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									J2EE Open Source Toolkit
Author: John T. Bell
Author: James Lambros
Author: Stan Ng

The first book that shows how to harness the full power of open-source tools to build a free J2EE
development platform without using any commercial products

Tools covered include Apache Tomcat, Struts, Jetspeed, MySQL, Joram, and jBoss

Shows developers how to integrate all of the most popular open-source tools into a single, integrated

Companion Web site provides source code plus a fully working example of the development platform
created in the book
Author Bio
John T. Bell
JOHN T. BELL is an instructor of server-side Java technologies for the Center for Applied Information
Technology at Towson State University in Maryland. He also serves as a technical architect for a major
hospitality company. <br>

James Lambros
<br>JAMES T. LAMBROS is a software architect/analyst for Caterpillar Financial Corporation. He has
also been involved with several software development projects during his career with IBM. <br>

Stan Ng
<br>STANFORD NG is the cofounder of Nuglu, LLC and directing software development at ciMediaGroup,
a division of Creative Images. He is a coconspirator with Dr. Robert Nideffer behind the international
award-winning Proxy/MAM research project.

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