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					   REFERRAL TO OTHER HEALTH                                                                          Speech – Language
        PROFESSIONALS                                                                                    Pathology
Your speech – language therapist will attempt
to work collaboratively with other health                                                                  Rishenda Goodwin
professionals involved in treating your case. At                                                       BSc. (SHS), BA (Dip. Psych.)
times it may be necessary for the practitioner to
contact others to discuss your treatment plan.
Your consent will be obtained before this
                                                                                                    STROKE PATIENTS

You may also be referred on to another health
professional e.g. your GP, OT or a counsellor
for additional testing, advice or treatment which
is outside the scope of speech – language

           APPOINTMENTS                                                                           This leaflet is designed to answer any
                                                                                                  questions you may have about how to
In the interest of other patients requiring         Health funds                                  encourage speech and language recovery
appointments we require at least 24 hours           Health funds rebates are available through    in someone who has had a stroke.
notice if you wish to cancel. This allows us to     Medicare and selected private health care
offer your appointment time to another patient.     funds. Please refer to your health fund
                                                    policy for details of what services you are
If you do not attend your appointment and fail      covered for.
to notify us you will be charged a cancellation
fee. This will be 50% of the scheduled fee.
                                                     For more information please contact
Discretion will be used in cases of emergency                                                             41 Havelock St West Perth
and where appointments are rescheduled.          
                                                                                                             Ph: (08) 9226 1239
                                                                                                             Fax: (08) 9226 1259

                                                                                                  TUES; 9:15 – 2:30
                                                                                                  WED: 9;15 – 2:30
                                                                                                  THURS; 1:30-5:30
Communication                                          activities. A speech pathologist can          Reading when someone
                                                       provide specialised therapy and advice        • may have trouble recognising and
Problems following a Stroke                            regarding the best way to help a person       understanding letters or words
                                                       with a communication/swallowing               • may have trouble remembering and
A stroke occurs when the blood supply to part          disability. Speech pathologists are           understanding lengthy sentences
of the brain is interrupted. As a result a person      specialists in treating adults and children   • may have difficulty recalling details from
may sustain lasting damage to this part of the         with communication disabilities, including    long stories
brain. A communication disability may occur            swallowing problems. A speech pathologist
after damage to almost any part of the brain.          will tailor a treatment program to suit       Writing when someone
                                                       individual needs. A therapy program aims      • has trouble forming letters into words and
The disability may include having difficulty:          to:                                           subsequently forming sentences
• understanding speech                                 • promote recovery of communication /         • may have trouble organising ideas into
• speaking                                             swallowing skills which may include           logical stories
• reading                                              introducing alternative means of
• writing                                              communicating/swallowing                      DYSARTHRIA is a speech or voice
• understanding and using body language and                                                          disability resulting from muscle weakness,
gestures                                                                                             paralysis or poor coordination of the
                                                       What sort of disabilities might
• thinking clearly                                                                                   breathing and speech muscles. Dysarthria
• concentrating                                        occur?
                                                                                                     may result in:
• remembering                                                                                        • altered speech volume
• socialising                                          Understanding when someone
                                                       • may not be able to recognise sounds         • changed voice quality such as sounding
• hearing                                                                                            harsh
                                                       • may lose the meaning of words
                                                       • may not remember information                • nasal sounding speech
Recovery                                                                                             • slurred speech
Recovery after a stroke is often slow and it is        • may not understand sentence structure
                                                                                                     • speech that sounds all the same volume
difficult to predict the level of recovery that will                                                 or pitch
occur. Generally, the natural recovery process         Talking when someone
by the brain occurs mostly during the first six        • may know what something is but cannot
months, however it can occur up to and beyond          say its name
two years. Recovery can be assisted greatly if         • may substitute words or sounds while
a stroke survivor begins speech pathology              talking
rehabilitation soon after the problem has              • can say the main words but cannot link
occurred.                                              them into a grammatical sentence
                                                       • gets stuck on a word/sound                  Adapted from The Speech Pathology
                                                       • may not be able to control automatic        Association of Australia fact sheet 3.1,
The role of a speech pathologist after a                                                             11-19 Bank Plc Melbourne Vic 3000
stroke                                                 language such as swearing
Communication and swallowing difficulties can          • may have trouble explaining things
impact on a person's ability and confidence            clearly
when socialising and participating in daily

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