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									Sleep Tight with Moxie Sleepovers
We’ve all been there… frantically trying to hide the ugly pack of pads that are sitting in the shopping basket,
or burying them in the deepest darkest depths of our bathroom drawers. Fret no more. The team from Millie and
More who brought you Moxie Tampons and Scanty Panty Liners (in the cute recyclable tins) have just launched
their latest product, Moxie Sleepovers.

Overnight pads are traditionally associated with being unfashionable, unattractive and ultra daggy; most likely
due to the gaudy graphics and tacky plastic packaging they come in. Not only that, but many overnight pads
are very thick and uncomfortable to wear, which can be really annoying when all you want to do is get a good
night’s sleep! Hence, Millie and More saw a chance to bring a touch of style, glam and femininity to overnight
pads, whilst providing a super comfortable product that will help you sleep tight all night.

In true Moxie style, Moxie Sleepovers are beautifully packaged. They come in a gorgeous candy-striped, retro
style boudoir box (complete with a real black bow) that sits perfectly on your bedroom or bathroom shelf,
and ensures that the pads inside stay in pristine, ready to use condition.

Moxie co-founder, Mia Klitsas commented, “Moxie is all about pampering yourself and part of that is having
great quality products that are also packaged nicely. So, we have created an overnight pad of excellent quality,
in a pack that is feminine, stylish and also easy to use and store. In addition, and much like the other products
in our Moxie range, the Moxie Sleepovers boudoir box is recyclable”.

However it’s not all just about pretty packaging; Moxie understands that women are looking for a premium
product that places priority on quality. “We found that many women are more concerned about unwanted
leaks and comfort during the night rather than in the day. Knowing this, we wanted to ensure that Moxie
Sleepovers had all the right features. Hence, they are breathable, super absorbent, ultra thin and have wings,
for extra overnight comfort”, said Mia.

The turquoise coloured candy stripes featured on Moxie Sleepovers symbolise the super absorbent variant,
which in Moxie terms means that it is the longest and most absorbent pad in the range.

Moxie Sleepovers don’t promise that they can make your stomach bloat disappear or your cramps subside.
Instead, Moxie aims to bring a little bit of girly glamour to that dreaded time of month, by making women
feel pampered and well looked after even when they’re feeling their worst.

So, fluffy socks? Check. Mitch Dowd* candy-striped pyjamas? Check. Hot water bottle? Check.
Moxie Sleepovers? Check. Now you’ve got everything you need for that good night’s sleep.

Moxie overnights are available from Woolworths, Safeway and Coles Stores nationally. RRP $4.78.

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