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									Title: Point Taken
Author: Minnie
Rating: G
Genre: Usual Silliness
Disclaimer: Not Mine!

Summary: The ever changing relationship of Legolas and Estel through the elf‟s
Beta: None
A/N: Written for a challenge

This is truly mortifying, Legolas decided. Ai, but Estel knows how to bring home
one‟s folly to one. I blame this unpleasant ability on the fact that he was raised
in the House of Elrond.

The Fellowship were four days out from Rivendell on the road to Hollin,
tentative bonds were being forged between the members of the quest. Only he
and the dwarf were still wary of each other still that was no reason for the
Naughrim to raise such a dust over such a small incident. He had not been
intending to use the axe he was merely curious as to how such an unwieldy
weapon felt in his hands.
Estel and Mithrandir had no been prepared to listen to his explanations however;
he knew better than to take another‟s weapons without permission they had told
him and if he did not then it was time he learned.
He had then been subjected to a lengthy homily on respecting others property
to which he had naturally taken umbrage and unwisely as it turned out made his
opinions over it known to ranger and Istari.
Which is how he came to be sitting on his bedroll under the amused gazes of the
rest of his companions; his hands placed on top of his head exactly as if he were
a naughty elfling caught out in mischief instead of an elven warrior on a quest to
save Middle Earth.
When he had carped at this humiliating penance Estel had told him that this was
as close as they could get to sending him to his chamber and they could at least
be sure that with his hands on his head he would not be touching things that did
not belong to him. A comment that everyone else seemed to find highly amusing!
Legolas‟ sniff made it plain he did not find the situation at all funny but a
pleading look sent Estel‟s way garnered no reprieve. Instead the man frowned at
him in a fashion that was uncannily like that of his foster father and directed
him to spend this time judiciously, by thinking about his conduct. Legolas had
dropped inelegantly down onto his blankets and reluctantly resigned himself to
the fact that he was going to be here for some considerable time before letting
his thoughts drift.
Unbidden a memory surfaced and he took himself back to a time some seventy
nine years before ……

The Prince of Greenwood the Great drew a sigh of relief as he breasted the last
rise that took him to the edge of the chasm wherein lay the Last Homely House
of Elrond Peredhil and his family.
It had been over ten years since he had had cause to visit; now as his father‟s
representative he was here to bring messages to Lord Elrond and the Istari
Mithrandir from his father King Thranduil.

It had been a long and very boring trip and he was anxious to reach the comfort
and warmth of Rivendell. He had not made the journey alone of course; his
father did not trust him to travel unaccompanied outside his realm, in fact he
had been hard pressed to get his Adar to allow him to come at all.
It had taken all his considerable powers of persuasion and even then Thranduil
had insisted on sending a full patrol to protect his heir from harm.
Moreover, his seneschal Lord Selinde was also present to supervise and keep him
from mischief.
Since Sellie was also his tutor this had meant their travel time had been
enlivened by improving lectures on whatever topic had caught Sellie‟s interest at
the time.
Well Sellie had been enlivened Legolas wrinkled his nose at the memory of all
those days spent trying not to fall asleep in the saddle.

Still he was happy to be here, he hoped that the son‟s of Elrond might be home.
The twin‟s were his friend‟s. Two thousand years older than he, they were still
closest in age to him the only other royal elf in Arda being Arwen their sister
who spent most of her time in Lothlorien
Elladan and Elrohir were mighty warriors trained from birth to be Lords of
Imladris the pair still retained that imp of mischief that made them hugely
entertaining to be around.
True they often led you into trouble, but even so that trouble was usually
Once he had fulfilled his duties as his father‟s representative, Legolas hoped
that he would be invited to spend a few weeks in their company. He knew one of
the letters he carried from his father to Elrond gave permission for him to stay
if the Lord of Imladris agreed and he was sure he would.
Elrond had surely forgiven him for the fire in the armoury the last time he
visited ….

