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Solve It!


Solve It!

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									Solve It!
Mysteries for enquiring minds.
                            G.A.T.E.WAYS Publications and Blake Education are pleased to announce the launch
                            of their first joint publishing project.

                            Solve It!: mysteries for enquiring minds.
                            NEW RELEASE June 2006
                            Be quick to preview these exciting new books and receive a 15%
                            discount off the normal retail price in 2006.
                                 Do your students like problem solving? Finding out about toxins and
                                 poisons, making estimations, breaking codes, investigating life forms
                                          and body systems, testing logical explanations, and
                                                     identifying mystery objects?
                            ABOUT G.A.T.E.WAYS
                            G.A.T.E.WAYS presenter Karl Jacklin’s memorable hypothetical scenarios are designed
                            to develop student problem solving skills and reading comprehension techniques.
                            Each case study requires students to develop a logical explanation based on the
                            evidence supplied. The open ended tasks are a great springboard for further research
                            and discussion in a diverse range of subject areas.
                            Sure to delight and challenge every enquiring mind in your classroom.

                            Suitable for: withdrawal gifted programs, whole-class extension activities, home-
                            work and to supplement themed-based topics.

                            Designed for use in: Middle-Upper Primary - Junior Secondary classes
Curriculum areas
covered:                    Special features:
Literacy, Science, Maths,   • Each unit of work is fully self-contained and photocopiable
Geography and Health        • Maps, illustrations and diagrams provide evidence for students to help solve the mysteries
                            • Teacher’s notes introduce and explore the topics and provide suggestions to teachers
                              about how to integrate the unit into their teaching programs.
                            • Suggested answers and student response sheets will help busy teachers to assess these
                              units of work.
Book 1 Mystery object, The traffic accident-whose fault? , The school excursion- mystery illness, Northern lights-
UFO's, '19'- computer hacking
Book 2 The disappearing dinosaur, Murder at 15 Parson Street, Industrial espionage, The haunted house, Party
time- forecasting weather.

15% DISCOUNT ORDER FORM - Special G.A.T.E.WAYS offer
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15% discount. Normally $54.95, you pay only $46.70 per copy.
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