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Term 1 Week 6 5 March 2010

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									Term 1 Week 6                                                                                                         5 March 2010

Achieving success                                                        School Tours

Data received this week from UAC (University Admissions Centre)          In 2010 we are trialling a different way to present our school to
tracks the university offers made to the graduating students of          prospective parents and interested community members. Instead
2009. As usual, these young men and women performed                      of an Open Night, we are running School Tours this coming
outstandingly in their Higher School Certificate and as a result,        Monday afternoon (8th March) and the following Monday (15th
many received multiple offers of placement at a wide range of            March) from 3.30 to 5.00 pm.
universities throughout NSW and ACT.
                                                                         Bookings can be made via the front office on 9419 3611. Later in
By far, the greatest interest in university courses was for              the year, during Education Week, we will have a school tour in the
Commerce, Business Studies, followed by Arts and Engineering             morning when classes are in session. The Tours will include; talks
degrees. The universities offering our students the greatest             by the Principal, Curriculum Advisor, Gifted & Talented program
number of placements were Sydney, NSW and Macquarie                      coordinator, subject Head Teachers, Band and Music information,
University. We wish these students every success in their chosen         and visits to SoundHouse, technology rooms, and Hospitality
fields of endeavour.                                                     class.
                                                                                                                         Sue Low Principal
Academic excellence

The annual Peter Dobbin Award for Academic Excellence                    Week 7
awarded to the student achieving the highest ATAR from the past                             P&C meeting in Library at 7.30pm
                                                                         Tuesday 9 March
year goes to Andrian Hartoyo, who gained an ATAR of 98.7.                                   There will be a demonstration of the new
                                                                                            computers in the Soundhouse.
Andrian was offered a place in the highly prestigious Bachelor of                           Feedback on the My Schools website will be
Science (Advanced) course at Sydney University. This is only                                provided.
open to students who have excelled in sciences in the Higher                                Principal Sue Low will also explain Moodle.
School Certificate. It is designed to provide a pathway for              Week 8
Australia’s gifted science students into postgraduate students and
then onto scientific research. Andrian will be presented with his        Wed 17 March       Year 10 Geography excursion
award and scholarship by past principal, Mr Peter Dobbin, at an                             Regional swimming carnival
Achievement Assembly on March 23rd.                                      Friday 19 March    School Cross Country St Ives Showground

                                                                         Sunday 21 March    Bushcare 9am – 12 noon
                                                                                            Willoughby Council 9777 7875 or
Student Success                                                                             Lynne Saville 9412 1846
                                                                         Week 9
                   Ella Whelan was a student at Chatswood High
                   School, graduating in 2007                            Monday 22 March Year 8 Medieval Day
                                                                         Week 10
                   This year I'm beginning my third year of
                   Bachelor of International and Global Studies at       Thursday 1 April   last day Term 1
                   the University of Sydney, majoring in Asian
                   Studies and Japanese. In less than a month I
                   will be leaving to study at Ritsumeikan               Competitions
                   University in Kyoto, Japan.
                                                                         At Chatswood High School we strongly encourage our students to
                   Last month, I was awarded the James                   participate in the following competitions.
                   Wolfensohn Travelling Scholarship. This
                   scholarship is awarded by the University of           SUBJECT             CLOSING       DATE OF                  COST
                   Sydney only once every year and is worth                                  DATE          COMPETITION
                   $5000. I also received a $1000 exchange               Informatics         19 March      Thursday 6 May           $ 4.50
                   scholarship, 100 of which the University gives        (maths based
                   out every year.                                       problem solving)
                                                                         Computers           31 Match      Tuesday 25 May           $ 6.00
                                                                         Yrs 7-10 only
Georgia Rose – Year 11 – 2010                                            Mathematics         23 April      Thursday 5 August        $ 4.50
Georgia has been selected as one of the 2 regional                       Science             30 April      Wednesday 9 June         $ 6.00
representatives for the State Student Representative Council             Chemistry           30 April      Thursday 22 July         $ 4.60
(SRC). The NSW SRC is the peak student leadership consultative           Writing             14 May        Tuesday 22 June          $14.00
and decision-making forum supported by the NSW Department of             English             18 June       Tuesday 3 August         $ 6.00
Education and Training. It represents all secondary students in
NSW government schools.                                                  Payment may be made by cash, cheque or credit card (minimum
This is an exceptional honour and recognises Georgia’s unique            $20) and should be forwarded to Mrs Drury before the above
leadership talents. This is not just an honorary title but comes with    closing dates as late entries will not be accepted.
significant responsibilities in creating opportunities for other young
leaders around the state and organising events, such as
leadership camps, for a diverse range of students.
Enrich your learning                                                       Year 7 families 'get to know you' get together
                                                                           2-6pm Sunday 28th March (subject to fine weather)
History tour to Europe 2011
                                                                           Burns Bay Oval, Lane Cove (Parking access via Kooyong Road, off
Information has been handed to students in Year 10 & 11                    Riverview Street)
regarding a History tour to Europe in 2011. The tour will cover the
battlefields of France and the site of Pompeii in Italy.                   BYO folding chairs, picnic blanket, food etc (either picnic or to put
                                                                           on BBQ) Meet at viaduct end, near water and BBQs
This is a very exciting opportunity for our students and is open to
                                                                           (large oval, 'flying fox', play equipment inc. swings; wall for
all students in Years 10 & 11, not just those who study History. If        tennis; ducks etc in water at times; toilets)
you have not received this information or would like any further           Parents/carers of young children be aware there is a creek running
information, please contact Mrs Christine Smith or Mr Jeff Ward.           alongside oval.
                                                                           Enquiries: cowlingjm@optusnet.com.au