Estel Elrondian, foster son of Elrond half-elven leapt lightly through the trees
towards the northern trail.
Today was the day his Adar had told him elves from the great northern wood
should be arriving and he wanted to be the first to see them.
At ten years old the young human had spent most of his life at Imladris, having
been brought here by his mother for safety.
He had little memory of his birth parents and although he knew he was not the
biological son of Elrond to all intents and purposes he was his child.
Estel was keen to see these Sindar elves for himself for his brothers had
spoken often of their friend the son of the King and he knew that Legolas
Thranduilion was the youngest elf left in Arda.
Younger than his brothers by two thousand years and even younger than his
sister Arwen who lived with her grandparents in Lothlorien; the son of Thranduil
was reputed to also be highly skilled warrior.
He was also hopeful that this Legolas would not be too old to enjoy his company.
The twins were away with the grey Company in the North and sometimes it was
lonely being the youngest person around and he thought the son of Thranduil
might be able to sympathise with that view.

As he reached the stream that demarcated the area he was allowed to travel
alone in he was pleased to see a cloud of dust which meant that a large party of
riders was approaching.
Shinning up a tall tree he peered down the road anxious to catch a glimpse of
the prince.
Estel had no fear that these riders may be unfriendly for the guards set at the
edge of the valley would not have allowed them egress if they were, what was
more a messenger bird had alerted the household that their visitors were now in
the valley and less than an hour away from the Homely house.

All but one of the party were dressed in green and brown tunics, leggings, short
cloaks were hooked back, and beneath them Estel could see arrow quivers and
bows set in a special body harness. Their hair held back by thin twin braids on
either side of their ears.
Only one elf wore the long over tunic with breeches tucked into knee high boots
that Estel was more accustomed to seeing, but he, like most of the riders was
dark haired and the boy knew that Prince Legolas had golden coloured hair.
However, the only elf with blonde hair was dressed like all the other warriors
and Estel taking his foster father and brothers as his model could not quite
reconcile this quietly dressed unassuming elf with the son of a king.

He was soon to find out he was not alone in that view …..

Once the party had finally crossed the Bruinen and entered the protected lands
of Imladris Thranduil‟s seneschal had begun to look about for a place where he
could call the party to a halt so that they could prepare themselves for their
reception at the Last Homely House.
It went without saying that he would have an argument on his hands when his
prince found out what he planned, but allow Legolas to ride into Imladris looking
like one of the castle guard he would not do.

A brook that ran into a deep pond with a screen of trees and shrubs caught the
seneschal‟s eyes just the sort of spot he needed, he lifted a hand and brought
the cavalcade to a halt.
“We will stop here for a short while let the horses rest and perhaps we could
have something hot to drink.”

As the troop began to unsaddle and groom their mounts Legolas eased his
shoulders, stiff from the long ride and then slid his twin blades from the sheath
on his back.
Taking up a warrior stance he began to run through the exercises his weapons
instructors had taught him, feeling the tenseness in his muscles relax as he
worked his way through the increasingly complex routines.

Estel almost fell out of his tree as he watched; there was a beauty and grace
about the movements as well as a confidence that spoke volumes of the skills
their owner displayed.
Accustomed as he was to his brother and Lord Glorfindel‟s expertise with their
swords he had never seen someone wield fighting knives with such proficiency.
He desperately wanted to learn to handle such weaponry he decided; the knives
would suit him better than the heavy swords his brothers used and the prince
would not know that his Adar had banned him from touching weapons of any kind
for another year at least.
His gaze went back to the prince below him who was now coming to the end of
his routine as his attention was called for by the older elf.

Legolas grimaced as he took in the measuring look his tutor was giving him; he
had a horrible feeling that he knew what was coming next

„Legolas,‟ Sellie would pronounce „you are here as your father‟s representative,
you are also the Crown Prince of our realm it would not do to appear in dusty
leggings and with the dirt of the road on your face. You had better take this
opportunity to bathe and change your raiment”.
He was also unpleasantly aware that the water which came down from the Misty
Mountains would be freezing this early in the year and the prospect of being
required to strip and bathe in it was not a pleasant one.

