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					                                                     RESOURCE QUICK CHART - I
                                                                  LIU#12 NI PROGRAM 2005-2006

   COMPREHENSION,                                    MATH, PROBLEM SOLVING,                              WRITTEN LANGUAGE &
PHONICS, & VOCABULARY                                 & VISUAL PERCEPTUAL                                   STUDY SKILLS
       Precision Teaching Probes
This free, downloadable file enables you to
create Precision Teaching "probe sheets" by          
simply typing in each sight words just once.         TouchMath is a multi-sensory teaching              Free Worksheets: Creative
The file fills in all the other boxes in a psuedo-   approach that bridges manipulation and
random way. All the sight words are used             memorization. Students interact with numbers               Writing
                                                     on paper by seeing, saying, hearing and
before being repeated in a different order each
                                                     touching numbers. They learn math facts by                              2544
time. This file gives you the option of creating
                                                     using auditory reinforcement, flashcards, and       Website offers free downloads of printable
probe sheets ranging from 4-20 items. Can also
                                                     timed tests. Purchase required.                       creative writing prompts and activities.
be used for number recognition, letters, etc.
                                                                                                              Includes other content area items.
Uses Microsoft Excel.
High Noon Books                                                                                          Phonics, Alphabet and
Features high interest/low level readers                                                                 Language Worksheets
developed for students who are reading below
their age level, but who prefer more age             now/math_primary.html                                           /alphabets.htm
appropriate subject matter. The diverse subject      Designed to complement a remedial math
matter ranges from the literary classics to          program for small groups of students. Explains   This site offers free, printable handwriting
contemporary themes. Purchase required.              the basic concepts of number, exploring in       practice worksheets with step-by-step letter
                                                     detail the processes of addition, subtraction,   formation guides. Downloadable in pdf format.
                                                     multiplication and division. Multiple skill
                                                     levels available from site. Purchase required
                                                     for download.
Accessibility Suite – Scan/Read                                 KidZone Math
Software http://www.premier-               
This software for PCs provides accessibility
tools that support individuals who find reading      Free math worksheets, puzzles, and                       English Basics
and writing a challenge, whether they are blind,     online activities. Variety of levels and
low vision or learning disabled. A simple grant      concepts organized by Motivational               This website offers free, downloadable English
application is provided at the company’s             themes.                                          worksheets for practice and review.
website for schools to utilize the software free                                                      Worksheets include grammar skills, word
for one year, then at a reduced cost thereafter.                                                      study, and proofreading. Other content areas
Software utilizes AT&T True Voice                                                                     are also available.
                                                         RESOURCE QUICK CHART - I
                                                                      LIU#12 NI PROGRAM 2005-2006

   COMPREHENSION,                                        MATH, PROBLEM SOLVING,                                 WRITTEN LANGUAGE &
PHONICS, & VOCABULARY                                     & VISUAL PERCEPTUAL                                      STUDY SKILLS
The Wilson Reading System®
The Wilson Reading System (WRS), published     
in 1988, is a research-based reading and writing
program designed for individuals who have                This site provides resources to work on visual
difficulty with written language in the areas of         perceptual skills, visual closure, visual motor      
decoding and spelling. WRS is appropriate for            integration, and visual discrimination skills.      This handwriting program is developmentally
upper elementary and high school students, as            Free sample worksheets provided. Teacher            based and includes
well as adults. Purchase required.                       subscription required for full access.              Multi-sensory teaching aids and methods.
                                                                                                             Purchase Required.

   Cloze Worksheets for Dolch
   Word Lists (Everyday Words) 
.htm                                                     ex.shtml
Great language supports for struggling or                Make your own math worksheets at SuperKids          Free study skills, study strategies, and study
learning disabled readers/writers. These                 for free! Simply select the type of problem, the    tips can be found on this site. Printer-friendly
worksheets help children predict and learn the           maximum and minimum numbers to be used in           versions can be downloaded to share with
Dolch words through Cloze activities. Lists are          the problems, then click a button! A worksheet      students.
sequenced from 1st to 3rd grade everyday                 will be created to your specifications, ready to
Dolch words. All lists are in PDF format. Free           be printed for use. Also includes basic facts,
download.                                                telling time, > <, prime numbers, and more.
      16,000 free ebooks by
        Project Gutenberg All Project Gutenberg                                                    
ebooks are free for anyone living in the United                                                                  This website provides free downloadable
States. You may copy them, give them away and use                          graphic organizers in both English and Spanish.
them in any way you like. Project Gutenberg is the       This site offers DVD, VHS, and audio tapes
oldest producer of free ebooks on the Internet,
                                                                                                                      Utilizes pdf files for download.
                                                         for math fact and concept memorization. Math
produced by hundreds of volunteers. An online            items are set to music in country, rap, and rock-
catalog is available and includes literary classics in
the public domain. Computer and Human-Read
                                                         n-roll. Other content areas (phonics, science,
audio books are also free for download.                  etc.) are also available. Purchase required.