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					         Mediterranean Living Heritage

Implementing the Convention for the Safeguarding
         of the Intangible Cultural Heritage
     in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and the Syria

               Paris, 25 and 26 May 2009

                        Fernando Brugman
                Intangible Cultural Heritage Section
                The ICH Convention

• Adopted: October 2003
• Open for ratification since November 2003
• Ratified by 30 States: 20 January 2006
• Entered into force: 20 April 2006
• Ratified now by 112 States:                  The Al-Sirah Al-Hilaliyyah Epic, Egypt

    Egypt: 03.08.08 (ratification)
    Jordan: 24.03.06 (ratification)
    Lebanon: 08.01.07 (acceptance)
    Syria: 11.03.05 (ratification)

                   Vietnamese Court Music
                                Nha Nhac

                                            The Cultural Space of Sosso-Bala in Nyagassola,
                           Defining ICH:
Expressions and practices, knowledge and skills that

•   are recognised by communities, groups, and in some cases individuals, as
    forming part of their cultural heritage

•   are living, transmitted from generation to generation and constantly recreated

•   are crucial for the sense of identity and continuity of communities and groups

•   are in conformity with human rights (+ sustainable development)

•   (belong to one or more of the relevant domains)

    The definition also includes objects and spaces that are associated with
    manifestations of ICH

• Oral traditions and expressions, including
  language as a vehicle of the ICH
• Performing arts            The Traditional Music of Morin Khuur

• Social practices,

  rituals and festive events
• Knowledge and practices
  concerning nature
  and the universe
• Traditional craftsmanship

• Safeguarding ICH: ensuring its viability
  (continued enactment and transmission)
  within communities/groups
• Awareness-raising
• Sharing and celebrating
• Dialogue, respect for cultural diversity
• International cooperation and assistance
            Role of States Parties

                             • Take necessary measures
                               to ensure safeguarding (=
                               ensure the viability of ICH)
                             • Identify and define
                               elements of intangible
                               heritage, with
                               participation of
The Garifuna Language,
                               communities, groups and
Dance and Music, Nicaragua
National Safeguarding Measures
                           • Inventory making
                           • Adopt a general safeguarding
                           • Establish competent safeguarding
 Shashmaqom Music          • Foster studies and research
 Tajikistan - Uzbekistan     methodologies
                           • Adopt legal, technical,
                             administrative and financial
                           • Education, awareness-raising and
    Mechanism of the Convention

•   General Assembly of States Parties

•   Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible
    Cultural Heritage

•   Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

•   List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding

•   Programmes, projects and activities reflecting the principles and
    objectives of the Convention

•   Fund for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

•   International assistance and cooperation
           General Assembly

• Sovereign Body of the Convention
• ordinary session every two years, and in extraordinary
• Elects the members of the Committee
• Approves the Operational
   Directives for the
  implementation of the
• 27-29 June 2006: 1 GA
• 9 November: 1 EXT GA
• 16-19 June 2008: 2 GA
                                  The Al-Sirah Al-Hilaliyyah Epic,
    Intergovernmental Committee
•   24 Members
•   4-year term, renewal of half of the members every 2 years
•   Membership: determined by equitable geographical representation and
•   Members to send experts as their representatives
•   Algeria: 1 COM (Nov.2006)
•   China: 1 EXT COM (May 2007)
•   Japan: 2 COM (Sept. 2007)
•   Bulgaria: 2 EXT COM (Feb. 2008)
•   Istanbul: 3 EXT COM (Nov. 2008)
•   ABU DHABI: 28/9-2/10 2009              The Art of Akyns, Kyrgyz Epic Tellers Kyrgyzstan
        Functions of the Committee

                         • Prepare Operational Directives for
                         • Implement the Convention
                           – Examine requests for:
                              • inscription on the Lists
The Pansori Epic Chant
Republic of Korea
                              • Article 18
                              • international assistance
                           – Make recommendations on
                             safeguarding measures
                           – Seek means of increasing its
                           – Examine periodic reports of States
The Fund: International Assistance

 • International Assistance:
    – Safeguarding of heritage inscribed on the
      Urgent Safeguarding List
    – Preparation of inventories
    – Programmes, projects and other activities in the
      States Parties (incl. capacity building)
    – Preparatory assistance

                 Congos of Villa Mella
                  Dominican Republic
 Features of the Convention
– Introduces a list system for visibility and safeguarding; other
  main focus on programmes and projects

– Deals with heritage representative for communities (not of
  outstanding universal value)

– Emphasis on living heritage, enacted by people, often
  collectively, mostly transmitted orally

– Attention for processes/conditions rather than products

– Role of communities/groups

– Contribution to promotion of creativity and diversity, to well-being
  (of communities and groups and societies at large) and peaceful
         Operational Directives
• The Convention creates new mechanisms for the
  safeguarding of ICH, but does not provide specific
  instructions on how to implement them.

