A Companion to Charles Dickens by P-Wiley


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									A Companion to Charles Dickens
Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture

Editor: David Paroissien

Edition: 1

A Companion to Charles Dickens concentrates on the historical, ideological, and social forces that
defined Dickens's world. Puts Dickens's work into its literary, historical, and social contexts Traces the
development of Dickens's career as a journalist and novelist Includes original essays by leading
Dickensian scholars on each of Dickens's fifteen novels Explores a broad range of topics, including
criticisms of his novels, the use of history and law in his fiction, language, and the effect of political and
social reform Examines Dickens's legacy and surveys the mass of secondary materials that has been
generated in response and reverence to his writing

"Several of these pieces should be indispensable reading for undergraduates... Each of the three
Companions to Charles Dickens now available is a valuable resource for students, but Paroissien's is
certainly the richest, and-- with simultaneous electronic publication- likely to be of most immediate and
beneficial assistance to students."
esource for students, teachers and scholars of Dickens, it is a
cornucopia of delight for everyone who loves to read Dickens for pleasure alone." (Reference Reviews,
Issue 8 2008)

"This is an excellent book, to read with intellectual profit, stimulation, and pleasure. Distinctive in its own
right in permitting long essays on a wide range of Dickensian topics. Volumes with a particular outwards-
facing intention and stylistic accessibility such as this one, with their imagined audiences that include
undergraduates and general readers as well as scholars, show it with clarity. A welcome and valuable
book, an engaging collection to read, and a volume worthy of its subject." (Dickens Quarterly, September

"Students of Dickens will find this handbook useful. In particular, the entries on the individual novels take
the reader to the most important issues. Recommended." (Choice, November 2008)

"A handy ... reference book for a graduate course on Dickens or more advanced studies, this Companion
is indeed companionable. Organized both logically and comprehensively, the book is divided into five
categories. In short, this Companion inspires one to go back and read all of Dickens's novels again."

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