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									                                           DAU F U S K I E I S L A N D, S C

                         Neighborly News for Residents and Visitors

               Daufuskie’s Good Old Days                                  creativity. Very few of us will ever effect great change in the
                      by Paula Nickels, Editor                          outcome of this financial crisis, but we can make a difference
   Nearly everyone on Daufuskie has a parent or grandparent             here on Daufuskie. In supporting one another and our island
 who lived through the Great Depression. A few of our senior            businesses, in sharing what we have, in coming together more,
     islanders may remember it themselves. I recall the stories         in examining the decisions we make and how they impact not
  my parents told of people losing their jobs,of dollars being             just ourselves, but those around us, we can lift each other.
stretched like saltwater taffy and people making do with what          Let’s make a concerted effort to get to know and support one
they had because they had no other choice. Growing up, what             another, not just those in our own small neighborhoods. The
   always surprised me when I listened to their narratives, was        more we come together in helping each other, the stronger this
   that my parents almost seemed a bit nostalgic as they remi-                              island becomes as an entity.
 nisced, sounding more as if they were talking about the good              Daufuskie is blessed with a very diverse population, gifted
  old days than a financially catastrophic time. As we now face          in every conceivable way. In an effort to promote, utilize and
  what is being referred to as this country’s greatest economic-       highlight the many talents and skills of our island population,
   crisis since the 1930’s, I think I’m beginning to understand        The Front Porch is adding a services directory. (See last page.)
      why my parents spoke of those times the way they did.               Whether listed here or elsewhere, please consider using our
  Their accounts, didn’t emphasize deprivation but rather the             island resources as a consumer and/or as a service provider.
  way people pulled together and helped one another through                We are a neighborly bunch here on Daufuskie and already
   their hardships. They spoke of the exquisite pleasure found         inclined to help one another. Let’s all try even harder and look
 in the simplest of things because luxuries could no longer be            for new ways to help each other and our island. Maybe, just
                          afforded by most.                                maybe, this financial crisis could wind up being the turn-
   Many of the things my parents spoke of come naturally to              ing point that unites all of Daufuskie. Who knows...perhaps
    those of us who love Daufuskie. We have a keen awareness            someday we will be the ones waxing nostalgic to our children
  of the joy to be found in simple pleasures. People drawn to              and grandchildren about how we all came together during
 this island inherently appreciate the glory of a striated sky at                               these good old days.
 sunset and the majesty of our bald eagle in flight. Though we
  certainly know how to party here, (just check out Marshside           “Perhaps the purpose of problems is to give us an excuse to
  Mama’s when a great band is playing or The Old Daufuskie                             come together.” Jim Keene
 Crab Company), we don’t crave the garish glitz of Las Vegas.
  In choosing to live on or visit this island, we have all know-                       The Front Porch
    ingly made the decision to do without the convenience of                         Thanks Our Sponsors!
 being able to pop over to the hardware store, or make a quick
  run for fast food. It’s a trade off we happily accept given the                              Bald Eagles
 unspoiled beauty Daufuskie offers us. In our own way we are
   used to doing without here and we rely on each other more                     Mr. & Mrs. Richard Silver
               than people who live on the mainland.
                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Louis Gapenski
Last October, as I finished unpacking my books, after making                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stright
   the move to Daufuskie as a full time resident, I ran across a
book about the Great Depression that seemed particularly rel-                       Loggerhead Sea Turtles
evant: We Had Everything But Money by Clancy Stock. It de-
tails the stories of ordinary people helping each other through
               the financial crisis. Skimming through it again, I              Mr. & Mrs. Frank Blanchette
             realized that times like these don’t just challenge our               Ms. Jackie Resinger
  1 bank accounts; they also challenge our character and                            Ms. Pamela Bailey
   Islanders Get First Look At New Code          regulations for each of the Districts.
 On Tuesday, March 31, Islanders got a first One distinct difference with the Form Based
   look at the Form Based Code that may re-      Code relative to the zoning currently in
    place Daufuskie Island’s current zoning    place is that most uses will be allowed in
ordinance in the island’s Community Preser- every district and there will no longer be
                vation District.                “commercial” and “residential” zoning ar-
                                                 eas. For example, in District D2, anyone
For the past four years, Daufuskie citizens may have a business (retail, lodging, of-
  appointed by Beaufort County to a Commu- fice, tc) as long as the form of the build-
nity Preservation Committee have been work- ing and certain other regulations related
 ing with County planners, developers, area      to issues such as lighting, noise, etc.
experts, and local advisory teams to create meet the requirements for that district.
a Comprehensive Plan for Daufuskie that in- Hopefully this will give island residents
cludes rezoning the areas that are not cur- the ability to have successful businesses
rently in Planned Unit Developments (PUDs). on the island while supporting community
                                              aesthetics and preserving Daufuskie’s sense
 At the meeting on Tuesday, Brian Herrmann,                       of place.
 Beaufort County Planner who has been work-
  ing with the committee for the past year,      The Committee will continue to work with
    presented a brief review of the overall        Beaufort County to edit and revise the
Comprehensive Plan. Next Cooter Ramsey pre-       Plan and the Code prior to presentation
sented the draft of the regulatory document to Beaufort County Council. The Plan must
which is the Form Based Code. Mr. Ramsey is go through several readings with various
from the architectural firm, Allison Ramsey, departments within the County and if ap-
which has been hired by the County to draft               proved, will become law.
               the Code Document.
                                                  All meetings of the Community Preserva-
  In the Form Based Code, the island is di-     tion Committee are open to the public. If
vided into five distinct districts identified    you would like to be placed on the meet-
 as D1 to D5. Each of the districts has its ing notification email list, please sign up
 own set of regulatory standards and design by contacting cathy@catherinetillman.com.
guidelines. The majority of the residential For more information, you may contact Brian
   areas in the Community Preservation Dis-     Herrmann at bherrmann@bcgov.net or email
  trict fall into the D2 District while D3,    any of the CP Committee Members: Catherine
   D4 and D5 districts (which are gradually   Tillman (Chair) cathy@catherinetillman.com;
  more dense) are located closer to the is-       Chris Hutton(Vice Chair) hutbros@harg-
 land’s portals. Freeport, Melrose Landing, ray.com; Chase Allen chaseallen76@hotmail.
and the Webb Tract comprise one portal; the com; Tom Crews tzcrews@aol.com; Chuck Henry
County Dock and Jolly Shores is the second- IONE2@aol.com; Geof Jenkins haiggeof@aol.
 ary portal area. A map indicating the dis- com; Marianne McEvoy daufuskie1@yahoo.com;
   trict designations is on display at Mary          Sylvia Wampler marshycat@webtv.net
   Fields School along with examples of the

