015369

D. Safety 1st Clear Door Knob Covers                  E. Dream Baby Drawer Stoppers Pack                     F. Dream Baby Auto Sensor Night Light
Helps to keep little ones from entering parent-only   Prevents children from pulling out drawers onto        Provides a soft light suitable for any room in the house.
rooms. #107212                                        themselves. #186899                                    #201227

G. Prince Lionheart Stove Guard                       H. Prince Lionheart Crib Rail Teether                  I. Kid Kushion Clear Gummi Rail Teether
Protects children from scalds and burns by putting    Protects baby’s teeth and soothes tender gums.         Features a unique chewy texture made for teething.
a barrier between the child and cooking hazards.      Prevents baby from ingesting harmful chemicals.        Will fit to all size cots.
#845388                                               #868434                                                #068985


     A. Lindam 3-Way Deluxe Playpen
     Extends up to 3.27m and converts easily from playpen with an easy-swing
     gate to room divider, multi-panel gate or fireplace guard. Folds down for
     easy storage. 249.99 #026409
                                                                                          A        A                                                                         A

                                                                                                                                                B. North States
                                                                                                                                                Super Yard XT Playpen
                                                                                                                                                Made of durable reinforced
                                                                                                                                                plastic, the playpen features
                                                                                                                                                extra tall 66cm walls, is weather
                                                                                                                                                resistant, easy to assemble
                                                                                                                                                and can go anywhere inside
                                                                                                                                                or outside. Uniquely opens
                                                                                                                                                from any corner for easy access.
                                                                                                                                                149.99 #722553

                                                                                                                                                C. North States
                                                                                                                                                Super Yard XT
                                                                                                                                                2-Panel Extension Kit
                                                                                                                                                Increases the Super Yard’s size
                                                                                                                                                for a larger play area. 49.99

                                                                                     B                                                   C

                                                       D                                                         E                                                       F

      D. Jolly Square Multi-Coloured                           E. Jolly Hexagonal Wooden Playpen                        F. Jolly Versatile Plastic Playpen
      Wooden Playpen                                           Lots of room for 2 children. Ideal for keeping           Firm, tough and durable playpen is
      Has no sharp edges and comes with                        little adventurers contained while mum’s work            uniquely extendable. Easy to assemble.
      sturdy corner clips. Easy to assemble.                   gets done. Easy to assemble. 119.99 #724696              149.99 #700401
      89.99 #724718

     Toys and accessories shown on this page not included.

     Are a practical and portable way to create a safe play area for young children. Perfect for keeping baby in the one spot!

safe spots
Safety gates help prevent access to stairways    Pressure Mounted Gates
and rooms that are off limits to create a safe   These gates should only be used at
play space for baby. Ensure you are familiar     the bottom of a stairway or between
                                                 rooms. They rely on pressure applied
with the space you wish to gate-off to ensure    to the bumpers to hold them up.
you select the perfect product for your needs.   Simply, two sliding panels adjust to
                                                 the dimensions of the doorway and
                                                 a locking mechanism supplies the
                                                 force to wedge the gate in place.

                                                 Hardware Mounted Gates
                                                 These gates can be used at the
                                                 top or bottom of the stairs and at
                                                 window openings. This type of gate
                                                 is mounted with screws directly into
                                                 the wall which gives it the ability
                                                 to withstand more than pressure
                                                 mounted gates. Some hardware
                                                 mounted styles have a special
                                                 swing/stop mechanism to prevent
                                                 the gate from swinging out over
                                                 the stairs.

                                                 Walk-Through Gates
                                                 These gates have a single-handed
                                                 release that allows you to open and
                                                 lock the gate with just one hand.
                                                 They are great for times when you
                                                 are carrying baby, which is sure to
                                                 be often. Swing-open dual-direction
                                                 gates allow you to open the gate
                                                 in either direction without having
                                                 to re-install each time.

     on the safe side

                            A. North States Diamond Mesh Gate
                            Sturdy hardwood frame with rigid diamond mesh panels
                            and rubber bumpers. Pressure mounts instantly without
                            hardware. Gate is 58cm high and fits openings from
                            66cm to 106cm. Made in the USA. 49.99 #580929

