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									Prosperity on Purpose
Author: Justin Herald

Justin Herald reveals how any individual can create wealth and achieve a prosperous life and that financial
well-being is just one aspect of prosperity.There's more to prosperity than being financially successful.
Too many people compromise every part of their life in their attempt to reach a position of financial
wealth. Prosperity on Purpose will help you to not only achieve financial security but to enrich your life in
every way, as well as the lives of others. With no experience and very little money Justin Herald started
his own small business which is today a multimillion-dollar company. Justin shows you that the only
thing stopping you from achieving your own financial prosperity is, you. Your past does not have to affect
your future success and Justin shows you how your character, your actions and your attitudes can
determine the level of prosperity you achieve. And it's not just about the money. Justin Herald is a
successful entrepreneur as well as being named one of the 50 most influential leaders of the next
Generation in Australia. He now spends his time on the speaking circuit inspiring and educating
audiences all over the world and mentoring small- business owners.
Author Bio
Justin Herald
Justin Herald is a successful small business entrepreneur who now spends his time on the public
speaking circuit, providing advice and mentoring to small business owners. Justin is a recipient of the
Robin Hood International Award for Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy.

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