                                           DIHF Factoid
   Although a school building had been built for white children in 1913 (the White School
House), black children attended school in the two island churches and their praise houses.
 In 1930 the First Union African Baptist Church bought two acres of land near the church.
The Beaufort County Board of Education agreed to pay for half the cost of building a two
  room schoolhouse ($800) on the land if the islanders could raise the rest. They did and in
1934 the Mary Fields School was opened for its 108 students. Children at the northern end of
            the island continued to go to the Mt. Carmel Church No. 1 until it was destroyed
                  by a hurricane in 1940 and the one room Jane Hamilton School was built.

  D4                                                                 D4

                               D2                                              D5 Visioning
   D3             D1.1
                                                                                   Page 61

                                                                                    Portal Pavillion
                                                           D3                            Page 56
     BLOODY                                                                 Portal Visioning
      POINT                                                                             Page 55

                                   D1.1                                              D5

                                                                                       Meeting Hall
                              D3                                     PD Visioning       Page 57
Beach Pavillion                              D3                        Page 60
   Page 58



    PD - PUBLIC DISTRICT                      D1           D2        D3                 D4             D5

                         REGULATING PLAN                                                               3
                                    Daufuskie Island
8 Port Passage: Spectacular
                                                                                                47 Tabby Circle: Contempo-
custom built home is loaded                                                                     rary Low Country Farmhouse
with extras. Decorative                                                                         with views over Calibogue
columns, rosewood floors,                                                                       Sound to famed Harbourtown.
4 fireplaces, huge master                                                                       Gourmet kitchen, high end ap-
suite, screened in porch                                                                        pliances, oak flooring, elevator,
                                                                                                fireplace, custom cabinetry,
with fireplace. Amazing                                                                         floor to ceiling windows
lake view out to Calibogue                                                                      and more.
Sound.         $1,050,000                                                                                           $1,795,000

                                      Freeport MarinaOffice
                                                                 Furnished Model in
                                                                 this brand new cottage
5 Peninsula Place: A Casual el-                                  in the historic district.
egant sea side home with Sound                                   Includes four bedrooms,
                                                                 big decks, solid surface       13 Carnoustie Court: Exqui-
and Golf Views. Includes 5 Bed-                                  countertops, stainless
rooms, 5 1/2 Baths, media room,                                                                 site new home in Haig Point.
                                                                 appliances and a picket
screened in heated pool, great                                   fence. Membership is in-       Loaded with upgrades, black
room with ‘floating’ curved                                       cluded to the Daufuskie        granite kitchen, screened-in
staircase this home has it all.                                  Island Resort which has
                                   many amenities. This is a brand new cottage commu-           porch, wood and travertine
Over 5400 heated square feet of    nity. Although sold unfurnished seller has put together      floors, claw foot tub. Delightful-
luxury.          $1,899,000        a cottage furniture package that can be installed at
                                   purchasers expense                     $299,000              ly furnished.         $599,000

                        17 Prestwick Green:                                           Great Full Size lot in Haig Point close
                        Wonderful Beach Cottage with                                  to the ferry and mansion, located on his-
                        two master bedroom suites.                                    toric Lighthouse Court, views of ruins
                        Large great room with tray
                        ceiling; newly updated kitchen                                and Calibogue sound. Membership not
                        with granite counters and wrap                                included, which makes for a better long
                        around porches. Tastefully                                    term holding opportunity with minimal
                        furnished, perfect turn-key home                              carrying costs. Priced at $149,900
                        .                     $395,000
              08 r
           4- de




