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									Sunny Beam
Wireless Data Monitoring and Storage for Sunny Boy Inverters

                                                                                            Monitors up to
                                                                                            4 Sunny Boys

                                                                                            Wireless – no data cabling

                                                                                            Monitor all key performance
                                                                                            data at a glance

                                                                                            Watch solar output in a
                                                                                            real-time graph

                                                                                            Record, store and review
                                                                                            system performance

                                                                                            Built-in solar cell extends
                                                                                            battery life

                                                                                            USB ready for data transfer
                                                                                            to a PC or recharging the

                                                                                            Large, easy-to-read LCD

                                                                                            Sleek design for the home
                                                                                            or office

Introducing the new Sunny Beam wireless system monitoring unit from SMA. Now you
can remotely monitor the performance of your PV system. The Sunny Beam displays
real-time power output numerically and graphically, either for the plant or up to four
individual inverters. It also stores a month's worth of production data for review at any
time. Its sleek design incorporates a solar cell to power the Sunny Beam. The large LCD
screen displays key data at a glance. Easy to setup and use, the Sunny Beam provides
the next step in monitoring convenience.
System performance at your fingertips

Wireless Monitoring                           energy total. The Sunny Beam automati-           up are quick and easy. The Sunny Beam is
Convenience                                   cally logs each day's energy production          compatible with both old and new Sunny
                                              and displays it in graph format for the past     Boys and is an excellent upgrade to an
System monitoring is now more convenient      thirty days. The built-in solar cell keeps the   existing system. User menus are easily nav-
than ever with the new wireless Sunny         internal batteries fully charged. The batter-    igated through a simple selector knob. Its
Beam from SMA. The Sunny Beam may be          ies may also be recharged via the built-in       sleek design makes the Sunny Beam a wel-
placed anywhere within radio range of the     USB port.                                        come addition to any home or office, with
inverters, from a desktop to a kitchen                                                         system performance available at a glance
counter. The Sunny Beam will monitor up       The Sunny Beam can also display the              — wirelessly.
to four inverters and provides simultaneous   amount of CO2 avoided, as well as the
display of power output, daily energy and     plant's total earnings. Installation and set
                                                                                      Internal Batteries   (2) Size AA, 1.5 V
                                              Monthly Overview
                                                                                                           Rechargeable Alkaline


                                              Date       Time                         Temperature          0° to 40° C

                        k                                                             Dimensions

                                                                                                           152W x 196D x 73H mm

            k               k                                                         Frequency            928 MHz
                                                                 Graph of Daily
                                                                 Output Power         Approximate Range    up to 30 m indoors

                                                                                                           up to 100 m outdoors
                                                                 Sunny Beam           PC Communication     USB 1.1
        Individual                                               Battery Level
     Output Power                                                                     Display              LCD Graphical
                                                                 Status Line

                                                                                      Certification        FCC Part 15
     Output Power                                                                     Available Data       Total plant power

                                                                                                           Individual inverter power
       Total Daily                                               Total Output Power
                                       k                   k
     Output Power                                                                                          Total earnings

                                                                                                           CO2 offset

                                                                                                           31 day yield history

                                                                                                           Inverter serial number

Display, Store and Compare
Performance Data

Connect the Sunny Beam USB port to a PC
and view real-time performance data with
Sunny Data Control. The past month's
daily kilowatt-hour production may be
downloaded to the PC. This data can be
sent to the Sunny Portal, SMA's free inter-
net server portal, for permanent storage.
Long term performance data may be view-
ed from any web browser, wherever you
may be. The Sunny Portal web site offers
easy-to-read charts and graphs for you to
compare the performance trends of your
PV plant.
SMA´s Family of Communication Solutions

                                                                                                  Sunny Matrix

                                                                                                  ·   Large-scale display for PV systems
                                                                                                  ·   Width:            800 mm
                                                                                                  ·   Height options: 400 mm,
                                                                                                                        800 mm, or
                                                                                                                        1000 mm
                                                                                                  ·   Weather-proof, wall-mounting
                                                                                                  ·   Ethernet connection to Sunny WebBox
                                                                                                  ·   Custom artwork
                                                                                                  ·   Day and night function
                                                                                                  ·   Variable display output: energy yield,
                                                                                                      air temperature, time, scrolling text with
                                                                                                      message etc.
                                                                                                  ·   Character height: 51 mm

Sunny Boy Control                                 Sunny WebBox                                    Sunny Portal
·   Monitoring, remote diagnosis and long-        ·   Monitoring, remote diagnosis and long-      ·   Free interactive access to your PV plant
    term recording of inverter operating data         term recording of inverter operating data   ·   Storage and individual display of your
·   Communication with inverters via              ·   Communication with inverters via

                                                                                                                                                   SBEAM-12:BE4705 · Specifications subject to change without notice. Printed on chlorine-free paper. SMA does not assume liability for errors or misprints.
                                                                                                      system data
    RS232, RS485 or Powerline                         RS232, RS485 or Powerline                   ·   Remote monitoring and service via
·   Daily/hourly status report                    ·   System status can be viewed using any           Internet
·   Suitable for all systems regardless of size       web browser                                 ·   Free registration at
                                                  ·   Data stored on removable SD card or
                                                      USB stick
                                                  ·   Automatic data transfer to Sunny Portal
                                                      (Ethernet or modem)

                                       SMA Technologie AG
                                       Hannoversche Strasse 1-5
                                       34266 Niestetal
                                                                                                                 Order your free catalog at:
                                       Freecall: +800 SUNNYBOY
                                       Freecall: +800 7 8 6 6 9 2 6 9

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