He closed his eyes as Sellie turned to the patrol leader, “Captain, will you fetch
the prince‟s trunk from the pack horses please. Your Highness ….”
Thus addressed Legolas turned a miserable look on his tutor and sighed
resignedly at the look he got in return along with the rest of the speech he had
dreaded hearing.

Muttering softly that he hoped that if he froze to death Sellie would at least
feel sorry for what he had put him through in the name of the Great Wood he
stepped towards the pool.

Safely ensconced in his tree Estel grinned at the prince. It was always amusing
to see his brothers taken to task by his Ada, Glorfindel, or Erestor now it
seemed that princes were not immune to such scolding either.
Even from this distance he could hear the prince grumbling under his breath
about being forced to wash and change but the older elf with him was taking no
notice calmly taking out garments from the trunk and shaking them out.
“You are not appearing before Lord Elrond looking like a shag-bag so you may as
well stop grousing and get undressed”

“But it is cold, this water comes straight from the mountains,” Estel grinned at
the whine

“It will not get any warmer with waiting, now hurry up.”

As the elf lord turned back to the trunk the prince took the opportunity to
make his feelings plain by sticking his tongue out at the older elf.
Estel slapped a hand over his mouth to still his giggles at this and felt a certain
sense of camaraderie for the beleaguered elf below him as he gingerly entered
the pool and began to bathe.

Estel‟s hand fell on a clump of last years acorns, probably placed there by a
forgetful squirrel and a gleam came to the grey eyes as he looked across at the
elf lord still picking items of clothing from the trunk.

Hastening through his rather sketchy ablutions Legolas was surprised when his
tutor gave a yelp and swung round clutching his neck as if he had just been

“Really Legolas I thought you beyond such foolish pranks” he scolded the
confused elf before continuing his search for a particular undershirt.

Another acorn swiftly found its mark, “Legolas” this time the tone carried more
of a warning.

Still not sure what it was he was supposed to have done the prince shrugged and
ducked under the water to clear his hair of soap.
“This has stopped being amusing” the tutor reproached him as soon as he

“I do not know what you are talking about” Legolas protested

“This” The tutor showed him the missile.

“It is an acorn …”

“Yes one of three you have pitched at me”

The prince rolled his eyes, “Sellie, I am waist deep in water, where would I find
acorns to pitch at you or anybody for that matter?”

“Who else would have any reason to vent their spleen in such a fashion?” his
tutor retorted

“I do not know, but it was not me …. Although I wish it had been,” he added half
under his breath. As Sellie swung back towards him he fixed his tutor with an
innocent smile and wondered aloud if maybe it had been a squirrel.

Selinde actually snorted at this, “A squirrel?”
Legolas scanned the trees that covered the far bank and thought he could just
detect movement in one of them.
A young child with untidy brown hair and grey eyes waved at him from his perch
high in the oak tree.

“Perhaps it was a very large squirrel with a sling-shot?” he continued as he
waded out of the water and snatched the towel Selinde was holding ready for

“Nonsense,” Sellie asserted, “the only squirrel around here with that sort of aim
is blonde and has blue eyes”

“Oh I would not be so certain; there are many wonders in Imladris,” his gaze
went back to the tree, his eyes twinkling with merriment met those of the child,
and he gave a definite wink, “although if I were that squirrel I would be thinking
about getting back to my nest before I am missed”

Taking this as his cue, Estel started to slip quietly away as Legolas was
distracted from his scrutiny of the trees by the sight of the outfit Selinde had
chosen for him to wear. “Sellie I am not wearing that!”
Having suffered far too many times in his young life from being forced into
clothing that he hated, Estel paused in his flight to see the outcome of the

“You can scarce go as you are and for someone who has done nothing but
complain about the cold may I ask why you are still standing here dressed in
little more than a scowl?”