        38 roe

                                                                                                              30 les

   84 ley nn

        81 te
   84 ble al


        68 o

      3- ton

     2- iot


      am e

     an le

                                                                                                           3- sa
     3- alc


   H &N


                                                                                                            3- k
 84 e Sc

   H G


  84 ar

                                                                                                         84 Ma

                                                                                                         84 Ec
  84 n F



                                                                                     ff H















                                  Dunes Marketing Group
                                                                       To arrange your personal Real Estate
                                                                       tour of Daufuskie Island - the Historic
                                  Freeport Marina                      District and private areas, call (843)
                                  Daufuskie Island SC                  842-4300 ext. 221
4                                 843-842-4300                         www.DunesMarketing.com
  The body language provides the clues. I can always tell,                Here we go, let’s do it this time. Another relaxed swing.
 I’ve observed it many times. Well before I hear the sound             Again, neutral body posture. Ball in flight, high, perhaps a
  of the strike of the ball, follow it in flight, or see it land, I   little too high. The breeze has taken it. SPLASH, way short.
can tell how the shot will end. Do they look away or does                Wow, three good swings, three poor results. But look at
 their head drop suddenly? Do they hold a confident post              him. He’s not slumping, rather he’s standing there looking
swing posture, or are their shoulders slumped, and sullen?            forward, analyzing? Unusual indeed.
                       I can always tell…                                 Now the golfer takes a bit more time and sets up again.
Set around a tranquil pond at Haig Point, the par three 6th                  He’s ready. Same easy backswing. Uh oh, a lot more
hole on the Osprey course offers pleasing vistas from each            power on the downswing this time; he must have decided
 of the five sets of tees. Wildlife is abundant and an obser-             it was necessary. He’s pulled it slightly, it’s drawing left.
 vant player will find moorhens, gators, turtles, egrets, ibis,           Looks like the breeze has taken over now. THWOCK, a
  kingfishers, bluebirds, Sherman Fox Squirrels and a host               hard hit onto the boards, and its careened into the forest
of other animals. Various tall grasses, reeds and wild irises         left, ouch! OK, you’re now 7 in the woods and 8 on the tee
    ring the pond to form a natural protective habitat for the                               buddy, cut your losses!
                          water creatures.                               He walked back to his cart and picked in his bag. Strode
      From the black tees on the Calibogue setup, it is ap-                                    back to the tee box.
   proximately 178 yards to the center of the green. Stand-              Wait, I’ve seen this before.., Where? A movie. What’s its
   ing on the tee a golfer is presented with a look generally          name? “Tin Cup” Kevin Costner playing what’s his name?
      Southwest to a ribbon of green flanked by a large left          Roy, Roy McSomething!... Roy McAvoy and his Winnebago,
 side bunker, center right and right side back bunkers, and                yep that’s it. Roy and that fabulous actress Rene Russo.
fronted by a six foot, 60 degree plank wall that extends the           Oh, and Cheech Martin as Romeo (Roy’s caddie), hilarious!
 full width of the green, tapering off at each end. Siding the                             Are you nuts pal, give it up!
  water to the left is an oak and pine forest with a wetlands             Now the golfer drops the ball directly to the ground. No
  floor. On this day, the pin was located at the difficult front            tee. Perhaps if the trajectory is lower the result will be
 left position. It is one of the most intimidating golf shots at         better. He lines up, takes a hard look, posture still good,
           Haig Point, but a truly spectacular golf hole.                 swings. Drops another ball, lines up, swings. Drops an-
      The golfer was a solo and, I surmised, a guest by the                                         other ball.
      rented green E-Z-GO Haig Point golf cart he was rid-            You’re not watching this! Who is this guy? Remember Roy
  ing. He was youthful, perhaps early to mid 30’s, medium             McAvoy in the movie? He’s on the 18th fairway at the U.S.
 height and slight in stature, like a runner maybe, definitely         Open and goes for a risky long shot over water. Roy says:
    athletic. Late in the morning, sitting on my back porch, I            “This is for Venturi who thinks I should lay up”. Romeo:
   was reading the latest DeMille novel and enjoying a fine                 “What does he know? He’s only won this tournament
    Daufuskie Island day. The temperature was in the mid                before you were born.” How many shots did it take Roy?
  sixties with scattered, fluffy clouds that created a dappled          Funny, but I’m not laughing at this guy. Listen to me pal,
    sun/shade effect over the land. A Northeast breeze flut-                                 I’m Romeo…give it up!
                         tered the flagstick.
                                                                      Back to his cart, now with his 7th ball in the water, he picks
  He’s selected the black tees. Usually they play the whites,                                       in his bag.
                        must be pretty good!                           I’m comfortable here on my porch, yet uncomfortable too.
  He placed his ball on the tee, stepped back behind it and           I feel like an interloper and have Don Quixote images flash-
  measured the angle and distance. Since the breeze was                  ing through my head. This guy is swinging at windmills!
  blowing in, he must have accounted for it. He strode for-             But there’s admiration here too, his character revealed by
ward three paces and set up. There was an expectant feel                these last 15 minutes or so. I know that he will eventually
    about him, good back posture, hands low, head up and              travel in my direction, and I want to slink down in my chair
                              square.                                   so that he won’t see me. Why? Who will be more embar-
             Nice easy backswing, smooth follow through. No           rassed? Yet now I need to watch this play out.
  body language to speak of. Pick up the ball. Looks pretty               The golfer walks back to the tee box, no change in club.
    good, high and straight. Seconds pass. SPLASH, 10 feet            Same stride, resigned if not quite so confident, but definite-
short. Hmm, no slumped shoulders, just an inquisitive look              ly not a duffer by any means. He places the ball back on
                        about him, unusual.                              a tee this time. Same routine, three steps behind the ball
    The golfer places his second ball down and follows the             checking alignment, wind. By now he knows the distance,
 same procedure. There was a discipline about his routine              170 yards to carry the water. He steps forward, eye on the
              that suggested an accomplished player.                      target. Posture is good, head is up, takes a look, ready.
He’s square to the ball, takes a second look forward. Now                          Good looking backswing, head down, hips rotat-
       he’s ready. Another nice swing. Neutral body. One                   ing, wrists cocked, downswing, smooth relaxed follow
    thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three,                    through. Before any sound, the ball barely in flight, his
one thous… SPLOOSH, three feet short. I smile knowingly,                arms shoot straight into the air holding the club sky high,
  been there, done that. OK, now pick up the tee and take              facing his adversary. Follow the ball, looks good, nice loft,
a 6 for your handicap. Move on, as have many before you.               straight… “Houston the Eagle has landed.” Great shot, five
       The golfer walked to the cart and picked in his bag.                                     feet from the pin!
 So, what are you up to? You going to try it again? Yeah? I            The body language provides the clues. I can always tell…
          guess so since you’re walking back to the tee.                     Now slink down and let the young man have his day.
   His stride back was confident, not tentative. His bearing
  was of one who had resolved the issues of his two failed
  attempts. He did not select a new club; instead he seem-
 ingly was disposed to his original choice. The routine was
  the same as he stepped forward and addressed the ball.
                              Love it, Save it, Share it Daufuskie Island Conservancy
Spring is here and new beginnings are in the air for the DI Conservancy. Thanks to members of our local community we
received 91 completed environmental surveys.The survey data will be used in our April Strategic Planning Workshop to
                help shape ourmission and goals. We have the complete results available on our web site:
                              DaufuskieIsalndConservancy.com (Thanks to Jeff Morgan)
                     DHEC will be giving a talk about water source protection at the fire station on
                       Monday, April 13th from 4 to 6:30P For information call Laura @ 842-5990.