                            B. The First Years Hands-Free Gate
                            Open and close without using your hands. Gate swings open
                            in either direction and the knee-knocker plate lets you push
                            the gate open and shut with your knee. Gate expands
                            from 74cm to 85cm. 99.99 #049247

                            C. The First Years All Clear Swing Gate
                            Features no-climb construction and provides an unobstructed
                            view for both the parents and toddler. Can be hardware
                            or pressure mounted. 109.99 #670324


86                      B                                                                  C
     Helpful Hints:
     •	 Never leave baby unsupervised. Always close the gate
        behind you.
     •	 Never leave your child unattended or rely on safety gates
        to keep your child safe.
     •	 Get into the habit of closing child safety gates all the time.
     •	 A gate should never be less than ¾ of your child’s height.
     •	 Always ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s
        instructions when you are setting up your safety gate.
     •	 Always ensure that you place the safety gate out of the
        reach of window blinds/curtains or electrical cords.

    A. North States Expandable Swing Gate
    Deluxe wood gate expands to fit openings from 60cm to 152cm.
    Gate is 81cm high and swings open in either direction. Top security
    rail adjusts automatically. 99.99 #580902

    B. North States Ultra-Wide Swing Gate
    Deluxe wood gate expands to fit extra-wide openings from
    144cm to an incredible 261cm. Gate is 68cm high and includes
    a childproof latch with easy one-hand operation. 159.99 #679690

    C. North States Super Gate III
    66cm high deluxe gate easily adjusts to openings of 66cm to 106cm
    wide. Versatile gate can be mounted in 5 ways and features rounded
    edges to protect little fingers. Made in the USA. 79.99 #868345



B                                                                         87
                                                          The First Years Double Bed Rail #906360
                    2-3 year old child in night clothes (plain, if possible - models own - will not able to supply up to 3yrs old clothing)
      shoot on a single bed with toddler "asleep" in bed (need to source a single bed, plain bed linen should already be available at studio in props



                                                                  C                                                                                                    D

A. The First Years Double Bed Rail                                                 C. Childcare Sleep Safe Bed Guard
Features include steel construction, breathable mesh sides and under-mattress      Made from strong tubular steel with extra strong locking and folding mechanisms.
connector rods. Both sides fold down. 99.99 #906360                                Suitable for most beds and mattresses. 49.99 #256307

B. Safety 1st Secure & Lock Bed Rail                                               D. Universal High Hinge Bed Rail
Eliminates possible entrapment between the bed and bed rail. Bed rail folds down   Features include a stabilisation bar for ultimate safety. Perfect for regular and
so parents can easily access the child and change the bedding. 69.99 #632864       platform beds. 59.99 #151483
                                                                                   Beds, bedding and accessories shown on this page not included.
 So many choices. Choose from basic,
multi-speed, music, light and sound, front
 to back, side to side motion, gliding,                      Entertainers
  removable toy bar styles and more.                           Give baby exercise and
 Which ever you choose, baby will love                     entertainment in one great toy.
    the smooth and rhythmic action.                      Allow baby to swivel, bounce, rock,
                                                         stand, sit and play with interesting
                                                         things to explore so they will be in

                                                               entertainment heaven.

                                       If you could harness the power of baby’s
                                       excitement and curiosity, you could probably send
                                       a Space Shuttle to the Moon. The more baby plays,
                                       the more they learn about their world.

  Available with such features as
  built-in vibration, music, nature
   sounds, volume control and
 removable toys. The more baby
moves, plays and laughs, the more
            fun it is for all.
                                                             Door-frame jumpers give baby
                                                              freedom of movement while
                                                             keeping them safe and secure.
                                                            Features like high-back seats and
                                                             extra padding will make baby
                                                                       jump for joy.


