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Reference:          10570

Position Title:     Manager Upper Air Weather Services

Classification:     Executive Level 2 (SPOB MET)

Salary range:       $95,945 - $108,775 per annum, plus an additional 15.4% superannuation

Location:           Airservices Australia, National Operations Centre, Canberra

Division:           Services

Branch:             Weather Services Policy

Section:            Aviation, Defence and Cost Recovery

Sub-section:        Aviation Weather Services

Status:             Ongoing

Applicants:         Australian citizenship – see Essential Applicant Information

Applications close:         Thursday 11 February 2010

The Bureau is seeking applications for the position of Manager Upper-Air Weather Services (SRAU). This
position is responsible for overseeing the provision of high-level (upper airspace, en route) aviation
meteorological services, including those delivered through Airservices Australia’s National Operations
Centre (NOC) in Canberra, the National Meteorological and Oceanographic Centre (NMOC) in Melbourne
and Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC) in Darwin.

The position is based in the NOC in Canberra and works closely with Airservices Australia to ensure
effective meteorological support for air traffic management within the Australian Flight Information Region.

Duty Statement
Under broad policy control and direction of the Section Head, Aviation, Defence Weather and Cost
Recovery Services (STAD), and in conjunction with the Aviation Weather Services Program Office within

 1.          Manage the provision of weather services within the Australian Flight Information Region at
             Airservices Australia’s National Operations Centre (NOC) in Canberra for high-level (en route)
             aviation requirements.

 2.          Manage the human, financial and physical resources of the high-level aviation weather

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            service, including those relevant to the NOC, NMOC and VAAC.

 3.         Manage and participate in the quality management of aviation weather services, through
            means such as forecast verification, aviation incident investigations and the effective
            implementation of operational procedures and techniques. Identify deficiencies, prepare
            reports, implement recommendations and provide feedback to staff, management and clients
            to ensure optimal service provision and continuous improvement.

 4.         Maintain and promote close liaison with the meteorological community and the aviation

 5.         Lead, coordinate and participate in the design, development and implementation of projects
            aimed at improving procedures, products and services and for the benefit of more efficient
            and effective air traffic management.

 6.         Participate in the long-term planning and strategic and financial management of aviation
            weather services.

 7.         Represent the Bureau at inter-departmental, national, and international conferences and
            committees acting as an advocate for the Weather Services Program and for Aviation
            Weather Services in particular.

 8.         Ensure the ongoing professional development of aviation weather services staff through
            mentoring, performance management and training. Participate in the ongoing aviation
            forecaster competency program.

 9.         Arrange and participate in the education and training of members of the aviation industry.

 10.      Ensure that plans, policies and practices in relation to the various elements of the Bureau's
          Social Justice Strategy are applied in the work area, and that training and development
          programs are implemented for staff.

Duty representing highest function: 1

Immediate supervisor: EXECUTIVE LEVEL 2 (SPOA - METEOROLOGY) (NO. 403)

Job Profile
The Aviation, Defence and Cost Recovered Weather Services Section of Weather Services Branch is
responsible establishing and maintaining policies and procedures for the provision of optimal weather
services to the aviation industry, the Australian Defence Force and other clients on a cost recovery basis.

The primary role of the Manager Upper Air Weather Services is to provide effective and efficient
management of the aviation weather service, particularly as it relates to Airservices Australia’s National
Operations Centre (NOC), the Bureau’s Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC) and the high-level (above
10,000 feet) aviation industry requirements delivered largely though the National Meteorological and
Oceanographic Centre (NMOC).

The position requires high level strategic management and leadership skills as the occupant will be
required to take a key role in both the short-term and long-term planning of the Bureau’s Aviation Weather
Services program.

The position also requires high level project management skills as the occupant will be required to lead
and participate in projects aimed at improving procedures, products and services to achieve more efficient
and effective air traffic management.

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The position is responsible for the quality management of aviation weather services, including analysing
the effectiveness of these services, identifying deficiencies, and implementing improvements. The
occupant will be required to monitor output, maintain performance statistics and advise the Weather
Services Branch on perceived issues. The occupant will oversight the implementation of approved
changes to procedures, products and services.

As part of this process the occupant is required to build partnerships and communicate effectively with the
meteorological community and the aviation industry, to possess a high standard of written and verbal
communication skills, manage change and follow projects through to completion.

The occupant is responsible for the performance management and professional development of
subordinate staff and will be required to show good organisational, mentoring and training skills along with
good judgement, initiative, maturity and a commitment to personal development.

The occupant may be required to travel nationally and/or internationally from time to time in order to carry
out the above functions.

Selection Criteria
Applicants must address the selection criteria. To assist you prepare your application, please
read the information at General Information for Applicants and complete the Bureau of
Meteorology Application Cover Form.

Management. Demonstrated ability in the management of service-related or science-based programs.
Demonstrated project management skills. Ability to assess and manage risk. Ability to build organisational
capability and responsiveness through teamwork; to marshal professional expertise, to manage change
and achieve intended results. The ability to participate in a quality management program for aviation
weather services and to understand the ISO certification process.

Client Services. Extensive knowledge of operational meteorology and a sound knowledge of current
scientific and technological developments, especially those relating to aeronautical meteorology. An
understanding of meteorological requirements f the aviation industry, including those relating to air traffic
management, regulatory issues and other aviation activities.

Strategic Planning. The demonstrated ability to think and plan strategically. A sound knowledge of the
Bureau’s planning process. The ability to harness information and opportunities; to show judgement,
intelligence and commonsense; and to provide informed and innovative advice.

Leadership and Commitment. Demonstrated leadership skills, including the ability to motivate, mentor
and create a shared understanding of what has to be achieved. Ability to champion the Bureau’s vision
and goals and to handle issues pro-actively and to commit to action.

Communication Skills. Communication, liaison and advocacy skills of a high order. The demonstrated
ability to communicate clearly at a senior level through both verbal and written means. The ability to
negotiate persuasively and to listen, understand and adapt to different audiences, particularly the aviation
industry and the meteorological community. Mature judgement and initiative.

Social Justice. A knowledge and understanding of the Bureau’s Social Justice Strategy and the APS
Values and Code of Conduct and a commitment to their implementation in the workplace.

All criteria are important and are rated equally.

Eligibility Requirements:
A degree or diploma of an Australian institution, or a comparable overseas qualification, which is
appropriate for the duties; or other comparable qualifications, which are appropriate to the duties

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Employment conditions for most Bureau employees are contained in the Bureau’s Enterprise Agreement
2009-2010 which is available on the website at: The Bureau of Meteorology Enterprise Agreement 2009–

Please read the selection documentation and if you have any queries specific to this position please
contact Geoff Moynihan on Tel: 03 9669 4545.

Applications can be lodged personally at: The Recruitment Unit, 7th Floor, 700 Collins St, Docklands

By mail to: Recruitment Manager, Bureau of Meteorology, GPO Box 1289, Melbourne VIC 3001

By email to:

All applicants are required to include a completed Bureau of Meteorology Application Cover Form,
Résumé or CV and a Statement addressing the Selection Criteria.

All applicants are advised to read General Information for Applicants available on this web site before
submitting their application.

Should you experience any difficulties with accessing information please contact the Recruitment Unit by
email at: or by telephone on 03 9669 4337 / 03 9669 4379 / 03 9669 4260.

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