• The Operational Directives serve as guidance for
  implementing the Convention

• The Convention requests the Committee to prepare
  operational directives for the implementation of the
  Convention and submit them to the General Assembly for
  its approval

• First set adopted by the General Assembly in June 2008
           Operational Directives
Safeguarding intangible cultural heritage
        Urgent Safeguarding List
        Representative List
        Incorporation “Masterpieces” into the Representative List
        Programmes, projects and activities that best reflect the principles and
         objectives of the Convention
Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund and International Assistance
        Guidelines for the use of the resources of the Fund
        International assistance
Participation in the implementation of the Convention
        Participation of communities, groups and, where applicable,
         individuals, as well as experts, centres of expertise and research
        Non-governmental organizations and the Convention
Reports by States Parties on the implementation of the Convention
          Urgent Safeguarding List
            Representative List
Urgent Safeguarding List                 Representative List
                                         Ensure better visibility of the ICH and
                                         awareness of its significance
Take appropriate safeguarding measures
for ICH in danger
                                         Encourage dialogue which respects
                                         cultural diversity

• No simultaneous inscription on the Urgent Safeguarding
  List and Representative List
• An element could be transferred from one List to the other
  when complying with all criteria of that List and following
  the nomination procedure
• An element shall be removed from the Lists when it does
  not any longer satisfy criteria
                                                          Criteria                                                               UL          RL
U.1         The element constitutes intangible cultural heritage as defined in Article 2 of the Convention for the
R.1         Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.                                                                    X           X

U.2.        a) The element is in urgent need of safeguarding because its viability is at risk despite the efforts of the
            community, group or, if applicable, individuals and State(s) Party(ies) concerned. (or)

            b) The element is in extremely urgent need of safeguarding because it is facing grave threats as a result of         X
            which it cannot be expected to survive without immediate safeguarding.

R.2.        Inscription of the element will contribute to ensuring visibility, awareness of the significance of the intangible
            cultural heritage and dialogue, thus reflecting cultural diversity worldwide and testifying to human creativity.                 X

U.3.        Safeguarding measures are elaborated that may enable the community, group or, if applicable, individuals
            concerned to continue the practice and transmission of the element.                                                  X

R.3.        Safeguarding measures are elaborated that may protect and promote the element.

U.4. R.4.   The element has been nominated following the widest possible participation of the community, group or, if
            applicable, individuals concerned and with their free, prior and informed consent.                                   X           X

U.5. R.5.   The element is included in an inventory of the intangible cultural heritage present in the territory(ies) of the
                                                                                                                                 X           X
            submitting State(s) Party(ies).
U.6.        In cases of extreme urgency, the State(s) Party(ies) concerned has (have) been consulted regarding
            inscription of the element in conformity with Article 17.3 of the Convention.                                        X

       Adopted by the General Assembly at its second session (June 2008)
  Two Lists: Nomination procedure
Urgent Safeguarding List                      Representative List
1. Preparatory Assistance
Deadline: 1 September
                                 2. Preparation/Submission
Community involvement in the preparation of their nomination
Multi-national nominations
Evaluate the nomination as quickly as
possible after its submission
May be brought to the attention by any
other State Party, by the community                            Extreme urgency
concerned or by an advisory organization.
                           3. Examination/Recommendation
• Conformity with the inscription criteria
                                              • Subsidiary body
• The viability of the element and
  the feasibility and sufficiency of          • Conformity with the inscription criteria
  the safeguarding plan.
• The risk of its disappearing
                                  4. Evaluation/Decision
        If not inscribed                      No resubmision: 4 years
              Two Lists
        For inscription in 2009

Urgent Safeguarding List
Deadline for the submission         15 Mar 2009
Number of files received            15
Representative List
Deadline for the submission         30 Sep 2008
Number of files received            111
Number of States submitting files   35
Number of multinational files       4
Article 18: Programmes, projects and
activities for the safeguarding of ICH
National, subregional and regional programmes, projects and
activities best reflecting the principles and objectives of this
Convention will be selected and promoted
Special attention is given to:
   • the needs of developing countries
   • the principle of equitable geographic distribution
Encourage submission of:
   • subregional or regional programmes, projects and
   • programmes, projects and activities undertaken jointly by
   States Parties in geographically discontinuous areas
   • Proposals characterized by international cooperation
   and/or focusing on specific priority aspects of safeguarding.
Programmes, projects and activities
• Defined in Article 2.3 of the Convention
• Promote the coordination at regional, subregional and/or international
• Reflect the principles and objectives of the Convention
• Demonstrate effectiveness in contributing to the viability of the ICH
  concerned (completed)
• Demonstrate reasonable expectation for the contribution to substantially
  to the viability (underway or planned)
• Implemented with the participation of the community, group or, if
  applicable, individuals concerned
• Serve as a subregional, regional or international model
• Willing to cooperate in the dissemination of best practices
• Feature experiences that are susceptible to an assessment of their
• Applicable to the particular needs of developing countries

