Scaffolding by mohummedyusuf


									Presentation on Scaffolding

     By Mohummed Yusuf
 Ways scaffolds can cause injuries
• installation:, it has to be done by a
  “competent person”

• Improper use

• Defective components used to erect scaffold

• Unskilled people erecting scaffold
• Nearly 50 people died lastyear from
  scaffolding accidents

• Over 4,000 injuries
 Case Study scaffolding firm gets fined
Scaffolding firm fined £30,000 following death
  of worker

Scaffold rig became unbalanced when
  dismantling and fell approximately 60 ft
• Falls from heights are most common causes of
  fatal injuries
• Section 2 of H&S Act 1974 states “It shall be
  the duty of every employer to ensure, so far as
  reasonably practicable, the health, safety and
  welfare at work of all his employees”
    Scaffold Collapse Milton Keynes
• 2 workers seriously injured
• 1 died
• Scaffolding had numerous faults
• Failed to meet British safety standards and
  was overloaded
• Contractor pleads guilty on two health and
  safety offences

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