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       F     Chicken                       Traditional chicken broth with noodles

       F     Bean                          Beans with smokey sausage slices
       F     Vegetable                     Garden veges in clear soup

       F     Pumpkin                       Thick pumpkin soup

      Vegetarian Meals
       P     Omelette                      Light omelette with veges
       P     Vege bake slice               Baked vegetable ‘frittata’
       P     Falafel                       Chickpea balls on a bed of lentils
       P     Pancakes                      Pancakes filled with garden veges

      Fish Meals
       P     Gefilte fish                  Traditional Polish style Jewish dish
       P     Fried fish                    Lightly battered fish slices
       P     Lecso fish                    Capsicum, tomato & onion sauce
       P     Tuna patties                  Tasty Tuna patties

      Chicken Meals
       F     Roast Chicken                 Traditional recipe
       F     Schnitzel                     Lightly battered chicken pieces

       F     Sesame nuggets                Small chunks rolled in sesame batter
       F     Oriental chicken              In a spicy oriental style sauce

      Beef Meals
       F     Roast beef                    Succulent slices of lean roast
       F     Beef Goulash                  With Hungarian paprika & onions
       F     Corned Beef                   Tangy slices of old favourite
       F     Satay Strips                  Lean beef strips in peanut & soy
       F     Mince Loaf                    Made with lean beef mince
       F     Stir Fry                      Asian style lean beef strips

       P     Chocolate Muffin              Rich dark chocolate flavour
       P     Berry Muffin                  Light, fluffy and very delicious
       P     Fruit Compote                 A mixture of fresh in-season fruits in a light
       P     Ice cream                     Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or cabpuccino

   Please note:
        •   Rabbinic supervision by Rabbi A. Beck of Adass Israel, Melbourne
        •   Our soups & meals are free of all dairy products
        •   Soups or meals marked F (fleischig) contain meat
        •   Those marked P (parev) are meat free, but may contain eggs are are
            suitable for non-vegan vegetarians

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