Once again the boy had to stifle his laughter as the prince was suddenly
reminded of his present state of undress, and began to re-clothe himself with
an alacrity that put the young human‟s attempts to dress quickly to shame.
As he made his homewards Estel found he was looking forward to meeting this
Prince with the smiling eyes even more than before.

Having lost another battle of wills with his father‟s seneschal Legolas was soon
arrayed in black velvet breeches, white silk shirt, a dark green tunic edged in
mithril and a black cloak with a forest green velvet lining. The whole ensemble
was finished with a pair of knee high shiny leather boots that the prince was
struggling into with much cursing and swearing. This at last being accomplished
the seneschal handed him one final item, which was greeted with even more
dismay that the clothing had been, “Must I wear this thing?”

It was Selinde‟s turn to roll his eyes, “This „thing‟ as you call it is your state
circlet and yes you must wear it, your father expects it and I intend to see his
expectations are met. Now sit down so I can braid your hair in a style that
reflects your station in life else it will be evening before we reach Imladris”

Having used every short cut he knew Estel made it back home in time to change
his clothing and take his place with the welcoming group on the steps of the main
house as the party from the great northern wood appeared.
A fine spectacle they made too

The guard escort wore green and gold tabards over their usual tunics
embroidered with the symbol of Thranduil‟s house, oak and beech leaves
intertwined. On their lances the royal standard fluttered and riding at their
head was the person Estel was already dubbing „his prince‟.
Clothed now in all his royal finery, with his mithril circlet atop his head Crown
Prince Legolas Thranduillian of the Great Greenwood looked every inch a prince
from the legends of old that Estel was so fond of reading about.

The prince said all that was proper on his introduction to the household even
when he was introduced to Estel. “Mae Govanan, Estel Elrondian,” he bowed and
then added softly, “or should I call you little squirrel?”
The boy‟s face fell, “You won‟t tell anyone it was me?”

Once again the prince‟s smile went all the way up to his blue eyes, “I give you my
word of honour young Estel, your secret is safe with me.”

“Estel, why do you not show Prince Legolas to his chamber” Elrond called.
Recalled to his duties as a son of the house, the young human bowed and asked
for His Highness to follow him.

Giving his host and tutor a grin Legolas allowed himself to be escorted into the
By the time he reached the suite of rooms he usually inhabited when he visited
he was feeling somewhat overwhelmed by his new companion who seemed to
start and end each sentence with the words Your Highness.

“Estel,” he put out a hand and pulled the boy to a stop.

“Yes Your Highness”

“Would you do me a great favour?” the human nodded eagerly, “Would you stop
calling me „Your Highness‟ and call me Legolas instead. I am usually only „Your
Highnessed‟ like this when I have done something very wrong and am about to be
in a great deal of trouble”

“You get in trouble?” the lad began to giggle

“I do, according to my Adar and tutor far too often for my own good,” the prince
assured him kneeling down so that he was on a level with the boy and putting a
hand on his shoulder as one warrior to another Estel beamed at the compliment
and returned the gesture.
As they touched an almost physical shock shook the pair of them.

Estel looked up at the elf and smiled “I think that we are going to be great

Legolas found he felt the same; he smiled into the grey eyes of a ten year old
and saw not a child but a great king of men. It was unusual for him to have
visions or portents of the future but he had no doubts that this was a real
glimpse of what was to come. This human child was very important to the future
of Arda and in that instant he also knew that their friendship would play a
significant part in that importance.

Over the next two weeks whenever the prince was not involved in councils he and
Estel got to know each other very well.
They spent hours together exploring the valley, Legolas after much wheedling
from Estel even asking and being given permission by Elrond to begin tutoring
the boy in archery. They came back in the early evenings often dirty always
tired and with smiles on their faces that told those that saw them that they
were building a powerful bond that would last both their lifetimes.