                                                                                                                                        B.C. Bruin Portable
                                                                                     A                                                  or Bright Starts
                                                                                                                                        Pretty in Pink Swings
A. Fisher-Price Power Plus Swing                                                                                                        Feature 6 unique speeds which
Features an AC plug-in option with safety release. Can also operate on batteries.                                                       adjust to baby’s weight,
Includes 6 soothing speeds, 10 songs, swing-away mobile with 3 soft toys,                                                               5 melodies and swing timer.
3-position recline, 3-point restraint, snack tray and easy-clean soft pad.                                                        C     Suitable from birth to 11kgs.
Folds for storage. Suitable from birth to 11kgs. 229.99 #704954                                                                         159.99 each #709050, #707384

                                     D                                               E                                        F                                         G

D. Fisher-Price Precious Planet             E. Fisher-Price Precious Planet              F. Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders            G. Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders
Cradle Swing                                Take-Along Swing                             Aquarium Take-Along Swing                Aquarium Deluxe Cradle Swing
Unique 2-way motion, 3 seat positions,      Features 5 speeds, plays 7 songs and         Features 8 speeds, volume control        Features include 2 swinging
6 speeds and 12 songs. Seat features        has volume control. Toy bar removes          and compact fold. Machine washable       motions and aquatic sounds.
a snack tray, 2-position recline            easily for easy access to baby. 199.99       pad. 179.99 #716421                      279.99 #716413
and machine washable pad. 329.99            #700665


                                                                                      B. Chicco Confetti Dreams Bouncer
                                                                                      Features multi-position backrest, adjustable legrest, electronic toy bar with
                                                                                      5 melodies and removable washable covers. Folds flat for storage and includes
                                                                                      a cosy blanket. 249.99 #010073 Only available at Babies"R"Us specialty stores.




A. Fisher-Price Precious Planet Deluxe Bouncer                                        C. D. Bright Starts Bounce Buddies
A magical snow globe, light-up aquarium and lots of motion to entertain baby.         or Pretty in Pink Bouncers
Features music, lights and vibration. Suitable from birth up to 11kgs.                Both feature a gentle bouncing motion
169.99 #020109                                                                        and vibrations in a cradle seat. 79.99 each   #259748, #259756

                                      E                                         F                                                                                      G

E. Fisher-Price                           F. Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders               G. Bruin Cradling Bouncer
Precious Planet Bouncer                   Aquarium Bouncer                            Features 2-position reclining seat with melodies, vibration and head support.
Includes soothing vibration, songs,       Includes songs, sounds, vibration           Suitable up to 11kgs. 99.99 #259837
sounds and 3 character toys. 119.99       and removable toy bar. 169.99 #565350


                                                                                                                                                  B. Jolly Jumper
                                                                                                                                                  and Stand
                                                                                                                                                  Improves baby’s
                                                                                                                                                  balance, helps develop
                                                                                                                                                  coordination and
                                                                                                                                                  provides firm back
                                                                                                                                                  support. 59.99 #591068
                                                                                                                                                  Stand shown sold
                                                                                                                                                  separately at 99.99

                                                                                                                                                  C. Jolly Jumper
                                                                                                                                                  Elite with Electronic
                                                                                                                                                  Interactive Playmat
                                                                                                                                                  Interactive mat rewards
                                                                                                                                                  baby with sounds and
                                                                                                                                                  music. 79.99 #027766


A. Fisher-Price Precious Planet Jumperoo
Height adjustable seat rotates 360 degrees for hours of spinning fun. Includes a motion sensor                                                        C
that encourages the child by rewarding with lights and sounds when they jump. 269.99 #020176

                                                                    D                                                                                               E

        D. Bruin Activity Station                                                         E. Exersaucer Mega Circus Entertainer
        Includes 6 easy to access activity centres with lights and sounds,                Rock, spin, bounce, stand or sit. Includes 3 height positions, snack tray
        adjustable height, removable stabilisers for rocking or sitting play              and 9 toys. Has washable seat pad, built-in carry handle and folds flat
        and washable seat pad. 149.99 #708534                                             for storage. 179.99 #725145



                                                        B                                                                                                                  D

A. Chicco DJ Walker                                                                   C. Love N Care Rock ‘N’ Walk Walker
Features 3 adjustable height settings, removable and washable padded seat pad         For use as a walker or rocker. Features 5-position height adjustment
and seat liner and folds compactly for storage. Electronic play tray can be removed   and is easy to fold. 129.99 #701769
to use separately from the walker. 159.99 #711586
                                                                                      D. Cuddly Baby 2-In-1 Rocking Walker
B. Bruin Step Walker                                                                  Converts from walker to rocker. Features interactive activity tray, soft seat, adjustable
Features include adjustable height settings and play tray. Folds compactly            height and foldable base. Available in pink or blue. 119.99 #706612, #706213
for easy storage. 129.99 #709107

                                      A. Jolly Baby Toy Range
                                      Our range also includes
                                      rattles, bouncy pals,
                                      funky activity pals, chewy
                                      teethers and much more.
                                      See in store for the
                                      complete range.