  Daufuskie Island Historical Foundation                            repairs at the Billie Burn Museum. Once these two projects are
At the recent annual meeting of The Daufuskie Island Histori-       completed, little funding will remain for new major projects.
cal Foundation, President of the Board John Tietjen highlighted     None the less, the Foundation will be examining the expansion of
the accomplishments of the past year: the successful capital cam-   the Foundation’s mission to include identifying restorable histori-
paign to finance the renovation of the Jane Hamilton School and     cal homes on the island, as well as identifying the state, federal
the completion of that project; the significant increase of Foun-   and private grants that could finance such work. The success of
dation membership; the expanded hours for the museum due to         this new and ambitious project could do much to preserve a sig-
an increased number of volunteers; the relocation of the island                 nificant aspect of Daufuskie Island history.
library to the Jane Hamilton School; and the repair work done at    The 2009-2010 Board of Directors of the Daufuskie Island His-
the White School House, now home to WODI’s “The Exchange”           torical Foundation are: Milton Deitch, Sara Deitch, Vicky Evans,
thrift shop. The Foundation currently has funds on hand to cre-     Tim Foley, Jo Hill, Nancy Ludtke, Carolyn Orchid, Carol San-
ate a new exhibit at the Jane Hamilton School and to do needed                       ford, Betsy Slay and John Tietjen.

                                     LITTLE WHITE SCHOOL HOUSE EXCHANGE
 The Little White School House Exchange will be open from 12 noon to 4pm on SaturdayApril 11th, Saturday April 25th and
  Saturday May 9th.Please stop by to see our stock of nearly new mens, womens and childrensclothing. We also have small
         household appliances & goods, toys and games.To shop at any other time please call Terri Painter: 785 5141

Daufuskie Island Elementary School Report
            Beaufort County School District is holding
  the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Registration
  April 20- April 24, 2009. Registration will be held for
   Daufuskie Island residents at the Daufuskie Island
  Elementary School. Pre-Kindergarten must be age 4
 by September 1st and Kindergarten must be age 5 by
   September 1st. Bring your child’s Birth Certificate,
  SC Immunization Record, and Proof of Residency to
 the registration. Child Find Pre-Kindergarten Screen-
   ing will begin April 27- May 1, 2009. Please call the
   Daufuskie Island Elementary School to schedule an
              appointment at 843-842-1251.
         Daufuskie Island students created school quilt
with Art teacher Marilyn Dizikes that was selected to be
displayed at the Crayola Dream-Makers Exhibition. The
 student’s artwork was on display at the Walter Greer
                                                                                        This crisp,   The fresh scents of
Gallery at the Arts Center from March 5 through March           You’ll be amazed
                                                              by the power of this       clean, and    Lemongrass, Pa-
  27, 2009. The students that created the quilt include      aromatherapy mist to
                                                                                       deodorant is   tchouli, Citronella,
 Katharine Crosby, Robert Wray, Dillon Duncan, Tiffany        repel even the most       incredible!     and Catnip will
Adams, Aubrey Samuels, Savannah Wray, Jordan Cros-           determined mosquito,     The essential make you smell just
                                                             no-see-um, or horse-     ingredient is    like a Hippie and
by, Stephen Martin, Trayna Adams, Elizabeth Boedeker,         fly. Best of all, it’s
                                                                                       seed extract   for over 4 decades
   Nathan Moon, and Kade Yarborough. Families from            DEET free, paraben      which gently Hippies have been
   Daufuskie Elementary attended a special exhibition          free, and safe for     destroys bac-
                                                                                      teria, the real
                                                                                                        known for their
                                                                                                        insect repelling
   opening ceremony on March 4, 2009. Each student            children & animals.     cause of odor         qualities
received a Certificate of Recognition. Congratulations
                     to all the students                          www.      DaufuskieBugSpray.com
                                                                  visit online to order or find a retailer near you
            on this important accomplishment!
       February 2009 Book It Winners are as follows
   Robert Wray, Tiffany Adams, Aubrey Samuels,                   Martha’s Musings by Martha Hutton
Savannah Wray, Jordan Crosby, Steven Martin, Trayna
          Adams, and Kade Yarborough.                                From the School Bus Window….
       Congratulations to all these students!                   “Last week Kade & I were on the bus,
                                                             going down the dirt road. It was a cloudy
                                                            morning, I was still sleepy. A big bird flew
                                                             right in front of us! It was carrying some-
                                                             thing in its mouth. It flew to a branch real
                                                              close to us. Ms. Martha stopped the bus,
                                                            and we watched the owl eat a long, green
                                                            snake. The owl was brown with white spots
                                                               and a black face, the same color as the
                                                            tree, so it was hard to see. The owl looked
                                                               at us, but kept on eating. It took awhile
                                                               for it to swallow the snake. My teacher,
                                                            Mrs. Haarlow, says the owl’s call sounds like
      Presenting the quilt made by the children of the          “who-cooks-for-you….who-cooks-for-you.”
     Daufuskie Island Elementary Schoolwere, pictured          Written by Dillon, a 2nd grade boy at
         left to right: Dillon Duncan, Nathan Moon,                        D.I.Elementary
     Katharine Crosby, Aubrey Lofton, Savannah Wray,
     Robert Wray, Jordan Crosby, Elizabether Boedeker
                                             A March 21st round robin tennis tournament helped the
                                             Daufuskie Dynamos raise$1,325 for the Breast Cancer 3-Day
                                             Walk. Participants were treated to valet golf cart parking, and
                                             walked to the courts on a pink carpet lined with cheerleaders.
                                             In addition toserving refreshments, the Dynamos served as ball
                                             girls for players. Capping a day of great tennis, a raffle was held,
                                             with Reagan Hull winning the grand prize of a gourmet dinner
                                             for 8 prepared by Vicki Evans.
                                              The Dynamos are currently selling raffle tickets for a 2 night/3
day stay for two at TheOcean Reef Club on Key Largo. Valued at $1000, a free round of golf for two is include-
din the package which is good till July 2010.Only 25 tickets will be sold, each costing $100.
For information call Dee at (843)341-2214. The Dynamos will also be hosting a Golf-a-thon on April 27th. Call
Bert Herndon to participate or sponsor a golfer. (843) 785-2660. Sign up deadline is April 20.

