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					Superior Stainless Steel

                                  Lattice and Slatting

 100% Australian Made

A new way to
look at steel!         Telephone:   1300 766 799
    Made to measure, made to last!
             Superior Stainless Steel Lattice and Slatting
Superior Steel Lattice and Slatting is available in revolutionary        •   BHP Stainless Steel
BHP Stainless Steel. As tough and stylish as Superior Steel’s            •   Rust proof
Colorbond® Lattice and Slatting, it’s also rust proof, making it         •   Low maintenance
ideal for harsh Australian conditions, and especially suitable           •   No painting
for marine environments.                                                 •   Termite proof
                                                                         •   Will not rot or burn
Stainless Steel Lattice and Slatting is available in a sleek, steel      •   Available a range of patterns,
finish and will add a contemporary edge to any structure.                    sizes and slat spacing

                             Superior Steel Lattice and Slatting is made from roll formed lattice strips,
                              riveted together for strength and durability. It can be custom-made to
                                any application and supplied either pre-fabricated or fully installed.

                                   From manufacture to completion, Superior Steel Lattice and Slatting
                                     is protected by BHP’s Plastic Corestrip – so your product is
                                       delivered and installed in perfect condition everytime.

                                         To dramatically extend panel life, the lower corner of each
                                          border features a triangular drainage hole, allowing debris to
                                            be flushed out of the frame with periodic wash downs or
                                             rain – the product expects a 25 year life against corrosion.

                                                   Right: Components cut to size
                                                   and ready to be assembled.

                                                   Left: Components correctly
                                                   assembled before riveting.

It’s ideal for adding privacy and style to:        For the latest in outdoor design, go with the product
•   Spas                • Carports                 that lasts.
•   Garden Screens      • Patios
•   Balustrade          • Pergolas                 Insist on revolutionary BHP Superior Stainless Steel
•   Building Awnings                               Lattice and Slatting.

                                                                 100% Australian Made
                                                          Phone:      1300 766 799

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