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Cliff Hardy

Author: Peter Corris

Cliff Hardy revisits an unsolved case from the 1980s. Twenty years later, can he crack the one that got
away?Cliff Hardy, with his PI licence cancelled and his career in Sydney at an end, is preparing for a trip
overseas. Cleaning out his office, he comes across an open file - an unresolved case from the late 1970s.
He starts reading and is thrown back to his investigation of the disappearance of Justin Hampshire. At
first glance a straightforward missing person matter, the investigation took on twists and turns involving
military history, Sydney criminals and corruption at high levels. The Hampshire case took Cliff from the
south coast to the Blue Mountains and posed some unresolved questions which have preyed on his mind
for 20 years . . . 'This book will remind you just how good Peter Corris is, what a legend his private-
detective character Cliff Hardy is and why so many people love Sydney despite the fact that she is a
seedy, grotty old tart of a city and always has been.' - Sydney Morning Herald
Author Bio
Peter Corris
Peter Corris is best known as the 'father' of Australian crime fiction through his Cliff Hardy detective
stories. He's written many other books, including a very successful biography of Fred Hollows and a
collection of short stories revolving around the game of golf.

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