               Article 18          USL                 RL

Preparatory    1 Oct 2008 (2009)   1 Oct 2008 (2009)
               1 Sep 2009 (2010)   1 Oct 2008 (2010)
Assistance     1 Sep 2010 (2011)   1 Sep 2009 (2011)

Deadline for   1 Mar 2009 (2009)   15 Mar 2009 (2009) 30 Sep 2008
               1 Mar 2010 (2010)   31 Mar 2009 (2010) 31 Aug 2009
submission     1 Mar 2011 (2011)   31 Mar 2010 (2011) 31 Aug 2010

Decisions to   September 2009                          Sep 2009
               September 2010                          Sep 2010
be taken       September 2011                          Sep 2011
                The Use of the Resources of
                         the Fund
Category of Expenditure                                        %    Jul 2008 to   Jan 2009 to
                                                                    Dec 2009      Jun 2010

International assistance                                       70   1,347,346     449,132

Emergency assistance                                           8    153,988       51,329

Other functions of the Committee                               3    57,746        19,249

Participation in the Committee sessions of Committee Members   5    96,243        32,081
from developing countries

Participation in the Committee sessions of                     3    57,746        19,249
States Parties from developing countries

Cost of advisory services                                      4    76,994        25,665

Participation of public or private bodies                      2    38,497        12,832
invited by the Committee

Reserve Fund                                                   5    96,243        32,081
        International Assistance
          Purposes and Budget
         International Assistance: 70%
    336 849 + 112 283 x 4 = 1.796.528 USD

•   Safeguarding the heritage inscribed on the
    Urgent Safeguarding List
•   Preparation of inventories
•   Support for programmes, projects and
•   Preparatory Assistance

(17.5% x 4)
          International Assistance
              Selection Criteria
Decisions on granting assistance will be made on the basis of the
 following criteria:
  • Involvement of communities, groups and/or individuals
      - the preparation of the request
      - the implementation of the proposed activities, and
      - their evaluation and follow-up
  • Appropriate requested amount
  • Feasibility of the proposed activities
  • Sustainability
  • Cost sharing with the submitting State Party
  • Capacity building in the field of safeguarding intangible
     cultural heritage
      International Assistance
Type of assistance       Budget         DL of submission

Emergency Assistance     Any amount     At any time

Preparatory Assistance   < 25,000USD    1 September

                         >= 25,000USD   1 May

Other Assistance

                         < 25,000USA    Any time
          Accreditation of NGOs

• NGOs that meet the criteria for accreditation may request
  to be accredited to provide advisory services to the
• Accredited non-governmental organizations may be
  invited by the Committee to examine:
     a. nomination files for the Urgent Safeguarding List;
     b. the programmes, projects and activities mentioned
        in Article 18;
     c. requests for international assistance above 25 000
     d. the effects of safeguarding plans for elements
        inscribed on the Urgent Safeguarding List
• Requests for accreditation can be submitted at any time.
            Accreditation of NGO
              Current Situation
• At its third session (Istanbul, 4-8 November 2008) the
  Committee examined requests that have been received in
  complete form before 1 September 2008.
• At the Istanbul session, the Committee recommended 51
  NGOs for accreditation by the General Assembly, and
  invited them to participate at its next session.
• Requests for accreditation that are received after the
  deadline will be examined by the Committee at its
  following session (Abu Dhabi, September 2009).
• The list is not geographically balanced, for the time being.
• The modalities and methods of facilitating the contribution
  of NGOs from developing countries will be discussed at
  the next session.
         Accreditation of NGO
NGOs shall:
 • Have proven competence, expertise and experience in
   safeguarding intangible cultural heritage belonging
 • Have a local, national, regional or international nature
 • Have objectives in conformity with the spirit of the
 • Cooperate in a spirit of mutual respect with
   communities, groups, and, where appropriate,
 • Possess operational capacities, including
           regular active membership
           an established domicile and a recognized legal personality
           existence for at least four years


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