     *Photo              *Photo
                     B                                               B

                                      B. Jolly Baby Play Gyms
                                      Create a world of discovery
                                      for your baby with these
                                      entertaining and educational
                                      activity gyms.

                                      C. Jolly Baby Mobiles
                                      Bright and colourful characters
                                      slowly rotate above baby’s head.
                                      They are positioned so they face
                                      baby whilst baby is laying
                                      in the cot.

                                      D. Jolly Baby On the Go
                                      Pram and Stroller Arch
                                      Multi-activity arch that easily
                                      attaches to most prams and
                                      strollers. Includes 3 hanging toys
                                      with lights and music.

          C      C                D

         big discoveries

    A. Fisher-Price Friendly Firsts Toys
    This fun, bright and entertaining range of toys is sure to meet baby’s entertainment needs. With some items suitable from 3 months plus,
    Friendly Firsts will grow with the needs of your child. Choose from an assorted range of toys in store.

                                                                                 B                                                                                C

B. Fisher-Price Rainforest Toys                                                       C. Fisher-Price Perfectly Pink Toys
Once again, Fisher-Price has brought together a bright, fun and entertaining range    This delightful little angel range provides baby with interaction and fun
of toys in the Rainforest theme. Watch your little adventurer explore with the        with a girlie twist.
Suction Cup Spinner, Roller Piano, Chime Ball, Giraffe Stacker and the Monkey
or Sunshine Stroller toys.

A. Tiny Love Gymini Kick ‘N’ Play Mat
The ultimate baby-activated environment includes
lights, music, classical and fun animal sounds plus
17 developmental activities and much more. #592013


                                                                                                                       B. Tiny Love
                                                                                                                       Gymini Melody Maker Playmat
                                                                                                                       Features a brand new musical triangle
                                                                                                                       with 3 delightful tunes. Also includes fun
                                                                                                                       hanging toys and lots of developmental
                                                                                                                       activities on the mat. #249912

                                                                                        C                                                                      C

C. Tiny Love Interactive Toys
To enhance the Tiny Love experience, select from a wide range of smaller interactive toys for home or on the go.

                                                                                                  B. Bright Starts RRRoaring Fun Playgym
                                                                                                  Having a rrroaring good time with a safari of activities
                                                                                                  that give baby hours of exciting play time. #109134


A. Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Playgym
Perfect for your little princess to have
fun and to explore. Comes with 6 toys                                                                                                                            B
and a comfy play mat that is machine
washable. #109347

                                                                        C                                                                                        D

C. Bright Starts Toys                                                       D. Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Range
Put fun first with this colourful and interactive collection of toys.       A collection of precious pink activity toys just perfect for your little princess.
See in store for our complete range.                                        See in store for our complete range.

     This will put a smile
     on your face

     Want to talk about the bear essentials?
     Especially for Baby Wipes deliver premium
     quality at a great value price. They are made
     with real cloth and are strong enough to
     handle the toughest or the most gentle of
     situations. With the convenience of a pop-top
     lid and available in scented or unscented
     varieties, Especially for Baby Wipes are sure
     to put a smile on anyone’s face!

     Especially for Baby Wipes are manufactured in the USA exclusively for Babies"R"Us and Toys"R"Us   ADVERTISING FEATURE
                             CASTLE HILL
                             MOORE PARK

                             MAJURA PARK

                             KNOX CITY

                             RUNDLE MALL
                             TEA TREE


                             MT GRAVATT
                             PACIFIC FAIR

                                Indicates Babies"R"Us specialty
                             stores that offer an even greater
                             All other stores listed include
                             Babies"R"Us within Toys"R"Us.
Visit     Prices and styles shown in this catalogue are
                             subject to change. Unless otherwise stated,
for full store listing and   all accessories are sold separately.

trading hours.
wonder years

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