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					                                                                                                       PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION
                                                                                                         February – December 2004

The Queen Elizabeth Centre (QEC) invites you to the following professional education seminars developed for health,
welfare professionals and educators who work with parents and children 0-5 years. Please note some seminars have
been developed for specific professional groups. All seminars have been endorsed for CNE points by the Royal College
of Nursing, Australia. Seminars will be held at the QEC, 53 Thomas St, Noble Park, 3174, Melway’s Reference: 89 F3,
unless otherwise notified. Videoconferencing (from Noble Park only) is available to regional Victoria and other
states of Australia. Cost: Full day: $600; ½ day (3 hrs): $350; 2 hrs: $180. GST included. No registrants’ fees to be
paid. Participants will need to arrange your own STD link.
           Friday 20th     Paediatric Update 1 for Maternal and Child Health Nurses (Code: 04/01)
           9.30-4.15       Leading paediatricians, surgeons and early intervention specialists will present the latest information and
           Light lunch     research on the following topics: 1) Cardiac Conditions in the Infant and Young Child (Dr Jim Wilkinson, Royal
                           Children’s Hospital; 2) Cleft Lip and Palate (Mr David Ross, plastic surgeon & Ms Janella Christie, speech

                           therapist, Monash Medical Centre; 3) Febrile Conditions in the Young Child; Seizures and their Management
                           (Dr Gideon Saaroni, QEC); Intervention in Developmental Delay (Ms Anoo Bhopti, occupational therapist,
                           Tarlina (Yooralla); The Pre-school Dental Service (Dental Therapist Ms Janifer Anderson, and the Dental
                           Health Clinic, Department of Human Services).
                           Cost: $137.00 including GST
                           NB. Although our Paediatric Update days are directed towards Maternal & Child Health Nurses, interested persons from other
                           professional backgrounds are most welcome.

           Friday 26th     Paediatric Update 1 for Maternal & Child Health Nurses – North-West (Code: 04/02)
           9.30-4.15       (Venue: Wyndham Council Chambers, 45 Princes Highway, Werribee).

           Light lunch     This seminar incorporates the same or similar topics and presenters as the seminar on February 20th and has
                           been planned to provide opportunity to those in the north-west suburbs and regional areas.
                           Cost: $137.00 including GST
                           NB. Although our Paediatric Update days are directed towards Maternal & Child Health Nurses, interested persons from other
                           professional backgrounds are most welcome.

           Thursday 22nd   Children from Culturally Diverse Families Code: 04/03)
           9.30-4.00       This workshop will identify barriers and solutions to working cross-culturally with families. The stress and
           Light lunch     trauma experienced by immigrant families and parents’ ability to provide for their own and their children’s
                           physical and emotional needs will be examined. Personal experiences and resources found to assist recovery

                           will be discussed. Useful models of work with families will be explored. Bring your questions and ideas on
                           what is effective, what is not, and what you would like to see change.
                           Presenters: Mr John Zika, VicSeg (Victorian Cooperative on Children’s Services for Ethnic Groups); Ms Rosslyn
                           Leary (Foundation for Survivors of Torture & Trauma); Ms Lili James (City of Greater Dandenong); Ms Jenny
                           Voogt (Free Kindergarten Multi Cultural Resource Centre).
                           Cost: $137 including GST

           Thursday 20th   Parents with Mental Illness (Code: 04/04)
           9.30-4.00       A workshop to discuss mental illness and its effects on parents and young children. Signs & symptoms,
           Light lunch

                           environmental effects, drugs, side-effects and therapies will be explored. Parents with personal experiences
                           of mental illness will discuss their experiences of parenting.
                           Presenters: Team from Maroondah Hospital.
                           Cost: $137.00 including GST

           Thursday 17th   Adequate Parenting/Assessing Parenting (Code 04/05)
           9.30-4.00       Assessment of parenting and the carer-child relationship is complex and can have major and far-reaching

           Light lunch     effects. This interactive workshop explores important areas to consider and provides opportunity to test your
                           assessment skills.
                           Presenter: Ms Pauline Sampson, QEC.
                           Cost: $137.00 including GST

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                                                                                                PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION
                                                                                                  February – December 2004

            Thursday 15th
                             Preparing Yourself to Give Evidence in Court (Code: 04/06)
            Light lunch      Society is becoming increasing litigious, and being prepared for court appearance is a necessity. This
            provided         essential workshop was conducted in 2003, and is repeated due to popular request. The workshop will
                             prepare you to know what to expect from a court appearance, and provide practical strategies if subpoenaed
                             as an expert witness. Your apprehension will be reduced, allowing you to give evidence confidently and

                             Presenter: Mr David Fanning, Barrister.
                             Cost: $137.00 including GST

            Thursday 22nd    Infant Brain Development (04/07)
            9.30-12.30       A session which will discuss current understandings of infant brain development, the importance of the
                             earliest relationships, the effect of trauma on the developing brain and strategies to teach parents to help their
                             babies develop their full potential.
                             Presenter: Ms Pauline Sampson, QEC.
                             Cost: $69.00 including GST.

