Side-Kick Family

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					                                                                      Side-Kick Family

                                                                 Sidekick Family Features:
                                                                   •Mix and match to fit the application
                                                                   •Low sleep power typically 100uA or less
                                                                   •Rugged and weather resistant enclosure
                                                                   •Common connectors for quick and
                                                                    easy hookup

H-411 Quadrature Output                                            H-418 SDI-12 to RS-232 Converter
 •Converts a quadrature shaft encoder into                         (Monitor)
  a SDI-12 sensor                                                    •Convert selected SDI-12 parameter to RS-232
 •Scales the encoder position into units of feet, inches, etc.       •Auto print SDI-12 data to a PC printer or display

H-412 Event Counter
 •Two counter input channels                                       H-419 SDI-12 to RS-232 Converter
 •Reports total counts and change                                  (SDI-12 Host)
 •Typical application - Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge                    •Allows PC to talk SDI-12 as a master
                                                                     •PC and monitor all SDI-12 communications
                                                                     •PLC’s can log data from SDI-12 sensors
H-413 Relay Output
 •Single pole, double throw relay
 •Rated at 1A @ 30VDC or 0.5A @ 125VAC                             H-423 SDI-12 to RS-485 Converter
 •Typical application - Motor, Pump, Valve Control                   •SDI-12 lines can be extended to thousands of feet
                                                                     •Enhanced lightening protection
                                                                     •Compatible with all SDI-12 loggers and sensors
H-415 Analog to Digital Converter
 •Two 0 to 5VDC input channels
 •Switched 5.0 Volt DC reference output
 •Typical application - Temperature Probes

H-416 SDI-12 to 4 - 20 Milliamp Converter
  •Outputs industry standard 4-20mA
  •Scalable to user defined units
  •Typical application - Drive 4-20mA equipment from
   SDI-12 equipment

                                                                                    Australian Distributor:
                                                                                    Semrad Pty Ltd
                                                                                    Phone: +61 2 9520 0222
                                                                                    Fax: +61 2 9520 1333
   May 2001

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