Only one thing marred their days together, as far as the boy was concerned,
despite his many attempts to persuade the elven prince, Legolas had declined to
allow him to touch his fighting knives.

Legolas had taught him the simple routines that Estel had found so fascinating
on that day on the bank of the stream but steadfastly refused to let the boy
practice using real weapons.
“Your Ada would skin me alive if he knew I was teaching you this much,” he told
him, “you know he considers you too young to undertake weapons training. We
were fortunate he did not object to you learning to use the bow. We must take
care not to cause him to regret his decision.”

Knowing this was not the same of course as accepting it and Estel with all the
stubbornness of a ten year old continued to long for his new friend to allow him
to at least hold the white handled knives that Legolas had told him were a
present from his own Ada.

This morning they were so much engrossed in their training that it came as a
shock to the elf to find that the sun had moved on considerably “Ai, hurry Estel,
go and collect our arrows from the targets, I am due in Council in a few moments
and I must not be late again.”
Within a few moments they were both racing for the main house.

With only a short time to prepare himself for the council Legolas was in
something of a quandary for he knew well that one of the rules that were
strictly enforced in the Last Homely House was that all weapons should be
locked up in the armoury when not in use.
With so many visitors to Imladris of all races including many children
unsupervised weaponry it was felt posed a bigger threat than an attack from
The prince had always envied the inhabitants of Imladris this luxury, in his
father‟s kingdom, carrying weapons was a necessity even in his Adar‟s halls he
never went completely un-armed.

Glancing from the abandoned cache of weaponry on his clothes press to the door
he made his decision, he had no wish to be on the receiving end of another
tongue lashing from his tutor should he hold up discussions and he told himself
they would be safe in his room for a short while no one need ever know.
“I must go, Estel, I shall see you later” he patted the boy‟s arm and sprinted
down the corridor only slowing to a walk as he approached the public areas of
the house.

Estel waved him off, and turned back to the room intending to tidy away Legolas‟
hastily discarded leggings and tunic it was then that he saw the weapons.

Legolas shifted again in his seat and again caught the disapproving glance sent
his way by Lord Selinde. It was no good, he could no longer pretend that he was
taking any sort of interest in the proceedings, he should never have left his
weapons in his chamber, and he knew it.
Apparently his host felt the same way for Elrond said, “Legolas is there
something you should be telling us?”

“No … Yes … Will you please excuse me My Lord I have to check on something …”
and before Elrond could signify agreement the elven prince had fled the room.

Legolas knew before he entered his chamber what he would find.
His bow and quiver were present the white handled knives were not.
Guilt and anger warred within his breast as he sprinted towards the practice

Estel swung the knife above his head exactly as Legolas had shown him and felt
all the power and exhilaration that came in handling such superbly balanced
He knew of course that he should not have taken the knives but the temptation
had been too great, he would replace them without Legolas being any the wiser
and all would be well ….

Then his senses warned him that he was no longer alone and he swallowed hard
as his prince hove into view.

“L … Legolas I …” he got no further the irate elf grabbed the knives, flung them
to the ground then stalked over to a bench at the side of the training ground
pulling the boy after him then yanked him over his knee.

“Legolas you cannot ….”

On the contrary it seemed he could very well do so. Estel‟s leggings were yanked
down around his knees, and before he could object further his bottom was being
belaboured by an elven prince who was not sure, which frightened him most, the
fear that Estel could have been injured, or his own stupidity at leaving
temptation in the way of such an innocent.
Estel had no such doubts as his rear was heated by the frantic spanks of his
friend, he began to squirm, his breath caught in his throat, and his protests
turned to sobs. “Legolas please …..”

There was to be no reprieve however, the colour of his backside changed from
pink to crimson in short order. His legs which Estel had ordered to remain still
began to kick and he heard himself begging for mercy, “I … I … I am sorry, I will
never do it again … ouch … Legolas, please ….”

