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The Ageing Workforce - a Valuable Resource - 29 August 2007


The Ageing Workforce - a Valuable Resource - 29 August 2007

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									The Ageing Workforce
    – a Valuable Resource                 HALF DA Y WORKSHOP
         Presented by
         Professor Dr                     Wednesday 29 August 2007 | 9.00am to 12.30pm

         Juhani Ilmarinen
                                          Art Gallery, North Terrace, Adelaide

         Director, Life Course and Work   Positions at this workshop are limited to ensure an
                                          intimate and rewarding learning experience.
         - theme, Finnish Institute of
         Occupational Health (FIOH)       This workshop will inform                From 1990-1996 he planned and
                                          the participant about the                conducted the FinnAge-Respect for
                                          Work Ability Model                       the Ageing Programme, and was a
         World Leader and Innovator of    developed by Dr Ilmarinen                member of the State Committee,
                                          which is designed to engage              which put forward 40
         the Work Ability Index Model &   and utilise the ageing
                                                                                   recommendations to cope with
                                                                                   challenges of the ageing workforce.
                                          workforce. Dr Ilmarinen will
         Author of Towards a Longer       provide the framework for
                                                                                   Dr Ilmarinen was a key player of the
                                                                                   Finnish National Programme on
                                          implementing and using the
         Worklife! Ageing and the                                                  Ageing Workers (1998-2002).
                                          Work Ability Model and Work
                                          Ability Index in your                    Under his leadership the method
         quality of Worklife in the                                                called Work Ability Index (WAI) was
                                                                                   developed, the comprehensive
         European Union.                  Dr Ilmarinen is a Director of a new      concept of Promotion of Work Ability
                                          theme Life Course and Work in            (PWA) was created and tested in
                                          FIOH, Helsinki, Finland. The aim of      praxis, and the latest innovation was
                                          the theme in 2006-2010 is to create      the evidence based concept of Age
                                          new social innovations on how to         Management.
                                          extend the working life. It covers the
                                          needs of young, middle aged and          He is the Chair of the Ageing
                                          older workers. Innovations are           Committee of the International
                                          needed to get the younger                Ergonomics Association (IEA) and
                                          generations earlier to work, to          Secretary of Ageing and Work
                                          decrease the risk of unemployment        Scientific Committee of The Ageing
                                          and sickness, absence of middle          and Work Scientific International
                                          age groups and improve their             Commission on Occupational
                                          possibilities to get back to work, as    Health (ICOH).
                                          well as to find solutions for longer
                                          work careers for older workers.
                                                                                                         Presented by:
                                          Dr Ilmarinen received his Ph.D. in
                                          1978 at the University of Cologne,
                                          Germany. Upon returning to FIOH in
                                          1981, a longitudinal study of ageing
                                          workers (45+) was started and the
                                          subjects have been followed up
                                          regularly ever since.
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             of Work Ability Model and
             Work Ability Index
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