Next-generation Opacs by P-Emerald


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									Next-generation Opacs
Next-generation Opacs
Library Hi Tech

Editor: Brad Eden

Edition: Volume 27, Issue 1

There have been concerted efforts by many libraries to try to reinvent or retool their clunky vendor OPACs
with Web 2.0 technologies, either through new-look front-end applications, back-end softwares that
integrate Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR)-like functionality, or through
integration of social networking tools that users are already familiar with on the Internet. These next-
generation OPAC solutions incorporate both proprietary and open-source softwares, and usually build
upon the structured metadata already contained in the OPAC to generate more browsing options, more
social networking options, and more Web 2.0 tools such as 2D and 3D information visualization. Some
libraries have incorporated new open-source and freely-available OPACs for their users such as
LibraryThing, or implemented programming scripts and query redesigns to make access and searching
their OPACs much simpler and easier for their users. This e-book contains a sample of these
experiments and endeavors.

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