As his bottom heated up under the assault of the prince Estel began to weep,
afraid he had lost both his friend and the opportunity to better himself in
weaponry through his foolish spur of the moment surrender to temptation.
“Ah! Ouch! Oww! I am sorry I will never take anything without permission again,
Legolas please …” he ended on a sob and then found himself caught up in a
frantic hug as the elven prince swung him up into his embrace, sobbing brokenly
into his hair.

Legolas was well aware that he was taking out his fear and guilt on his young
friend‟s very vulnerable bottom but could not stop himself. Again and again his
hand found the tempting target, a plethora of swats moving all over the young
human‟s rump from bottom to thighs with an intensity that left both spanker and
spankee breathless.
His fear when he had found his ivory knives missing from their scabbard had
been immense. He had raced to the training ground then stopped dead.
The boy was carrying out the training routine he himself had taught but he was
using Legolas‟ own twin blades.
Every time they swung over the child‟s head Legolas felt his heart enter his
Knowing he must wait until the routine was finished the elven prince breathed
deeply, trying to control his panic even so his whole body trembled with the
effort it took to keep from interfering with the exercise.
As soon as the human brought his hands to his sides Legolas leapt forward,
forcing the blades to the floor by pressurising Estel‟s wrists.
Without conscious thought as to what he was doing the elf found himself hauling
the frightened boy across to a bench and tugging him across his knee.
Such was his fear that it did not occur to him initially that he had never spanked
someone before. Oh he had plenty of practice in being on the receiving end but
actually carrying out the punishment was a new experience and one that he
found was as painful to give as to receive. For a brief moment he thought of the
many times he had frightened his own father like this and a new understanding
was gifted to him of exactly how much his Adar loved and cherished him.
Just as he now loved this exuberant man child.
As he brought the spanking to an end the elf swept the young one up into his
desperate embrace … As anxious to receive forgiveness, as he was to offer

“I am sorry … Oh Estel I am so sorry this is all my fault I am such an idiot,” he
sobbed into the boy‟s hair “I deserve to be flogged for putting you in the way of
such temptation, forgive me”

“You certainly need to ensure that you never do anything so foolish again”
another voice entered the conversation and both elf and human swallowed as
they saw the Lord of Imladris enter the training arena.

Both scrambled to their feet, Estel hastily pulling up his leggings and wiping his
eyes on the sleeve of his tunic.

“My Lord, this is my entire fault…”

“Ada, I did a terrible thing …”

They both started together then fell silent as Elrond of Rivendell examined his
nervous audience and shared his disapproval with both of them by the raising of
one eyebrow

Elf and human dropped their eyes their boots and shifted guiltily.

“Perhaps I should explain My Lord …” Legolas attempted only to be halted by a
lifted hand.

“There is not the least need to explain Legolas; I can see quite clearly what has
happened here. I exonerate you in as far as giving him permission to use your
knives unsupervised. Reckless as you have been I do not think you would do
anything so dangerous, nor would you have felt the sudden need to depart from
the council chamber so precipitously if you had known what Estel intended to do,
or reacted as you did. Only someone who has had the most terrible fright
responds in quite that fashion to finding his or her quarry safe and well. Your
response to the situation was quite natural and wholly acceptable to me, indeed
it has a certain sense of justice about it. I do not take issue with you over your
punishment of my son, it was well deserved.”
Elrond almost smiled as Estel glowered at his praise for Legolas‟ actions while
the prince‟s shoulders relaxed slightly at being told he was not in trouble for
chastising the Lord of Imladris‟ son, only to tense again at his next words.
“However from the measure of skill I saw him demonstrate before you brought
his exhibition to an end, it is plain that this is not the first time he has
practiced this routine. From which I surmise that you have been teaching him
not only how to use a bow but how to fight with knives. Is this supposition on my
part correct?”