Improving communication channels with parents is a major priority
of our staff.                                                                Willoughby City HARMONY WEEK CELEBRATION 2010

If you wish to contact a member of staff please call the school on           Local School Artwork Exhibition
9419 3611. As teachers are unavailable to receive calls when                 Willoughby Council has invited schools in the Willoughby Local
                                                                             Government area to participate in this event. It is a great opportunity
teaching, please be ready to leave your name and contact number
                                                                             for the community to share schools’ unique experiences through
with the school office so that your call may be returned.                    their students and learn more about Harmony Week.
                                                                             Each school participating contributed a collage which best reflects
Parent involvement P&C Association                                           the cultural diversity of their school.

Chatswood High School P & C meetings are held on the 2nd                     Exhibition
                                                                                        th         st
Tuesday of each month during school term. All parents and staff              Tuesday 16 – Sunday 21 March
are invited to attend the 2nd Meeting of CHS P & C for 2010.                 Mandarin Centre
Please forward any items for the agenda to                                               nd               th
m.wouters@victorchang.edu.au                                                 Monday 22 to Sunday 28 March
                                                                             Level 2, between Target & Coles, Westfield Chatswood
                                                                             This Harmony Day event is a Council initiative
                                                                             supported by participating local schools.
Date:       Tuesday 9 Mar 2009

Time:       7.30pm

Venue:      School Library

All new computers for the Soundhouse which were purchased with
the help of the P & C have arrived, and are currently being
installed. There will be a demonstration of the new computers in
the Soundhouse.

Our Principal Sue Low will provide feedback on the My Schools
website and the 2009 HSC Results. She will also explain Moodle -
a software package for producing internet-based courses and web
sites which the school will be using to facilitate communicate
between students, teachers and parents.

Uniform Shop

We are pleased to welcome Sharine Lee as our new Uniform Shop
Manager. Sharine has children in both Chatswood High School and
Chatswood Public and has been a very active volunteer in both
schools. Sharine would be a familiar face to a lot of parents. Sharine
can speak many Asian dialects and will be a great helper to our
multicultural school community.

As a number of 2009 Year 12 parents have left our volunteer team this
year, we would like new parents to join us. This is a very good
opportunity for you to help our P&C as well as to meet other parents.

Our roster is very flexible - we open from 8.00 am to 11.15 am every
Thursday during school terms. Call Sharine on 0422 198 388 or drop
in to our Uniform Shop to have a cup of tea.
You are welcome to contact the Uniform Committee for more
Jackie Bennett (0411 963 636),
Lucy Liem (0423 065 254) or
Pam Grover (0414 364 596).

                                                                           Secrets of HSC Success
Michael Cox, one of Britain’s top flautists, will be giving a recital at   Meet Rowan Kunz, author of Secrets of HSC Success Revealed at
the Chatswood High School Hall on Saturday March 6 at 7.30pm.              Willoughby City Library - Level 1, Mandarin Shopping Centre
Chatswood High School students will be admitted free to this               Tuesday 16 March from 6.00 - 7.30pm Book at the information
recital.                                                                   desk or phone 9777 7900 or email the library.
For more information                                                       library@willoughby.nsw.gov.au
australianflutefestival.com.au or
                                                                   High School
                                                                  is pleased to announce the
                                                                Entertainment Book fundraiser!

    They’re coming…
                                  …to Chatswood High School as a fund-raiser for 2010!
    The 2010/20111 Entertainment™ Book features many of the area’s best restaurants, cafes, hotel
    accommodation, attractions, and activities… all with valuable 25% to 50% off and 2 for 1
    offers. Purchase an Entertainment™ Book and receive over $15,000 in valuable offers that you
    and your family can use all year – from April 2010 until June, 2011!

         The best part is that for only $65, you’ll be helping us
      fundraise, with $13 from every Book sold contributing to our
              fundraising for the Chatswood High School
                            P & C Association.

    They’re going …
                     …to be available mid April: order now so you don’t miss out
    Pre-Order your Book before 31 March 2010 so you don’t miss out, and you will
    receive a bonus certificate of vouchers worth over $150.00 you can use while
    you wait for your Book to arrive…
    *Bonus Certificate supplies are limited and subject to availability.
               !                                            !                                     !
                           To order your Book, please complete this form and give to school office (Attn: P&C)
                          or send order and payment details to Caroline by email - caroline.robb@ato.gov.au

Contact: Caroline        Email: carolinel4f21@hotmail.com   Ph: 0414602805
Name: _________________________________________________________________ Phone: ______________________________

Address: _________________________________________________State: _________________ P/Code: _____________________
I would like to order:           _____ x Sydney                                   @ $65 each (GST incl.)   = $_________
                                 _____ x Sydney North                             @ $65 each (GST incl.)   = $_________
                                 _____ x Parramatta/Hills/Blue Mtns/Macarthur     @ $60 each (GST incl.)   = $_________
                                                                                  Total amount enclosed:   = $___________

I would like to pay by:    " Visa " Mastercard " Cash " Cheque - Please make cheques payable to: Chatswood High School P&C

Credit Card Number: ___ ___ ___ ___/___ ___ ___ ___/___ ___ ___ ___/___ ___ ___ ___         Expiry Date: __ ___/___ ___
Cardholder’s Name: _______________________________________ Signature: __________________________________

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