Microsoft® Windows® VistaTM Unleashed by P-PearsonEducation


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									Microsoft® Windows® Vista<sup>TM</sup>
Author: Paul McFedries

Edition: 2

This is the eBook version of the printed book. If the print book includes a CDROM, this content is not
included within the eBook version.With the release of Service Pack 1, industry pundits believe more
consumers and especially corporations will start upgrading to Vista. Until now, many of the Vista sales
have come in the form of preloaded versions on new PCs. With the release of SP1, we believe more
individuals will pony up for the upgrade and more IT managers will deam Vista ready for rollout. Paul
McFedries is one of the most successful and well known authors writing for PTG today. He has an
uncanny ability to boil down complex topics into explanations that inform while not speaking down to the
reader. Windows Vista Unleashed really is unparalled in the marketplace. It goes deeper than any of the
other reference tomes and it skips over a lot of the basic material that most reference tomes cover. It is
the perfect book for the longime Windows user who doesn't need a Windows...

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