Two guilty faces were raised briefly to his, answering his question without

“I had thought I had made it quite plain to both of you that Estel was presently
too young to take part in hand weapon training it seems I was wrong. I am
surprised that you would both deliberately go against my express wishes in this
matter, most surprised and very disappointed especially in you Legolas
Thranduillian. We shall be discussing your part in this disobedience at some
length, very shortly, Your Highness”

The elf lord‟s eyes caught those of his guest and Legolas was left in no doubt as
to how those discussions would be taking place.

”Yes My Lord”

“I will also be seeking to impress upon you the importance of following rules set
in place to ensure safety, in other words Your Royal Highness, I want an
explanation as to how your weapons came to be in your chamber, unsupervised
when you know very well that they should have been in the armoury. Blatant
flouting of my rules is something I heartily dislike as you will learn”

“Y … Yes My Lord, I am truly sorry”

“Oh you will be Legolas I can assure you. As for you ion-nin,” Elrond turned his
attention to his foster son. “I concede that you have already been justly
chastised for your taking and using the prince‟s knives without permission, but
you too knew that you were expressly forbidden from training with hand
weaponry and that weapons are not allowed in the house.” Estel squirmed under
his father‟s disapproving gaze, “you will therefore forfeit all archery practice
for the next week, and spend all of tomorrow in the armoury fletching arrows.”

“Y … yes, Ada.” Estel sniffled.

“Very well, go into the house and straight to your chamber where you will remain
until dinner time.”

“Yes, Ada.” The boy turned to run into the house, and then turned back to where
Legolas was still standing. “I am sorry Legolas, I did not want to get you into
trouble, and you are in trouble aren‟t you „cause Ada keeps calling you Your
Highness, and we both know what that means.” His grey eyes filled with tears,
and a sob would not be silenced as he added, “I will understand if you no longer
wish to be my friend.”
Dropping to one knee, the elf opened his arms, and welcomed Estel back into his
embrace. “Of course I am your friend, we made an oath Mellon-nin, friends, for
ever. I am only sorry I failed you; I should have been stronger and refused to
teach you how to use my knives. Your Adar is quite right to be angry with me; I
have behaved irresponsibly and will now have to accept the consequences. Go
into the house I will find you later I promise.”

With one last hug, Estel moved away giving his father a pleading look as he went.
The last thing he heard as he ran was Elrond clearing his throat and ordering,
“To me Your Highness if you please …”

Legolas smiled at the memory, although he acknowledged he had not been smiling
when Elrond had made his disapproval very clear to him on that day long ago.
Estel had not been the only one who needed a cushion on their chair before they
could sit down to dinner that evening.

Still his friendship with the future King of the West was cemented on that day
and despite everything he had never had cause to regret it, even if the man had
become unbearably bombastic lately and in sore need of being reminded that he
had not always done, as he should either!

Speaking of which, he looked up and saw Aragorn standing over him hands on
hips “Well Legolas have you thought on your behaviour this night?” he demanded.

Dipping his head meekly Legolas nodded. “Yes indeed Estel.”

“I am glad. You of all beings must recognise that we must set a good example to
the others by the way we conduct ourselves. Merry and Pippin hardly need
encouragement in their mischief making do they?”

Once again Legolas avoided catching his friend‟s far too acute eyes, “No I quite
see your point Estel, you had to make an example of me I understand that,
perhaps I can add my mite to the lesson by telling another cautionary tale after

Aragorn beamed at him, happy to see that his friend had taken his exhortations
to heart, “that is an excellent idea; I look forward to hearing it ….”

Legolas allowed himself a smirk, as he followed the ranger toward s the fire, he
highly doubted that would be the case when he told the rest of the Fellowship
how Estel Elrondian had been taught the importance of following rules on
touching weapons that did not belong to him
No he did not think Aragorn would enjoy it all ………
The End

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