  Recession Party/Mary Fields School Benefit
         May 27th 2-6 PM at Jolly Shores
    Live band, beer, soft drinks & barbeque
  Everyone welcome - Bring your checkbooks!
       All donations are tax deductible
      Sponsored by Dolphin Management

           Daufuskie Resort Bankruptcy                           operations and hopefully the pools.
                                                                          Mr. Onorato hopes to make significant progress
As many of the Daufuskie Island Club members, Melrose            within the next several weeks. He has explained the
and Bloody Point property owners, and readers of the             process he must follow in order to obtain the bankruptcy
“Front Porch” are aware, the Daufuskie Island Resort and         court’s approval for releasing funds. Once loans are in
Breathe Spa has filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11            place to provide funding, the trustee will need to request
provisions. This proceeding involves numerous properties         these funds from the bankruptcy court in order to have
on Daufuskie Island owned by Gayle and Bill Dixon, doing         the necessary maintenance and repair work performed.
business as Daufuskie Island Properties (DIP). The date of       He is aware of and appreciates the urgency of repair work
the filing was in January 2009. Documents indicate that          on the Melrose seawall. Once maintenance and repair
over 400 secured and unsecured creditors are owed money          work is completed, he will go back to the court to request
by DIP, with total debt owed in the range of $89 million         additional funds to resume some operations, with the first
dollars.                                                         priority being the Melrose golf course.
          After several hearings before the bankruptcy
court, in mid-March the bankruptcy judge effectively                      Mr. Onorato is also working with the Club
removed the Dixons as debtor in possession and appointed         Members Advisory Committee regarding the issues and
a trustee, Mr. Bob Onorato to take over operations of            concerns revolving
the resort properties. Mr. Onorato, is charged with              around club
maintaining the facilities and ultimately finding new            membership and
qualified owners to acquire them. Representatives of the         member amenities.
Melrose and Bloody Point Property Owners Associations,           While there is still
the Daufuskie Island Club Members Advisory Committee,            much to be done
and The Melrose Club, Inc., have all recently met with Mr.       on the legal front,
Onorato.                                                         representatives of
          The trustee has taken over control of the resort       the various groups
with the hope of reopening at least some of the key              that have met with
facilities until a buyer is found. His priorities are to clean   the Trustee were
up the property and provide maintenance, reestablish             encouraged by his
marine service, employ a security firm to assure that            understanding of the
properties are safeguarded, work to reopen the Melrose           situation, and there
golf course, open at least one of the food and beverage          is now a good deal
                                                                  of optimism for the
   Enviro Tours
   Kayaks                                                        Daufuskie Island Community Library
   Water Skiing
   Power Boats                                                           GOLF CART SAFETY PROJECT
   Wave Runners                          Located in the                      1 SET FOR $3 / 2 SETS FOR $5
                                        Harbour Town
                                          Yacht Basin                 It’s a dark, dark night and your cart lights go out.
                                      Dining / Shopping / Golf             It’s not a good time to be Out and about!
                                          Family Friendly
                                          Entertainment                  But these reflectors Will give others a sight
                                          Greg Russell                  That you are out there On a dark, dark night!
  Water Transportation Services between                                     SETS OF 4 REFLECTORS
       Daufuskie & Harbour Town
      Savannah Shuttles Available                                                  FOR SALE
  Land Transportation to both local Airports                                    AT THE LIBRARY
           For Information And Reservations                       OLD HAIG POINT ROAD IN THE JANE HAMILTON
      843-671-4386                      ( nights )                             SCHOOL BUILDING
     (choose option 2)              843-683-1135                                  Wed. thru’ Sat.
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     Island Activities Inc.
              www.H2Osportsonline.com                                                                                        9
                                                                        Daufuskie Properties Realty is an
                                                                       Island Based Real Estate Company
                                                                       We Office and live on Daufuskie Island
                                                                           And offer more than 35 years
                                                                             Real Estate experience
                                                                              on Daufuskie Island
                                                                          To view our Listings go to:
                                                                     www.daufuskie properties realty.com
                                                                     Our Office Contact Number is
                                                                        Please Call to Talk With One of Our
                                                                                SC Licensed Agents.