            Friday 6th       Autism Spectrum Disorders (Code: 04/08)
            9.30-4.00        An interactive workshop with video clinical presentation. Highly respected clinicians from Monash Medical

            Light lunch      Centre will share their expertise and knowledge in assessment and intervention.
                             Numbers strictly limited – book early!
                             Presenters: Dr Phillip Graves (medical practitioner) and Dr Lawrence Bartak (clinical psychologist).
                             Cost: $137.00 including GST

            Friday 3rd       Paediatric Update 2 for Maternal & Child Health Nurses – Noble Park (Code 04/09)

            9.30-4.15        Program to be announced.
            Light lunch      Cost: 137.00 including GST.


            Saturday 2nd     Keynote speakers will include world-acclaimed experts Professor Hilton Davis, speaking on
            Refer            state-of-the-art home visiting and Professor Lynne Murray, presenting the latest information
                             on parent-baby interaction, and post-natal depression.
            program for

            Thursday 11th    Koori Parenting (Code 04/10)
            1.30-4.00        Wanjana Lidj means ‘to hold a child’ or ‘to hold children’. This presentation will be in Koori Talk format rather
                             than a lecture, and will cover practical strategies on how to develop working relationships with Koori families.

                             Presenter: Ms Carol Taylor and family workers, Wanjana Lidj Family Preservation Program, Gippsland.
                             Cost: $69.00 including GST

            Friday 26th
                             Paediatric Update 2 for Maternal & Child Health Nurses – North-West (Code 04/11)
            9.30-4.15        (Venue: Wyndham Council Chambers, 45 Princes Highway, Werribee).
            Light lunch      Program to be announced.
            provided         Cost: $137.00 including GST

            Thursday, 9th    Child Development in the 0-5s (Code 04/12)

            9.30-4.00        A workshop designed for child protection workers, foster carers, family support workers and early childhood
            Light lunch      workers. Normal development will be discussed together with indicators of delay and when to refer.
            provided         Presenter: Ms Alison Copley, QEC.
                             Cost: $137.00 including GST

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THE QEC EDUCATION AND RESEARCH UNIT is able to provide the following:
     •    Consultancy Services including ways to assist you and your service in writing appropriate case notes and court reports;
     •    Education Programs on a variety of parenting, parenting assessment, child development & related practice issues. Programs can be
          customised to suit individual or organisational requirements. Available metro, rural & interstate;
     •    Preceptorship Programs for health and welfare professionals wanting to further develop their skills with: 1) Sleep & Settling Strategies
          for Infants and Toddlers; 2) Home Visiting; 3) Working with High Risk Families. Preceptorship programs are developed on an individual
          basis and range from 1-5 days. All preceptorship programs are available at Noble Park. Some are available from other QEC sites in
          Wangaratta, Warragul, Morwell and Preston;
     •    Clinical Supervision and Debriefing Services;
     •    Home Visiting Education: QEC ParentingPlus Program. Involves preceptorship, placement and take-home package;
     •    Arranging and Coordinating Professional Education Seminars for Different Organisations;
     •    Parenting Programs: seminars for parents can be facilitated in all local areas, metropolitan and rural. Please contact the QEC for a
          Parenting Education Brochure.
     •    All enquiries: Phone 9549 2777; fax 9549 2779; e-mail:

Privacy Clause: In registering for these professional education sessions your details (name and organisation) will be placed on an attendance list
which will be used as a database for future QEC educational programs. If you do not wish to have your details included please tick here
Numbers are limited - book early to ensure a place. Confirmation will be sent. This registration form is your tax invoice. Please retain a
copy. NB. Refunds or transfer of registration will occur only if notification is received by QEC at least two weeks before registered session.
Organisation ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Mailing address
__________________________________                            Suburb_______________________________             Postcode__________________
Telephone (W) ________________________ (H) ______________________________ (Mobile) _____________________________________
Email: _______________________________
Special dietary requirements_____________________________________________________________________________
I would like to attend the following seminars:
Seminar code _________________________                     Date _______________________Time ________ Cost $____________
Seminar code _________________________                     Date _______________________Time ________ Cost $____________
Seminar code _________________________                     Date _______________________Time ________ Cost $____________
Seminar code _________________________                     Date _______________________Time ________ Cost $____________

                                                                                                                          Total $____________
Please make cheques out to Queen Elizabeth Centre – Professional Education Services and forward to: QEC Education Services 53 Thomas St,
Noble Park, Vic. 3174. Or, credit card details may be faxed to (03)9549 2779 or e-mailed to

Cheque      Money Order        Credit Card      Visa      Bankcard              MasterCard                         ..

Card Number                                                                                           Expiry date …… /…… /……
QEC ABN 23 237 300 347
Name on card: (please print) ………………………………… Signature…………………………… …..
QEC reserves the right to cancel sessions which do not achieve minimum participation, in which case all fees will be refunded. If circumstances
beyond our control cause a speaker to withdraw, then QEC reserves the right to replace that person with a presenter of similar expertise.

OFFICE USE        Paid by…………………Payment received ……..../……..../………… Receipt no. ……………………

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