The soft stuff is tough!! by lindayy


The soft stuff is tough!!

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									                                                                                                                                                June 2009

                                                                                        Be willing and receptive to take feedback from staff
       The soft stuff is tough!!
                                                                                        about the business, work conditions and workplace
If “people” are a significant asset in business, then                                   improvements but then also either take some action
investing in the “soft stuff” (ie people management) should                             based on the feedback received or communicate why
pay dividends …… but it is a tough task and requires time                               no action was taken.
and dedication!                                                                         Set and communicate clear performance and
                                                                                        remuneration expectations.
An underlying and significant factor to remember is that
staff need to be “valued” rather than “loved”. One loves
                                                                                  …. and try not to do the following:
their spouse, children, family etc whereas staff need to be
valued and appreciated.
                                                                                        Worry about your popularity with staff more than
                                                                                        showing appropriate leadership to guide them and the
We often see business owners who love their staff. In
doing so, they are overly generous, indulge staff with
                                                                                        Become too close to some staff such that it is
perks, gifts and incredible working conditions and the
                                                                                        perceived by other staff that your judgement has
resulting environment is one where it becomes difficult for
                                                                                        become impaired.
the employer to put things back in perspective as their
                                                                                        Have unclear performance or behavioural expectations
generosity is taken for granted and becomes expected as
                                                                                        such that the culture of the business suffers.
“normal”. Business owners should aim to provide a safe,
                                                                                        Do not overindulge staff with elaborate formal and
enjoyable and happy working environment for the
                                                                                        informal social events on a frequent basis. This leads
betterment of staff, customers and suppliers. If too much
                                                                                        to high expectations that may be difficult to maintain.
focus is placed upon being popular with staff, this could
                                                                                        Communicate poorly and infrequently with staff.
become the downfall of the business.

                                                                                  Yes, it is tough but….
So what can you do?

                                                                                  If you are able to engage your people whilst making them
Often the simple things have the most impact. These
                                                                                  feel valued and appreciated, the return for your business
                                                                                  will be significant. It is well known that having happy staff
                                                                                  results in happier clients and customers which in turn leads
    Be polite with staff, use manners.
                                                                                  to greater profits and improved business performance.
    Don’t take staff for granted.
    Show staff you care about them and their work
                                                                                  The soft stuff is tough and requires continuous attention
                                                                                  whilst ensuring that the appropriate emphasis on valuing
    Provide informal performance feedback to staff on an
                                                                                  staff is maintained.
    ad-hoc basis.
    Show some interest in their personal life (within
    appropriate boundaries).
    Visibly treat staff equally. Do not show favouritism.
    Set the behavioural expectation. As the business                                                 Written by Angelo Piantadosi, Principal,

    owner, model the behaviour expected of others.                                               integr8ed business and management solutions.

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