 Happy 13th Birthday to Anna Phelps who celebrated with a big
 pizza party at Marshside Mama’s on April 4th. Entertainment
                                                  was provided
                                                  by the Sonic
                                                  (brother Ricky’s
                                                  Pictured (L to
                                                  R) Emily Lofton,
                                                  Anna Phelps,
                                                  Aubrey Lofton,                    Daufuskie’s own leprechaun,
                                                  Katie Helmuth,                   Edgar Douglas celebrates with
                                                  Elizabeth                          Mary Ann Freeman on her
                                                  Boedecker                          St. Patrick’s Day birthday!
Upcoming Events
April 9 Community Preservation Committee Meeting 5:15 - 7P Mary Fields School
Aril 13 Conservancy Talk Water Usage & Conservation 4:00 - 6:30P Fire House
April 17 Open Writing Group - No requirements & no charge Meets every Friday
10:30A - Noon Freeport Gazebo
April 18 Daufuskie Island Gallery Reopens Saturday 9:00A - 5:00P Sunday 1:00 - 5:00P
April 25 Little White School House Exchange Open 2:00 - 400P
         April 27 Breast Cancer Golf Marathon Haig Point
         May 7 WODI Meeting Dianne Simonelli’s 30 Fuskie Lane Bloody Point
10       May 27 Recession Party/Mary Fields Beneft 2:00 - 6:00P Jolly Shores
         June 27 30th Annual Daufuskie Day Celebration
   Sally Lesesne Daufuskie Island Artist
   “She doesn’t miss much.” I thought to myself the
   first time I saw Sally Lesesne. I wasstruck by her
 beauty, but even more by the way she seemed to be
 observing everything;taking it all in. Sally looks like
 an artist. There is an innate serenity about her. She
  speaks quietly, but passionately when asked about
      her work and the inspiration she continues
                   to find on Daufuskie.
 Sally’s roots run deep in the Low Country, with an-
 cestors arriving in Charleston in the 1600’s, one of whom signed the Declaration of Independence. Having a grandmoth-
 erwho grew up on Roseland Plantation, Sally states that she has “always been aware ofDaufuskie.” It was the solitude and
 wildlife that attracted her when she moved here 17 years ago, so, she finds it paradoxical that when she leaves the island it
is neither ofthose things she misses most. Instead, it’s the diverse group of people she counts asfriends. “There are not too
   many places where one will find a banker and handymansitting at the same table for dinner, yet this is common here.”
   Though she can’t remember a time when she didn’t know she would become a professional artist, Sally believes at least
 some of her artistic passion stems from havingspent her formative years in Asheville, North Carolina, and the inspiration
   found in the many artists and craftsmen who lived there. Studying at Converse College theUniversity of Tennessee and
 at Oxford University in England, she notes the beach scenes of Joaquin Soralla and portraiture of John Singer Sargent as
  specific influences.She recalls “When I was studying in college, most of my texts had a paragraph or twodescribing John
           Singer Sargent’s works, but it was very hard to find an illustration. Now he is considered one of the world’s
                                                      foremost portrait artists.”
    Sallly combines her portrait expertise with her love of nature having painted more than200 portraits of people on our
beaches. She claims there is no hidden message in herwork. “I paint people in the places I love and the things I find beauti-
 ful. I enjoy capturingcelebratory moments and joyful occasions.” While most often focused on nature, Sally isalso known
for her incredibly detailed still lifes. “I love painting simple objects anddistilling them down to their essence.” Having gone
            through many phases of inspirationfrom palm trees to sunsets and moonsets, her current muses are our
                                                        native islandresidents.
   To learn more about this amazing artist, visit her website: SallyLesesne.com. Sally’s most recent work can be seen and
                       purchased at the Daufuskie Island Gallery or byappointment. Phone (843) 842-7876

       D a u fu sk ie O w n ed &                                              Fu lly Lic en sed &
       O per a t ed                                                                     In su r ed

       Pr o fessio n a l &                                                               C o m petit iv e
       Pr o m pt                                                                                 pr ic es

       Fire Wood                                                                                             Grading

       Vista Pruning                                                                                     Mulch Sales

       Tractor Work                                                                                    Roof Cleaning

       Backhoe Service                                                                               Pinestraw Sales

       Landscape Installation                                                                      Pressure Washing

       Weekly Lawn Maintenance                                                               Storm Debris Removal
                                              (843) 384-4358
                   ServiceDepartment@DaufuskieLandscapes.com             www.DaufuskieLandscapes.com
                                              Jasper Port              sion cite economic impact studies performed by The
                                           On March 15, the        Army Corps of Engineers which is a federal agency that
                                       Daufuskie Island Con-      is mandated to conduct these studies and are technical-
                                         servancy hosted an        ly “hired” by the tax payers. It has been noted however,
                                       impressive and highly       that in the past, for all practical purposes, the Corps fre-
                                         informative presen-       quently functions as if they are employed by the agency
                                          tation given by the                            that wants the project.
                                          Coastal Conserva-              Officials from the Coastal Conservation League do
                                        tion League’s Project        not agree with all of the Corps studies’ findings, and in
                                       Manager of the South       particular have very little faith that the Corps will do what
                                       Coast, Andrea Malloy,           is required of them by law – which is to consider the
 about the looming concern over the Jasper County Port                           Jasper Port as an alternative to their
     proposal. The audience of approximately forty con-                                larger dredging proposal.
    cerned citizens walked away with an overwhelmingly                Both port expansion projects are proposed to service
         positive reaction to the information relayed.                 mega ships called “super¬post-panamax” which are
     Ms. Malloy began her presentation by informing the              too large to be serviced at the current Savannah port.
     audience that Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) is only               These “super-post-panamax” ships are said to be at
submitting the proposal for the Savannah Harbor Expan-              least two times the size of the ships that we are accus-
  sion. No proposal have actually been submitted yet for          tomed to watching float in and out of the Savannah river.
  the “Jasper Ocean Terminal” (more commonly referred               Despite the fact that the Savannah port expansion has
    to as the “Jasper Port”) but when it is, it will be jointly    not yet been accepted, only proposed, GPA has already
   submitted by GPA and South Carolina Ports Authority.           purchased 4 cranes totaling $33 million to service these
   To the surprise of many, Ms. Malloy conveyed that the            “super-post-panamax”. Research by the Coastal Con-
    Coastal Conservation League’s stance is in actuality           servancy league has uncovered that if the expansion is
  for the construction of the new Jasper County Port, but         not passed, the cranes could be used at the Jasper port.
  against the proposed expansion of the existing Savan-            Ms Malloy’s final message was that in order to minimize
                          nah River Port.                           the environmental impacts of these port proposals, it is
 According to Ms. Malloy, ongoing studies performed by             vital for all communities likely to be affected to continue
    the Coastal Conservation League, show a Savannah                   adding input and expressing concerns to the proper
 Port expansion would yield more unfavorable results for             authorities. She stressed the importance of remaining
  the environment than would the proposed Jasper Port.             highly involved and active throughout the port selection
  A Savannah port expansion would result in 26 miles of                              and implementation process.
 dredging compared with only 10-14 miles for the Jasper             To remain informed on the status of these port propos-
   county port. This excessive dredging would negatively            als, visit jasperportnow.com, a website operated by the
 effect an already suffering Savannah wildlife refuge and            Jasper Chamber of Commerce. If you have any ques-
                 freshwater wetland preserve.                        tions, comments, or concerns related to this presenta-
      Additionally, if the Savannah Port expansion is ap-              tion, Andrea Malloy can be contacted through email:
    proved, there is a strong chance that the Jasper Port                                  andream@cccl.org
   proposal would also be approved at some future date                              Did you know?/Parting Factoid:
   due to the fact that projections show space at the Sa-           Savannah Port is the largest exporting port on the east
vannah Port will run out in 2024. The Coastal Conserva-              coast and is the only port in the US that exports more
tion League believes that if both of these proposals were                                    than it imports.
to be accepted, disastrous and irreversible effects to our                                   by Chase Allen
   coastline and natural ecosystems would be inevitable.
   An environmental impact study draft performed by the
 Army Corps of Engineers is due for release in August of
            2009. Advocates for the Savannah port expan-
                  Spring is Sprung                                And what information I found! There are male and female
      In these economically challenging times a gardener’s          zucchini -how does one tell? I peered down between the
  thoughts turn to the veggie plot. Visions of living off the      leaves but could find no sign of, well, gender. Arbitrarily,
 land danced before my eyes as I clicked on to my favorite         I decided that the straight, sturdy stronger ones were the
gardening website. I ordered tomato plants with abandon,            females and the thinner, weaker, straggly ones were the
seduced by names such as “Boxcar Willie”, “Flamme” and             males. More worrisome was the information that they are
    “Mortgage Lifter” (how appropriate). I would buy one            prolific producers who readily cross breed and produce
   of those, and one of those. Oh, let’s make it two of each.         strange mutations. Dissolute squash? How interesting.
 Satisfied, I moved on to the vegetables, my filet beans did       To my horror I came to a paragraph on bugs which could
   so well last year, so let’s have six of them. Inadvertently     attack my babies; cucumber beetle and squash vine borer.
  I glanced at my shopping basket -$90 already! And I still           The latter lays its eggs at the base of the zucchini plant
    needed zucchini and eggplant. Then I remembered that             and their young bore into the plant and destroy it from
 last fall a seed catalogue had fallen into my hands. Hadn’t         the inside!! Images of a certain scene in “Alien” ran riot
I ordered several packets from that? After much searching          in my head. And also powdery mildew and bacterial wilt
  I found a yellow envelope with a myriad of seed packets              -couldn’t we vaccinate them as we do our children? I
   inside. Collards, chard, broccoli, spinach, carrots -uh oh,     found out that 6 or so plants could easily feed a family of
    should all have been planted last September? But what           4 and I had 47 seedlings. I sent out an email to my fellow
      was this; zucchini & eggplant seeds with, wonderful             gardeners: “Adoption opportunity. Baby Zookies, lov-
   names; “Striata d’italia” (sounded like an Italian opera),                  ingly raised in a home environment.”
     “Green Tigress”, “Ping Tung” and “Bianca di Imola”.            “It’s time to take them to the garden” my husband said.
    Who could resist? Thrifty person that I am, I had saved          I gulped. “Are you sure” I stuttered. “They’re so young
lots of little pots from earlier garden ventures. I filled them       and tender, it’s a cruel world out there. Can we wait a
   with compost, set 3 little zucchini seeds in each one, put         teensy bit longer?” Just then our neighbor stopped by.
 them out on my deck and waited -and waited. “Germina-              “What y’all got in them little pots” he asked. “Zucchini,”
tion in 4 -10 days” I had read on the packet. By day 6 there        replied my husband. “We’ll be eating the darned things
   was no sign of life and I was feeling depressed. Perhaps        all summer!” I felt faint and had to sit down. EAT them?
    it was too cold outside although the sun was shining. I        After all my care and attention my Zookies were going to
 moved them indoors and found a sunny spot in the guest              be EATEN? My over active imagination went into high
 bathroom. The next morning I peeked in and shouted out           gear, I could hear their tiny screams as sharp knives sliced
  in excitement; small, oval, palest green, little heads were     them up and their death rattles as they were thrown into a
     pushing their way bravely up into the light. I tenderly      hot pan; or worse, skewered and burned alive on the grill.
     eased small clods of earth from around them, praising            I pulled myself together, gritted my teeth and took my
them in a low whisper for their tenacity and perseverance.        seedlings to the garden. I soothingly talked to them as my
 “Come on little Zookies, grow, grow, grow.” My husband             husband roughly tore them from their cradles and trans-
    put his head around the door to see what was going on           planted them into the cold black earth. Please remember
  -and quickly left. Each day they grew taller and stronger.      this summer, if you are lucky enough to be given a present
    I was so proud of them. “Time to harden them off,” my          of my Zookies that they are delicious sauteed with garlic,
 husband said as he roughly manhandled them down onto                              mint and a hint of lemon zest.
     the deck. “But it’s still too cold” I protested, “We can’t                          by Linda Blanchette
   leave them out overnight”. For several days we brought
    them in as darkness fell and took them out again in the
  morning. “Enough already,” my husband said. “Tonight
  they stay out”. I decided to find out more about my little
     Zookies and how to raise them by surfing the Internet.

      The good life starts here....................
            Daufuskie Island Cottage Carts and Bikes
•	                   Eco-friendly	Electric	Carts	–	hourly,	daily,	
                               and	weekly	rentals
•	               New	uni-sex	beach	cruisers	and	children’s	bikes
•	                  Free	delivery	at	your	cottage,	villa	and	home
•	                     Dockside	delivery	at	Melrose	Landing
•	              Enjoy	and	explore	the	entire	Island	at	your	own	pace
•	                           Ask	about	our	Island	tours

                                      Call	(843)	785-5117                                                             13
Please	be	careful	of	the	baby	turtles	–	May	1st		thru	Oct	31st
                               Lowest priced home on the Island (per sq. ft.) – 3 bedroom,
                               2 bath, 1976 heated square foot Low country cottage located
                               in the Historic District. This 2-story home has hardwood floors,
                               fireplace, screen porch, new roof, new outside paint, located on a
                               .43 acre wooded lot with live oaks & a glimpse of the Intracoastal
                               Waterway- $298,500

   Lowest priced Water-front home on the Island – 4 bedroom,
      3 bath home located on the Intracoastal Waterway, 2509
    heated square feet with oversized attached double garage,
    fireplace, new carpet, screen porch, huge live oaks, sunset
views; .53 acre lot with 100 feet of deep-water frontage and
   one of a kind dock – 12 foot wide walkway with 150 feet
                          of floating dock space. $1,450,000.

                                         Lowest priced Second Row River view lot on the Island -
                                         .57 acre site with views of the Mungen River, only 280
                                         feet from the deep-water Community dock, seasonal sunset
                                         views, live oaks, all approvals in place. A comparable lot
                                         200 feet away sold for $230,000.
                                         A great buy at only $149,000.

    Lowest priced Marsh-front site on the Island – 1.52 acre tract
with 100 feet of frontage looking down a Marsh cove with views
 of the Mungen River in the distance, frontage on Prospect Road,
                                     good tree cover. $165,000.

                                     WATER-FRONT RENTAL
                                     7 bedroom, 6 bath home located on the Intracoastal
                                     Waterway, 1700 square foot screen porch with game room,
                                     private dock, volleyball court, 30 acres of privacy, jeep, 2
                                     golf carts provided. Call for weekly rates

                                       WATER-FRONT RENTAL
   4 bedroom, 3 bath home on the New River, private dock,
    sunset views, sleeps 10. Call for weekend/weekly rates.

    For more information on any of these
            call: (843) 689-5130
                                                           remain until it begins to turn yellow; this will feed the
                                                           bulbs for next year. This is also a great time to test and
                                                                                 amend your soil.
                                                               If you’ve started seedlings indoors you can move
                                                              them out into the yard after all chances of frost has
                                                             passed. Growing up in a third generation of garden-
                                                               ing women I always heard, “After Good Friday!”
                                                            It’s also time to plant your summer bulbs and tubers.
                                                             These would include plants such as begonias, lilies,
               Gardening Insights                             cannas, dahlias, caladiums, and irises. Again, wait
                                                           until all threat of frost has passed. They do best when
   “April showers bring May flowers,” I’ve heard that                 the soil has reached a temperature of
   saying since I was a little girl. Now, as I sit writing                    50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  this article on my screen porch during our first after-    It’s also time to mulch those garden beds and green
   noon thunderstorm of April, I can’t help but smile,       up the grass. Adding a good thick layer of mulch is
 enjoying the sound of the raindrops bouncing off my        the one of the best things you can do for your plants.
tin roof while watching the water change directions as Not only does it make your landscape more attractive,
    the wind moves across Lake Best in my back yard.         it also helps the plants retain moisture, which helps
    This is my first spring on Daufuskie as a full time     minimize watering, and it also helps to deter weeds.
   resident, and I have to say I am enjoying every mo-      Apply fertilizer to your grass now to help it green up
 ment of it. A golf cart ride around the island is a feast           and become healthy and also to help it
 for the eyes and nourishment for the soul. The colors                         choke out the weeds.
   are amazing, from the vivid greens of the leaves on April is simply a busy gardening month, but if you’re
  the trees, to the darker greens of the ferns unfurling               like me you love every minute of it!
  along the side of the roads. Who knew there were so                   Great Gardening, Angie Moon
 many shades of green? The reds, whites, and fuchsias
of the azaleas are forming a sea of color. The yellow of
 the daffodils are most definitely announcing, “Spring
is Here!” The purples of the society garlic are showing
  off their delicate lacey flowers, and the white flowers
   of the dogwood trees are certainly a sight to behold
    especially when draped with the Spanish moss for
             which the low country is famous.
 Spring is the time of year when I am especially ready
   to get my hands dirty. I love digging in the dirt and
watching things grow. This time of year a trip to nurs-
   ery for gardeners is like a trip to the candy store for
  children. There are so many choices of plants, and in
           such a rainbow of colors, it is almost
                   impossible to choose.
 April means it’s time to get busy in the garden. Make
  sure to sharpen and clean all of your gardening tools
     so that you make clean cuts and avoid cross con-
  tamination. This month you will need to prune your
flowering shrubs once they’ve finished blooming (this
  would include all of those azaleas), plant and divide
          perennials, and begin to stay ahead of
                     those pesky weeds.
  You’ll also want to fertilize your bulbs once they’ve
   finished blooming, and make sure to let the foliage
             It’s spring, a chance for all of us to be children again! Plant a seed and
     marvel at the mystery of released potential. The next time you scoop out the seeds of a
 butternut squash or a green pepper from the market save a few. If you don’t have a shovel use
  a ladle to dig a few holes around your yard. Anywhere you have 6 hours or more of full sun
   you can actuate a miracle. In the border with Sable palms or crepe myrtles give room for a
 rambling vine of squash. It will reward you with fruit. Try pole beans in hanging baskets on a
sunny porch. In this season of recession have a little victory and delight your inner child. If you
  are not interested in eating your vegetables plant some gourds and pumpkins. Let the vines
 run up your porch steps or along the driveway. Neglect them all summer while you play. Your
   autumn decorations will be waiting for you. Be a child and create little miracles this April.

              Submitted by Paula Kormendi, Master Gardener & Island Resident

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